Chapter 5

Hadrian woke the next morning, after having the best rest he ever had. As such, he woke with a smile and couldn't stop smiling when he saw 2 pair of eyes looking at him, one mercury and one red.

He grinned at his mates; the rest of the summer was going to be an awesome one. He had 2 awesome mates, his best friend, and a little over a month to spend.

With a stretch, he climbed out of the bed, seeing as his mates had left it already, both were dressing, and he hurried to follow their example. Starting today he could be who he really was and enjoy his life.

He grinned to his mates again, dressed in forest green robes with black pants and a grey long sleeved dress shirt underneath it. With a quick kiss to the mouths of both his mates he set out in a search of his best friend, who he found in the dining room, eating breakfast.

- TC -

After eating breakfast, Tom called out to him, beckoning him to Lucius' study, saying they had something to talk about.

Hadrian nodded and followed his older mate; he had a hunch as to what they had to talk about. His inheritance was approaching, the day after tomorrow and as he had 2 older mates, who had already had theirs, it was only normal they would do their best to prepare him for his.

And as he thought, as soon as he took a seat in the study of his blond mate, both men looked at him; a worry in their eyes.

Tom spoke; "Hadrian, as you know your inheritance is approaching and as we know what to expect from your test in Gringrotts, which is a huge advantage, you have to take in consideration that it will hurt."

Lucius nodded, "an inheritance is the awakening of old genes and special magics that belong to your family, it's different for everyone, some like you will get a full creature inheritance, while others, like Tom here, only get a part of that creature inheritance."

Took looked at him as this was said, and Hadrian was sure he saw scales around Tom's eyes, "Salazar Slytherin's mate was a Naga, a snake creature, as he mated her, he gained the ability to speak to all snakes, and it is that ability that was named Parsletongue, and the person speaking it, a Parslemouth. I gained a dusting of scales along my eyes, not much but it's enough to verify to other Naga's that I am of Naga descend. Also I gained control of Parsle Magic, a kind of magic discovered by Salazar, he also made sure that when his children gained their inheritance they would get his knowledge of Parsle Magic, and since then it is given to each generation."

Lucius nodded, obviously already having heard of this, "I only gained an advantage, a few generations back there is a Veela in my family, and while I got no actual creature inheritance, I only got a resistance to Veela allure."

Tom spoke; "also, you will get an increase in Magic, all inheritances unlock your magic reserves, meaning you will have a lot more magic after you turn 17. This will hurt the most, and just so you know; we expect you to get quite the increase in Magic."

Hadrian swallowed, somewhere he had expected some of this, Draco had told him what he went through at his inheritance, and he noticed his Blond friend still wasn't totally used to his increase in magic level.

Lucius waited a bit, to allow Hadrian to absorb all information, "also, we have prepared a special room which will make the inheritance easier on you. It is blessed and cleansed, it is something done in Old families, to help their children. We as your mates will help too, as your magic should recognize us and not hurt us."

Hadrian nodded, happy to not be alone for this big event.

"Also, seeing as every inheritance starts at a different time, we will spend most of our time in the Chamber, as to not be taken by surprise. It will also allow us time to get to know one another better", Tom looked at Hadrian, concern in his eyes.

Hadrian nodded, "I know, soon after my inheritance we will have to mate. It is something that has to be done seeing as I already knew and accepted you before my inheritance", at the look he got from the two men, he told them; "Draco told me that."

This had Lucius nodded, he was glad his son took care of his best friend like that.

Tom smiled, also proud of his best friend's son, and his mate's best friend, "I would also suggest you write a letter to your grandparents, Hadrian. Include a drop of blood so they can verify on their own. And seeing as we have no idea where they are, Hedwig might take a while to reach them, meaning we can go through your inheritance, and meet with them after that."

Hadrian nodded, he was quite nervous to meet his grandparents, seeing as they were King and Queen of a Kingdom.

- TC -

The day before his inheritance passed quickly, Hadrian made sure to send the letter to his grandparents yesterday, wanting to get it out of the way.

At the moment he was nervous for tomorrow, and nothing his best friend, or mates told him could help that. So they let him be for a bit, he had to go through it, so it was better to let him have a stress moment now instead of just before his inheritance hit.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, reading and just enjoying time with the people he held dear.

- TC -

His inheritance hit when they didn't expect it.

He and his mates had locked themselves into the room the moment the Grandfather Clock ticked to Midnight in the 31st of July; all three of them staying awake, talking and laughing. Even telling the others things about themselves no one knew.

But as the first rays of sunlight shined through the window, Hadrian stiffened, his body ached. He groaned, and laid down on the bedroll they took with them into a chamber.

He soon curled up into a ball, pain running trough him, almost making him scream.

His mates however soon joined him on the bedroll, enclosing him in their embrace, even though his magic had come out and cocooned him; and soon all three of them.

It took three hours before Hadrian came out of his pain induces haze, his mates still holding him, their eyes open and in awe at his appearance.

With a wince, he had stood, walking towards the mirror Tom conjured, and looking back at him was a 5ft9 young man, with pointy ears, a heart shaped face, longish black hair; it reached just below his shoulder blades, and dark green eyes.

All in all, he grew up, gained a few inches, his creature treats came trough and just by waving his hand, he knew his magic had increased enormously. He giggled as he felt its caress over his skin.

- TC -

Both Lucius and Tom stared in awe at their mate, they had loved the way he looked before, but he became even more beautiful after his inheritance. They couldn't wait to run their hands through his hair, or caress those pointy ears, or see how long it took to get him to scream their names.

That last thought had them shocked, they were grown men, in control over their own thoughts and lusts, or so they thought.

As they looked at their little Minx, who had taken off the linen shirt he wore before, they could smell something particular in the air.

Both men grinned, it would seem that Dark Elves had the ability of producing pheromones that would attract their dominate mates and get those mates to release their boundaries.

They both gave a feral grin, on to give their little mate what he wanted. It would seem the mating wouldn't take that long after all.

- TC -

Hadrian groaned as he woke up for a second time, he sighed; his mates had spoiled him good. And had given him a first time he would never forget. He sighed again as arms encircled his waist, it would seem they were awake too.

He giggled at the kissed pressed to his neck, a bare chest pressing into his back, he turned around to give his blond mate a kiss, before turning again and kissing his dark haired mate, who looked at him with lustful red eyes.

He smiled; this moment couldn't get any better.

Of course he spoke too soon, for as soon as the thought entered his mind, a rapid knocking sounded, followed by Draco's panicked voice.

"Dad! There are elves at the gate, demanding their Prince back. Even the King and Queen are here, demanding to see their grandson. I know I shouldn't disturb you three, and I'm sorry, M'Lord and Hadrian, but I don't like this! So come on out!"

All three of them jolted up and dressed in a rapid pace, Draco alone couldn't hold a lot of elves back. After all, elves were known for their speed and accuracy in battle.

Hadrian was the first out of the door, closely followed by the other two, he stopped briefly to hug a pale Draco before running towards the front doors, were shouts were heard.

He flung the door open, stopping all the shouting behind it. Standing in the door opening, soon joined by his mates he looked over, what he guessed 25 top soldiers of his grandparents Clan and his grandparents.

A woman with dark red hair, like his mom had to have had, let lose an exclamation of joy, "Hadrian!"

She rushed forward, and he let himself be hugged. He even felt his mates stepping back a bit.

"Oh, just look at you, all grown up already, you remind me so much of Liliana. Only the hair colour, but you must have gotten that from your father. Oh, dear, we're so glad to see you!"

She held him in her arms, pulling back a bit to look at his eyes, in the meantime, a man with chestnut hair and emerald eyes had joined them, he had a soft smile on his face.

Hadrian smiled, "grandfather, grandmother, it is lovely to finally meet you."

They both gave a smile back, before frowning and looking at the men standing behind their grandson.
"Hadrian, dear, who are these men? Where are your parents!?"

Hadrian swallowed thickly, "they are my mates, Grandmother, and my best friend. As for the other question, I think it is best you step inside."

His grandfather nodded, and nodded at what he presumed was the Captain of the soldiers that were here. The woman nodded, and with a hand signal, got her men to follow her as she opened a portal and stepped right through. Only one other man stayed, he seemed to be a council man or an advisor.

The three elder elves followed the young prince to a study, watching him take place on a sofa, his mates and best friend sitting next or, in Draco's case, in front of him. They took the other sofa.

Hadrian swallowed thickly again, "my parents are dead, have been since I was a year old. A lot has happened after that, and..."

- TC -

He took the better part of the afternoon and evening to tell his grandparents everything that had happened over the course of 16 years; something that gave both his grandparents tears, and a councilman a grim face.

After he stopped talking it took a while for either one of the older elves to say something, except the sobbing of his grandmother, they didn't make a sound.

The councilman spoke, "this is something very grave, we never expected this after we got your letter, young Prince."

Hadrian nodded at him, before the explanation, his grandfather had introduced him as Oriath, his most trusted advisor.

Oriath looked at Tom and Lucius, "would you perhaps have a copy of this contract that was mentioned, the thing that took away the Young Prince's freedom. Or at least, in the eyes of the other party?"

Lucius nodded and opened a drawer in his desk, retrieving a rolled up parchment, "here you are".

Oriath nodded, and opened it, looking it over. He gave a sigh real quick, one of relief, and looked at the two men; "it is quite standard, without extra causes or even limits, I am glad for that, it means the Young Prince is safe. I thank you for taking care of him."

Tom nodded, "it is our duty as his mates to take care of him, and it was because of our attraction to him that we agreed to this. And we would still help him, even if we weren't his mates.

This made the royal elves smile, Hadrian because, even though he knew it, it was nice to hear it out loud. And his grandparents, because now they were sure their grandson was in great hands.

Aaron stood and addressed his grandson,"I am glad to have met you, although it saddens me that my Liliana will forever be out of my reach."

He turned to his grandsons mates and best friend, "I want to thank you for taking care of him so, and apologize for storming your home so, but I finally after 35 years hear about my only daughter, or more specific, about her only son. And I assumed the worst, so I gathered up my men and came here."

Tom smiled, "understandable, My King, this is your family we're talking about, I would have done the same, were I in your shoes. No harm done."

Esther stood after her husband, tears still running over her cheeks, and eyes bloodshot, "I hope we will see you soon, my dear", she caressed Hadrian's cheek, "I will morn your mother, and I am sure we will do a ceremony soon, to let her know we miss her so, I hope to see you there?"

Hadrian nodded, a pleasant smile on his face, "I'd really like that."

Oriath stood as last, nodding to everyone, yet hugging Hadrian, whispering in his ear, "I am your uncle, I was born 10 years after your mother disappeared. I am sorry to not have told you and let myself be introduced as a councilmember, but mother and father insisted I come, and I admit I want to see you. I have a mate, but an accident in her past made her incapable of having children. So you are also my heir. Will you, allow us to see and visit you too?"

Hadrian smiled wide, "I'd really like that Uncle, and I'd be delighted to meet my aunt. Maybe we can meet soon? I do start my last year of schooling in September, but it shouldn't be that hard to get away for a family thing."

He saw Lucius nodding in the corner of his eye, it paid off to have a mate in the board of governors, and it made a lot of things, a lot easier.

Oriath nodded, a wide smile on his face, "Gladly, I am sure Amalith will be overjoyed to meet you."

Hadrian hugged the man, and repeated the gesture with his grandparents, "I will see you all soon!"

With that they hugged, or shook hands, after which they elves left trough one of those portals.

Hadrian reminded himself to have his grandfather, or uncle explain it to him; it seemed handy.

- TC -

After that hectic day, a good night's rest was more than welcome. Although, their next challenge was looming over the horizon, in just 4 weeks Hogwarts would start again. And they had to do school shipping before that.

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