Title: the contract
Author: ValeryaPotter
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, he and his world belong to JK Rowling.
Summary: Fudge and Dumbledore bind Harry to the Dark side as a peace offer. What they don't know is that Harry is already dark. What will happen when it is the light that breaks the peace offer?
Warning: LMHPTR, light bashing, alive! Sirius, Mpreg, slash

Chapter 1

We, the light side of the Wizarding World of Great Britain, represented by Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge, herby proclaim to stop hurting, persecuting or killing any members of the Dark side of our world. We will release prisoners of this partie. In return we demand the same of the Dark side of Wizarding Britain, represented by Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy.

Our offer for this is Harry Potter, with this it will be in effect immediately. So mote it be.

Signed: Cornelius Fudge Albus Dumbledore Tom Riddle Lucius Malfoy

That was the contract Albus Dumbledore and minister Fudge drew up and offered to the Dark Side. It was excepted almost immediately. But both had not even considered the causes of this contract, they kept it hidden from the rest of the world, only telling them the war was over with as little casualties as possible. The light began cheering, also not caring about what had been lost to make the peace.

It was, without them thinking about it, the end of the one person they knew as Harry Potter.
The young man, almost 17, residented at 4, Privit Drive in Surrey. And while he wouldn't mind the contract, he would be pissed that it was signed by his 'beloved' headmaster without his consent.
You see, while the whole world thought of Harry as a good, light boy, he was the total opposite. He didn't like to be in the presence of the Weasleys, with the exception of the two eldest and the twins, and Granger, they were too light for them. And they were known to turn on him, for stupid things, if that was the way of the light, he was so glad he was dark. You see, in Harry's Second year he had floo'ed to Knockturn Alley instead of Diagon Alley, a 'mistake' that he knowingly made. The Weasley's and Granger didn't know was that he had made friends with Draco Malfoy on their first meeting. Harry had known than already, thanks to Hagrid that they all suspected a light, Dumbledore loving Golden Boy, so he had explained to his new friend in the robe shop that they couldn't be openly friends. It was also because of that friend he floo'ed to Knockturn Alley, to meet said friend and said friend's father. And that had not been a wrong decision.

While Harry had had the body of a 12 years old, his mind and thoughts were those of men a lot older. So he had gotten on just fine with the older Malfoy, only on a different scale. It was not long after that the older Malfoy began courting Harry, in secret of course. But with the blessing of him son/best friend.
In forth year, after the resurrection of the Dark Lord, Tom, Lucius and Harry had a nice chat about what was going on. One where Tom immediately made known he had seen the connection the two other had. Not that he minded, Harry, at fourteen, was a remarkable talented and bright young man. One he would be glad to have among his ranks. And seeing as Lucius was not breaking any laws about courting a minor, namely intercourse with someone under the age of 16, he had no problems with it. As a mather of fact, had Lucius not seen the young man first and had started the courting ritual; he would have courted the young man himself.

But anyhow, Harry Potter was anything but light, he was almost as dark as the dark lord himself. Something said dark lord was quite happy about. And now, with the contract, Harry didn't have to pretend anymore. He could be with the two men he crushed on, one who was courting him and another who he hopped would do the same soon. This was one of those moments Harry was glad for the mind connection he and Tom sheared; he had already been notified what the contract entailed, they both knew Dumbledore sure as hell would never tell.
Tom had also let him know they would come to pick him up tomorrow at 11 AM, to take him home, were he belonged. Harry fell asleep with a smile on his face, tomorrow he would get out of this hell hole and be together with the two men who held his heart.

Next morning -

Harry woke up early, knowing he still had to make breakfast, ha wasn't 17 yet, so couldn't use magic to help things along. Or threaten his uncle. And a beating on this glorious day was not something he wanted. At 10 AM three full English breakfasts were on the table, making the table bent slightly under the pressure put on it, seeing as two of the plates were loaded to the edge. The loud noise on the staircase indicated the Dursley's were awake. Dudley was the first one down, a great achievement for someone the size of a baby whale. His parents followed and seated themselves; they all attacked their plate like it was the last food on Earth.
It was when everyone was finished that Harry spoke, "I wanted to let you know they will be coming to pick me up at 11 AM today." Harry finished cleaning up the table, hearing a grunt, he tool that as on 'okay' and continued, looking at the clock every couple of minutes. He was very happy when the clock turned 11 and at the same time the doorbell sounded. He wanted to get it, but Vernon beat him to it, opening the door, he heard a whispered conversation and the slamming of the door.

He stopped breathing for a moment, Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy were not two men, who you left standing in front of a closed door. He sighed, when Vernon came back he was purple in the face, coming closer to Harry's face he hissed, "those where not the people who came to pick you up. I asked them what I ask those fools who usually pick you up and they answered differently. You are not going with him." He went back to the couch and the TV, Harry heard him whispering about 'his money and not getting some from this freaks.'
So Dumbledore had been paying people, probably with his money, he sighed, "well Vernon, it's your life." That sentence was accompanied by a loud bang, indicating the door was just blown of his hangings. And in the doorway stood a dark lord in all his red eyed glory, together with his right-handed man, both looking pissed.

"Harry go get your things, your never coming back here. We need to have a… word with these people." Harry began laughing, Tom's meaning of 'having a word' meant torture and painful too. He began walking towards the stairs, "have fun!" Getting an evil laugh from Tom and a small kiss from Lucius, he headed upstairs. Hearing Vernon shouting about gay freaks. After a girlish scream, shouting and crying, he knew Tom and Lucius had started their fun.

He stayed upstairs packing his trunk and getting Hedwig in her cage, waiting for on of the men to come and shrink his stuff so he could carry them easier. He didn't have to wait long, Tom was soon standing in his room, a relaxed smile on his face, waving his wand and shrinking everything. On the stairs he turned, "Lucius wanted a few words with your uncle. When we sounded the bell, he asked about payment and such. HE wanted to know the details of that statement." Seeing Tom's smirk, Harry knew Lucius would know every detail about it in the time they were upstairs.

Stepping back into the kitchen he saw some blood but it only added to his excitement. Petunia and Dudley were pressed against a far wall, a fruitless attempt to make themselves unknown to the two mature wizards. While Vernon was bound on the ground, Lucius wand in between his eyes.
Harry giggled, "Lucius dear, we're leaving. You done playing?" That sentence got him the Malfoy smirk, waving his wand over the three Dursleys "Oblivate! Now I'm done."
It got them all laughing, while the Dursleys were coming out of their daze, the three men made their was to the front door, putting it aside, they both held out a hand to Harry, "off to Gringrots."

End of chapter one.
Hope you enjoyed it!