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Chapter 08 – Accidents Happen


'Lenalee, are you okay?' Allen asked spinning her around and checking her over frantically.

'I'm okay.' Lenalee nodded smiling.

He examined her elbow, 'Lenalee, you have a scrape—'

'Allen!' She grabbed his face with her hands making him look at her.

'I'm sorry—'

'It's okay.' She said softly stroking his cheek.

He took a hold of her hands closing his eyes. He felt warm even standing in the snow. He forgot about Tyki, he forgot about Jack—there was only Allen and Lenalee. It was these moments that made up for the misery.

'It's getting cold, you should get back inside.' Allen whispered not really wanting to part with her.

She nodded and he let go of her hands, 'I'll see you tomorrow.'

He said, 'Sweet dreams.'

'Sweet dreams!' She said enthusiastically.

Lenalee watched as Allen's car drove off not walking away until the car was out of sight. It had been one hell of a night. She walked back into the hotel sighing from exhaustion.

When she got back to the penthouse, she heard groaning from the bedroom. Lenalee checked on Tyki who was curled up in bed holding his head. She walked over to him gently brushing strands of hair out of his face and shook her head.

'How are you feeling?' She asked quietly.

He opened his eyes slowly to see her caring expression, 'I love you.'

She smiled pulling back her hand and brushed her lips against his cheek, 'I'll go and get you some water and painkillers.'

Lenalee walked to the kitchen taking off her cardigan and scarf placing it on the table. She boiled the water and went through the cupboard for painkillers. It didn't take her long to get back to Tyki who had fallen asleep. He often got home late and drunk as well. She woke him up knowing that if he didn't drink water and take painkillers, he was going to suffer the next morning.

'Tyki,' Lenalee stroked his face softly, 'You need to drink some water or you're going to be in pain in the morning.'

Tyki groaned softly burying his face in the pillow for a moment before he got up slowly swallowing the pills from her hands. He took the glass from her and sculled it down quickly wanting to get it over with. Lenalee reached to take the cup from him but he put it down on the bedside table.

'I can take—'

He cut her off with a kiss and held onto her tightly. She didn't say anything but hugged him back and they sat there in silence. Lenalee had noticed that he'd been more attached to her lately. There was no point asking what was wrong because he'd be too 'manly' to admit that anything was wrong. She rubbed his back trying to sooth him.

'Can you stay with me tonight?' Tyki asked quietly.

Lenalee was surprise by how childish he sounded when he said it. It made her giggle. She knew he was embarrassed because he didn't like to ask for things, he only expected for them.

'Don't laugh at me.' He said seriously.

She pulled back to look at his face which had gone a little red and she found it adorable. She rarely got to see this side of Tyki and it was what she fell for in the first place. She brushed his hair back and smiled warmly cradling him to sleep.


'You're doing great, Lenalee!' Allen called to her.

Lenalee smiled getting into another position for him. His heart was beating rapidly as he took the photos. Many of their co-workers were on the side watching intently but Lenalee was too absorbed in her job that she didn't seem to notice or care. The big boss of The Ark, Cross Marian, who also used to be Allen's trainee manager, had shown up on the fine day to check on the progress as well.

'Brilliant work, Lenalee! You can take a break before we go onto the next set.' Allen gave the okay.

She sighed in relief, 'Thanks, Allen!'

She got off the set and was surrounded by helpers. Allen smiled at the sight until he heard a couple of girls nearby. They didn't seem to be doing much for what they were getting paid for.

'Look at her; she's such a show-off.' One of them said nastily.

'She probably slept her way to the top.' The other one said.

'Yeah, she's not that good.'

'I heard she's dating Tyki, is that true?'

'Nah, it can't be. He can do way better than her.'

At that point, Allen had had enough of their gossiping and approached them making them blush. He was smiling brightly at them and they started whispering to each other excitedly, gushing about how cute he was and even wondering if he wanted to take photos of them. How wrong were they?

'It's a nice day, isn't it, ladies?' Allen started when he got to them.

'Yeah, it is! Did you need any help with anything?' One asked.

'No but I'm sure Lenalee would like your company, she's working very hard.' Allen said still smiling.

'Oh—yeah.' They both said in a flat tone.

'I haven't ever worked with anyone so sweet and diligent—please watch what you say about a person if you don't know them.' Allen said with his expression turning stern.

The girls nodded frightened and ran off to join the team not wanting to lose their job. Allen smiled satisfied with his work and turned back to Lenalee to see her leaving the set so everyone could pack and build a new scene. They made eye contact and she beamed at him.

Lenalee ran over, 'Allen!'

'Lenalee!' He teased as he wrapped his arms around her waist when she jumped to hug him.

'Did I do okay?' She asked smiling though still flustered.

'No, you didn't.' Allen said with a serious face.

She stopped smiling, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I'll do better—'

Allen smiled putting his hands on her cheeks and chuckled, 'You did great!'

Lenalee frowned hitting his chest, 'Don't do that, you scared me!'

He laughed taking hold of her wrists to stop her from hitting him, 'I'm sorry, I won't do it again—let's get something to eat.'

Eventually, she started laughing too and they sat down for lunch with each other. It didn't go unnoticed how close they were. Rumours were sure to spread; it always did in their line of work.

'Allen, you careless idiot.'

He looked up from the table where he was sitting across from Lenalee munching. She also looked up at the older man with long red hair. He wore a mask that covered half of his face; it almost looked like Phantom of the Opera but only covering one eye. It was creepy but stylish—it suited him.

'Hey Boss.' Allen greeted nervously.

The man slapped Allen in the back of the head, 'I didn't know you had fine taste in women—care to introduce me to your friend?'

Actually, he didn't want to introduce him all that much. His boss was a womaniser. He was also an alcoholic who showed up to work hung over leaving Allen to do everything including forging signatures and signing agreements learning about business management and leadership. Even after he became an official photographer, he was still doing his boss's work.

'Lenalee, this is my boss, Cross Marian.' Allen said quietly.

Lenalee smiled brightly, 'It's nice to meet you.'

'And it's very nice to meet you.' Cross emphasised.

'Would you like to join us for lunch?' She asked but looked at Allen to see him shaking his head frantically and making a cross sign with his arms.

Before Lenalee could ask what was wrong, Cross had leaned down to his ear with a firm grip on his shoulder speaking quietly, 'Don't do this too casually in public, it'll call unwanted attention. The last thing we need is for a rumour about how The Ark got big because you were getting close with Lenalee Lee.'

Allen nodded with a sigh and Lenalee also heard what he said. Her expression saddened and she clasped her hands together in a guilty manner. Allen had a new resolve upon seeing her that way. It was frustrating, little things had turned into such big deals when it shouldn't have.

'I'm sorry that I'm causing you trouble—' Lenalee began quietly.

Allen stood up abruptly making his chair fall back, 'Don't say that, Lenalee.'

She blinked in surprise looking up at him, 'Allen?'

The way she said his name in a soft needing voice made his heart melt. He wanted to protect the smile on her face and it wasn't until then that he realised how hard it was for her to live in peace with everyone watching her every move judging her, with all the media in her face constantly harassing her, with small things turning into big rumours and with haters hating her for being what—? Being great? No wonder celebrities went mad.

Allen spoke firmly and looked around at everyone who was previously watching them, 'Don't be sorry, Lenalee, I'm not sorry that we're friends.'

Tears formed at the corner of her eyes and she nodded smiling though her chin was quivering, 'Thank you, Allen.'

He smiled warmly at her leaning down to wipe away her tears, 'Can I ask you for a favour?'

Lenalee blinked, 'Huh?'

He cupped her face in his hands gently, 'Can you smile for me?'

Her eyes squinted before she nodded and laughed quietly. Allen was always so warm. He made her feel safe and secure; he made her feel that that everything was going to be okay.

Cross was taken aback by his sudden actions. He had always been obedient and fearful of him. He had definitely never seen Allen interact so actively with another woman. A smirk formed upon Cross's face. He looked at Lenalee and could tell there was a strong bond between them. The happiness they had harvest upon each other was obvious but did Lenalee know how she felt about Allen?

Anita had almost stepped in but was held back by Cross. As sweet as the scene was and as many people as there were in awe, there were always going to be haters. It was wrong to be doing these things in public; it would ruin Lenalee's reputation especially because she was a woman.

'Don't get your knickers in a knot, Pretty Lady.' Cross said to Anita still eyeing his ex-trainee and Lenalee.

'It's my job to keep Lenalee safe and out of negative media.' Anita said trying to pull out of Cross's grasp.

He finally turned to look at her, 'I don't see anything negative about this.'

'No, there's nothing negative about this but it doesn't mean that the paparazzi don't lie for attention—now please kindly take your hands off me before I'll have to hurt you.' Anita gritted her teeth.

Cross let her go smiling smugly, 'I like feisty women.'

'I'm sure you like many types of women.' Anita composed herself.

'True.' Cross shrugged.

Tyki was being pampered on the side by a makeup artist witnessing everything. He soon had a series of photos to shoot with Lenalee as guest star in helping advertising their product. The two acted like unfamiliar co-workers in the public and had to be careful in case word of their relationship got out though Tyki found himself caring less and less. It was getting harder for him watching people talk to Lenalee knowing what their intentions were. He'd be a little more secure if they knew she wasn't available. How much he wanted to shove Allen off at that moment for caressing her face like that. The look in Lenalee's eyes had got Tyki's blood boiling like lava.

'Well don't they make a charming couple?' The makeup artist said admiringly.

'I assure you that they are nowhere near a couple.' Tyki replied coldly.


'Stop!' Bak called out causing Tyki and Lenalee let go of each other.

'Is there something wrong?' Lenalee asked.

Bak shook his head and sighed walking up to them, 'Tyki, you're doing great but Lenalee, you need to be more natural—you're too tense, what's the matter with you? You were doing great solo!'

'Sorry—' Lenalee began.

'Again!' Bak called walking off the set.

Allen was also feeling tense and taking the photos had turned into quite a challenge. The images weren't turning out so great with the coupling shoot. Bak was also right, Lenalee had gotten rigid—then an idea struck him.

'Lenalee!' Allen called out jogging up to her.

'Now's not the time, Allen.' Bak stated.

'Just one minute, Bak.'

Tyki and Lenalee turned to him but only Lenalee replied, 'What is it, Allen?'

Allen turned to Tyki apologising for the interruption before speaking to her, 'When you're in action, imagine when we were still kids having fun at the park. Try and remember how much fun we had.'

Lenalee nodded nervously, 'Okay, I'll try.'

Tyki rolled his eyes, 'As if that would work, how childish could you get?'

Allen ignored him jogging back to where he previously stood, 'Are you read?'

Tyki placed a hand on her hip and the other on her jaw staring into her eyes intensely. Lenalee placed her hands on his chest and smiled back at him endearingly catching him off guard. His eyes widened getting lost in her dreamlike gaze for a moment and then there was a flash—that's when he remembered that they were being photographed.

'That shot was stunning! Good work, Allen.' Bak peaked over his shoulder.

Allen smiled weakly, 'Thanks.'

He still wasn't comfortable with photographing the two but it was work. He had forgotten that it was his advice that made Lenalee relax seeing the way she was staring at Tyki adoringly. It didn't help with the whispering going on in the background admiring how beautiful they both were and how they would make such an elegant couple. They didn't know about Tyki's and Lenalee's relationship. It must've been because of the gossip that she was stiff since she really was in a relationship with Tyki.

He continued to take pictures while Tyki and Lenalee danced around the garden and embraced each other like the lovers they were. Sweat formed on the side of Allen's face in intense concentration and Cross saw his effort though he didn't offer him a break. Work was work and emotional issues were an outside matter so he was just going to have to deal with it.


At the end of the day, everyone was happy with how great the new set of photos were though many insiders were mentally disturbed. Lenalee started to walk over to her group's van to get undressed but was pulled behind it instead by Tyki. She looked around panicking.


'What are you doing, Tyki? They're going to find out about us.' Lenalee stressed.

'No one can see us.' He said quietly and leaned down to kiss her but she turned away from him.

'Not here.' Lenalee said quietly.

He guiding her chin with his fingers to look back at him, she was frowning. That look in her eyes had disappeared when the shoot ended and he wanted to see her look at him like that again. He tried to kiss her once more but she looked down and the kiss landed on her forehead.

'Tyki, please—'

'You're such a tease.' Tyki whispered against her hair.

Lenalee's eyes widened and she pushed him off slapping him in the face. He didn't turn his head back to see her crying. He didn't have to see, he knew but did nothing to comfort her or make a move to apologise, he just walked away.

Lenalee fell to her knees and continued crying. Her relationship was falling apart but it always had been from the beginning, it was just getting worse. It wasn't long until someone turned around the corner and saw her.

'Lenalee—?' It was Allen.

She quickly wiped her tears away and smiled, 'Allen! What's up?'

He frowned placing his hands on her shoulders, 'What's wrong?'


'Lenalee…' He trailed off giving her a serious look.

Her tears started falling again and she sniffled, 'Ty-Tyki called me a tease.'

His eyes widened before they softened and pulled her in for a hug and she held onto him tightly like he was a lifeline. He couldn't take it anymore, why was so with him? He was breaking down for her; it was so obvious where she belonged. He stroked her hair amorously and she gave a soft sigh of content as she calmed down.

'Thank—' She was cut off when she looked up and her eyes widened.

Without thinking he stole a direct kiss from her when she looked up to him. She slowly but still unsurely closed her eyes letting him. Before she could think that the situation was wrong, Allen pulled away slowly leaving her breathless.

Lenalee's bottom lip trembled, 'Al-Allen—'

He started to panic when realised what he had done. She looked frightened out of her mind and he mentally scolded himself. Allen, you idiot, why did you go and do that? You stupid, stupid idiot!

'I'm sorry, Lenalee, it was an accident!' Allen said quickly letting her go.

She was silent for a moment with a blank expression on her face but slowly smiled, 'No problem.'

He blinked a couple of times before what she said registered. That was it? She wasn't mad at him for taking advantage of her like that when she was feeling down because of Tyki? He felt like such a jerk.


'Accidents happen, right?' She waved it off smiling like her usual self.

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