Title: Freedom of a Naga
Author: ValeryaPotter
Summary: Harry gets sold to the Death Eaters by his uncle. After a rather painful beating and a rather hard collision with a dungeon wall, he is brought before Voldemort, half dead. When his healers try and fail to heal the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry's glamour drops. And reveals an interesting fact about the Boy-Wonder.
Warning: Slash!, Creature!Harry, Weasley (excluding Fred, George, Charlie and Bill), Granger and Dumbledore bashing, 7th year, Alive! Sirius, HBP + DH did not happen
disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to me, it all belongs to JK Rowling.

Chapter 4

As soon as Hadrian and Tom entered the dining hall, everyone feel quiet, partly because of the respect they held for their Lord and leader, and partly because most of their eyes fell on their clasped hands.

Narcissa was the first to react, with a squeal, beaming at them. Sirius closely followed with a frown on his face, which disappeared as soon as he saw the happiness on Hadrian's face and the adoration on Tom's. He just smiled at the two of them after that, happy for his godson and friend, both of who disserved all the happiness life gave them.

The others had some mixed reactions, most were happy for them, but some frowned and didn't understand; these were mostly people that hadn't been there the day before and had missed Hadrian's introduction and the question round that followed.

Dinner ended rather quickly, with Hadrian and Tom explaining to those few what exactly was going on, which made those few very happy for the new formed couple. Hadrian also sheared what he had found out at Gringrotts today, and while he was sad that his friends weren't really his friends, he had suspected that already, and he didn't have a doubt that the Dark Side held more trustworthy friends then the Light Side. He even took pleasure in announcing the wealth he now held, as the title of heir Gryffindor and heir Ravenclaw, making that between him and Tom, they held ¾ of Hogwarts in their hands, making it all that easier to take over the ancient school.

After dinner, when only Hadrian, Tom, Severus, the Malfoys and the Black-Lupins remained, they retired to the sitting room, the same they had occupied yesterday evening, they had some more personal talks. Tom and Hadrian talked about being mates, of which the red eyes man was overjoyed with, while the others talked among themselves and listened in on the conversation of the new couple.

Also, after a long talk between Hadrian and Tom, the younger turned to his godfather and asked questions about his fall through the veil, his experience of it and more information from before he was affected by the memory spell. All of which was gladly sheared by Sirius, who after such a scare, owed his godson quite a bit.

At a quarter to Midnight, Hadrian and Tom retired, which soon became an interesting affair. Tom had been walking to his own personal rooms, with his arm around Hadrian's shoulder, stirring the younger with him. As soon as Hadrian noticed they weren't heading to the rooms he had occupied the night before, he panicked a bit.

With wide eyes he stared up into the face of his older mate, "eum, Tom, where are we going? If I'm correct, my bedroom is that way", he pointed towards a hallway they had just passed.

Red eyes widened and looked into emerald green ones, he swallowed, "well, Hadrian, I… I well, I was leading you to my rooms. But maybe I was too quick to assume, I mean… you don't have to join me, just to sleep, for the record, but well…"

Hadrian looked at Tom's face, which was a light shade of red; he got a smile on his face as he noticed what the Dark Lord was trying to tell him, "I'd love to join you, Tom. I admit this is new for me, but my naga is hissing in agreement for me to join you in our rooms."

This made the red eyes man smile, he had hoped Hadrian would say that, he had feared, just a minute ago, that this was all going to soon for the young naga, especially with what had happened on the last few days. But yet again was he witness to the wonder that is Hadrian Potter, the young man who had lived through so much, yet he never wilted or stayed down, he just got right up again and faced whatever came his way. Exactly how he was dealing with this, just going with what his creature side told him.

These thoughts made the smile on his face all the more pronounced, he even went so far as to press a kiss to Hadrian's forehead.

The younger smiled right back at him, grasping the hand which had previously laid on his shoulder and entwined their fingers, swinging the appendages lightly between them.

They reached the door to Tom's rooms and entered, as if it was already a daily occurrence, Tom headed for the bathroom, leaving Hadrian to admire the rooms he had only been in once, 2 days ago. It also gave him the time to change clothing for bed, as to not get naked in front of the other yet.

They switched about 10 minutes later, Tom heading for the bed and Hadrian for the bathroom.

Tom had just turned another page of the notebook he was writing in, when Hadrian re-entered the bedroom and joined the elder in their bed, leaning on the strong shoulder and looking at the things his mate had written.

The swirly lines on the paper made sense to both men, but they were the only ones in the world who could read them.

Hadrian frowned as he read what was written, "you wrote down what I told you? I know no one else can read it, but still, isn't this a bit dangerous?"

Tom looked at him, "not really, no, no one else can read it and for a translation spell to work, one must already have knowledge of the language they want to translate, so that isn't a problem either. I just, well, this is all so interesting, even more so now that I have my own walking encyclopedia on the subject", this last was accompanied by a kiss to Hadrian's lips, "and I thought it might be interesting for the next generation, you know, our children and their mates. Of course, we will have to translate it by then, seeing as only our children will be able to read this, but still."

Hadrian hmm'd, he had to agree, Tom had a point there, for now, even written down, this information was safe, and for the next generation, those were troubles for over 20 or so years.

"okay, you have a point there, and I agree with you that it would come in handy in a few decades, but please, don't let this information get to someone who could misuse it, Naga's are rare, I am positive that I am the only one in Europe, maybe even Eurasia. You might find a few Lamia's in Greece and Crete, but they are in hiding and as far as I know, not willing to join in this conflict."

The elder nodded, he had tried to negotiate with a Lamia colony in Crete, but they had refused after one meeting, claiming to already be low in numbers, to join this fight would make them practically extinct.

"I understand, and I promise to keep this information safe."

Hadrian nodded, "that's all I ask of you."

Tom nodded, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips, "sweet dreams, my Naga."

Joy appeared in Hadrian's eyes, as well as a smile on his lips, "Sweet dreams, my Mate."


The next morning was a calm one, at least it was until a regal looking falcon flew to Hadrian and stuck out its talon, on which a heavy envelope was attached.

Everyone at the table looked in wonder as the resident Naga opened it and read the letter inside, letting out a cheer after he had read it, "Oh! This solves everything!"

At the curious looks, he handed the letter to his mate, who read it out loud.

Olympus; school for those of magical heritage
Headmistress; Artemis Livas

Dear Lord Potter,

As of this year we have received word that your creature inheritance came through, because of this we offer you a place at our prestigious school. We are one of the many smaller ones, located in Greece. Also, a rarity, we only accept those with a creature inheritance.

Please reply for further information.

Kind regards,
Nico Argyros, deputy headmaster.

As a whole, the breakfast table began laughing, only 'Harry Potter' could get an invitation like this, not only assured it that Hadrian didn't have to return to Hogwarts, it also meant that Tom could visit him during the semester, even if it was only for one year, newly mated couples had trouble keeping a part and is this school indeed catered to only Magical creatures, they could have visiting rights for mates.

Tom smiled, "this is indeed perfect, and why don't you reply, love and get some more information."

The Naga nodded and after being handed parchment and a quill, he penned a reply and gave it to the waiting falcon, along with a piece of bacon, which was much appreciated by the bird.

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