Title: A love for pie
Author: ValeryaPotter
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, he and his world belong to JK Rowling.
Summary: After his Hogwarts years, and the end of the war, Harry decides to open up his own bakery in Diagon Alley. But of course nothing can be normal for Harry Potter, especially after his inheritance.
Warning: slash! Dumbledore/Weasley (Ron)/Granger bashing, Alive! Sirius/Remus/Tonks/Fred/Colin

Chapter 13

The next morning, Hadrian woke up, still feeling hot and still with his wings out, his hair had also turned completely red in the night, meaning his fire nymph side had also come out. He moaned, the rational part of him wanted to call on his godfathers so they could take the bakery, while his heart told him to get his mates with him and consume the bond.

In a moment of fast thinking, he send a patronus to alert Seamus and Dean that he wouldn't be able to do the shop today, he added a warning to stay away from his flat. When Prongs returned he send him out again with a message to his godfathers, to contact his mates and get them to him, as soon as possible.


Fenrir had been the first to arrive, Hadrian just growled and attacked the werewolf, jumping on him and locking their lips. He wrapped his arms and legs around the large man, not planning on letting go for a while.

Lucius and Draco were the next to come through, as soon as they entered; they locked eyes on the silver and black haired men on the bed, both naked and locked into a passionate kiss. Both blond wasted time in shedding their clothing and joining them, they were welcomed by kisses from their black haired mate and a glazed expression from the werewolf.

Severus arrived shortly after the two blonds; the black haired man wasted no time fishing around his pockets and handing out vials, giving Lucius one to feed to Hadrian, taking one himself and leaving one out for Tom. They had prepared for this, he had brewed a powerful contraceptive, and they agreed on all taking it, just to be safe.

Tom was the last to arrive, having been in a meeting when the call came. The Dark Lord looked upon the mass of bodies on the bed and smiled, shedding his clothing and taking the vial sitting on the table. He joined the other on the bed after swallowing the potion, he grinned as he saw his submissive being kissed by Severus, yet the young man was still moaning and still smelled unclaimed. 'Good', he thought, after all, he as primary dominant had first right, pulling the other dark haired dominant away he covered Hadrian with his own body; now the fun could begin.

Hadrian moaned as Severus was pulled away, only to be replaced by Tom, he groaned this time, it felt so good, being surrounded by his mates, being seconds away from being claimed by his primary dominant, after today, he would be theirs, forever.


Hadrian woke up sometime in the afternoon, a smile on his face as he looked at the sleeping faces of his mates around him. Their mating had lasted some hours, beginning with Tom; who marked him as they reached their heights together. His other mates followed in order of dominance; Fenrir, Lucius, Severus and Draco. Each had left a mark on his body, infusing their scent with his; marking him as theirs.

He stretched and was pleased to know he only felt a little sore, no pain or overly uncomfortableness; for which he was glad. He climbed out of bed and went into the kitchen, making some tea, he sat down with his cup and let the smile burst on his face once more. He had mates, and he was officially mated, in the eyes that mattered he was married and nothing could possible break that bound.

As he was lost in thought, he jumped a bit as arms wrapped around him, a mouth pressing against his own. He gave a sigh as he recognized Fenrir, his secondary dominant. He poured the silver haired man a cup of tea and leant against him, feeling the man's hand stroking up and down his sides, he gave a giggle as he strayed over a ticklish spot.

Draco was the next to appear in the kitchen, pulling Severus along with him. Hadrian stood, and got a kiss from both men, he smiled at them and poured Draco a cup of tea, while he poured Severus a cup of coffee. They sat in silent after that, the only sound; the tapping of their cups on the table as they were sat down.

Tom and Lucius were the last to appear, roughly at the same time, they both pressed a kiss to hip lips, before taking their own tea and joining the table. The next 30 minutes was spend drinking tea and smiling at each other.


Draco had been the one to suggest it after the 30 minutes of silence, now that they all were awake. Both he and Severus had spend quite a bit of work in the building Hadrian had given them to host their potion shop. Naturally, the blond wanted to show it to their mate, and in extend, the others as well.

So here they were, walking around Vanity Alley, looking around the booming shops and laughing people that roamed in them. They even waved at a few of them, the ones that recognized them that is.

Within in minutes they stood before 'the Potion Palace', Severus opened the door and let them in, flicking his wand to get the candles burning. They all looked around in awe, the shop itself was relatively big, painted in a light green, these were two Slytherins after all, with book cases along the walls with potion references in them, as such a client could as for a potion, even if he/she didn't know the name of it. They could also look up the ingredients, again; if they knew the potion but were worried for something in it that they were allergic to.

To the right there was an archway that led to a lab, where either, or perhaps soon, both men would be stationed to work on requested potions. Before the archway was a desk, where people could request potions, ask questions and pay for their goods.

Hadrian looked around in awe and told them what a good job they did. Severus and Draco nodded, glad for the praise, they were even boasting about opening up next week, which was a whole week ahead of schedule. Something that made Hadrian smile even harder, almost all the shops in Vanity Alley had been able to open up sooner than planned.

They spend the rest of the afternoon in the shop, taking care of some minor details and just enjoying the time spend with one another. Even if Hadrian was pulled aside wore than often by one of his mates for a kiss or just a full out make out session, not that he complained.

Their day had been closed with a date out to a high class restaurant; the owner was a friend of Fenrir's, another werewolf, who hadn't even blinked at seeing them all together, not even when he sniffed, although discreetly, and their scents must have reached him. He just smiled, greeted them and led them to a table in the back, hidden in a booth, as to give them some privacy.

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