So I've decided to challenge myself by writing 10 drabbles about unusual pairings. Some of them you may like and some of them you won't. I hope you like most of them, and I don't own PJO.

First up is Artemis X Poseidon!

Artemis has always hated men. In her eyes, they were pigs. She despised their heart-breaking ways, their animal attitudes towards young maidens. That was why she started the Hunt, all those thousands of years ago. But one man confused her. Well, not a man, but a God as such. She loved the way he admired the ways of the Hunt, and her decisions involving it. She loved the way he was charming, but only towards her. And she loved the way he was kind, smiling at her, nodding his head in her direction and his respect for maidens. But she knew nothing could come of her love for him. It was forbidden.

The Sea God had never pictured himself with another immortal since Amphitrite joined the forces of Gaia. But Artemis was different. He respected her choice of being a maiden Goddess. But that didn't mean that he couldn't dream. He found himself loving her more every single day. He pictured them, sat side by side in his underwater castle. She filled Amphitrite's throne. And Artemis filled the hole in Poseidon's heart. But he knew nothing could come of his love for her. It was forbidden.

But one day, they found themselves alone in the throne room.

"So how are you Artemis?" Poseidon inquired.

"I hate you, Poseidon." Artemis stated. The Sea God's heart dropped all the way from his chest to the bottom of the Empire State building.

"Any why's that?" He muttered.

"Because I love you."

And she ran from the room.

So I have decided on the next two pairings, but I still need some more. Suggestions are, of course, welcome. :) Please review!