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Chapter 3 The Beginning

Valkrie just lay there, basking in the warmth and electricity that was consuming her body. Since the moment she left with her dad to go on the run, not once had she ever felt… well felt like she was home. It was the idea of safety that home provided that she always missed. Feeling 'safe' was something she had lost long ago, but for some strange reason, she felt safe now. Of course, she was always physically safe because she would eliminate any one trying to make her unsafe. However, this feeling was different. She rarely ever got a sound sleep; the proverbial sleeping with one eye open had always been her norm. Nevertheless, not this night and not this time, this was something completely different.

It all stemmed from the dream she had last night. Usually her dreams consisted of nightmares based off of really bad decisions, but the dream last night… 'Oh my God' the dream last night was incredible. It was so vivid to her, how her, and this Chuck guy had a night of so much passion that they both were ready to burst, and both did. She recalled how it was pure animalistic, wild passion in the beginning, each devouring the other as if they were demons from hell. Then, after they had both reached their climax, it turned into something much much more.

The next time it was tender, as if Valkrie even knew what that word meant. However, it was something different than what she ever felt before but yet at the same time, something that felt so natural.

She still could not believe how vivid the dream was and how completely comfortable she was now, lying in bed, just waiting for the sun to come up as if she hadn't a care in the world. She had contemplated not waking because that would mean the dream was over, and the warm hand wrapped around her stomach would not be…

Valkrie instantly jumped out of bed, turning viciously toward the owner of the hand that so tenderly was caressing her. "What the hell are you doing?" Valkrie could only stare at the naked form of her prisoner. It was not until she realized that she too was naked that the full impact of what happened last night, over and over, wasn't in fact a dream. It was reality.

Chuck was just coming to when he realized the predicament he was in. While last night was possibly the most amazing night he ever had with Sarah, this was really going to complicate things. "Good morning?" Chuck asked sheepishly.

"Good freaking morning? Really? What the hell did you do to me Carmichael?" Valkrie still stood there naked, one part of her wanting to climb back in bed and the other wanting to find her knives.

Chuck held up his hands in surrender. "Uh, Valkrie… What I did to you? I think you mean what you did to me. Over and over."

Oh he just is such a smart ass Valkrie mused. She had to get control of the situation. It was not too late for that. "Last night was a mistake."

"Oh really? Which part? The part where you were on top? Or where I was?" Chuck knew he was pushing it but he was not backing down.

Valkrie just shook her head in frustration. "I don't know what you've done to me, but what we did." Valkrie paused as that warm feeling erupted through her body. "That can't happen again. Got it."

Chuck didn't want to make matters worse, plus he could read Sarah perfectly and while her words said one thing, her body was definitely saying another. "Yes Valkrie, if you insist."

"Good. Good. I'm glad we got that cleared up… And what is it now?" Valkrie could see the strange look in her prisoner's eyes.

"Well, if you don't want what happened to happen again, and I mean soon. You might want to put some clothes on." Chuck could not help but giving her the once over, or twice in his case.

Valkrie scrunched up her face in frustration. While normally her reaction would be to quickly get dressed, for whatever reason, she took her time grabbing her clothes, making sure Carmichael got a really good view when she bent over to grab her underwear and bra. Once all was collected, she stormed out of the room, chiding herself for once again playing to her weakness.

Chuck let out a deep sigh as his wife left the room. "You're still in there Sarah." Chuck whispered as he too began to get dressed.

. . .

After what seemed like hours, Valkrie had finally finished getting dressed. She still could not believe it took her this long but her mind was in a complete mess. Being the assassin she was, she was always able to control her emotions. She was always able to call upon her conscious, or lack thereof, to compartmentalize any emotion or situation that might cause her stress. She never got nervous, never scared, never panicky, yet since Carmichael had come back into her life, each of those emotions were tumbling through her like a sock in a dryer.

As if that was not enough, the one thing Valkrie never ever imagined possible. She just had the most unbelievable sex she had ever had. She could count on one hand the sexual encounters she has had to endure, but this was on a completely new level. Sex probably was not even the right category for what she and the prisoner did last night…

… Damn it, Valkrie chided herself as once again she was caught daydreaming about her prisoner again. She could not help it though. The things he did with those hands… Valkrie instantly felt like she was on fire as a deep blush exploded through her. She couldn't help but bite her lower lip as she remember those soft tender hands, and those inviting lips that left trails of heat all over her body.

Thank goodness, her security alarm started beeping to bring her out of her trance.

Valkrie quickly looked to the monitor that gave her a read out of a five-mile radius around her safe house. "Shit!" Valkrie quickly ran downstairs to get her prisoner, picking up her duffel bag on the way down.

"Carmichael, it's time to go."

Chuck quickly turned to her, sensing the urgency in her voice and knowing right away something was terribly wrong. Asking what was going on was useless as he knew it was urgent, so he quickly finished getting dressed and almost ran into Sarah as she was standing right in front of him.

He looked down at her hands where she held a pair of handcuffs. She still had not however given any indication that she was going to put them on him. She was only staring at him as if in deep thought.

Chuck just looked at her and did his best to convey what his wife always knew, even from the very beginning, that she could always trust him.

It only took seconds and as if an unspoken language between the two resurfaced, Valkrie replied, "Okay fine, but don't you try anything." Valkrie was determined to let him know she was deadly serious.

Chuck could not help but give the eyebrow dance. "Anything?"

Valkrie scrunched her face as she did her best to give her angry look, but this imbecile was really making it hard for her to stay in character. "You're such a nerd you know that?" Valkrie turned ready to leave.

Chuck was not thinking when he responded, "Just one of the things you love about me." He realized his mistake as he ran right into the back of his frozen in place wife. "Sorry, that just came out." She never looked back at him so Chuck could not tell her response, but it was obvious his words struck accord. He just hoped it was a good thing.

. . .

Valkrie had driven them a little over a mile from the safe house as she pulled off the side of the road. She had parked in a secluded spot on a small hill which gave her a clear view of where they had just come from. She walked around to her trunk and pulled out a pair of binoculars.

Chuck, not knowing exactly what to do, instead decided to get out and stand next to her. She did not offer him a set of binoculars and he figured best he did not ask. Besides, he was content just standing next to her and apparently she didn't mind his company as for whatever reason, she slowly migrated closer and closer to where he was standing as if the gravitational pull of the earth was bringing them together.

"Do you know who they were?" Chuck asked as he stared out over the horizon, towards where he assumed was their previous location. Funny, he never remembered this place or even Sarah talking about it.

Valkrie debated telling Carmichael what her thoughts were. It was bad enough he kept getting closer to her as she was trying to concentrate. But she figured it wouldn't hurt to have his input, after all, the next couple days could prove to be very challenging. "Well it's not the Government, I can tell you that. Looks like mercenary types, probably hired by Quinn."

Chuck perked up at this. "So you do believe me about Quinn?"

Valkrie put her binoculars down as she stared at Carmichael. Seconds later a large explosion occurred from the location where they just came from. "Well either that or we just blew up the good guys."

Chuck had a look of complete horror. "Us? I don't recall blowing people up as part of the plan." Chuck suddenly felt sick to his stomach.

Valkrie just shook her head. How could such an agent for the government be so squeamish at the sight of death? Valkrie almost said something when a strange feeling over took her. At first, she saw it as a sign of weakness, this reaction of Carmichael, but the more she thought about, the more she found it... enduring.

"Time to go, whoever sent them, they're not going to be too happy with us right now." With that, Valkrie and Chuck got in their car and headed off.

{* * *}

Valkrie turned to Chuck as they were speeding down the highway. She wondered to herself what it was about him that just… just mesmerized her. She could never remember feeling so attached to something or someone and especially under the circumstances of the last few days. She was smart, she knew something was going on, it is just she could not quite figure out what it was. One thing she did know though was that she trusted this Carmichael guy a lot more than she trusted Quinn.

"You look beautiful today Valkrie." Chuck sighed as he glanced at his wife. "Not sure if I mentioned that."

It took everything she had not to crumble inside. She turned her gaze back to the road, knowing if she continued to look into those warm brown eyes, everything would fall apart. It was bad enough her cold dark heart seemed to suddenly melt like hot fudge. She had to stay focused. "So when should we setup this meeting with John Casey?"

"I sent an encrypted text for him to meet us in a secured location away from town. I've already set the GPS coordinates so as long as we follow the map, we should arrive around midnight."

"I'm warning you though Bartowski." Valkrie was suddenly serious once again, the previous feeling of warmth replaced by the coldness she was so used to. "You betray me, and I will… well I'll make it very unpleasant for you." Damn it she thought. What kind of threat was that? She could not even threaten death with this guy.

"Don't worry Valkrie, you can always count on me."

Valkrie froze at those words. They struck her like a Mack truck and she had no idea why. Something, something about what Chuck… Carmichael just said seeped through her bones and exploded into her soul. Valkrie closed her eyes to try to gain some peace, as her whole body seemed like it was on fire.

Chuck could only smile inwardly as he noticed the reaction of his wife. He didn't acknowledge her because he knew it would be bad to push her on anything. But this was just the beginning as the next step to his plan was about to be put in motion.

{* * *}

They arrived close to Midnight at the hotel after stopping to pick up some spare items. Valkrie was not impressed with the hotel but she knew that the lower the key, the safer they were. Besides, there was not much in this town called Barstow anyway.

The two walked in the door and Valkrie looked around, noticing right away the one bed.

"So... Uh the one bed." Chuck nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he hoped Sarah wouldn't freak out on him. "Little presumptuous I guess. Should I have asked for separate rooms?" Chuck was hoping Sarah would play along.

Valkrie sighed as she realized the predicament. "No that's fine. As long as we're on the lamb I can't let you out of my sight."

Chuck could tell something was going on. He knew Sarah was looking around gaining a tactical advantage of the room, but he could also tell that there was something more in the way she looked around.

"I'm going to take a shower." Valkrie had grabbed a pair of panties and t-shirt from her bag as she headed to the shower.

"I'm going to assume that whole out of sight thing doesn't apply right now?" Chuck was trying to joke around although he never wanted anything more in his life.

Valkrie paused as she grabbed the handle of the bathroom door. Once again a feeling washed over her that she could not explain. Her body literally shivered as if a cool blast of air overcame her. She was tired of continually fighting these feelings. She was Valkrie after all and she always gets what she wants. "I told you I don't want you out of my sight." She gave a seductive look towards Carmichael. "That definitely means while I'm taking a shower too. You know how much trouble you could get into while I'm showering? Just to be safe of course." Valkrie sauntered into the bathroom, turning to wait for Carmichael to join her.

Chuck stood in shock for a moment. This wasn't exactly happening the way he planned but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He quickly responded as he hurried toward her, "I'm coming."

"Oh you will be…" Valkrie just smiled as she removed her shirt and turned on the water.

{* * *}

"I said my back is okay, it barely hurts." Valkrie was lying in bed on her side, staring at the concerned look on Chuck's face.

"I just… I just feel horrible about that. I didn't realize the tile in the shower wall would crack so easily." Chuck was concerned on one hand, but after remembering what they did in the shower to make those tiles crack... he could not help but be aroused.

"Chuck, my back will be fine, how's your lip?" Valkrie couldn't help but gaze at his warm, inviting lips, even with the cut on the lower lip. It really was not her fault. He was the one that picked her up and had incredible passionate sex with her against the shower wall. His aggression just spurred her lust even more and the feeling of him thrusting strongly inside of her, just made her lose it.

Chuck licked his bottom lip, remembering once again how that got there. Little did he know by rubbing his tongue over his lip what it was doing to his wife. "Well, I guess we should get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day." Chuck was about to get up.

"Where the hell are you going?" Valkrie shot straight up in bed.

"I was… I was just going to lie on the floor. You said you like sleeping alone." Chuck gave his best puppy dog look.

Damn it, he did it again she thought. "That's crazy Chuck; I'm not going to make you sleep on the dirty floor. Just keep your hands to yourself and we'll be fine."

"You sure, cause I don't mind. This shag carpet looks really inviting." Chuck laughed, as he looked around at all the stains on the floor.

"You're such a moron you know that?" Valkrie threw a pillow at him.

"So I've been told, so I've been told." Chuck was ecstatic as he climbed back in to bed. This might just work after all. He knew there was a connection and now he just needed to cultivate it. Just hopefully his body could handle Valkrie. It was definitely a nice problem to have.

{* * *}

The morning sun was just coming up as the faintest rays peeped through the blinds and started to lighten the hotel room with welcoming warmth.

Chuck was basking in a glory he didn't even know possible as he laid behind Sarah, her entire body spooning into him as if they were about to meld into one. Their hands intertwined and this action alone spoke volumes of the intimacy that the two were sharing. Chuck could not help but look up to make sure it wasn't a dream. Sure enough, both hands were connected and Sarah was even starting to rub her thumb over his hand.

The simple touch caused an explosion of warmth to fill the both of them. Not even the closeness of their bodies compared to the connection that just holding hands did. Valkrie turned slightly to face Chuck, as their faces were mere inches apart, his lips inviting her to taste of their sweetness.

Chuck could feel a connection that not even the loss of memories could stop as he stared deeply into the eyes of his wife. He bent down to kiss her, not usually the aggressor but the moment just drove him on. He closed his eyes as he expected the sweet taste of her to overwhelm him.

Unfortunately, all he got was the cotton taste of the pillow as Sarah quickly ran out of bed and into the bathroom.

Chuck was stunned. "What the hell just happened?" Chuck really did not know what to think as he got up and cautiously walked towards the bathroom.

"Valkrie, are you alright?" Chuck was more than a little concerned.

"I'm fine, just give me a..." She never finished the sentence as Chuck could plainly hear her vomiting.

Chuck tried the door but it was locked. "Valkrie, please, let me help."

"NO!" Was all he heard as the sound of retching continued.

It was moments later when Valkrie finally came back out, a pale look on her face as she was still wiping her mouth. "Must have been something I ate last night." She replied as she purposely avoided Chuck's gaze.

"But..." Chuck never finished as he realized they had not even eaten anything last night, well not food at least. Then why would Sarah be sick in the morning? He quickly looked towards Sarah, he started doing the calculations in his head of the last time Sarah had her period. It was about a week after she took the pregnancy test which was about… almost 8 weeks. . It was then he saw Sarah suddenly stop dead in her tracks.

Chuck was freaking out as his wife turned slowly towards him, her hand gently held over her stomach. "Chuck?"

"Oh boy."