A Misplaced Love potion

AN: This is a short 2 chapter fiction I wrote to get an idea out of my head. I'm still mucking about with 'A most fortunate coincidence'. I'll be adding a new chapter to it this week. Meanwhile, enjoy and tell me what you think of this one :)

Hermione, Ron and Harry were rather late for breakfast after staying up half the night, discussing why Dumbledore would want Harry to befriend Slughorn. By the time they all reached the Great Hall half the students have gone outside, most of them heading towards the Quidditch pitch to watch the Gryffindor-Slytherin game that was scheduled for that morning.

The three friends sat down at their usual spot to grab a bite before they had to run off as well, Ron and Harry to the dressing rooms and Hermione to the spectators' area.

"Come on Ron, you'll be fantastic." Hermione tried to cheer the redhead boy who looked like he was going to be ill.

"Easy for you to say, you just have to watch..." Ron shot back half-heartedly. He would never admit it out loud but the girl's supporting words meant a lot to him.

At this point they were interrupted by a sniggering Draco Malfoy who just passed them on his way out. "Hey Weasley... better hold onto your broom today, I heard you almost fell off at try-outs."

"Look who's talking Malfoy. Have you learned to fly on that broom of yours yet? Or is that why Harper took your place? A Nimbus 2001 still too fast for you?" Harry shot back, reminding Draco about their first game against each other. The three friends were so busy laughing at the expense of Draco that they failed to see that the jug filled with pumpkin juice near their seat was magically emptied. Once that was accomplished, Draco, with a characteristic scowl on his face marched off as if offended.

As Draco disappeared into the hallway the trio turned back towards the table to finish their meal. Ron reached for the jug only to find that it was empty. "Blasted Malfoy... it was full a minute ago." He grumbled as he stood up to fetch one from the very end of the table. "Bring over some milk too please?" Hermione called after him.

Just as Ron came back, Lavender Brown skipped over to where they were sitting and proceeded to drool all over Ron, who was visibly enjoying the attention, so much in fact that he even forgot to put the drinks on the table while listening to Lavender.

Hermione just rolled her eyes and took the milk jug out of his hand and poured herself a glass. After a healthy swing she could feel a strange sensation coursing through her body. She put down the glass so suddenly she nearly upset it. Suddenly she felt her skin flush, but she could also feel that her arms were covered in goosebumps.

Harry, who was busy grinning into his plate while listening to Lavender, glanced at Hermione. Both his eyebrows ascended into his hairline at the sight in front of him. Hermione's cheeks were suddenly pinker than normal, and she was staring at the jug of milk as if she was in love with it.

"Hermione, are you all right?" He whispered.

"I love her, Harry." Was all she replied, and raising her eyes from the table she frantically started looking around for someone.

"What?" Harry asked, confused. "Love her? Who do you love 'Mione?" He said a bit louder than he intended. He noticed that Lavender had now run off and Ron was staring at Hermione as well.

"What... what did she just say?" He asked rather in a rather stunned voice.

"I said I love her."

"But who?" The two boys asked at the same time.

"Professor McGonagall of course." Hermione said brightly as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

"WHAT?" Harry and Ron yelped.

"What is wrong with you guys today? I said I'm in love with McGonagall. Is that so hard to understand?" She asked, suddenly standing up from her seat. Harry immediately jumped up as well.

"Herm.. what are you doing?" He asked, his voice slightly higher than normal. He was quite sure this was not right, but it all happened so quickly he couldn't quite fit all the pieces of the puzzle.

"I need to find her, Harry! I have to tell her how I feel about her!" She said, and after emitting a love-stuck giggle ran off towards the hallway.

Harry and Ron raced after her and managed to grab her arms just before she could disappear among the other students.

Just as luck would have it, Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall were walking past the entrance of the Great Hall when the boys caught Hermione. The girl's features considerably brightened at the sight of her Transfiguration teacher. She took a large breath and was about to declare her love loudly in the middle of the hallway but fortunately for everyone, Harry, who already had to deal with Ron in this state as well, had a feeling this might happen and clamped his hand tightly over the struggling girl's mouth.

Both professors stopped dead in their tracks as they spotted the two boys holding the girl in a way that looked quite close to manhandling. They immediately stepped closer to the trio and both their faces revealed great disappointment and anger.

"Potter, Weasley! What is the meaning of this? Let go of Miss Granger this instant!" Minerva McGonagall growled at them menacingly. She did not consider herself to be what the muggles called a feminist, but she would definitely not stand for such behaviour.

At this point Hermione struggled against the boys' grips even more violently.

"I don't think that is a very wise idea Professor!" Harry panted while trying to keep Hermione from rushing at Minerva as well as trying to hold her mouth shut to prevent her from embarrassing herself. Although he realized that the latter may be a moot point seeing that they were attracting the attention of more and more students.

"Care to explain why that is, Harry?" Dumbledore spoke up. Harry knew they had to tell the truth, when Dumbledore's voice lost it's normally cheerful tone that meant trouble.

"Hermione... was... was... love potion... drugged..." He tried to answer, which didn't come out quite coherently as he was having more and more trouble keeping Hermione away from a thoroughly stunned Minerva. At this point he actually had to grip the girl by her waist with one hand while still trying to hold his other hand over the girl's mouth which was not at all an easy task, as Hermione was struggling against her captors with more and more force.

"Oh my..." Minerva uttered, concern colouring her voice. "Who... who does she think she is in love with?" She asked, dreading the answer. She noticed Hermione had her gaze fixed on her and she was quite sure if the boys would let go of her, Hermione would no doubt crash into her trying to declare her love for her. 'Merlin... this is torture. The one student whom I've been trying to keep at arms length... the one girl whom I cannot help but think about... WHY... this is so unfair... why her of all people?' What Minerva did not even want to admit to herself was that she was most upset about the fact that the love Hermione was so desperately trying to express was only induced by a potion.

Both Harry and Ron turned many shades of red and suddenly neither could find their voices. They had absolutely no idea how to tell their strict Transfiguration professor that at this moment her star pupil wanted to do nothing more than to snog her senseless.

They were all so preoccupied with Hermione that neither the boys nor Minerva noticed the familiar twinkle return to Dumbledore's eyes.

Agreeing that the issue should be kept as low profile as possible Minerva had the pleasure of escorting Hermione to her own rooms since the girl loudly protested whenever they wanted to separate her from Minerva.

"Merlin... Hermione, please stop doing that..." Minerva scolded Hermione for the hundredth time, quite exasperated with her student who tried to interact with her in a wide range of inappropriate ways. 'If only this had happened on her graduation day I wouldn't have to say no...' Minerva hopelessly thought, not daring to linger on the fact that it still would have been a form of taking advantage of her.

"Pleeeeeeeeease Professor, I'm sooooo good, just give it a go! I promise you won't regret it!" Hermione whined, begging her professor while trying to get her to sit down on a chair.

Minerva, not being able to stand the assault much longer, finally turned to the young witch with a stern look on her face.

"Will you promise to stop this highly inappropriate behaviour if I consent?" She asked.

"Yes!" Chimed Hermione, happy that she was finally getting somewhere with the stubborn Professor.

Minerva, shaking her head at the ridiculousness of the situation, unbuttoned her outer robe, let it slide off her shoulders and sat down on a chair. Not a second later Hermione was behind her back expertly massaging her exposed shoulders. Minerva's head rolled forward and she needed all her willpower not to moan out loud at the sweet contact she had been dreaming about all year. 'Merlin's beard this is torture...'

Even though Hermione was currently in a fluffy pink clouded world where literally everything centred around Minerva she still knew how to touch the woman without hurting her. As Hermione could feel the older witch's flesh yield to her hands she slightly increased the pressure knowing that now she would not cause the woman pain and was nearly ecstatic when she heard Minerva purr in delight.

The potion served to lower her inhibitions as well and Hermione decided to push her luck just a little more.

As the young witch currently focused all her attention on the woman's left shoulder, Minerva, who was getting rather distracted by the wonderful sensations, subconsciously bent her head a bit to the right which left her neck quite exposed to Hermione's eager gaze. The girl needed no more invitation and a moment later her lips descended on Minerva's neck, sensuously kissing her teacher's skin.

Momentarily stunned by the unexpected feeling of lips on the very sensitive skin of her throat she froze in her seat. Hermione took the lack of protest as further invitation and circled around the chair to lower herself onto Minerva's lap.

Encircling the older witch's shoulders with her arms, Hermione kissed her full on the lips. Even though she dreaded the second when the woman would push her away, the kiss was slow and Hermione tried to put every feeling raging inside her into it.

'God! Her lips are as soft as silk...' Was all Minerva could think of when Hermione kissed her. She was overtaken by the emotions she kept bottled up since the beginning of the girl's 5th year and in a moment of weakness Minerva kissed the girl back with all the passion the young witch ignited in her.

Resting her hands on Hermione's hips she pulled the girl closer to her body and parted her lips to allow the questing tongue to explore her mouth. The kiss lasted over a minute during which both witches tested their will against each other. A desperate need, like ocean waves, rose in both women as they let their desire for one another get the better of them. Hermione, engulfed in a need to touch more of the older witch's body slid a hand down Minerva's chest, resting it on her ribs, while the other hand went up to loosen the long ebony hair that was still pinned into a neat bun.

By this time Minerva's hands started roaming all over the firm body of her student and she shivered from the surge of arousal when the girl moaned into her mouth. However, when Hermione's hips involuntarily started rocking back and forth Minerva suddenly pulled away from the tantalizing lips and tried to pull Hermione's devilishly skilled hands away from her body.

"Miss... Miss Granger..." Minerva panted breathlessly but she had to lean back because Hermione was intent on recapturing her lips. "Hermione! Stop this... we can't...it's... not right" She managed to say between breaths, turning her head away in an attempt to stop the girl from kissing her again.

Hermione, seeing the seriousness in her professor's eyes decided to change her tactics. Instead of trying to seduce the woman with just her body she leaned in close to Minerva's ear and softly started whispering. "But why... I know you want this too." She traced the outline of the older witch's ear with her bottom lip while she said so.

Minerva had to swallow loudly in order to force her vocal cords to work. "That... that is irrelevant." She choked out, barely suppressing a moan as Hermione found one of her weak spots.

"Of course it isn't. Minerva, you're a brilliant witch, can't you see that this all that matters? We both want it." She kept whispering into her teacher's ear softly. Meanwhile she managed to free her hands from Minerva's grip for a moment but rather than touching the woman again she threaded her fingers through hers and pushed the other witch's hands behind her head.

"That isn't true. Hermione, you only think you want this because of that love potion." Minerva had managed to compose herself enough to be able to look the girl in the eyes. When she did so, however, she was surprised to see that Hermione's eyes seemed to have changed. They were not dreamy any more, nor glazed over in a love sick puppy sort of way, but they were alert and her pupils were dilated from arousal.

"Nope. I don't. The effects of the potion wore off some minutes ago." Hermione whispered, looking intently into Minerva's eyes, hoping to convey all the love and desire that was threatening to burst her heart open.

"WHAT?" Minerva yelped and straightened in the chair so suddenly that if Hermione had not been holding onto her hands for support she would have landed on the floor.

"The potion was mixed into a milk jug and I had less than half a glass of it. The effects wore off... I think during that kiss." She said, her voice still very soft and small, but her lips formed into an impish grin. "Which I must say was the most amazing kiss I ever got." Her grin softened into a pleased smirk as she saw Minerva blush furiously and avert her eyes.

But before she could continue Minerva interrupted her explanation. "No. No, this must be some kind of trick. You must still be under the influence of the potion. Your behaviour in the hallway suggested a very powerful love potion which could not have worn off so quickly."

"But it has. As I said I only had a very small dose. The reason I reacted so violently to it was that the potion was designed to make me fall in love with you. But... I was already attracted to you anyway so the effect multiplied. But right now I'm just as much at my senses as you are." She said seriously, trying to think of a way to convince the older witch. "I actually didn't know where I was when the fog had cleared up. I was about to pull away, but lucky for me I had my hand entangled in your hair at that moment, apparently trying to release it from that bun of yours. I knew it had to be you. No other person at Hogwarts wears her hair in a bun like that."

Minerva glanced at her for a moment, taken aback by what Hermione was suggesting. "Are... are you insinuating that you really knew what you were doing just a few minutes ago?" She asked, her voice slightly trembling.

"Yes. That is exactly what I'm insinuating. I want you. I... I've been attracted to you since the middle of my 4th year." Hermione answered and leaning in, breathed a soft kiss near the corner of Minerva's mouth.

"But... but you can't... I'm your teacher! And... do you have any idea how old I am?" Minerva asked almost indignantly, trying to maintain the distance between them even though she was most keenly aware that Hermione was still sitting in her lap.

"You've turned sixty-one two months ago." She answered, a sweet smile forming on her lips at Minerva's surprise. "Haven't you ever wondered who sent you that Gryffindor themed tartan shawl?" She said glancing at the item in question that was in a heap on the woman's desk. Minerva's eyes widened in understanding. She had indeed wondered who sent her the lovely shawl that quickly became her favourite.

When she felt Hermione wriggle her hand out of hers and lift it to caress her cheek she was instantly reminded of their original topic of discussion. "Be that as it may, it is still wrong. Please Miss Granger, kindly let me up." She tried to shoot Hermione her best stern look but the girl was having none of it.

"So is it Miss Granger again, Professor?" Hermione asked, clearly hurt. "I've just told you my deepest secret. And I can see, not to mention feel that you are attracted to me as well. Don't protest now Minerva. You never denied it, and I have a quite clear memory of you kissing me back some minutes ago. Why are you fighting this?" She gestured between themselves with her free hand, her voice growing desperate by the end of her rant.

"Because it's not right! I might desire a more intimate relationship with you, but I am still your teacher. Not to mention thrice your age! I could be your grandmother for Merlin's sake... And I very much doubt Albus would congratulate me if he found out that I let an under-age student seduce me" She answered.

"I very much doubt that." Hermione answered, quickly putting the tip of her index finger to Minerva's lips to stop the stubborn witch from interrupting her again. "Haven't you realized how long we've been in your office?" She asked. "It must have been over an hour. Think, Minerva. Professor Slughorn was still in the Great Hall when you and Professor Dumbledore found us in the hallway. If he had alerted Professor Slughorn of the problem he would have arrived before I persuaded you to let me rub your shoulders. After Rom... I mean... after Ron was drugged with a love potion last week Harry told us that the Professor thought it wise to stock up on love potions in case anyone else got funny ideas."

Hermione waited patiently for the information to sink in, all the while smiling gently at her favourite professor. When Minerva met her eyes again she could see that the older woman was still somewhat sceptical but not as much. "Are you suggesting that Professor Dumbledore wanted you to seduce me?"

"It's the only logical explanation I can think of." She answered and quickly chanced a peck on Minerva's lips. "Please... please just don't push me away. Not after what just happened. I'd die if I had to go back to admiring you from afar." Hermione whispered, closing the distance between them but not yet kissing the other woman.

Minerva's mind was frantically trying to process all the information presented to her but could not come up with a conclusion any different from Hermione's. And on top of that she could feel her resistance slowly crumbling to pieces again, this time not from a physical but an emotional assault.

At that moment, looking into Hermione's chocolate brown eyes she saw not a sixteen year old schoolgirl but a young witch far too mature for her age. She could see love shining in Hermione's eyes and that made the last walls she built around herself crumble and in a heartbeat she was kissing the girl with even more passion than before.

Tongues renewed their fight for domination, occasionally joined by teeth as well and within minutes both witches were panting and they felt kissing was not enough any more.

"Bed... we should... my chamber... proper..." Minerva mumbled incoherently, her words barely audible as she tried to speak while her lips descended on Hermione's neck, arriving at her pulse point, where Minerva proceeded to mark the younger witch as her own. Hermione threw head back and let a deep moan pass between her lips as she felt her lover nipping and sucking at her skin. "We'll... have time for proper... another time Minerva... I want you. Now." She managed to say between sighs and withdrawing her right hand from under Minerva's inner robe pulled out her wand.

"Evanesco" she said and both their clothes vanished in an instant. At the sudden skin to skin contact both witches moaned and Minerva tore her mouth away from Hermione's neck to look at the girl in amazement, a barely traceable twinge of apprehension visible in her eyes.

Hermione, realizing that her older lover might just be a bit shy, due to the four decades between them, slid her hands up the woman's arms, across her shoulders, resting one there, and letting the other slide down the length of her front, all the while trailing her movements with her eyes.

Moving in, the young witch pressed her lips against Minerva's jaw and continued to deliver wet kisses down the length of her neck. "You...are... so... wonderful." She said between kisses.

Minerva, seeing the desire in the girl's eyes, relaxed somewhat. She pulled Hermione closer by her hips again and allowed her hands to slide up and down a well toned back, across a slim waist, up the girl's ribcage, deliberately avoiding Hermione's small but firm breasts.

All the while, Hermione wanted nothing more than to roll her head back and just enjoy the sweet touch of her professor but she forced herself to keep eye-contact with the woman, to let her know how much of an effect she was having on her.

Suddenly overcome by an urge, she felt herself kissing the woman of her dreams with abandon again, both hands entwined in dark tresses. She, however, immediately broke the contact when she felt her legs bend and her knees sink into something soft. To her amazement she saw that they were no longer sitting on a chair but on a large sofa.

"You can do wandless magic?" She asked, staring into Minerva's eyes. Minerva let a rare grin grace her lips for a moment before leaning in to continue the kiss. "Mostly transfiguration spells. It comes with the job." She said before their lips met again.

Hermione, growing impatient with their slow pace took one of Minerva's hands in hers. Looking into the older witch's eyes she guided the hand down her body to where she needed the most attention.

"Are you sure about this? Have you... I mean... aren't you still.." Minerva tried to speak coherently but was lost for words.

"Don't worry about that. I've never been as sure of anything in my life. Please..."

Satisfied with the answer for the time being, Minerva let her fingers slide lower, and she felt another surge of arousal as they made contact with warm, wet skin. Hermione let her eyes flutter closed and encircled the witch's shoulders with her arms, and started kissing behind her lover's ear as Minerva let her fingers explore her. After a few minutes her hips started rocking again, seeking more contact.

Pulling away from Minerva, Hermione straightened in her lap again and let her whole body sway with the rhythm of her hips. A satisfied smirk formed on her lips when she noticed that Minerva seemed to be mesmerised by her moving body. "Please..." she could hear herself moan as Minerva was yet to deepen the contact. For a brief moment the woman's eyes flicked up to meet hers but when she gave her a reassuring smile and a nod she could feel a single finger entering her.

Closing her eyes she let a deep moan erupt from her lips, her inner muscles tightening around the digit for a moment, her hips rocking harder. Encouraged by the girl's reaction, Minerva lowered her head and took a pink nipple between her lips, rolling her tongue around it. "More..." the young witch begged, her tone and movements steadily growing more urgent.

Adding a second finger, Minerva gasped out loud as she felt Hermione contract around her. Soon enough she could hear Hermione panting with the rhythm of her movements, on the edge. She lifted her head up from worshipping the young girl's breasts without slowing her hand's movements.

The sight nearly sent her over the edge even without being touched. Hermione's head slightly bent forward, eyes screwed shut tightly. Her lips were parted, her breathing was erratic. Her body was covered in sweat, her hair looked wet and her whole body seemed to be moving in the most erotic dance Minerva had ever seen.

Adding the pressure of her thumb on the girl's sensitive nub and curling her fingers was the final step for Hermione, she thrust her head backwards, tumbling over the edge, her body went rigid as she came, moaning and screaming loudly to Minerva's delight.

After the girl's movements slowed to a halt and she managed to open her eyes and look at her, Minerva slowly withdrew her hand, twisting her lips into a proud smirk as the small movement made Hermione's hips rock hard again.

Briefly kissing the older woman, Hermione tried to bring her breathing under control. "That... was... amazing"

"Indeed it was." Minerva replied, her voice hoarse and thick with desire.

After ending another brief kiss Hermione whispered against the older woman's lips "I do believe it's your turn now."

To be continued...