Piper and Phoebe came out of P3 holding their heads, evil Clark not a lot of fun especially when he's immune to their powers. Phoebe walks out and she's not sure how she knows but Prue is in trouble. She walks ahead and Piper just follows she's not sure how she knows maybe it's because of her premonitions and they're evolving or maybe it's just their bond as charmed ones. But she comes over and sees Prue on her knees not quite there completely.

Phoebe looked at her. "Prue are you OK?"

"He's gone." Prue replied in a mutter.

Piper smiled. "That's good right? No more evil Clark. We get back to trying to close the portals."

Prue shook her head. "Clark came and defeated the evil one. When he said he was powerful I just… seeing is believing."

Phoebe looked at her and got a pretty good idea what happened. "They didn't kill each other did they?"

"Clark defeated him. And then the Seer showed up and opened a portal. They're both gone." Prue explained.

Phoebe looked at Prue and got her big sister back to her feet. "Is that it? All that want to be evil did was lock Clark behind a door. We just have to find the key."

Prue got to her feet. "I know problem is I don't even know where to begin to look."

Piper looked at the three they have to figure out a way to keep Clark out of trouble. No innocent has ever caused them this much trouble.

The three are distracted by Piper's cell phone ringing. Piper looks at it and sees that it's from Darryl… what now? "Hello… Darryl what's up…?" Prue and Phoebe watch as Piper's mouth forms a perfect O. "What! I'd never… the bouncers would have… I'll be right there."

Phoebe looked at her flustered face. She can honestly say she has never seen Piper so confused. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing" Piper answered. "Unless you count the multiple sex acts being performed right outside my club."

Phoebe looked at her go as the words set in. "Wait… what?"

The sisters walk to the club and sure enough see the sights as they go into the club and see the whole place has been transformed. Piper looked around and was startled by what she saw. Stripper poles all around how the hell did someone turn her club into a strip joint in five minutes?

Piper looked around. "OK how do I make this madness stop before I'm arrested?"

Prue shrugged but gets an idea. "I think I have an idea. Just tell them to. Stick your head out and tell them to… very meanly too."

Piper shrugged she didn't have any other ideas so she did it as she got a mean face on and stuck her head out the door. "Hey skanks get your asses in here and don't ever do anything like that outside the club again."

Piper watched as the girls pushed people off and quickly sorted out their clothes to look presentable.

"Sorry Mrs. Wyatt we didn't recognize you in such colorful clothes. You must have been miserable in the underworld." One of the women said scared to death.

"Damn right I was now get in here." Piper ordered.

Prue watched as everyone came in followed behind by Piper.

Piper saw Prue's eyes. "You know what's going on don't you?"

"I think we're merging with Dark Clark's world or one of the bad ones and my guess is when Clark got taken through the portal it was like putting a forest fire out with napalm."

All three sisters were stopped as the earth started to shake. Prue looked around and she thinks they don't have a lot of time left.

Martha was watching the twins. Jonathon was asleep and Patty was sucking away on a pacifier. Martha knew it wasn't healthy for a baby to suck on them for long so she went to take it off her.

Paige came in from the barn. That wasn't the best news and now she has to tell Martha she sees her bent over Patty's crib and just starts. "Martha I have to tell you something… Clark got sucked into a portal. They're working to get him out and I'm sure they will but… hey eyes off the grandchildren." Paige went to pull Martha up but saw she was frozen solid as she looked down on her niece and picked her up. "Patty… did you freeze your grandma?"

Paige waited and eventually the freeze wore off as Martha moved and turned around startled.

"It's OK Patty's right here." Paige assured her and went for a much more civil action. "Binky"

The pacifier orbed from Patty's mouth into Paige's hand. Paige looked at Martha and got ready as she had to tell her the bad news.

A portal opened dropping Kal in the water and Clark on land. Clark gets to his feet and sees a fountain of water and not much else except for two roads and a great big gaping nothing. God knows how big that drop is as Kal shoots out awake from the water. Kal looks around and sees exactly where they are at.

The dark kryptonian got to his feet livid. "Just… great for six months I tried to escape this hell and now I'm right back to where I started from."

Clark looked around trying to see the sights but with the exception of fog he has nothing. "Where are we?"

Kal smiled seeing Clark rattled well on the bright side he took the hero down with him. "Purgatory… as far as I can tell it's some kind of bridge that connects your world to mine. Only when you sucker punched me you left me here for six months." Kal stuck his finger up. "And sadly…" Clark looked up and saw a yellow sun. "We can't die of natural causes here at least not for thousands of years anyway."

Clark looked around there has to be a way out. Clark points behind Kal. "What about that road?"

Kal rolled his eyes and pointed behind Clark to the other road. "Leads right there I should know god knows... I've tried it a thousand times!"

Clark just looked around. "What about jumping off?"

Kal looked down. "Even with all my visions I can't see a bottom but there are walls."

Clark looked at him confused. "Define walls"

Kal picked up a little rock in the sand and threw it off the land as it goes thirty feet but bounces off a blue barrier. "Took a super jump one day to end it all was smacked against that and knocked back to my little island hero."

Clark looked at him. "What makes you think I'm a hero?"

"Because I watched you from in here boyscout." Kal replied. "Those people should fear you not the other way around."

Clark clenched his knuckles. "I go out to protect everyone not make the whole world fear me and try to kill me. How did I become you anyway? As far as Chloe told me there's one of each of us in each world so how did we end up so different."

"Oh will you shut the hell up Mike Brady." Kal protested as he walked towards the river with Clark following. "I thought of you and you appeared. I'd rather think of my kid but I don't know her name much less what she looks like."

Clark walked up behind him. No he will not feel guilt for this monster ah... damnit. "Her name is Patty she has Prue's brown hair and my blue eyes… She also has a twin brother Jonathon he takes after us but has Prue's eyes."

Kal rolled his eyes and turned to Clark. "Well lucky you." Kal simply pointed to the water. "As I said I thought of you Mr. Blur and there you were."

Clark looked at him. "Great maybe I can use it to figure out a way to get a message to the others. I'm going to vaporize the Seer if I ever see her…"

Kal smirked seeing the water come to life showing a high priestess in his world but this one was evil. "I could use this Seer."

"I'm trying to focus. Please be quiet." Clark pleaded for a moment's peace wondering who she is talking to since he can't see the face or anything for that matter.

Gideon looked at the Seer. "Your plan has failed. And even worse at the rate the earthquakes are raising the planet will tear itself apart by the end of the day."

"Quite the contrary my plan is working to perfection master elder." The Seer countered.

"And how is that?" Gideon asked.

The Seer smiled. "Naman has been contained. Now I can do what I have to and end this before it ends our world."

Clark turned to Kal. "Do you know who she's talking to?"

Kal shakes his head. "Not a clue… probably a demon."

Gideon looked at her. "And then we'll free the boy."

The Seer nodded it was her bargain after all. "When this is done Kal El will be set free."

Clark looked to Kal as the two kryptonians looked back down and saw the Seer had flamed away from her partner and was now talking to an elderly looking man wearing a cloak in the underworld.

Kal looked at him and his curiosity is peaked he knows the Seer but this guy is a complete mystery to him. "OK I got the Seer but why is she talking to the guy from Kill Bill?"

Clark looked at him but thanks to the book of shadows he knows who it is. "That's Tempus… but he's supposed to be dead Prue vanquished him years ago."

Kal looked at the screen in confusion what was so important they had to lock up him and Clark in this hell hole?

Clark on the other hand had a much darker thought. OK this isn't good. Clark clears his mind and focuses on the woman he loves and the mother of his children as he sees the Manor clear as day as Piper, Phoebe, and Prue enter.

Piper and Phoebe enter the manor as Prue runs up to the attic in a blur. Prue went to the book but heard a slightly odd sound from the floor. Prue moved her foot on the board and shook it to the same odd sound. Prue lifts up the board and found something wrapped in cloth.

Piper came in and saw Prue holding something. "Oh please tell me that's not demonic there's only so much I can take right now."

Prue unfolded the cloth and saw a very beautiful bracelet.

Phoebe looked at it and she can honestly say it's pretty with the green gemstone in it. "What is it?"

Prue looked carefully at the artifact. The days of Buckland's come back into her head. Until they all became money grubbing parasites she can honestly say that she enjoyed her job seeing little pieces of history cross their doorstop. But then everything became value instead of keeping important values and by the end both she and her boss were happy to see her go. "It's at least a couple hundred years old. Looks to be Native American in origin. Silver lining green authentic gem."

"It's not like a native American warning that says burn the witches is it?" Piper asked.

Prue rolled her eyes he must have been keeping it here for safe keeping. "No… it's a bracelet worn by Kawatche women given to them by their soul mates only the gems are usually red... this means its for someone important like a chief's wife… or their god's."

Phoebe rubbed her sister's shoulder. "We're going to get him back."

The girls watch as Cole entered out of breath with a black eye and bruises causing Phoebe to laugh and get out between laughs. "Cole... what happened to you?"

"I went to confession." Cole confessed since he was suddenly faced with mortality a clean slate was very appealing to him. "It's quite an interesting experience when the priest punches you in the face through the confessional and starts choking you."

Prue looked at him. "Wow you make friends everywhere."

Cole rolled his eyes. "It's something else the priest was calm one minute but the next he was choking me shouting at me and calling me Balthazar the traitor when I never even brought up my past… it's like it knew exactly who I was?"

Piper looked up and shouted. "Leo… down here… now."

Leo came down in blue orbs. "Well whatever is going on I hope it's important."

Piper was taken back by how blunt Leo was. "Honey what's wrong?"

Leo looked at her. "Oh it's sheer panic up there. Earthquakes are rocking every 10 minutes white lighters are becoming dark lighters what's going on?"

"We don't know we saw it too with P3." Piper answered.

"Yeah I was going to ask about that." Cole quipped. "I stopped by on the way here."

Prue looked up and gave her an idea. "That thing Clark warned us about it's happening now and lets not forget Jor El's little warning." They all looked down as the gem on her arm started to glow.

Phoebe had a look nothing good ever comes out of this. "Is it supposed to do that?"

Prue looked at Phoebe like she knows for all she knows this could the kryptonian version of a Kawatche wedding ring. "No idea" Prue listens as she hears a voice off in the distance but can barely hear it so she focuses on the sound trying to pull it out… It was the worst mistake she ever made as she grabs her head and kneels on the floor. "Oh son of a bitch… g… get out of my head."

Phoebe ran over to her and held her. "Prue… what's happening to her?"

Piper helped Phoebe pull her up and grunted she's a lot heavier then she looks. "Oh she didn't lose all the baby weight yet."

Prue glared at her sister. "I have a dense molecular structure now... or at least I'm getting one."

"Sure" Piper answered not believing her for a moment. "So why did you tap into your superhearing?"

Prue held her head. "God how does he deal with that every moment?"

Phoebe shrugged. "It's his power just as it's yours now. Prue you can control it just like you do all his other powers I mean you two don't shake the earth when you do it anymore so it shouldn't be that hard."

"I don't know if I can." Prue replied. "I haven't felt anything like that since I was an empath."

Piper looked at her sister and saw the pain but she thinks it was worse with Empathy she's just thankful her powers didn't go off. "And when it came down to it you not only mastered empathy you shoved it into Vincent as a grenade and vanquished him. Prue you can do this you just have to focus. And pull out the sound you want. Just make that one sound an ocean... or something you're not afraid of"

Prue looked at her sister's and they're not exactly wrong their strength comes from embracing their powers… and their emotions. Prue puts an ear out as the panic in San Francisco starts playing and one by one she turns the sounds off until she hears the one voice.


Prue's eyes lit up. "Clark… where the hell are you?"

Cole looks to Phoebe who just shrugs. "Anyone care to explain this?"

Phoebe looked at her husband. "You actually have to start asking questions now? She's talking to Clark."

Cole looked at Phoebe. "Well where is he and how come we can't hear him? I'm starting to worry about her."

"Another world maybe they can talk because of that bracelet." Phoebe offered.

Prue looked at it. Could it be as easy as that Clark is their god so it would make sense he gets the best toys. "Yeah I got your engagement present have to say it's unique."

"What engagement present?" Clark asked.

Pure looked at her wrist. "The Kawatche bracelet"

Clark thought on it for a moment. "Oh actually I just wanted you to have that. The man who gave it to me said I should give it to my soul mate. I have no doubt that its you."

Prue smiled. "Are you OK in there?"

"There's nothing but a little puddle of water a sun and two paths I'm dandy. Other me is here too."

Prue knew that was where the Seer put him. "Any idea what The Seer is up to?"

"Not a clue but she's been talking to Tempus…"

Prue waited but heard nothing. "Clark, Clark… I must have lost him."

Piper looked cautiously at her sister. "Are you sure you were even talking to him."

Prue nodded. "Yeah I'm sure he was trying to warn me about something with Tempus."

"He's kind of late isn't he we vanquished him about three years ago." Piper replied.

Leo and Cole share a look that doesn't go past Prue. The oldest charmed one looked at them and asked. "OK what's with the looks?"

Leo explained he had to as their whitelighter. "You didn't vanquish Tempus you only weakened him. But it doesn't make sense he's still very weak from you pulling him out of time doing it now would likely kill him."

"Not if he can just undo his initial weakening in the new time." Phoebe answered having a pretty good idea of what's about to happen.

Piper looked at her. "You know what's happening?"

Phoebe shrugged her shoulder she's uncertain at best. "Maybe I mean I had a premonition about Clark."

Prue shakes her head. "The Seer stopped going after Clark when we smashed the marketplace."

"This wasn't full grown Clark. This was spaceship." Phoebe replied.

Prue nodded she should have seen it earlier. "That's her plan."

Cole was genuinely confused. "What plan?"

"I can't deny it anymore. Clark's the cause of the world's falling apart. I don't know how to fix that but I can't let the Seer corrupt him to evil either." Prue pointed out. "Clark's destiny is to save the world so he deserves that chance."

Phoebe nodded. "We have to find a way to get back to the past. Can't the book do it we've done it before?"

Piper shakes her head no vehemently. "I don't think so. Even if it works we always lose our powers going back in time. It will be suicidal to fight the Source as mortals."

Prue thought on it and smiled. "The ring"

Prue disappeared in a blur leaving Piper and Phoebe confused. Piper pointed in frustration. "OK what was she talking about?" They hear a loud racket downstairs and all run down seeing Prue tearing apart her and Clark's room.

Phoebe looked at the mess. "Prue what are you doing?"

Prue kept tearing apart the room and using x ray vision. "After the pride thing me and Clark the first time we really…"

Phoebe rolled her eyes. "The world's ending get on with it. For god sake how are you going to tell the twins when they get older?"

Prue glared at her. "Point is we were attacked by a guy with an axe and saved by a team in the future. They gave us a ring capable of traveling through time. I think they knew we were going to need it."

The conversation is cut short as an earthquake rampages through the house as they all get into doorways for cover as Prue finds the ring as a piece of drywall falls on her head. "OK I got it."

Cole looked at them. "OK take Leo and go now. You'll need the power to orb."

Piper looked at everyone. "What about Paige?"

Prue shakes her head. "We can't leave the kids unprotected in this and we have to go now."

Phoebe looked at Cole. "You're not coming."

Cole shakes his head. "I'd only be a risk… go now."

The charmed ones all gather together as Leo takes Piper's hand who takes Phoebe's. Prue smiled seeing she has her family's support as she takes Phoebe's hand and they are all enveloped by a bright pink light.

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