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Chapter 01 – Surprise, Surprise


Allen Walker stood by the terminal anxiously holding a bouquet of flowers—wait, no, let's rephrase that, gripping onto them like they were his dearest life to be exact. He felt sweat forming on the side of his face, it felt really hot somehow and that's funny because the airport was definitely air-conditioned. He couldn't even hear the buzzes of random chatter that was going on around him because he was so concentrated. His heart was beating rapidly and he could hear it in his own ears as he watched people walk by because at any time then, it could be her. His mind trailed off for a few seconds wondering if anyone else could hear his heart pounding. His throat was going dry just thinking about what he was going to say when he saw her. He needed a drink of water and perhaps some breath-mints but maybe he was getting a little ahead of himself.

'Just breathe, relax, it's only been like—what, five years? Five long torturing years without seeing her pretty face and dreaming about her almost every night—' Allen muttered to himself only succeeding in making himself feel worse.

He decided to pat down his already smooth vest and brushed short strands of silvery white hair from his forehead trying to distract himself from his previous thoughts. He straightened his black slacks and fiddled with the edges of the long sleeves of his white button-up shirt—hell, he even polished his best black leather shoes yet he still tugged nervously on the red ribbon around his collar! When he looked up having resorted to eyeing the ground, that's when he saw her walk out of the terminal and started hyperventilating. A couple of random passing people pointed out that he was having an asthma attack—which he wasn't.

After a few moments of looking around, she turned his way and smiled lifting her sunglasses slightly so he could see her face, 'Allen!'

He almost fell over when she called his name. God damn it, damn it all. That voice of hers was like a weapon shooting at his knees or maybe stabbing, whichever one you would prefer to imagine. The point was that he couldn't seem to make himself walk in a straight line.

'Lenalee—' He managed to say somehow.

She saw him struggling to walk her way though it didn't occur to her how odd his posture had turned only remembering that he was just as adorable as she remembered him to be. Her sunglasses dropped back down onto the bridge of her nose when she let it go running towards him as quickly as she could carrying her luggage. She dropped it carelessly when she was close enough to pull him in for a big hug.

'I've missed you so much!' Lenalee said excitedly letting him go to take a better look at him.

Allen's face had turned bright red the moment she touched him and he ended up stuttering in reply, 'I-I-I—'

She giggled and brushed off his vest taking in his image, 'Well haven't you grown handsome over the years, Mister Walker?'

That compliment had done it, Allen was sure his face looked completely ridiculous at that point and the passing strangers confirmed it commenting on how hot he looked—wait, hot? He shook his head scolding himself in his mind for getting so nervy. All the things he had wanted to say and all the things he had rehearsed flew out the window just like that. All those sleepless nights and practicing speeches were for nothing, Allen sighed out loud by accident making Lenalee's smile falter—then he was about to start panicking again.

'Are you not happy to see me?' Lenalee asked slowly.

Allen blurted out, 'No—! I mean, yes—! I mean, no—I mean, I'm happy to see you, Lenalee, so much!'

Lenalee blinked a couple of times but her bright smile returned watching him wave his free hand frantically in defense, 'Allen?'

He spoke very quickly, 'You look so pretty, Lenalee—these are for you.'

'Thank you, Allen, you're too sweet.' Lenalee said softly taking the flowers he offered her.

He calmed down somewhat but his heart was still beating rapidly. He wished his words could have meant more to her. Everyone probably told her she was stunning every day no doubt, who wouldn't? She was a famous model in America after all. He wanted her to know though, that even before she grew famous, before she was on magazine covers or television—before all that, she had always been beautiful in his eyes, inside and out.

Lenalee looked up from admiring her flowers to see Allen staring at her looking blank, 'Are you okay?'

'I'm fi-fine!' Allen said a little too loudly and blushed in embarrassment.

She laughed and Allen only listened to her soft sounding voice. He missed hearing her, he missed seeing her in person—all in all, he just missed spending time with her. There was too much left unspoken when she had left to start her career in America and he was going to tell her how he felt before she had to leave again. He wasn't going to regret anything this time again—or so he told himself. He was going to show her the time of her life while she was still in London. He had even taken the week off work—Allen had planned everything.

'Welcome home, Lenalee.' Allen said smiling at her warmly.

Her eyes slightly widened before she returned his smile and her cheeks tinted a light pink colour, 'I'm home.'


'I can't believe how different this place looks.' Lenalee mumbled tucking loose strands of royal purple hair behind her ear.

'Only around the city, our old hometown looks pretty much the same!' Allen said assuring her.

'That's good to hear, I was beginning to think that I wouldn't have a home to come back to.' Lenalee sighed in relief and laughed.

'You'll always have a home to come back to, my home is your home.' Allen said without thinking.

She blinked in surprise at his choice of words, 'Allen—'

His face turned bright red, 'I mean I'll always be here for you!'

'Thank you, Allen, thank you for everything.' Lenalee smiled at him warmly and turned to enjoy the scenery of the nightlights out the window.

Allen stared at Lenalee from the corner of his eyes while sitting in the traffic jam. He noticed how her hair wasn't as long as it used to be, it was barely shoulder-length now. She looked more mature and womanly and her face wasn't as soft-looking anymore. Her facial features were more defined and her high cheekbones more visible, she was the definition of grace. Allen's eyes began to wonder downwards pass her big striped woolen jumper. Those skinny jeans really showed the nice shape of her legs. He shook his head before he allowed himself to think of anything offending.

'Allen, the light's green.' Lenalee pointed out.

'Huh?' Allen snapped out of his stupor to hear beeping and cursing from the cars behind them, 'Ah—! So-Sorry!'

Besides Allen's little slip-ups every then and again, Lenalee was oblivious to most of it so the drive back to Allen's apartment was pleasurable. It was just like old times without the difficulties and dramas, just simple. He would have given anything for the moments to last forever.

'Your apartment is so warm and cosy,' Lenalee gushed bouncing onto the couch, 'Do you live here by yourself?'

'Yeah, with one other exception though—he kind of shows up whenever he wants.' Allen smiled nervously.

She blinked, 'What's that?'

Allen gestured, 'You see—'

'Allen, I think you need to clean your study room.'

Lenalee turned around at the voice sounding from behind her and her eyes widened at the man standing in the hallway, 'Neah!'

The man with dark wavy hair blinked in surprise when he looked down and saw her sitting on the couch, 'Lenalee Lee, is that you?'

Lenalee laughed standing up and brushed the wrinkles out of her clothes, 'Yes, it's me, how have you been?'

'My, how you've grown,' Neah eyed her from head to toe slightly trailing off passing off her question, 'So what brings you back to the humble towns of England? Isn't your schedule a bit tight for a holiday, Love?'

Allen said in a low scolding voice noticing Neah's non-discrete stare, 'Will you quit it, Uncle.'

Lenalee smiled awkwardly, 'It's alright, Allen—I'll be doing photo-shoots here in London for a few months so I'm not really on holiday, I'll be busy starting a few days after Christmas. I came early for Allen's twenty-first birthday.'

'Well aren't you a lucky boy? Lenalee Lee is here for your birthday and you didn't even have to pay for it.' Neah teased.

'You're not funny, Uncle.' Allen said dryly.

Neah smiled anyway turning back to Lenalee, 'Well enjoy yourself as much as you can, won't you, Love? I better be heading off, it's getting late.'

'You don't live here?' Lenalee asked forgetting Allen owned his own apartment.

'Oh no, I still live in the same old house you used to visit every day.' Neah hummed heading to the door and turned to Allen before he left, 'Bring her over sometime, I'm sure she'd like that.'

Allen sighed, 'I was planning to, see you soon.'

When Neah left, Lenalee gave Allen a cuddle feeling excited all of a sudden, 'That's so sweet of him to check up on you like that!'

Allen awkwardly slid his arms around her slender waist feeling his face heat up trying his best to ignore it, 'Sometimes I wish he wouldn't.'


Lenalee worked marvels in the kitchen cooking numerous wonderful things. She was wearing an apron and cooking in his kitchen, Allen was in heaven. At first he was uneasy about her cooking for him since she was a guest but she insisted saying that it was the least she could do for letting her stay with him—though he was the one who insisted that she did.

'So is your manager okay with you being here unsupervised and all?' Allen asked leaning on the kitchen bench watching her cook.

'She was hesitant about it but I guess she got over it.' Lenalee giggled.

Allen smiled guiltily, 'I hope I didn't cause you any problems.'

He said that but he still wouldn't have had Lenalee stay anywhere else. He knew it was selfish of him but with her, he wanted to be. He had waited for her to return for far too long and he wasn't willing to let her go.

'Oh Allen, you'd never be a problem, I enjoy your company far too much!' Lenalee said brightly.

'Re-Really?' Allen stuttered scratching the back of his head shyly.

'Yes, really. Now let's eat, I'm done!' Lenalee turned around and smiled at him.

Of course Lenalee knew her childhood friend's appetite was big and made plenty of food with a lot of them being his favourite dishes. They talked and ate with Allen occasionally getting food everywhere on his mouth and cheeks. Lenalee wiped his mouth for him happily making it hard for him to swallow his food when she was so close to him like that. When she told him to open his mouth and fed him from time to time insisting for him to try everything, that's when he found it hard to swallow.

Allen did the honour of washing the dishes after dinner while Lenalee went to shower and change into pyjamas. He couldn't help but smile in content thinking about how Lenalee was going to be staying with him for the week. He would take her to visit her brother tomorrow morning, he decided.

'Allen, I'm done, you can use the shower now.' Lenalee appeared just as he finished washing up and was wiping his hands

He turned around to see her in nothing but a large grey t-shirt and his eyes widened looking down at her thighs. If she stretched, he would have been able to see her panties easily. Her legs were so long and smooth-looking, they were endless. The neck of her t-shirt was big so it slid down to expose her shoulder.

Lenalee panicked running up to him, 'Allen, your nose is bleeding!'

'Eh?' Allen blinked, 'It is—? AH—IT IS.'

'Are you sick?' Lenalee asked worriedly grabbing tissues to dab his nose.

'No, I-I think I'll go and take that shower.' Allen said stiffly.

Allen ran out of the kitchen and out of sight leaving her to stand there alone in a short moment of confusion. Lenalee sighed and shook her head walking to the couch and turning on the television. She pictured Allen's flustered face in her mind and giggled to herself quietly. He hasn't changed one bit.

Allen showered thoughtlessly only wanting to hurry up so he could see her face again. He didn't want to waste a second away from her, she wasn't going to be here forever and he had to go back to work in a week. He rinsed the last of the shampoo foam out of his hair and dried up.

'I need to stop getting so flustered around her; she'll never take me seriously at this rate.' Allen said frowning to himself in the mirror.

He got dressed and walked through the short hallway to the lounge where he saw Lenalee lying on the couch. He covered his mouth quickly to stop himself from gasping and turned around quickly. Her panties are black! Allen shook his head; he swore his blood vessels were going to burst. Damn it, it's not like I wanted to lookit just happened—! But I didn't mind it either—no, wait! Allen began to have an inside argument with himself.

He whispered taking a deep breath, 'Okay, just go over there and cover her up with a blanket.'

'Allen?' Lenalee mumbled.

'Yes—!' Allen shouted shutting his eyes tight before turning back around in her direction and smiled nervously, 'I mean, yes?'

She got up and stretched revealing her panties—what Allen had been fretting over was openly revealed anyway, 'I think it's bed time.'

Allen looked up, down and around—everywhere but her when he spoke, 'Well I'll show you to your room.'

Lenalee smiled sighing in content after she finished stretching, 'Okay!'

Allen walked a few steps ahead of her leading to his room, 'You can have my room for the week because I only have one room besides the study which is cramped so I'll have the couch.'

Lenalee frowned linking her arm with his, 'Don't be silly, I'm not going to make you sleep on the couch in your own home, we can share—look at how big your bed is!'

Allen's jaw dropped but he recovered quickly, 'Wha-What? No, no—! It's fine! I swear I'm happy you're here—besides, I hardly use the bed, I'm usually so tired after work I just fall on the couch.'

'I insist,' Lenalee let go of his arm and gave him a pat on the back, 'We used to share beds all the time, remember our little sleepover parties?'

'You mean the two people parties when we were seven and eight years old?' Allen had to sweat-drop at that.

'It'll be fine—' Lenalee started.

'Lenalee, I really don't think this is a good idea.' Allen said with a concerned look on his face.

'Stop worrying so much, it'll be fun!' Lenalee dragged him to the double bed.

Fun—? What type of fun? Allen's face went red at the thought of 'fun'. He pushed the thoughts into the back of his mind with difficulty. In all honesty, he didn't trust himself not to do anything. They weren't seven or eight years old anymore, this wasn't normal. He was a gentleman but he could only contain himself for so long before he would snap and do something he would regret.

'Allen?' Lenalee rolled over so half of her body was on top of him and lifted her head up to look at him.

His breath hitched, he could feel her breasts pressed on his stomach and she wasn't wearing a bra. He wrapped an arm around her waist and paused for a moment before shifting his head to look down at her. He felt guilty then; she looked too innocent for what was going through his mind.

'Yes?' Allen replied.

'What do you do for work?' Lenalee asked with interest.

He smiled stroking her waist lightly, 'I'm a photographer, I do photo-shoots for people who do work like you.'

Lenalee blinked in surprise, 'Oh—are you doing any photo-shoots for the Black Order by any chance?'

'I won't know until I get back to work but I hope so.' Allen smiled brightly.

Lenalee left London when she was seventeen years old. A modelling agency found her after her major drama performance and offered her work. After she graduated from high school, she left right away. Allen never got to say goodbye, things were rough then. He studied towards photography so that one day he would be able to work with her—to be able to be with her.

'I hope so too—' Lenalee smiled cheerily getting up and leaning over him, 'Allen, I want to tell you something.'

Allen's face felt hot but he looked up at her without breaking the eye contact anyway, 'What is it?'

'You're my best friend and I want you to be the first to know.' Lenalee's expression suddenly turned dreamy and her cheeks turned rosy.

Allen got lost in her mesmerizing gaze, 'Yeah?'

'I have a boyfriend.' Lenalee said softly.

'Wha-what?' And then his world came tumbling down.

I've had this idea stuck in my head for a long time and just wanted to get it out of my head since it wasn't going away. It's quite a short, simple and predictable storyline just to warm up to wake up my brain before uni starts again. I'm studying along the creative writing path so I will be writing on here experimentally.