Prue laid in bed with Clark a simple smile spread across her face. Maybe they'll make it to moving out of this apartment one day. She's been sleeping her for almost a week it's nice but too cramped especially for a baby. Prue smiles feeling Clark's arms wrapped around her.

"Good morning."

Prue simply smiled. "So far. So when do you go to your fortress now?"

"When I work." Clark answered honestly. "When I passed Perry's test Elise just gives me a lot more slack as long as I make my deadlines. I kind of think she's taking it out on the advice columnist though."

Prue got out of bed and started putting her clothes on to Clark's sadness. "Well I have to go home with how often I'm here it's only a matter of time before Piper and Phoebe use the to call a lost sister spell Paige created."

Clark simply nodded. "Its fine Chloe's flying in…" Clark looked at the clock and got dressed in a blur. "About an hour ago"

They hear a knock on the door and Clark simply bows to Prue and lets her walk ahead as they open the door and see Chloe with a man with black hair and blue eyes he kind of looks like Clark only a couple inches shorter and much better dressed.

Clark smiled and hugged Chloe he's not as homesick as the last visit with Maddie but that doesn't mean he misses the place just not as much as he used to.

"You are gone from Smallville way too much Clark." Chloe said giving him a squeeze.

Clark let her go. "Well it's not like I don't miss you I just wanted to be close to Prue."

Chloe had a smirk. "Must be really close… your shirt's are inside out."

Prue smiled as Clark looked down and realized she was right both of their shirts are inside out.

Clark saw the man with her and simply put his hand up to shake his hand. "So you must be Oliver Queen."

Prue chuckled. "What kind of journalist doesn't recognize Bruce Wayne? For the record how many rich people do you guys know?"

Chloe laughed and did the math. "Four though Clark might know some we don't."

Clark rolled his eyes at Chloe. "Just one more but he died so it's four now. But I never met Bruce before today. Why didn't Oliver bring you out?"

Chloe shrugged in innocence it's not like she planned this. "Well Oliver was a nice guy but I've been dating Bruce for the past month."

Clark just looked at her in confusion. "You want to get me caught up again."

Prue smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going to go see my sisters." She came to a sudden stop realizing she can't leave the way she came here. "Oh um can I borrow your truck… since you drove me here last night."

Clark nodded and threw the keys to her.

Prue caught them easy enough. "Hey why don't you guys come by for lunch my family has been begging me to introduce them to someone you know."

Chloe simply nodded for Clark and Bruce. "Bruce has a meeting but we'd love to."

The Source and the seer walked down to a cage and saw what they came for. The source is muttering under breath not believing they need his assistance but it's either him or the Hollow. He looks inside and sees a bald man resting in it. "I have an offer for you."

The tall man simply chuckled. "The Source rarely comes to his own dungeon. If you are here you are either usurped or desperate which are you?"

"Desperate, I need your power." The Source answered.

Tall Man thought on it and remembered. "I have a power? Yes, I almost forgot. I haven't used it in centuries. I've been sentenced to spend eternity alone in this cage."

"It's a fine cage." The seer replied.

Tall Man looked to the Source. "You had it forged from unbreakable magic. Nothing can escape it."

The Seer smiled at the compliment to her work. "Yes, I know. It was some of my best work." The tall man glared at her as the seer boasted. "That's right, I built your prison and my magic alone has the power to free you I can give you freedom and a chance to earn favor with the Source in exchange for your help."

"What kind of help?" The tall man asked.

The Source simply stared at him. "I need you to do what every demon would fail to do, even me. Destroy Naman or banish him from this world."

Tall Man looked at the two he's been locked down here for centuries. "What is a Naman?"

The Seer was more then happy to answer. "A powerful god and our end. We need you to send him off this world. That shouldn't be hard for you, a demon who has swallowed worlds. Interested?"

The tall man stands up. "Get me out."

Seer pointed at him. "Remember, my magic put you in this cage. Betray us and you'll go right back."

Prue opened the door and quietly looked around so far the coast is clear. She quietly sneaks for the kitchen and runs into her sisters. "Hi"

"Hi" Phoebe said with a smile. "Piper do we know this woman."

"I think she might have been this sister we used to have once until she fell in lust with a farmboy but I can't remember her name." Piper replied as she turned to Phoebe. "What was it Drew?"

"No I think it was Sue." Phoebe joked around with her.

Prue simply looked at them upset and telekinetically pulled a nose hair so tears would start flowing. "OK you know what I finally found a guy that I liked and he likes me back why can't you two be happy for me."

Phoebe instantly stopped the hormonal thing. "Oh sweetie we're sorry Piper just thought it would be fun to tease you."

Prue instantly smiled. "Oh good because I stopped doing the hormonal thing and morning sickness after I swapped back with Clark hello second trimester how I've wanted you."

Piper just pointed a finger and was trying to work her mouth as Prue moved into the kitchen. "Oh you little…" She simply followed her into the kitchen she's starting to show anyways and saw her making breakfast. "So how was your night?"

Prue simply smiled and replied. "Incredible he's fast enough to run over water now so we went to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and we just watched the Sun go down from the top of it."

Piper looked at her. What the hell Leo barely orbs her out of town anymore. "That sounds nice so what's with the quiet."

Prue saw the look in their eyes well no better time to tell them. "Me and Clark are thinking of moving in together. I was hoping it would be here for now."

Piper rolled her eyes. "Hey how come when me and Leo tried to move out all you did was switch rooms in the manor but you and Clark are free to come and go as you please?"

Prue simply nodded knowing she was the one that pushed for Piper and Leo to stay. "I know that but I want to be closer to him and technically he's like the world's most powerful innocent."

Piper frowned. "And we don't move in with the innocents we're charged to protect."

Prue looked at her in shock did Piper of all people seriously just go there. "That is rich coming from the girl that literally married her guardian angel."

Piper frowned but stopped she has her beat there. "Look the reason why it's convenient Clark is where he is. He and Paige can protect each other if Clark moves in here she's going to be all alone."

Prue thought about it well. "If we all Co ed our rooms we can fit Paige in."

"It's going to be a very cramped manor." Piper replied.

"Clark and Leo can make her a room." Prue offered Clark can literally do it in seconds. "Also if this works out Paige can have my room when I..."

"Move out" Phoebe finished with a judgmental stare.

Prue frowned she should have known that was coming. "You guys are my sisters and I love you both dearly but I don't want to picture ourselves at Gram's age still living here hobbling up to the book of shadows because of yet another demon attack."

Piper leaned against the counter. "I don't know Prue this is a lot to think about is there anything else?"

Prue nodded. "I invited Clark and some of his friends over to lunch."

Piper shrugged at least she actually gets to cook for people. "Make sure Paige comes too."

Prue looks up and shouted. "Clark, bring Paige."

Clark just smiled hearing Prue's voice but continued to listen to Chloe about how things in Smallville had changed while Bruce watches TV. Including the fact that the infamous Batman was even spotted in Metropolis a couple times. Chloe finished and Clark wasn't exactly sure where to start in all this madness.

"OK so Lex dumped Lana?" He can't deny that he's happy about that one.

Chloe nodded her head also in a smile. "Yeah a little after you left Smallville after your last visit he said it just wasn't working out my honest opinion is you moved on from Lana so Lex had nothing to go na, na, na, na with anymore. She pawned the diamond earrings he gave her for a ticket to Paris and is going back to the school of the arts in the fall."

Clark looked into the living room and saw Bruce watching TV. "Still doesn't explain how you and Lois switched boyfriends."

Chloe frowned it's not exactly like they planned it, it just kind of… happened. "What do you want me to say Oliver wasn't a bad guy by any means he was actually really sweet it's just that well… He was kind of like a six pack party billionaire. Bruce... well it's complicated and I'm not getting into it with you."

Clark looked at her she can't be serious. "Yes and Bruce is much more fancy buying restaurants so his French model dates can go skinny dipping in the fountain."

"Swedish" Bruce clarified from the TV. "And that was like three years ago."

Chloe rolled her eyes she's going to kill one of them she's just not sure which one yet. "The point is Bruce has this whole other side to him."

Clark simply nodded and made a motion for the door. "Bruce me and Chloe are going to go talk in private food is in the fridge."

Clark and Chloe step outside and go downstairs. "So what is the Batman doing in Gotham?"

"You mean besides saving your mother?" Chloe asked.

"What!" Clark practically shouted. "Why wasn't I told of this?"

Chloe panicked realizing she probably shouldn't have said that. "Sorry caffeine deprived and jet lagged one of Lionel's former employees tried to kill him and used your mom in his sick games. She made me swear not to tell you because she knew you would come running back to Smallville."

"Yeah I lost my father it would be nice to know when my mother was in danger of dying call it a quirk." Clark replied shouting.

Chloe poked him in the chest. "Hey, I took a five second breather from hiding the fact that you are an alien from another planet. To keep someone else's secret for a change so back off. She's fine and she sends her best."

Clark simply hugged her. "Sorry and I prefer intergalactic traveler."

Chloe laughed from inside of it. "Yeah well you had that coming."

Clark let her go and asked. "Is there anything else Batman did?"

Chloe nodded. "Yeah, he blew up a Luthorcorp basement secret lab." She rolled her eyes smelling cover up. "Now according to Lex they were building a universal anti virus now how much of that do you think is true?"

"After the fun with Victor... not a word." Clark agreed. "I just don't want you to put this guy up on a pedestal."

"And how about the blur should I put him up on a pedestal." Chloe asked with a smile.

Clark rolled his eyes he should have seen that one coming. "Jor El told me to save earth from its own self destruction like Zod did to Krypton. I leave my kryptonian crest out to inspire hope among people. I don't hit DAs with acid and I don't throw mobsters into a vat of unstable chemicals."

Chloe just counted to ten and breathed. She couldn't believe this. Take Clark Kent out of Smallville and he's still Clark Kent. "I'm just saying you don't have to save the world alone."

"I know… now that we're all caught up here can I interest you into having lunch with Prue and her sisters… come on it will beat your usual coffee and a doughnut."

Chloe simply nodded happy to have something to eat. "That works for me. Bruce has a meeting so my afternoon is free."

Clark walked up and knocked on the door next to him as Paige answered. "Hey we're all going for lunch at the manor you want to come with us."

Prue smiled sitting down to eat with Clark, Chloe, and Paige along with her sisters. Piper as usual has gone all out she really loves to cook. She needs to get her own restaurant instead of P3. She turned to Chloe this talk is long overdue. "So Chloe what's a really embarrassing moment of Clark's that he wants to keep hidden."

Clark swallowed his food. "Well I don't think you need to talk about that?"

"Oh, I think we do." Piper said with a smile.

Chloe had a smile she's enjoying this. "I have a really good one."

"Oh do tell." Phoebe pleaded.

Clark rolled his eyes he should have made sure Cole and Leo were here he's overwhelmed by women. "Chloe please be gentile."

Chloe smirked years of payback for Lana there's so many stories but she didn't know which one to tell first. "Well how much weird do you guys believe in?"

Phoebe chuckled and here she though Prue was wasting space in the book. "Oh we have a very high tolerance for weird so let's hear it."

"Well we had quite the senior prom but that's for later." Chloe started as Clark covered his head in shame fearing what's to come.

"So he takes the Tiara off my head and said 'Crown's mine bitch."

Phoebe was laughing her head off picturing Clark possessed by a prom queen until she saw Cole shimmer into the living room she got to her feet laughing. "I'll be right back."

Phoebe moved out to Cole in a hurry. "What are you doing you can't just shimmer in when we have guests you know that."

Cole nodded concerned. "Well I have bad news and worse news. I didn't have time to knock."

Phoebe rolled her eyes. "Start with the bad news."

"The Source has fully recovered so we're not vanquishing him any time soon." Cole informed her.

"OK how do you top that?" Phoebe asked.

"The tall man is on his way here. And we still don't have a way to vanquish him." Cole finished.

Phoebe nodded OK that was worse she'll give Cole that one. "Alright" She walks to the front door and opens it and closes it to make it sound like Cole just came in as they go into the kitchen. "Chloe it was nice meeting you but we all kind of have a thing we have to do together."

Prue looked at her confused. "What thing?"

"Oh you know one of those magical moments we all take." Phoebe answered.

Without fail they all caught on and Clark got up and offered to walk Chloe out.

Chloe rolled her eyes she knew it she knew Clark's girlfriend had a secret as he walked her toward the door. They're cut off by the appearance of the tall man shimmering in and the glyphs appearing on the wall but not doing anything due to how powerful he is.

"Naman" The tall man stretched out his arms as his body turned into a whirlwind portal sucking in everything nearby. Clark quickly grabbed Chloe and held onto her as tight as he could without hurting her.

Prue's eyes lit up red as she hit the tall man with heat vision. Clark lifted Chloe up to an angle and hit him as well with his own vision knocking the tall man back. Cole growled and threw several energy balls at him and that seemed to do something as his stomach turned blue and he grumbled in pain. Piper was dealing with her hair blowing in her face as she cleared it out and looked at the demon. "Suck on this." Piper blew up the tall man and all the attacks at once vanquished the demon to an unexpected leftover as a blue portal remained open and Clark was knocked aside in the blast and lost his grip on Chloe who was sucked in. Prue ran in a blur after her but the portal closed and she smashed through the wall.

Prue got out of the hole she made and ran over to Clark and grabbed him by the head and saw blood over the back of it. "Leo!"

Piper ran over concerned. "I'm so sorry Prue I didn't think that blast would actually vanquish him I though he could not be vanquished."

Prue simply nodded and turned to Piper. "OK right now I'm not half as concerned for him then I am about Chloe. Leo get your butt down here right now."

Leo orbed down and saw the living room. "What happened?"

"Less talking more healing." Prue ordered as Leo healed Clark.

"I still want to know how you guys vanquished the tall man?" Paige asked.

Prue shrugged and gave the best answer she could. "My guess is between all the charmed demonic and kryptonian energy we just sort of overloaded him and he self destructed. Right now we need to figure out how to get Chloe out of that portal."

Cole just whistled loud enough for everyone to hear. "Guys I think we have another problem."

They all turn around and see another Chloe in a see through black robe in a black bra and panties set.

Piper rolled her eyes and went for the book. "Just once just once I would like a normal meal for friends with everything going normal."

Chloe held her head as she got to her feet. Well she knew Prue had some secrets the story from Clark's first trip to San Francisco had more holes in it then Swiss cheese. Chloe looked around and saw the mansion all but abandoned until she felt a familiar breeze of wind. She smiled and turned around and saw well she thinks its Clark. He's dressed in a much darker shade of black shirt in jeans and a goatee on his face.

Goatee Clark smiled and looked at Chloe in her outfit it was what she wore at work since she was going to a business thing with Bruce after lunch. "Very nice, professional yet still sexy."

Chloe just watched Clark move behind her and get close enough to smell and whispered in her ear. "I like it almost let you get away from me." Chloe mouth opens in shock when Clark spanks her and quickly turns around to smack the taste out of his mouth but Clark caught her hand. "Too bad it didn't work." Clark effortlessly slapped her back and much like prom she went flying into the wall unconscious.

Back in the world the main story takes place in Clark is getting to his feet holding his head he guesses even magic ricochets hurt. Piper didn't blast him but the vanquish knocked him into the wall and man did it ever hurt.

Prue smiled seeing him come to. "Ah you're still alive huh?"

"Live to see another vanquish." Clark replied getting to his feet as his eyes lit up. "Chloe!"

Prue held him down with considerable effort. "Clark you have to stay calm."

"What happened?"

"When we vanquished the tall man he created a portal and Chloe got sucked into it." Prue replied.

Clark tried to get up. "Then we have to go get her."

Prue let go and helped him up. "We will Clark we will alright. Leo is up there seeing the elders Cole is in the underworld and the others are looking into the book of shadows we're going to get her back you just have to let us do what we do better then anyone."

Clark simply nodded. "Look I'm not going to do any good here stepping on everyone's feet so I'm going to head up North see if Jor El knows anything to help."

"Don't you think he would have given you a way to protect yourself against magic if he knew?" Prue asked.

Clark looked at her. "Jor El has the knowledge of 28 galaxies. Chloe had to end up somewhere." With that he disappears.

Prue looks at alternate Chloe. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah… I get sucked through a portal and taken to a place where the world's worst are very nice every day." Alternate Chloe answered in he usual deadpan. "It's weird seeing how protective Clark is of me."

"What are you in the other world?" Prue asked.

Alternate Chloe looked at her lack of clothes and rolled her eyes. "His favorite stripper figured the clothes would make it obvious."

Prue groaned. "Could have gone my whole life without knowing that."

Chloe got to her feet again. She doesn't care if this is red kryptonite she's taking a green kryptonite necklace and strangling him with it. She sees Clark shouting at people before flat out vaporizing them. Chloe ran in and shouted. "What are you doing?"

Goatee Clark simply shrugged and started walking. "What? It was the people that knock on your door every day to talk you about the bible tell me you wouldn't if you had my powers."

Chloe looked at him appalled. "You are psychotic!"

Alternate Clark turned back and smiled. "Thank you" He bent down, picked something up and threw it to Chloe.

Chloe caught it on instinct and saw it was the tall man's head and instantly dropped it. She's scrubbing her hands with bleach when she gets home. "Wait, I knew that guy."

Alternate Clark smiled. "Yeah you would. He was a high priest with the ability to open portals to any spot in the world to help others. He tried to send me away but mysteriously exploded into pieces lucky for us."

Chloe rolled her eyes she has to reach the good in this Clark. "Clark you are not a killer think back to your mother she'd be ashamed to see you like this."

Alternate Clark turned back to her with glowing red eyes and hoisted up by her throat. "You never, ever bring up the name of that disgusting gold digging trailer park trash in my presence again not if you want to see the sun rise got it."

Chloe nodded while turning blue and alternate Clark dropped her. Chloe had realized what happened and even for her it was weird the portal took her to a whole other world. "There must be two of everyone and when one dies the other…"

Alternate Clark looked at her at his feet. "What are you talking about?"

Chloe looked at him right back she just has to stay alive until her Clark saves her. "Nothing"

Author's notes

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Can someone think of better names then alternate Chloe and goatee Clark for the next chapter.

I always planned to switch around the girls boyfriends because I've always loved Oliver/Lois even more then Lois/Clark and 90% of the reason Lex dated Lana was to stick it to Clark so without that it wouldn't last.

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