Prue sat on the couch with the twins less then three feet away from her asleep. She wonders how they can be such angels when asleep but monsters when awake. She's taking the brief freedom from parenthood to look into the book of shadows and see if any ancestors left them something they could use for the end of the world. She sees Phoebe orb in with Leo and Cole as Phoebe walks over excited. She enjoyed the week alone with her husband but she missed her niece and nephew.

Prue put a finger up and shushed. "You have no idea how rare a moment like this is around the house anymore."

Phoebe smiled she'll take looking at her babies again even if they are asleep as she turns to Prue. "Hey your roots are back."

"Glamour spell" Prue answered.

Phoebe nodded and sat down next to the twins. "Well we need to talk about what's happening right now in the world."

Prue nodded as she got to her feet and they walked into the kitchen with Leo and Cole and saw the nervous looks. "OK what's going on?"

Phoebe looked to Leo and Cole she really doesn't want to be the on that says this but better from a sister then either of your brother in laws. "Well Leo took me to the very first ripple. And I had a premonition."

Prue smiled that's great news. "Great so what are we up against?"

"Well that's the thing my premonition it was about Clark. I think it was when he first came to earth." Phoebe answered.

Prue thought it over. "You don't honestly think that…"

Phoebe shakes her head no seeing Prue's eyes go red. "No I mean Clark is pretty much the reason we know what we actually know as is. But we all know that I have my premonitions for a reason."

Prue nodded and they were cut off by Clark coming in with a blond haired woman.

"Get the kids upstairs now." Clark ordered.

Prue and Phoebe nodded as they each took a kid out of the crib and carried them upstairs to their room.

Leo looked at Clark. "Is something the matter?"

"Before or after a friend of mine tried to kill the boss?" Clark asked.

Cole smirked if he ever worked he'd imagine he'd do the same. "We all think about killing the boss."

"Yeah but very few people actually tried it." Clark countered as he sat Karen down on the couch.

Leo looked at him. "Clark I am sorry your friend went off the deep end but if she tried to kill your boss this sounds like it's more in Darryl's territory than it would in ours. I can orb her to the police department."

Clark rolled his eyes gee why didn't he think of that. "Yeah but it does when she tries to kill her with a demonic power."

Leo looked at the house and saw nothing. "So if she's a demon why isn't the house attacking?"

Clark looked at him. "Because she's not a demon and she's never been violent."

"But she attacked her boss." Cole pointed out.

Clark looked to Cole. "Oh please if you worked for her and were still Balthazar you would have taken a shot at her too."

Prue came down and heard Clark. "Elise giving you a hard time again you said she was a real witch."

"That's not the itch word I was going to go with." Clark countered. "And Karen's not evil she just has a demonic power for some reason. Something about a guy and ball of light. That's all I could get out of here by bashing Elise."

Cole thought on that. It sounds like a demonic power broker. "Sounds like your friend was on the receiving end of a demonic power broker. They're pretty much pawn shop owners they sell powers to lower level demons to help boost them up."

Clark looked at Karen while Prue sat down with the book. He still doesn't see it. "Yeah but why would a human take a demonic power especially her I mean she was three months ahead of Prue so she was giving me heads ups about what to expect."

"She didn't." Prue answered reading the book and showing the page on Power Brokers. "Demons that auction Demonic Powers off to the highest bidder. They are known to sometimes use humans to store Powers until they are bought. A human being possessed of a demonic power will become confused, then frightened, paranoid, violent and demonic and will ultimately die if the power isn't withdrawn making them easy to retireve."

Clark looked at them. "That can't happen she has a little boy."

Prue kept reading the book. "Well don't worry there's a potion in here that will take it right out of her."

Clark nodded that's one problem down. "So where are Piper and Paige?"

"That cruel place that holds their paychecks." Prue answered as Phoebe came down the steps.

"I'm gone one week and when Auntie Phoebe comes back those kids are rock solid sleepers." Phoebe complained.

Prue smirked. "Yeah well just wait until they wake up at 12:30 at night and don't sleep again till 5:30 then we'll see how upset you are." Prue doesn't understand it. They're living Solar Batteries but they sleep all day.

Clark looked at Phoebe. "So you have a psychology degree right?"

Phoebe nodded not seeing where Clark is going. "Yeah, not that I ever get to use it."

Clark held out a piece of paper. "I need you to write Karen's advice column. I'll consider it a big favor."

Phoebe took the paper off him kind of startled. "And you want me to write this why?"

"Because we work for a real pain and the excuse she was infected by a demonic power broker won't exactly work." Clark replied in complete honesty. "Elise hates her and I don't want to see her get fired from something she had no control over."

Phoebe sighed and saw she wasn't winning this one. "OK… I'll do it, but what are you going to do?"

Clark got up. "Oh I'm going to go the underworld and burn up the power brokers' powers to make sure they don't do this to anyone else." He turns to Leo. "Do you mind giving me a ride down?"

Leo shrugged not seeing any problem except one. "Clark we don't know where they are."

"I do." Cole pointed out besides it gives him something to do besides lounge around the house all day.

With that the three guys go upstairs to get ready to go to hell.

Phoebe looks at the question and ponders this. "What do you tell a thirty year old woman that's scared to move out and live on her own?"

Prue thought about it until she heard Patty scream on the monitor showing she was awake. "I tell her to get a life. Do you mind watching her and writing while I watch the twins and brew the potion upstairs."

Phoebe smiled and held a hand out. "Go right ahead."

Clark walked down the underworld with Leo. Cole pointing to them exactly where to go. He's glad Piper and Paige were gone as he knew they'd follow him down and their powers are greatly diminished here. Clark walks in and sees a group of human like demons discussing powers trading lightning for energy ball.

"What are they doing? The sound like they're anteing up." Clark asked.

"They're trading powers." Cole answered.

"Oh" Clark calmly walked into the room and the power brokers all stared at him energy balls ready until they realized who they were aiming at. "Naman! We didn't mess with either of your kids."

Clark didn't say a word as his eyes lit up. "So who's been keeping their leftover powers in humans?"

The power brokers rolled their eyes. If they hid it in a human it's because it's a n upper level power and they're not risking it in the underworld. They all threw energy balls but Clark blasted straight through them with heat vision destroying them along with the power brokers as Clark leaned his head down and destroyed all the power balls. "Thanks Leo."

Leo just quietly nodded he's really glad he never got on Clark's bad side. "Don't mention it."

Clark and the boys orbed back in time to see Phoebe printing her article. Clark also sees Karen pacing the kitchen like a madwoman. "What did you say to her?"

"I told her Elise was hiding in there." Phoebe answered. "By the way that stuff she shoots out of her hand is like acid. You owe us a new microwave."

Clark looked at the destroyed microwave in the kitchen. "Fine do you guys have the potion ready?"

"Right here" Prue said coming down the steps with a white vial in her hands.

Phoebe looked in the kitchen and saw her pacing and melting the table. "OK I'm not going near her with that demonic power."

Prue nodded in agreement and got a better idea looking at the potion as she popped the lid moved it's content into Karen's mouth as the advice columnist glowed white and the power exited her.

Karen held herself up leaning on the counter and got reacquainted with the room. That she has never been here before what the heck is going on? "Clark where the hell am I?"

"My girlfriend's house" Clark answered. "What's the last thing you remember?"

Karen thought about it walking to work. "Nothing before this morning." Karen looks at the clock as her eyes shot out in horror. "Oh my god it's 6 o clock Elise going to fire me."

Phoebe looked at her and shot up. "Karen it's OK we have your article for you."

Karen took the article and read through it as Phoebe watched on nervously. The third charmed one stood there wondering why she suddenly felt like she was back in high school waiting for the teacher's approval for a test she never studied for. She doesn't know why but she felt happy when she made that article. "OK this is really good… but I'm giving you the credit. It was proactive, it was non-judgmental. The whole column had a freshness and a passion that it hasn't had for a really long time."

Clark looked at Karen. "Karen Elise said if you want your job you need a story by deadline."

Phoebe nodded in agreement. "She'll fire you in a minute."

Karen shrugged she could care less about her job anymore. "And if Elise is as good as she thinks she is she'll hire you. So if you can stand working for that witch more power to you."

Clark looked at her with a sudden understanding. "You want to quit your job."

Karen nodded. "Well, I hate Elise. And even though I'm not quite... sure what happened today, I zoned out an entire day and that scares me. Right now I just feel like I wanna spend more time at home with my kid. So I wanna say thanks, for everything."

Clark and Prue look upstairs hearing stereo whining and both roll their eyes parents are supposed to sleep when their kids sleep not fight the forces of evil.

"I think I know what you mean." Clark answered.

Karen heard the babies upstairs and hit him. "You jerk why didn't you tell me you had your baby."

"Elise never letup laying into you." Clark defended himself he didn't want to get her into more trouble.

Karen looked at him. "So boy or girl."

"Both" Clark replied. "Prue was happy that she got her little girl and then to everyone's surprise her twin brother came out ten minutes later."

Karen almost felt pity for Clark twins expected was bad enough but catching you by surprise that has to be ten times worst. "Doing a number on your budget huh?"

Clark shrugged. "Just means we have to buy more clothes."

Prue smiled seeing these two actually had a friendship in the office. "Do you want to see them?"

"Oh I'd love to." Karen nodded excitedly Clark was cute she wonders what seeing him as a baby would be like as she follows the two upstairs. "And when I hand in my resignation I'll give you some baby clothes Zack outgrew."

Clark smiled gratefully he's going to miss Karen but it should be interesting with Phoebe there.

Two Weeks Later

Paige sat resting her head on the kitchen table in the middle of the night. They really suck at this job lately. Two weeks and two sisters have died. Last week Leo confronted his demons about World War II when Piper was killed but saved in time when Leo finally fought his demons and this week she joined the legion of the undead. Apparently they thought the new source was weak for hiding from Clark and Prue so they made a power play. She was a vampire of all things. Thankfully however Clark killed the queen and her family before she killed anyone. Prue came down with Patty in her arms and saw her moping.

"Well if it makes you feel any better you can feed Patty." Prue offered.

Paige chuckled that's all on her. "So where's Clark?"

"He's mad at me." Prue responded and truth be told she can't really blame him.

"There really was a vampire behind me you know." Paige responded.

"Yeah well I know that now." Prue replied. "It's just you were dressed as sexy vampire with midriff and cleavage and I kind of panicked seeing Clark's eyes light up."

Paige put her head back down. "I'm sorry you feel this way but can you let it go. I still can't believe I got turned into a vampire."

Prue patted her on the shoulder. "It's OK sweetie. You're not really a charmed one until you get turned into something." Prue grabbed a bottle of formula from the fridge and warmed it up with her eyes as Clark showed her.

"Bet you never got turned into anything." Paige countered.

Prue chuckled. "Actually I got turned into a dog and a dude."

Paige quickly covered her mouth and tried not laugh. "Dude looks like a lady."

Prue glared at her. "Paige… in what world is it wise to make a sleep deprived woman cranky while she's holding hot formula."

Paige just quietly muted herself and gave Prue the leeway as she heard Jonathon start crying.

Paige chuckled getting to her feet. "I'll get him while you… Clark's coming."

Prue looked at her she doesn't hear him but soon enough a red and blue blur entered and Clark came down holding Jonathon in his new blur suit. Prue looks at him. "You know you look ridiculous in that."

Clark looks himself over he's in denim jeans a sky blue shirt with the S symbol and a red cape. "I don't look that bad. And the cape will look good when I fly."

"If you ever fly." Prue countered.

"I'm up to ten seconds." Clark defended himself as they fed the twins burped them and put them back to sleep. "So did you tell her yet?"

Prue glared at him. "Ha, ha not very funny."

"Tell me what?" Paige asked.

"My girlfriend insists that we sleep together." Clark answered.

Paige smiled looking to Prue. "Did she now?"

Prue rolled her eyes damn perfect memory why does she have to love him so much. "I might have said something about that when I was ticked off but to be fair I'm three weeks sleep deprived and two fo my sisters died in as many weeks."

Paige leaned over the table. "I don't know that's very generous of my big sis."

Clark leaned over the table and they both just turned around and gently kissed Prue on the forehead and sat down laughing.

Prue glared at the two ready to throw them into the neighbor's yard. "I have the strength to lift up my truck and hit you with it."

"You love us we know." Paige replied. "Besides I already told you annoying baby brother I always have to look after."

"Hey!" Clark protested.

"Just saying I saved your neck in that cave." Paige replied.

"Yeah so you could take a chunk out for yourself it doesn't count." Clark countered and kissed Prue as Paige looked away. "Besides there's only one charmed one I love."

Paige smiled seeing the two she's happy for them and you definitely don't do anything to a family. She'd probably orb the guy's testacles if anyone ever used her like that while having a family. "Why don't you two head to bed I'm still readjusting from vampire time so I can watch the twins."

Prue turned to Clark and they both shared a smile. "Thanks sis."

Paige smiled seeing them both disappear in a blur. With how quick they move they can probably have some fun and then go back to sleep for a couple hours.

Clark wakes up the next day and saw Prue asleep and gently kissed her cheek hopping out of bed. He goes into a bureau and looks at a lump of coal and quietly crushes it in just the right way to make a diamond. He looks the diamond over for a minute and just throws it out the window. Prue doesn't deserve an encore of Lana. She deserved much better. Clark came downstairs and saw Piper smiling at him.


Piper smiled making a coffee with ten sugars has she mentioned she hates Clark's metabolism. "You're thinking of popping the question to my sister."

"A-am not." Clark responded.

Piper chuckled taking a seat so he is thinking of the question but he's just not sure yet.

Clark looked at her might as well get advice from one of the sisters. "But what if I was I mean I've never met a woman like Prue and I don't want to risk losing her by scaring her off."

Piper smiled she knew it. "Clark I don't think you're going to lose her. And if you ask she might say yes I mean you guys are looking for a place of your own and you've got a family. What took you so long to ask?"

"I wasn't going to ask a woman to marry me because I knocked her up." Clark pointed out. He got her pregnant but he wasn't going to let Prue throw her life away on someone she might not have even liked considering how the twins were conceived.

Piper nodded she could respect Clark for that. "Well I don't know what you're going to do but don't ask our dad first other wards she will probably never marry you."

Clark frowned watching her leave. "Thanks for the advice."

Cole came in with a diamond in his hand. "Look at this thing I'm going to pawn this and get a decent suit for job interviews and get Phoebe something nice."

Clark rolled his eyes also he has to figure out a new ring no doing the Lana shtick especially considering how bad it ended.

The Seer was in the underworld listening to one of her minions. "My lady I beg of you he is too weak doing it now will vanquish him."

"It is a necessary sacrifice to save our world." She points out or more particularly points up showing one of the ripples has made it to the Underworld. "Now I am off to go bath myself in…goodness." The Seer got out disgusted. "Be thankful you are not me."

The Seer flamed out and when she reemerged she showed up in something that resembled a school library or a Hogwarts knock off depending on who you ask. The Seer walked the hall no demon has ever stepped foot here. If she can take control of this place she can wipe out any force of good. "I know you are here elder. Show yourself."

"You are not welcome in this place Source."

The Seer smiled. "Tough words from a cowardly elder. Show yourself you know I can not harm you in this place."

"But you can make me spend an eternity as a pile of ashes." The elder pointed out.

The Seer looked at one of the books. "I can also do that to your children in this magic school but I will not. We have a world to save if you are willing to show yourself."

A trail of purple orbs entered magic school showing what would appear to be a middle aged bearded man. In reality he is an elder and one of the most powerful ones simply known as Gideon.

Gideon looked at her. "What do you think you can do to save the world?"

The Seer smiled. "I can close the holes in the planet I can restore everything to what it was."

Gideon though about it and the idea appealed to him. "You're evil and you will always be evil why should I trust you at all."

"Because you can't rule a world when there is no one left to rule." The Seer answered bluntly. "Make no mistake I am disgusted to work with you but it is work that must be done for the sake of everyone."

"The Charmed Ones will find a way to close the portals they're the strongest witches for a reason." Gideon replied.

"For now but we both know as time goes on that won't be the case." The Seer pointed out. "There will be at least two that will pass them and I assure you master elder you have reason to fear them as you do. As they say evil only has to win once."

Gideon shakes his head in denial. "Clark and Prue are powerful. They will make sure their children walk down a righteous path they have the power to control them."

The Seer smiled seeing him doubt himself. "So you think. I just need your help with one little thing. And you will be the savior of two worlds."

"And what would I be helping you with?" Gideon asked.

"To keep Naman occupied while I do what must be done. I assure you from this day forward no harm will come to Naman from any demon as long as I live." The Seer answered.

Gideon looked to the Seer as lightning crackled through his fingers. "Know this I will bring down the full wrath of the elders on you if you deceive me about the world or hurt a single human witch or kryptonian life."

The Seer smiled seeing she got him. "I agree. Now let's save the world."

Author's Notes

Thanks for the reviews

Gideon's main problem was how powerful Wyatt was as a baby and Chris' warning which might have been a self fulfilling prophecy. Given the fact that so far Clark and Prue have proven to be far more powerful then the twins he's letting it slide and even defending them like he did when he stood up for Leo and Piper. I always liked the character because unlike most charmed villains he never saw himself as evil. He was a well intentioned extremist which is why they had to have him kill Chris a witch and glasses guy to be Ok with killing him.

Up next: The Battle for Two Worlds.