Title: Freedom of a Naga
Author: ValeryaPotter
Summary: Harry gets sold to the Death Eaters by his uncle. After a rather painful beating and a rather hard collision with a dungeon wall, he is brought before Voldemort, half dead. When his healers try and fail to heal the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry's glamour drops. And reveals an interesting fact about the Boy-Wonder.
Warning: Slash!, Creature!Harry, Weasley (excluding Fred, George, Charlie and Bill), Granger and Dumbledore bashing, 7th year, Alive! Sirius, HBP + DH did not happen
disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to me, it all belongs to JK Rowling.

I got some reviews stating some errors, I fixed them. And someone asked me what a Naga was, a Naga is a half man, half snake creature. He has three forms, one almost completely human, except for some scales on his wrists, ankles, neck, pelvis and eyes. A full snake form and a half/half form, like Harry is in this chapter, their true form, a human top half and a snake tail bottom half.

Chapter 1

He should have seen it coming. With the way Vernon looked at him every time he was on the phone. He just, well, he just hadn't expected that his uncle would sell him to the Death Eaters. The people working for the man who tried to kill him!

So here he was, running trough Surrey, with Death Eaters hot on his tail. After a rather vicious farewell beating from Vernon. And it just got even better, at the end of the street Dudley and his cronies were waiting. Smirking at him, with an evil shine in their eyes.
Harry had half a thought to just turn around and let the Death Eaters catch him. But of course he wasn't fast enough, with his mind made up and his body halfway turned back into the direction he came from, he felt a fist connect with the back of his head. He fell on the hard pavement. A voice, Dudley's, sounded from above him: "Looks like we can give the freak his farewell after all."
Harry could hear the hate for him and the excitement to beat him up in Dudley's voice and the laughter his friends gave after he said that. He was screwed. Until he heared footsteps on the pavement and a shocked gasp from the boys standing above him.
An aristocratic voice spoke: "Mr. Potter, is there a reason you are laying on the pavement. Surrounded by these hooligans."
The boys around Harry gave their protest at being called hooligans, but quickly silenced themselves as Harry sat up and answered, "Why yes, Lucius, there is. You see, when you and your fellow minions arrived at my house to collect me and bring me to Voldy. I ran and happened to run into them." Harry looked up into the face of Lucius Malfoy, the Dark Lord's right hand man and sighed. "I'll just come with, alright? Can't have Him wait any longer for the moment you've all been waiting for."
He sounded defeated and everyone standing around them heared it in his voice.
As Harry was led to the other Death Eaters by Lucius, Dudley briefly wondered what would happen to his cousin now.

The journey to Riddle Manor had been a quick and painful one. More than once, one of the lower Death Eaters accompanying the group had purposely tripped him, making him fall over again, with the bruising already on his body, it was quit the feat to get up again. And the moment they arrived he had been dragged to a small staircase while Lucius went ahead, into a room he assumed Voldemort was in. The moment his feet toughed the dungeon floor, he had been trown into a cell, hitting his head rather hard on the stone wall. Seeing black spots in front of his eyes, the last thing he saw was e of the death eaters grinning and the last thing he felt was a sharp kick to his abdomen.

In Tom Riddle's Study

Voldemort, or as his inner circle called him, Tom, sat in his armchair in front of his desk, reading reports his followers had left him. Being concentrated on that and stroking the top of Nagini's head, he was slightly startled when his study door was opened by his right hand man.
As Lucius stood in the door opening, he waved his hand, indicating the man to move forward, take a seat and report.
"We have him." That was all Lucius had to say. Tom knew what it meant. He looked at Lucius with a scowl on his face, "then why, Lucius, is he not here?"
Lucius looked a bit alarmed, even more so when he realized just with whom he had left with Harry Potter.

At Lucius alarmed look, Tom peeked into the mind of one of the few he would call friends. And he too got an alarmed look on his face. Within moments both men were racing to the dungeons. The sight that greeted them wasn't a nice one.
Harry was lying on his back, a small puddle of blood forming around his head, his body marred with cuts and bruses. All the while two of his lower minions were taking turn kicking him. It was the moment that Harry's labored breathing turned almost nonexistent, that both men taking action.
"What in Merlin's name in going on here!" Tom's face was red with fury.
Both of his lesser minions almost wetted themselves at hearing his voice, "M… My Lord, We…" the man never got to finish his sentence because Tom's Crucio had them convulsing at his feet.

After calling in the Lestrange brothers and letting them take the two lower Death Eaters with them, as their punishment. The Dark Lord and his second in command were at loss what to do with the boy lying in a cell just before them.
Making up his mind, Tom scooped Harry up in his arms and walked, at a rather fast speed, into the direction of his chambers. After giving Lucius strict orders to run and get his wife, Severus and their most qualified healer, Sarah McLogan.
In his chambers, Tom carefully replaced the precious cargo from his arms to his bed. After spelling away Harry's too big clothing, leaving him in his underwear, he summoned a chair and sat down at the side of his bed. Right at that moment Lucius came in, followed by the three requested persons.

After half an hour, Severus had succeeded in getting a bone mending potion, a blood replacement potion, a muscle restore potion and a general painkiller into the boy lying in Tom's bed. But the two healers of the trio were close to pulling out their hairs, none of the spells they cast on the injured young man had worked. It was like they kept bouncing off on an invisible shield.
After another half an hour it had been Severus who had come up with the answer; Harry Potter was wearing a strong non-wizard glamour.

In the hour that passed, Harry's condition had only worsened. While Severus potions had helped a bit, the other injuries had yet to be healed; the most concerning injury at this moment was the major head trauma he had from the beating from his uncle, the hit from his cousin and the slamming into the dungeon wall.

When they all had tears of frustration in their eyes, not that the men in the room would ever admit that, fearing the worst for the young boy on the bed, the Harry-Potter-Luck started again.

The boy on the bed let out a large sigh, which had the women in the room fearing it was his last. And began glowing. A bright green color spread all over his body, so bright the people in the room shielded their eyes from it. When it faded away, they were all staring in shock.
On the bed, were 10 Minuits ago a broken, bruised and injured young men had been lying; there was now a healthy, unbruised and uninjured young Naga.
The Naga had long black hair reaching to mid-back, a cream colored skin and there were a human's legs should be, he had a 5 ft long curled up dark green tail covered in scales.

Narcissa was the first who spoke, "by Merlin, no wonder we couldn't heal him. A Naga is immune to wizard magic. And while most potions work, they do so in a lesser strength."
The healer, Sarah, agreed with her. Then turned to the Dark Lord, "he should wake up any minuit now. I do not know much about Naga, but what I do know is they have amazing healing abilities, even more so if it is self-healing. I guess he will wake between now and two hours."

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That's it for chapter one.
Next chapter Harry will wake, he and Tom will talk and prepare for a trip to Gringrots and the discoveries the duo will find there.
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