Official last chapter! Wow, this story has come so far. ;) So the final pairing is…

"Hey Hazel…"

"Oh hey, Frank." The Daughter of Pluto replied, looking up from her magazine. He was stood in the open doorway, and they were the only ones in the cabin.

"What was it that you wanted? Not that I don't want you here." Hazel blurted the last part, and then mentally cursed.

"Oh…I was just wondering if…Nevermind." He turned to go, but Hazel called him back.

"No, tell me. It's obviously important if you came all the way over here to tell me. I know that you're supposed to be at archery right now. So, tell." She smiled.

"Well…" Frank rubbed the back of his neck, shyly. "Would you like to go out sometime?"



"I would love to go out sometime.

"No, we do it this way!"

"No, it's definitely this way!"

"I'm a daughter of Athena! I'm always right!

"Yeah, well, I'm a prophet!"

"Guys, guys, settle down! Annabeth, Octavian, sit back down!" Reyna stood up, waving her hands at the arguing pair. It was the second senate meeting of the year, and the two had been arguing over how to organise the boat to Greece.

"But I'm clearly right!" Octavian protested. Annabeth had to stop herself from leaping over the table and throttling him.

"No, you're not!"

"It doesn't matter!" Reyna yelled. "Why are you two so argumentative today?"

"She's just annoyed because I can get a date and she can't."

"Oh that's mature. And I can too!"

"Oh really? Prove it!"

"Will you go on a date with me?"

"Sure…Wait, that's not fair! You knew I would say yes!"

"Hello there Reyna."

"What do you want, Leo?" Reyna had been at the Greek Camp for a month now, and Leo was the most annoying, insufferable person she had ever met.

"Love, money, a mansion, you as my girlfriend, a sports car, a-"

"Wait, wait! Me…and you? You're kidding, right?" She spluttered. Reyna instantly felt bad when she saw the hurt on Leo's face.

"What's wrong with me?"

"It's just…You're seriously immature."

"People can change Reyna…And I would change for you." He smiled sadly.

"Then I have no choice do I? I'll be your girlfriend, Valdez." She smirked.

"Steady your arm. Here, like this." Will Solace was teaching the Aphrodite cabin archery. More specifically, he was helping Piper. She had the most chance out of all of the others anyway, he told himself as he wrapped his hands over hers.

"Thanks for the help, Will." Piper was screaming on the inside. She had liked Will for a few weeks now, and if she had any guts at all she would ask him out. He stepped back, and she released the arrow. At the last moment, her arm jerked and the arrow hit the floor.

"I'm never going to get this! That's the sixth arrow that's hit the floor!"

"It's because you keep moving your arm. Maybe it would help if you went out with me tonight." Will grinned. Piper blushed before laughing back.

"I think it would."

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