Prue laid in bed with Clark and sees he's distracted. She wonders what exactly he has to be distracted about now. Brainiac is vanquished Zod is gone so he knows that threat over his head is gone. This should be a celebration. Clark looks like he can be back on Krypton for all she knows.

"Hey why are you so distracted?" Prue asked bluntly.

Clark held her close. "I'm just thinking about Brainiac."

"What about him?" Prue asked confused. "I vanquished every trace of him on earth."

Clark nodded in agreement it also gave her the time needed to get rid of Zod. "Yeah but the keyword there is Earth. As I learn more and more everyday it's getting to be a big multiverse out there."

Prue laid back in thought and rolled her eyes. "You mean to tell me he's going to come right back and try again."

Clark shakes his head no. "I don't think he's going to be a problem at least not in the immediate future his program was to release Zod with Zod gone he has no purpose now so he's likely going to stay in space until he finds one for himself. I'm just concerned about what it'll do one day when it does."

Prue sat up and kissed him. "Clark take it from someone who knows this better then anyone you can't give up your entire life for the cause when you try your id gets pissed off and heads for the hills. I wouldn't want to see you on red kryptonite right now. Besides if that thing shows up I'll just vanquish it again."

"And knowing Brainiac as well as I think I do that probably won't work again but we'll figure something out if he comes here. For now…" Clark kisses the side of her neck and Prue smiled a long day like this and he still has the energy god she loves him.

A week after the Zod ordeal and things have returned to normal. Piper has taken it upon herself to cook for Prue after accidentally eating one of her breakfasts and hearing what was in it.

Piper cooked them up a snack and watched a comedy on TV with Prue tonight as Leo was whisked away by the elders. Piper smiled looking at her sister's stomach. She wonders when she and Leo will get a chance to have a baby. "So how's the baby treating you?"

"Fine" Prue replied idly running her hands over her stomach. "She keeps growing and I'm not going to be able to lose all the baby weight though."

"That will just mean there will be more of you for Clark to love." Piper finished as Prue's eyes flashed red. "Or you'll lose the weight no problem. So how are you and Clark doing?"

Prue thought about it and couldn't help but smile. "It's been incredible and in two months we'll have our own little mouth to feed."

Piper saw Prue smile and was relieved on a lot of levels for her sister. "Wow, I haven't seen you smile like that since… well since Andy was alive."

"Well Clark is a wonderful person he's like a cop wanting to find the truth and help people. Also he's a gentleman well mostly also he has an act for…" Clark shows up in a blur in his costume moving the drinks over and plates nearly on their laps. "For tornadoing your stuff. What the hell!"

"Sorry" Clark weakly apologized gasping for breath.

Piper looked at him, he kind of looks sweaty. "What got you winded?"

"I ran around North America at night so many times I've lost count." Clark replied and turned to Piper. "Can you count to twenty and freeze the room."

Clark disappeared in a blur and Piper froze the room. "I don't get it why did he ask me to do that."

Prue pointed at the table showing a little piece of paper. "It says out loud."

Piper rolled her eyes shouted to twenty and froze the room again. This time there was a frozen Clark and someone in a red and gold hooded shirt running at a normal pace as Prue moved in a blur and cut him off at the back door. "Going somewhere"

The red and gold man stopped moving as Piper unfroze Clark.

The man in the hood held his head down in shame running his fongers through it. "Fastest man alive... beaten by a pregnant woman."

Prue rolled her eyes and removed the hood seeing a light haired guy younger then Clark. "Man is a rather relative term here."

"Hey!" The man objected.

Clark rolled his eyes. "Bart Allen, I should have known. No on else can beat me in a foot race."

Bart had a crooked smile. "Kind of disappointed you didn't recognize me stretch admittedly I'm smart enough to wear a mask."

Clark rolled his eyes. "I should have burned your shoes when we were running over the ocean. What are you doing here Bart?"

Bart put his hand up. "I'm just here to talk with you stretch and I wanted to make sure you didn't get flabby. So who are the babes?"

Clark simply took a step back and Prue moved in a blur but Bart was gone.

"So is she like you?"

Prue turned around startled and saw Bart behind her. "I'm his girlfriend. Prue Halliwell"

Bart looked at her stomach. "Aww stretch is going to be a daddy I wish I knew bro I would have brought a pacifier or something."

"So how about you Bart any girlfriends to speak of?" Prue asked.

Bart smiled and disappeared in a blur with his arms around Piper's waist. "No way would I settle for just one girl not with how fast I move."

Piper rolled her eyes and freed herself. "OK A I'm married buster. B You move pretty quick."

"Fastest man alive" Bart boasted.

"Probably why you can't get a date?" Piper deadpanned.

Bart rolled his eyes. "Do you guys pick on all your guests like this?"

"Just the fast ones." Piper replied.

"Guess being committed really does make you a grinch." Bart countered.

Clark saw Piper's I'm going to blow something up face and cut in. "So what do you want to talk to me about?"

Bart got his mind focused like he said short attention span. "Right just follow me."

Bart moved in a blur and Clark was to set to follow until Prue grabbed his arm.

"Are you sure you can trust him?" Prue asked its obvious Clark knows him.

Clark nodded noticing the change in Bart isnce last year. "I trust him." With that Clark ran out to catch up to Bart.

Clark chased Bart through San Francisco until they ended up at the beach. Clark stood there wondering what his friend was up to.

"OK Bart why are we here?" Clark asked.

"Just have some patience" Bart replied patiently waiting for the cavalry. He knew he'd be able to keep up with the blur though he didn't expect it to be Clark Kent it would have had to take something big to get him to leave the Farm.

Clark was taken back seeing a blur coming through the ocean that could have very easily been mistaken for a torpedo until it jumped to the surface revealing to Clark another familiar face. "AC"

"What's up bro? Finally had your fill of Luthor I see. What are you doing on the west coast?" AC asked not that he doesn't know already at least Clark is finally learning it's a bigger world out there.

Clark shrugged. "I think I just wanted a change from Smallville." Clark replied. He glared at Bart for laughing at him as the youngest person there covered his mouth and went to clear his head and calm down.

Clark watched as two more people came out from the shadows one he can easily identify as Victor and the other one was… Robin Hood?

Clark looked at Victor. "So is everyone I've ever met coming here?"

Victor looked at Clark he had a feeling he was the blur but seeing is believing. "Sorry we're the last two."

Robin Hood looked at him far less impressed this is the blur. "I figured you'd be taller."

Clark x-rayed Robin Hood and saw his face. "And I figured Oliver Queen could afford a better mask then sunglasses and a voice synthesizer."

Oliver took his hood off as his eyes lit up in surprise. "OK maybe you are the blur."

Clark looked at the group. "So what do you guys want?"

Oliver looked at Clark ready to speak until Bart spoke up. "I'm voting against him."

Clark looked at his three friends. "OK what is this?"

Oliver looked at Clark he couldn't deny he'd be a big asset to the team if half of what people say about the blur is true. "Impulse don't you think it's his decision."

"Well I wouldn't have brought up trying to recruit him if I knew stretch was going to be a daddy." Bart countered.

AC's eyes shot out. "You know when I said get into a little trouble I didn't think you'd do that."

Clark rolled his eyes and looked at the group. "It's complicated. Does anyone want to tell me why am I here?"

Oliver made the formal introductions and they talked about who they are and what they want to be. Clark has to say he's impressed that people are taking a stand like him but he also has way too much on his hands as it is to add a superhero boy band to the mix. Clark stood there thinking about what they said and yes he'd be a great asset to the team one day… but sadly not today.

"Guys I'd like to be a part of this but right now I have so many things I have to do as is. But if you ever need my help in an emergency Bart knows how to get in touch with me." Clark said for an answer.

Oliver nodded he could see Clark's reasoning there. "It's not the end of the story Clark. When you're ready for full time you let us know… So you haven't had any contact with the Batman have you we're going to see him next?"

Clark simply laughed he almost wants to say yes to the gig just to see how this meeting with Bruce would go. "All I can say is good luck."

He watches Oliver and the others leave he gives it about 3 minutes before Bruce and Chloe figure out who he is assuming they haven't already. Clark looks at them and rethink their offer one day he'll join them assuming their not all in jail by then.

One Month Later

Prue looked around and all she saw was white, along with some water… and what she had for breakfast. She gets up tired as she pulls the handle flushing the toilet she thought she was done with the sickness as Clark lets go of her hair.

Clark looked at her carefully. "Are you alright." It can't be good to be throwing up like this for two days.

Prue nodded as she looked down at her baby one more month of this. "Yeah I'm fine Clark we went to the class and we learned that nausea as well as a whole list of other symptoms we used to freak out Cole with is normal. Remember?"

Clark smiled remembering Cole's face scrunch up when Prue described all the symptoms in a mad woman rant when he said he's sick of the pregnant lady. Clark lifted her up bridal style and walked them back to their bed.

The Seer was in the Source's chamber as her eyes glowed white seeing into the future as she came back into the present. "My lord I am begging you find another way."

"There is no other way." The Source replied. "If I do not have absolute power I will get it now tell me when is the time or I will send you to the wasteland."

The Seer frowned not seeing another way. "The time is now."

Prue came downstairs and saw Phoebe hard at work with a piece of paper writing a spell. "Is there a demon I need to know about?"

Cole smiled and looked at Phoebe work. "She's making a vanquishing spell for the Source."

"How?" Prue asked. She tried it they even wrote a spell with the power of four and it wouldn't get the job done according to Leo.

Phoebe looked up at them in her glasses she needs a job. "By not calling on the power of four, by calling on the power of four, the baby, and every other Warren witch in our line… But I can't figure out how to work the baby in so we might just settle for ancestors."

Prue nodded that's still a whole lot of power. "We should be able to vanquish him with that. And you don't need the baby you just need me to be chanting."

Phoebe ran off excited to get her Source vanquishing spell done.

Clark looked over Prue's shoulder and saw her writing out something or adding to something. "What is that?"

"Changes to my Will" Prue answered. "Two years ago I died from that dragon attack it kind of opened my eyes to just how dangerous our lives are and if something happens I wanted to make sure you get the baby and Piper and Leo get the manor with everything else divided equally among Phoebe and Paige."

An ancient burial ground deep within the underworld contains a unique sight. Good and Evil are there playing chess. Good is wearing a white robe with a halo above her head. Evil is wearing a black robe. Good is sitting in front of the board, meditating. Evil is standing near by.

"Make a damned move." Evil pleaded.

Good opens her eyes."You're just mad because good is winning."

Evil rolled his eyes. "No, just bored, standing there watching you think."

"A-a-ah. Patience is a virtue." Good reminded him.

Evil glared at her she's the worst chess player ever. "Oh, I have been plenty patient. Three thousand, five hundred years patient."

"Hmm" She points her finger at the board and a piece moves to another square. "There, happy now?"

Evil moves a piece across and smashes Good's piece causing her to frown. "Now who's winning?"

The Source flames in. Good stands next to Evil and commands. "You need to leave immediately. This place is an ancient burial ground."

The Source looked at the two. "I know that. Thank you."

Evil stood his ground nervously. "With all do respect, you are not allowed to be here."

The Source glared at him. Has everyone been this dis respective to him ever since Naman came to town and embarrassed him during the Dark Wedding "Have you forgotten who I am? Whose side you're on?"

Good glared at him. He knows what the Hollow is capable of. It won't just be Good that suffers from this. "There are no sides. We protect all magic. That was the agreement."

The Source throws a fireball at Good and vanquishes her. "The agreement's just been revoked."

Evil throws an electric bolt at the Source and he falls to the ground. When he stands back up, his hood flips back to reveal his greenish-yellow skin and his mutilated face. "The Hollow is a threat to us all. Its power is too great."

The Source glared at him not backing down the scales are tipped and if good has a god in their side Evil needs someone of equal power and he will not die by Naman's hands nothing but a memory. "That's exactly the power I need."

The Source pushes him across the room. The Source goes over to a large door. He struggles to open it. A rectangular box is floating in the middle of the room. He makes it float over to him. He walks over to Evil.

"No, please don't. The Hollow consumes powers!" Evil pleaded

The Source opens the box and millions of black bee-like creatures fly into Evil through his eye sockets taking possession of him. The Source closes the box. "Now you'll be able to consume powers. And give them to me."

Piper came in and saw Prue and Clark having a friendly little discussion both writing things down on paper. "What are you two talking about?"

"We're setting up a will for Clark." Prue answered.

Piper's eyes shot up confused. Clark is nearly a decade younger then any of them so he has a will and she doesn't. "Yeah see that's not exactly a conversation you start your day off with."

Prue laughed OK Piper has a point there but she figured she would have a will too after Prue stabbed her in the heart or when she married Leo. "It's rational thinking Piper one of the few things we had in common before the baby was that we both died once."

Clark stared at Prue holding her head she's been doing that a lot lately. "Prue"

"It's just a headache." Prue assured him it's another painful part of pregnancy during the home stretch.

All three are distracted when Evil shimmers into the house. Evil throws a lightning Bolt at Prue but Clark quickly pulls her aside. Piper wasted no time and blasted him with her hands revealing hundreds of those bee things as he reformed. Piper went to blast him again but noting.

"Uh Oh"

Evil threw lightening at her but Clark moved in a blur and got her out of the way. Clark ran up in a blur and shoved his fist into Evil's gut and moved his hand to the right at superspeed essentially flash shredding him to the point of vanquish as Evil explodes and the bees flee.

Prue ran over and hugged him wondering why a demon was so reckless. "Are you OK?"

Clark just nodded and showed her his clean hands. "Warlocks don't bleed and he was trying to kill you."

Piper put her hands up again and not good. "Guys we have a problem." Prue and Clark turn around and see her desperately trying to make her powers work with her hands. "My powers are gone."

The three run up to the attic and search the book. Piper just looks up and shouts for Leo but no reply. "Leo… Leo come on it's an emergency."

Leo orbed down and Piper saw the flannel clothes burned and tattered. "What did your charges get you into this time?"

"What I do with my charges is confidential and you know that." Leo replied to his wife. "Also it wasn't a charge the elders asked me to see something near a volcano that's all."

Prue looked at him concerned. "OK is there something there we should know about?"

Leo shakes his head. "Just a little ripple that's all they show up once every few years." Leo saw they were going through the book. "So why did you call me?"

Clark grabbed a plastic bowl and threw it up Piper tried to freeze but just like before it fell to the floor.

"I have no powers some demon came and took them with bees from hell."

Leo looked at him. "Well did you vanquish him?"

Prue nodded. "Oh he was vanquished alright Clark shredded him with his own hands." Prue kept flipping through pages and found what she was looking for. "I found him."

Piper walked to the book and read out loud. "Guardians of the Hollow Thirty five hundred years ago, The Hollow was unleashed on the world. The Hollow is a force that has the power to consume all magical powers, good or evil and is impossible to roaming the earth The Hollow nearly decimated all magic. Good and Evil had to join forces and combine their strongest magic to contain it. It was placed in an ancient crypt and is guarded by a representative from both sides, an Angel and a Devil, for all eternity."

Prue moves the pages and finds the Hollow. "Ancient beyond measure, The Hollow is the most powerful and unstable force known to magic. For an eternity, both good and evil have guarded the release of The Hollow's un-stoppable, all-consuming hunger for power."

Leo closed the book. "It doesn't matter no one on the side of good or evil would ever willingly release the Hollow."

"The Source already has. He has Piper's powers." Prue replied hands on her stomach. She looked at Clark. "I don't take it that there is any form of argument I could use to get you to leave."

Clark shakes his head no. "Not a chance and besides my powers are biological not mystical"

Prue knows better to argue. Andy rushed in blindly because she tried to protect him and they know how that went. "Stay close to me OK."

"Of course" Clark replied it's not even a question to him right now.

Prue looked to Leo. "You might want to bring in Phoebe and Paige strength in numbers in case he comes back Cole might be a liability now so bring him too. And we'll have you right here to heal us."

"I'll look for a way to restore my powers." Piper said heading for the book.

Clark and Prue came down from the attic. Clark doesn't need the knowledge of 28 galaxies to know this is going to get ugly quick. "Hey, are you OK?"

Prue nodded. "I'm just terrified... I mean the source is outright stealing our powers and any demon we fight might give our powers to him. We've been down before but this time… I just have a feeling something terrible is going to happen."

"Prue I know how bad this looks but right now you have to stay calm OK." Clark said right now they can't afford to panic.

"I know." Prue assured him. "I just hope we all get through this intact."

Author's notes

Thanks for the reviews

I wanted to have one scene with the league because I knew Oliver would be interested in the blur but I also knew Clark would not join right now as his main thing he would want to focus on right is his soon to be family. But I also knew he would want to help so hence the emergency call up.

Up Next: The Source attacks.