Paige was nervously pacing with Darryl at the courthouse this was their big court date for their case and the girl doesn't even show.

Darryl looked at Paige and spoke his mind. "The big court date coming up you don't think she got scared and bailed do you?"

Paige shakes her head no. "No way this court date means too much for her and she actually works at the police station so it's not like she won't get custody."

Paige rolled her eyes as her cell phone rings, please be Caroline running late. She looks down and sees its Prue. "Whatever it is this is going to have to wait."

"It can't wait." Prue shouted over the phone. "Remember what we told you about the Source."

"Yeah, you Cole and Clark beat it senseless and he has been getting more and more desperate ever since." Paige replied.

Prue nodded over the phone it's nice to know she's listening. "Well he's found a new weapon and its working to steal our powers he already has Piper's and it won't be long before he sends someone for yours hurry home Paige."

Paige hung up the phone part of her just wants to shout really loud so she can hear herself echo in the courtroom.

Darryl looked at Paige and saw a familiar face. Paige is new so he hasn't seen it on her yet however he has seen it enough on Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's faces to know that something is about to happen and whatever it is. It's not going to be good. Darryl walked to the door and cut her off.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Darryl, I have to go it's a family emergency."

Darryl had a feeling that was it but this is such an important day for her job as much as it is for him to help a co worker. "What about Caroline?"

Paige was for all extensive purposes stumped. "I don't really know. Oh how about you go out and look for her and her sleazebag ex boyfriend just wish her luck and tell her I wish I could have been here but I had my own little family emergency that I was needed at home for and good luck."

Darryl watched Paige go considering she didn't ask for help it must be bad. The sisters wouldn't want him around especially after what happened with Andy so Darryl watches her leave and quietly whispers. "Good luck"

Phoebe and Cole come into the manor and see Clark and Prue pretty much patrolling the house. Cole hates this as soon as he gives up becoming a demon the Source grows a pair and goes to war. What he wouldn't give to just have his powers back for one more day to be able to help.

Phoebe decides who to talk to and speaks to Clark as it will be a far easier conversation then Prue. "So what's going on?"

Clark stopped and turned to her. "The source has unleashed the Hollow and he's trying to take your powers for himself."

"What about your powers?" Phoebe asked.

Clark shrugged not sure. "Well the hollow can't take my powers their biological but I'm also stumped as to why he just didn't strip them like Isobel did."

Phoebe rolled her eyes seeing Clark's point but Isobel was a witch so maybe only witches can take his magic. "Well right now we'll just be grateful for small blessings. Where's Piper"

"She's upstairs making potions to replace the powers she lost." Clark replied as Phoebe ran upstairs. Clark turned to Cole he was once the Source's right hand man so who better to ask. "So how bad is this going to get?"

Cole sat on the couch trying to process this he knew the Source was desperate resorting to Barbas and Tall man he didn't realize he'd be stupid as well. "If we don't kill him it's the end of the world. The Hollow will just keep calling on more and more power until there's nothing left."

Prue heard that and just held her head she's not feeling all that well but no one's finding out. There's too much work to do.

In the underworld the Source is testing Piper's powers by blowing up pots and freezing the shrapnel. "The witch's powers are impressive."

Seer looked at him this was going to get bad if the situation is left unchecked. "Nevertheless, do you think it's wise to have extracted them from the Hollow? There could be repercussions."

The Source rolled his eyes this is his legacy and life on the line. "Damn the repercussions, Seer! I won't stop until I have all three of their powers coursing through my veins. You understand me?" He unfreezes the pot. "I can't risk going against them myself, until I do. However I am curious to see how this power holds against Naman.""

"No one wins while the Hollow runs free." Seer warned.

The Source glared at her. "I control the Hollow."

Seer looked at him cautiously. "For now. But the more magic it absorbs the stronger it becomes. And the more you extract from it, the more it corrupts you until it consumes all things including you."

"Unless you wanna face eternity as a pile of ash, I suggest you stop questioning me and do as I say!" The Source warned."

The Seer bows her head. The Source summons a Darklighter. The Darklighter kneels down before his master. "How can I be of service?"

The Source looked at him and ordered. "I want the Charmed Ones, Darklighter."

"But my arrows will only kill one of the witches. And the house has defenses that kill my kind." The Darklighter pointed out.

The Source picks up the Hollow box. "But they do kill Whitelighters. I want you to kill theirs so he can't heal them anymore. I'll take care of the manor." He goes over to the Darklighter and opens the box. Millions of bee-like creatures fly into the Darklighter through his eye sockets. "And when you've done that, then I want you to bring me a little gift."

Clark walked through the attic seeing if anything was here but there's nothing. Clark roamed the manor he can't believe they're just stuck here waiting until the next demon shows up. Clark hears Paige enter and she and Leo get into an argument. Clark looks around as the manor walls light up showing the glyphs. Clark moves in a blur and quickly kicked the Source into the wall denting it land looked at him face to half face as he was about to attack him with Piper's powers.

"Wasn't about to let you freeze me." Clark stated and then tried to punch the demon but The Source put a barrier up in front of himself.

Paige glared at Leo not believing she got pulled home from something so important. "You know I have charges too."

At that the Darklighter smokes in and shoots Leo in the chest before either could react. Survival instincts took in and Paige shouted. "Crossbow"

Prue blurred in and shouted. "Paige, No!"

The Darklighter flashed in a trail of black orbs and Prue quickly incinerated him with heat vision.

Prue picked up a cup and turned to Paige. "Call for this?"

Paige looked at Leo. "Don't you think there's something a little more urgent?"

"Just do it." Prue ordered.

Paige rolled her eyes and put her hand up. "Cup… cup… gimme the damn cup. What just happened?"

Prue frowned. "What happened was you fought a Hollow infected darklighter. And he just stole your powers."

Paige's face now matched her sister's. "Well this can't get any worse."

Prue and Paige turn around as Clark and The Source crash through the ceiling and the kitchen and into the basement.

"Oh I can't stop being wrong today."

Clark held onto the Source as they crashed down to the cellar. His head is definitely a lot harder then a cannonball. Clark is hit by a weak fireball sent by the Source hand which knocked him off his feet. The Source took the momentary break and froze Clark with the little power he had left from fighting the kryptonian. Prue ran down and saw the Source about to blow up Clark and quickly tried to move him out of the way while Paige throws a potion at The Source resulting in an explosion and smokescreen.

Paige was gasping for breath as the smoke screen cleared. "Well Piper certainly got the explosion part of her power right." She looked as some of the smoke cleared revealing the Source.

The Source looked at Paige and happily conjured a fire ball. "First witch down."

Both turn to another voice in the smoke as it chants. "I am light I am might I am one too strong to fight go away now leave my sight…" The Source flames out. "Damn it"

Paige watches as all the smoke moves to one side of the room revealing Prue with her hand up. Paige smiled in relief. "Thank god I thought I blew you up."

"We were lucky but I couldn't get Clark out of the way in time." Prue moved the rest of the smoke revealing Clark's upper half but his body ends just before his knees.

Paige put a hand over her mouth. "Oh my god."

Prue burned his legs with heat vision essentially cauterizing the wound to stop the blood loss until Leo can heal him as he screams in pain. "Help me get him upstairs."

They laid Leo and Clark out on two couches letting them rest. Prue looked at Clark and held his hand but quickly moved over to Leo who she could actually help. "I'm sorry about this."

Prue moved her hand and the arrow came out of Leo forcibly as he shouted if they can't figure out a way to heal him he is going to die. Prue looked at Clark whom was just laying there trying to think of ways to fight but he has nothing. Prue looked at Clark and ran her finger through his hair. "Hey we're going to figure out a way to fix this OK."

"I don't doubt you not for a second."

Prue looked at him. He's still trying to stay strong even when he's half the man he used to be. "I'm sorry this wouldn't have happened if you didn't know me."

"I'm not." Clark replied. "When I first met you I was lost and confused throwing my life away for a cheap meaningless nothing. You gave me focus, love, acceptance everything I've ever… wanted. I wouldn't change any of it even this because you made me a better man. I love you Prue always." Clark bit down trying to ignore the pain. "Now go do what you do best."

Prue kissed him on top of his head. "You're not going to die. I won't let you."

Piper looked at leo as gasps for his next breath. He's not looking too good. "Leo?"

Leo groans weakly. "Hey."

Piper breathes a sigh of relief. She kneels beside him with a glass of water. "Drink this."

She pours some water in his mouth.

Leo looked at her. "I guess Prue and Clark had the right idea with the will."

"Don't talk like that." Piper pleaded.

Leo looked at her. She needs to be gone the Source has already has two of their powers. "Piper, you need to get out of here before he comes back."

Piper shakes her head no. "I'm not leaving you."

Leo rolled his eyes. "The Source..."

"Is not gonna scare me away, and neither are you, so just forget about it. You're not gonna die. 'Cause I'm not gonna let you."

Prue looked at them. "What about the power switching I swap with Leo and we heal them."

"No" Clark and Leo shouted.

Clark looked at Prue. "I won't let you not with the Source still out there."

"I don't want to watch you die?"

Clark put his hand on her stomach. "As long as you two are alive he can't."

Prue was rocked with a premonition of the source coming into vanquish them but it gives her an idea. "OK but I'm not losing you just save your strength."

Prue and Piper walk out and see Paige talking to Darryl and a blond haired woman that looks like she's just been in a boxing match. They see Paige with a spell and the woman just looking in the corner.

Paige simply reads off the paper she doesn't understand why magic doesn't work with social workers in the first place. "May the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the scene to become unseen."

Prue and Piper watch as the bruises heal and vanish as Paige shows her guest out the door. Paige turned around and went for the steps and saw the mean looking stares her sister's were giving her. "Don't look at me like that. You know how important helping Caroline was."

Prue followed her upstairs. "Witchcraft 101 Paige personal consequences we can't afford to have things biting us in the ass right now."

Paige rolled her eyes and turned to her. "It was something I had to do especially if…"

"If what?" Prue asked.

"If it's the last thing I do." Paige answered. "She was my charge and it was my duty."

Piper frowned but kind of saw her point. "Paige you can't think like that."

"Why not?" Paige asked. "We all are I'm just the only one who's thinking out loud. The Source knew Clark was our big gun so he took him out. He knew we'd use our powers so he used the hollow. He knew we had healers so he sent for my powers and took out Leo. He is anticipating every single weapon we have and is taking them down one by one."

Prue shakes her head no and hugged her she needs her baby sister focused. "Hey with the exception of you every single person in this house has died or been presumed dead at least once. We've been in far worse messes then this. So you have to calm down and focus OK it's not over until the Source kills all four of us which has proven to be next to impossible."

Paige nodded feeling stronger. "I'm going to face hell for this tomorrow aren't I?"

Prue laughed to hide her fear and pain from a wicked kidney shot. "Let's worry about that tomorrow."

Clark looked at Leo who isn't moving all that much anymore and looking very weak and pale, ends up you can kill an angel. He knows the yellow sun can heal him but he's betting money that even though it's night if his body could have regenerated lost limbs it would have by now. Clark closed his eyes to focus trying to tune out all the noise and focus on one. Prue's heartbeat he senses how panicked it is and can almost make a drum solo out of it. That can't be good for the baby. Clark opens his eyes unable to focus now concerned about Prue and falls six feet onto the couch as the whole piece of furniture falls to the floor.

Clark looked at Cole running in he seems distracted. "Are you OK?"

Cole nodded holding his head. "A migraine from our impending death. What were you trying to do?"

"Fly" Clark answered. "Me and Prue each do it in our sleep and she does it on her own if she steals my body. How come she can do it and I can't? Why is it the one time I really need it I can't do it."

"At least you had a chance to try to protect them." Cole pointed out.

Clark nodded but he also failed. Clark tries to pull himself up but Cole puts his hands on him and pushes him back down.

"Clark take it easy even though I'm not a demon I don't think Prue is beyond vanquishing me if something happens to you." Cole said

Clark couldn't exactly argue that. Prue studied him more carefully since he became human but he is not Prue. "You really want to help?"

Cole nodded. "More then anything"

The Seer's eyes were pure white as she looked into the future and saw the Charmed ones battle the Source.

"Do I have enough power now?" The Source asked.

The Seer smiled and nodded. "The Underworld will be led by the rightful Source for a long time to come."

"When is my opportunity?" The Source asked waiting particularly for this day for a reason according to the Seer.

"Right now" The Seer answered.

The Charmed ones ran into the attic and Prue looked at the clock he'll be here in seconds. "Phoebe tell me that spell is ready."

"As it will ever be." Phoebe assured her.

The four watch as the Source flames in and immediately goes to hit Prue with a fireball but to his surprise she's perfectly fine. Prue gets ready to hit it with heat vision blowing it early but the Source uses Piper's powers and blows up the fireball spreading it out and hitting all four sisters bouncing them off the wall and to the floor.

The Source watches as the lights flicker on and off until settling on off as all the electrical power disappears in the manor.

"Prue" Paige pointed to the crystal cage since she can't set it up without her powers right now.

Prue nodded since this won't be an attack against the Source directly she has no problem doing it. She waves her hand and the crystals circle The Source trapping him in a crystal cage.

The Source smiled looking at their pitiful defense. "Crystal" One of the crystals orbs to him immediately dissipating the cage. The Source throws a fireball at Prue and the baby puts a barrier around her stomach protecting her from the blast but transferring her Wicca powers to him.

"Oh BAD BABY!" Prue scolded.

The Source smiled fireballs ready for all four of them as they got up. "Give my regards to your ancestors."

Prue's taken back seeing a blur enter the room and pull the Source's arms behind him. With Cole holding onto him from behind The Source can't put a barrier around himself this time with magic.

"Balthazar" The source shouted.

Phoebe smile seeing his eyes. "No, Cole"

Cole put his foot on the Source's back and did something that Prue knew Clark would never do as it would be too cruel to even a demon in Clark's eyes as he rips the Source's arms off. Cole threw the arms to the floor as the Source shouts in pain. "Say the spell before he recovers damn it."

Prue and Paige started "Penelope, Patricia, Melinda...

Phoebe and Piper continued. "Astrid, Helena, Laura, and Grace

All four finished it as the source was surrounded by flames consuming his body. "Halliwell Witches Stand strong beside us Vanquish this evil from time and space."

The Source shouted in pain seeing the Seer shimmer in. Double crossing traitor she knew full well Prue was OK and sent him on a suicide mission. The Source shouts in agony as it blows apart leveling every window in the attic. As the black eye bees shoot out of the source and into the world.

The Seer held the Hollow box and looked at the Charmed Ones. "I will need one of you to help return the Hollow to its rightful resting place."

"You can trust her on this." Cole assured them. Seer is too afraid of the Hollow to let it run free.

Phoebe stood right beside the Seer and chanted her spell with her. "Aboleo Extum Cavium Du Eternias"

The bees returned in mass to the box as it disappeared again to its rightful resting place where it will stay for eternity. The charmed ones smile as mystical energies flow through Piper, Paige and Prue as their powers are returned.

"Is that it?" Paige asked.

"Not quite" The Seer responded. "Ancient evil now destroyed. I now rise to fill the void. To build my strength within this hour, Leave vanquished Source, but share his power."

They watched as shadow's emerged from the ashes of the Source and shot into the Seer.

Piper took a couple steps forward. "OK what the hell was that?"

"To obtain the power of the Source, stop the Hollow, and restore the balance. That was my vision all along." With that the Seer flamed out.

"Did we just make a new Source?" Phoebe asked looking around at everything.

Paige nodded just as confused. "Looks that way. Why didn't she try to vanquish us."

"Considering how well it went for the last Source I wouldn't risk it." Cole pointed out

Prue can't believe this. Ancient evil unleashed the source finally vanquished and for what... five seconds of peace. This whole thing was for nothing. Prue growled in frustration but quickly held her stomach. "Oh god no."

Paige looked at the floor and at her shoes. "Oh gross potion goo."

"That's not potion goo." Prue pointed out holding her stoamch.

"Oh" Paige's eyes shot out looking at Prue and getting the complete picture. "Oh, wait you mean that's…"

"I think my water just broke." Prue said while the baby was playing a drum solo on her ribs. "Oh god"

Cole moved in a blur and caught her as she nearly fell.

Phoebe decided to take charge for once. "OK Cole we're going to give Clark his powers back. Paige go downstairs try to heal Leo. Piper you can take care of Prue."

"What?, Why me?" Piper asked.

"Because you delivered our ancestor you can deliver our descendant if it comes to it."

Piper bites down on her lip as the others leave the room leaving her with Prue. "Come on Prue let's get you dressed for this it's going to be OK."

"It can't be OK this baby is a month early." Prue pointed out.

"Better eight months then seven. And for all we know a kryptonian-human pregnancy can only be eight months." Piper countered.

Piper breathed a sigh of relief seeing Prue has calmed down on some level as she has her hand on her back leading her downstairs. She'd like to help Prue through the pain by holding her hand but she doubts that her own hand could take it. She hopes the others can get Clark patched up and get Helen up here fast.

Author's Notes

Thanks for the reviews

I didn't hate Cole as the Source... but what happened afterwards all but destroyed both Cole and Phoebe's characters which resulted in me hating her for the rest of series and me contemplating actually killing her a couple times in this fic but deciding against it by just skipping Cole as the Source all together.

I don't know how good Superman's healing factor is about lost limbs because he's usually invulnerable.