Prue was practically running downstairs not again. Once it was nice and got her an extra date and a dead siren. She can't deal with this again because her kid needed a sick laugh and took it out on its parents.

Clark was running down after her and met her at the door. "Prue you can't leave right now."

Prue turned to him…her oh they're going to need counseling and therapy after this. "Stay, Clark I look at you and I see me literally. What the hell happened?"

Clark shrugged not having a clue. "I was hoping you could tell me. What did the baby do to us?"

"It's pretty obvious what he did." Prue pointed out to her own body. "The question is why?"

Phoebe led her other two sisters down and caught that part and just laughed. "Come on isn't it obvious what my niece the genius did."

"Torture us" Prue responded before looking down at Clark's...her stomach. "Give mommy her body back."

Paige just chuckles she hopes something like this never happens to her. "Hey it was the two of you that caused this mess."

"What did we do?" Clark asked.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Well for starters you two weren't exactly communicating."

"We were communicating." Prue objected.

Piper shakes her head. "No you weren't you were shouting at each other."

"OK so we were communicating very loud. That's no reason to switch our bodies." Clark objected.

Phoebe poked him which is kind of funny realizing she's poking her sister's body. "Well think what you want. I think my niece is a genius she did what anyone would tell you to do?"

"Use magic to switch our bodies?"

"Use the stones to switch our bodies."

Phoebe rolled her eyes stubborn morons they all need normal lives. "No, walk a mile in each others shoes."

Prue frowned and just had a deep stare at the floor trying to tune out this noise in her head. She knows Phoebe is right she hates it but she's right. Which also means her little f…fetus won't reverse the spell until they learn what's needed to learn. "Alright, so how do we do that oh wise… shut the hell up."

Phoebe looked at her confused what the hell was that for?

Clark smiled realizing what it is the morning rush. "People in trouble?"

Prue looked at him in shock. "Dear god you hear this all the time. How have you not gone postal on normal bad guys yet?"

Clark shrugged its complicated at best. "I'll explain later. Right now let's get this new power of yours under control."

Prue nodded yes please do. "How do I control this?"

Clark walked up and hugged her. "One sound you have to pick one sound and listen to that."

Prue nodded and did as told focusing on her heartbeat. Soon enough all the screams and everything just faded into the background but still there. "Wow um thank you for not teaching me that one."

Clark nodded he's happy to help but. "No problem Prue please back off."

Prue did as told and backed away. "Sorry I didn't hurt you did I?"

Clark backed up looking a little green around the face. "No, it's my aftershave. Why didn't you tell me that it did that to you?"

Prue laughed realizing now that Clark's in her body he has her pregnancy to carry out this will show him. "Yeah kind of figured you'd chalk it up to the crying thing. Now I have to teach you how to control your telekinesis so you don't level the building you're in because someone pissed you off."

"I don't get angry." Clark responded.

Prue just had a crooked smile. "Oh you don't get angry huh. Not even with Lex."

"Lex is in Smallville." Clark pointed out. "Very small chance of running into him."

Prue couldn't argue that doesn't mean she can't use it though. "Yeah and that must frustrate you to no end. Lex chose to drink that night. He put god knows how many other people in danger and got Lana killed. Now instead of rotting in jail where he belongs you reset time and well now Lex is with her and you lost your father."

Prue smiled hearing something like a bomb go off in the kitchen. Piper moved past her and opened the door a crack and turned back in. "OK I'm not cleaning that."

"What happened?" Phoebe asked.

"Clark just blew up the kitchen." Piper responded with almost frightening calm.

Paige looked at the clock not realizing it was so late. "Oh I gotta go to work. I'll see you later Clark…Prue well good luck." Prue and Clark saw her off

Phoebe looked into the kitchen and frowned before turning to Clark angrily. "Thanks a lot Clark, how am I supposed to make breakfast for my loving fiancé now? Do you realize breakfast is the most important meal of the day?"

Clark just looked at her and moved in a blur through the kitchen cleaning up the mess he made. Within two minutes the kitchen is back to its pre destroyed self.

Clark smiled and moved his hand as a remote came to it. "Anger got it. Oh and since you're in my body you have to go deliver a story to the Bay Mirror."

Prue stopped in her tracks. "What do I know about writing a story?"

"I'll walk you through it just trust me." Clark assured her.

Paige comes into the office and is immediately met by her boss oh this could go better. "Mr. Cowan, good morning."

"You're late." Cowan informed her. "You're not going to make social worker if you keep doing this."

"I'm not going to make social worker because you're too cheap to make me one." Paige countered and saw a kid at the bench. "Who's the kid?"

Cowan looked at him. "Oh, police brought him in. Found him sleeping in an alley."

"Is he a runaway?" Paige asked.

"Looks like it." Cowan replied. "His name is Tyler, but I'm having trouble getting more information out of him.

"Sometimes those little video game things help loosens them up. Billy's got one of them in the back, I'll go get it."

Paige walks away. Mr. Cowan walks over to Tyler and hands him a drink. "Here you go, Tyler, I thought you might be thirsty." Tyler has a sip. "So have you thought about giving us a phone number so we can call your parents, letting them know you're okay? Did they hurt you?"

"No, they didn't hurt me." Tyler assured him.

"Good, alright. But something happened?" Cowan asked

"I don't wanna talk about it." Tyler insisted fighting off a headache.

Cowan tried to be supportive he saw this before. "I know it's hard, Tyler, but talking is how we fix..."

"I said I don't wanna talk about it!" Tyler shouted.

Paige walks back in. Tyler gets mad and the trash can goes up in flames. "Fire!"

The office gets noisy as people shout for a fire extinguisher. The boss walks away and Tyler runs out of the building. Paige grabs her purse and chases after him.

Prue was walking through the Bay Mirror she underestimated Clark he knows everyone of them but Clark was in her ear on her cell phone and knew exactly what to say to each of them. "OK I'm at the end of the basement doorway left or right."


Prue was confused at the voice on the other end. "Piper, what happened to Clark?"

Piper looked down at the sight. "Oh he's kind of occupied at the moment puking his guts out."

"Is he alright?" Prue asked.

Clark took the phone off Piper. "In five minutes I'll be fine because I'll be dead. Alright black haired girl glasses braided ponytail. Her name is Terri."

Prue nodded and spotted the girl easy enough. Terri smiled seeing Clark come into the office. He's the one person that doesn't mock her or anything. "Clark how was your morning?"

"Very interesting." Prue replied.

Clark was listening to the conversation. "Ask her how many Great Caesar's ghosts Perry is up to?"

Prue just stops what kind of question is that? "Terri how many Great Caesar's ghost is Perry up to?"

"Three he's actually in a good mood today." The girl informed him flashing a smile. "Though that could change if you don't have a story."

Prue nodded and smiled. "Then I better go get one."

Prue walked over to Clark's computer "Password"

"Password00" Clark answered.

Prue rolled her eyes yeah that's an advanced life form if she ever saw one. "OK now what?"

"Open Word and click on the folder." Clark answered.

Prue did as told and saw a whole folder labeled stories. "I can take it from here."

"Just pick one of the little ones. It's not an important deadline." Clark replied.

Prue looked through them. "You've had all these stories written ahead of time."

"Prue I'm feeling nauseous again can we just hurry up and take it to Perry."

Prue smiled and clicked print as the story went. "Oh no"


"Someone's getting robbed five blocks east... and a fire started across town."

Clark rubbed his head. "You go deal with the robbers I'll go deal with the fire."


Prue casually leaves the office. And once out of sight she's eight blocks ahead of the robbery. She slows down a bit and runs back slowly briskly to the robbery and very, very gently tapping the goons as they smack the wall with seemingly no injuries as far as she could tell. She disappeared in a blur and ran back into the Planet and grabbed her phone calling Clark back. "Is the fire out?"

"I took care of it." Clark assured her. "Might have ruined your top."

"That thing was been ruined about 5 vanquishes ago." Prue said showing no concern for the clothes as they're the last thing on her mind. "So what now?"

"Perry's office, just head straight his name's on the door." Clark said hoping he's not as good of a newshound as Chloe said he is. He doesn't know how he'd sell he's not in his own body. And this Clark is not really him.

Perry was waiting for the last bit of the articles for today. He has a lot of memories here and enjoyed the time here. He looked to the door seeing Clark come in article in hand. Just in time to save the day as usual.

"Great Caesar's ghost Kent twenty minutes from deadline." Perry shouted.

Clark chuckled over the phone still Perry. "Sorry Chief but last minute details."

"Sorry chief but last minute details." Prue repeated.

Perry skimmed through the article. It's actually a really good story but that's no surprise to him not really. Clark always had this human touch in every article he wrote. In a perfect world he would use magic to fuse Clark with someone who hunts a story like a vampire hunts for blood. "This is good work Kent. Thanks for ending it on a high note."

"Ending what on a high note?" Prue asked out of curiosity. She didn't get Clark fired did she.

Perry saw the nervous look and smiled good to know he can still scare people because he's going to need it. "Not you me, you see this was a sort of a long term job interview and you and the other two passed with flying colors and starting today you're full fledged basement journalists for the Bay Mirror."

Clark listened in on the other end. "What about you chief?"

"What about you chief?" Prue asked.

Perry smiled. "You remember my friends at the Daily Planet?"

Clark nodded. "The ones you talked about in Smallville?" Prue asked the same question.

"Yeah them well they came through big time. You're looking at the new Editor in Chief for the Daily Planet." Perry replied.

Prue smiled. "Mr. White that's great."

Clark frowned if he doesn't hate magic before he definitely does now. "Yeah that's just great, thank you Mr. White for getting me this job it's been incredible."

Prue smiled hearing what Clark said and Perry deserves to hear it so she repeated it.

Perry smiled and shook her hand. "Kent you got yourself the job I only got you through the door. There's an open job in Metropolis if you ever want it."

Paige came into the house and introduced Tyler to Piper and Leo before heading upstairs to find… Prue…Clark whoever is up there tight now. He sees him... her and just asks the only question she can think of. "So are you my sister or my best friend?"

"I'm still Clark." He informed her.

Paige studied her best friend carefully. "Are you OK?"

Clark simply nodded. "Physically yes, emotionally not so much."

"You want to talk about it?" Paige asked.

Clark shakes his head not seeing the point. "It's not going to change anything it's just one of those times where it really sucks being magical."

"Because your son or daughter turned you into your girlfriend?" Paige asked.

Clark shakes his head no. "It's not just that. This body is driving me crazy. My chest hurts I'm having morning sickness at 12 in the afternoon. I'm losing a good friend today and I'm likely not even going to get to say goodbye because I never introduced Prue to anyone, Phoebe has turned into the fiancé from Stepford and I can't find Cole to even try to fix it. I'm having all these feelings and I don't like one of them. I'm usually really good at hiding this stuff." Clark wipes a tear from his eye. "And now I'm crying, haven't done that since my dad died."

Paige looked at him and patted him on the shoulder. "Dude… it's the crying thing."

Clark just laughed at the insanity of it all as Paige joins in. He guesses he wasn't around nearly as much as he should have been. His work is important but it shouldn't consume his life entirely or else he'll go mad and Prue suffers the backlash. Clark hugged Paige. "Thanks for listening"

Paige just hugged him back. "Ahh what are friends for." Paige stayed in the hug and realized something Clark said that caught her attention. "Clark… what exactly do you mean that Phoebe's gone Stepford?"

Clark turned and shouted down into the kitchen. "Hey Pheebs get a job."

Paige stood there jaw dropped to the floor seeing Phoebe come up in something that for all extensive purpose is a maid's costume. "I have a job I will soon be Mrs. Cole Turner and it is my job to make sure my husband always has a warm meal and a warm bed to come home to. Now if you'll excuse me I have a batch of cookies in the oven that I can offer to the little angel downstairs."

Clark and Paige just nod having nothing to say to this as Phoebe heads downstairs. Paige just spoke up. "OK that freaked me out more then the body switch."

Clark nodded. "She was nice to enough to get me some ginger ale to help with the morning sickness."

"Any idea what's causing it?" Paige asked.

Clark nodded he had an idea. "This whole Stepford phase seems very Cole centered. I'd call him but he doesn't have a phone."

Paige thought on it. "I think there's a spell to summon him in the book according to Prue, kind of makes a cell phone obsolete."

Clark nodded. "I'll go take a look but I've never cast a spell in my life I hate magic."

"Well think of it as a chance to grow." Paige countered as she headed down the steps. "Besides there's a little kid down there who will freak out if he finds out what happened to you."

Clark was looking through the pages. He went through this book at least seven times and there was nothing on Cole he needs help and Piper and Leo are down there being substitute parents. "Prue if you can hear me I need help. Phoebe's in something like trouble."

Clark waits for Prue to come in but he's not holding his breath. Clark waits a couple minutes and nothing happens and then twenty minutes later he sees Prue come in through the window without a jump as she gently floats down. Clark stares at her for a moment or two until Prue rolled her eyes and started. "So did you call me here for a reason or to just stare at the insanity?"

Clark just looked her up and down. "One your costume is not a whole lot better then mine." Clark looked over his body the red and blue is a nice touch and blue shirt with the red and yellow symbol of the house of El works. The jeans and the crimson red duster do not. "Seriously you made me look like a reject from Devil May Cry."

Clark was getting on to the one that was his main interest. "Two how did you fly? I… I mean I've been trying for weeks now to do it all I've been doing is front flips off the statue of liberty so that my body doesn't have to become a human lawn dart and break the floor."

Prue smiled she knew she was better at this then Clark… well mostly. "A this one had more color and you look better in red and blue and B I don't know I just do people were in trouble across the globe and I just… took off… and."

Clark noticed the breaks in her voice. "Prue did something happen?"

Prue was wiping tears from her eyes. She hates loosing innocents but this was so much worse because she heard every second of it. "There was an earthquake in China that's how I learned how to fly and I did I flew as fast as I could… but by the time I got there…" Tears stared running down her eyes. "Why couldn't I get here in time? Why couldn't I do something more to help those people?"

Clark frowned he was hoping the baby would have his or her sick laugh before this happened. Clark walked her over to the couch. "Prue I know my abilities are difficult to deal with. The hardest isn't the strength or the speed or the heat vision. It's the super hearing. One of the reasons I kept changing the subject when it came to teaching you it is so that you'd never have it. Because you hear everything. And sometimes it doesn't matter how powerful you are or how fast you can run or fly you're not going to be able to help them."

"But what makes me such a good witch is that I don't ever think any human is beyond saving." Prue countered she saved her ex from becoming a demon and Bane who Clark will never find out about.

"But you haven't saved them all right?" Clark asked.

Prue weakly nodded her head thinking back on Andy and others.

Clark took her hand for support. "We can't save everyone but we save who we can because it's the right thing to do."

Prue smiled a bit hearing those words Clark really has a grip on this. "Thank you, so what did you need me for?"

Clark had an innocent smirk it doesn't seem that important anymore. "Yeah Phoebe is kind of going through a June Cleaver thing. I was trying to summon Cole but I can't find the spell."

Prue nodded as they went through the book. "Yeah you were looking for Cole's human side the spell is to summon his demonic one." Prue opened the book to the Balthazar summoning spell. "This should work, so let's go."

Clark looked at her. "You want me to say it?"

"Well I'm not exactly magical anymore." Prue pointed out. "Besides this will do you some good. Help you get over that fear of magic you think I don't know about."

Clark looked at Prue while she just shot him an innocent smile. "Magic forces Black and White Reaching out Through Space and Light Be he far Or be he near bring us the demon Balthazar here."

Clark watched as a red and black demon showed up and went to use telekinesis but quickly remembered it was still Cole.

Prue stopped him though she's not really sure why though as Balthazar growled and turned back into Cole who smiled looking at Clark. "Easy tough girl I'm on your side."

Clark rolled his eyes. "You know what if you and Phoebe ever have kids I hope they do this to you. Where have you been all day?"

"I was in the underworld." Cole answered the Source is starting to heal up but he's still weakened but the window of opportunity is just about closed so he doesn't want to waste the remaining time. "We have a big problem. The source is contemplating releasing The Tall Man."

Prue looked at Cole he can't be serious. "The Tall Man what is he the demon of growth, what kind of name is that?"

Cole looked at Prue. "The source has had him imprisoned for millennia. Even upper level demons aren't even sure what his powers are."

"His whole body is a portal." Clark answered to the surprise of Prue and Cole.

Prue looked at him since when does Clark know stuff that she don't. "When did you find that out?"

Clark opened the book to the page. "When I was looking for the spell to summon Cole I read through the book a couple times and even in your body my memory is as sharp as ever."

Prue was looking through the book. "OK this is really bad according to the book there is no known way to vanquish this guy. The source locked him up because he was afraid The Tall man would turn against him. His whole body can create a portal that could potentially swallow the world. Why would the source let him out?"

"Because he's scared." Cole answered. "Clark nearly beat him to death without the use of any magic. And Barbas showed that he can't easily be killed."

"So what better way of getting rid of me then having this Tall Guy suck me through one of his portals never to be seen again?" Clark finished the Source's plan clear in his mind.

Prue frowned she's not letting that happen. "Hey we have plenty of time to come up with a vanquishing spell we even have the power of four on our side."

"I'm not worried." Clark assured her. "I just didn't know that you had so much to deal with. On top of being pregnant which isn't exactly easy even with help."

Prue nodded. "Yeah well your life isn't exactly as easy as it's cracked up to be either."

Cole noticed orbs coming out of them again. "Guys?"

"Not now Cole." Prue cut him off as she turned back to a Clark. "Clark I'm walking a mile in your shoes and it's not exactly easy. I never realized that with everything you can do what hurts you the worst is what you can't do."


Prue rolled her eyes. "Cole, not now."

Cole rolled his eyes and grabbed a chair and sit down. "You know what I'm just going to let this happen."

Prue looked to Clark where was she? "All those screams you can't help and how it quietly tears you up inside but you go on anyway."

Clark nodded with a guilty look on his face he's glad Prue knows what he goes through but being her for a day has shown it's not easy. "It doesn't mean it should consume me though. My pregnant girlfriend whom has gotten my powers needs my help and I wasn't there."

Prue rolled her eyes. "Clark considering how many people I've saved today I'd say your work is very important."

"But not at the expense of the people I care about." Clark realized with the work Prue does which means taking in innocents helping her sisters when spells backfire they both have very difficult lives.

They are both shot by the trails of lights as they fell to the floor. Clark got up feeling light headed but rubbed his head. "Hey I'm not nauseous anymore."

Prue got up clenching her stomach. "You might not be but I still am. Ugh what the hell did you eat?"

"Cinnamon chocolate chip cookie thanks to your sister" Clark answered. "I will never eat anything Phoebe makes again."

Cole got up from his seat. "I was trying to warn you the light show was starting again. Now I'm going to go see what's wrong with Phoebe."

Clark nodded as Cole went down the stairs and he turned to Prue. "It's so good to see your face again without a mirror."

"Likewise" Prue replied even if she is nauseous the voices in her head are gone.

Clark stopped her form leaving. "Prue I am sorry I should be here for you more and seeing how much you actually go through in a day…"

Prue smiled and put her hand up to stop him. "Clark you're not goofing off you're saving the world that's a pretty big thing."

"Yeah but with everything going good with Jor El and my job I let my responsibilities slide. And I know better then that. I'm going to be around more often. Help you through this."

Prue nodded grateful pulling him close. "Come here" The two gently kiss on the lips. "I brushed your teeth at your apartment and broke your sink with my spit."

Clark chuckled before kissing her again. "I went nuts earlier and lit your pillows on fire."

The two laugh before sharing a deeper kiss as the Clark's protection glyphs start glowing. Prue noticed it first and pushed him off. "Clark!"

Clark rolls his eyes it never ends. "Downstairs"


The two go down just in time to see one woman demon vanquished by the house and another male burst into flames. Clark ran back upstairs in a blur and came down in normal clothes he keeps here. Clark sees a blond haired boy look like he's about to run as Piper stops him and Phoebe turn monochrome like an old TV.

Prue just turned to Clark. "OK what exactly did I miss around here?"

Author's notes

I meant for Perry to play a bigger role but I couldn't figure one out besides stories don't write themselves.

Thanks for the reviews.

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