Clark smiled walking back with Prue to the farm. He can honestly never remember being happier in his whole life. He's engaged to a beautiful woman whom accepts him completely and has two wonderful kids with her and a brand new little big sister.

Prue smiled looking down at the ring on her finger as they both came in from the rain. "Well that was fun. Do you think you can…?" She pointed at her wet clothes.

Clark looked at her his weren't exactly dry. "Same time 1… 2… 3."

Clark hit Prue's clothes with a stream of heat vision as she hit Clark both fast drying their clothes.

Clark and Prue went upstairs to Clark's room as that's where they're staying whenever they're in Smallville. They both head upstairs and see Kara in the middle of changing Jonathon's diaper.

Clark looked at Kara. "Where's Paige?"

Kara smiled looking at the two. "Oh I sent her to bed when I got back from putting my ship up north. I wanted some alone time with my little niece and nephew."

Clark watched her, he wonders if Krypton is the same as earth. "Do you know what you're doing?"

"I changed your diapers." Kara pointed out.

Clark blushed well that wasn't embarrassing or anything. "I could have gone my whole life without knowing that."

Prue smirked seeing Clark so red. She will admit there's a squick factor about them being the same age now but it's not like it was intentional. "So are you going to spend some time in that ice castle too?

Kara nodded its where she was burying her ship. "I can't very well level a block because I sneezed. Might get my brother's family into trouble."

Clark nodded thankful he learned that one before it came to it. "So why did Zor El... do what he did"

Kara looked at him and saw he was curious about his new sister. "You mean make me while he had a wife." Clark weakly nodded and Kara explained it. "My father was obsessed with your mother looking back now I should have seen it from when he looked at Lara through a telescope."

Clark looked away embarrassed as Prue stopped herself from laughing second generation voyeur who knew. "Relax you outgrew it."

Kara ignored the scene and continued. "Anyway Kal El your parents had so much trouble trying to conceive my father saw it as an opening. He made me from DNA of both himself and Lara and kept my true origins hidden when I was born. When I was four years old Zor El made his move."

"Why did he wait so long?" Prue asked

Kara shrugged not sure. "Maybe he saw how happy I made my mother but didn't want to wait any longer he told us every thing. Needless to say neither of us took it well and Zor El quickly wiped out our memories. When he found out Lara finally did get pregnant he tried to take you in as his son but Lara of course rejected him. I think that was what made him join Zod."

Clark looked at her Jonathon, he must like her because his forcefield didn't go up. Maybe he knew she was actually family the whole time. Clark decides to change the subject seeing how much it hurts Kara to bring it up. "So are you staying with us?"

Kara nodded gently rocking Jonathon once finished. "I missed you grow up Kal El, all things considered that was probably for the best. But these little guys are apart of us I wouldn't miss them growing up for the world." Clark and Prue listened and leaned into each other snuggling while Kara sung a kryptonian lullaby form the sounds of it to Jonathon who quickly drifted back to sleep.

One Month Later

Prue laid down against Clark collecting herself. One month ago Clark proposed she said yes and things have actually settled down. The Angel of Destiny showed up and was quickly shown the door when it offered to take their powers and give them normal lives. Kara has been managing time between Clark, the kids, and Jor El learning how to properly use her powers on earth without destroying everything. Prue focused on the wedding which was going to be a small gathering of trusted friends and family because Patty has freezing powers according to Paige. Also today was the twin's big day. The day of their wiccaning to protect them from future evil not they might actually need it, the underworld is till quaking from them taking out two sources and Tempest leaving demonic elders killing each other left and right.

Prue got out of bed and slipped a shirt on leaving Clark where he is as she got changed. She heads up to the attic and sees her sisters mixing a potion. "The last demon that can assault the wiccaning."

Phoebe nodded. "We're about to summon him right now."

Paige looked at the spell and started. "Demons who dwell in slivers of night uncloak your shadows to witch's sight."

A cloaked demon appeared behind them and Prue immediately held it down with her powers as Piper threw a potion vanquishing it.

"And that's it for the creepers." Piper finished realizing they're done. As she turns to Prue excited for a bit of normality. "So how's the wedding planning going?"

Prue shrugged it's kind of hard to plan when you're going for discreet. "Getting along, though right now my main concern is the wiccaning I want to make sure everything goes fine for Patty and Jonathon."

Piper looked at her with a smile. "Are you sure this has nothing to do with the fact that this will be the first time you introduce Clark to Mom."

"Well I'm sure they'll get along she didn't have a fit when Phoebe introduced her to Cole at Piper's wedding and he was a demon." Prue pointed out.

Phoebe nodded in agreement. Grams definitely would have tried to vanquish Cole if she had a body that day. "None of which matters if we don't summon her."

Prue nodded in agreement they had her there. "Alright you think the guys have it ready by now?"

Paige went for the door. "I'll go see."

Prue turned to Phoebe actually listening closely and hears something very interesting from Piper. How could she keep this from them? "Why don't you go with her?"

Phoebe shrugged she guesses Prue wants to be alone with Piper maybe have a wedding talk about the maid of honor. "OK"

Prue turned to Piper once Phoebe was out the door. "So when were you going to tell me?"

Piper looked at her what on earth is she talking about. "Tell you what?"

Prue studied Piper's face. "Come on Piper I have super hearing and X-ray vision did you think I wouldn't find out."

"I'm well aware of the powers you got from doing it with Clark Prue what does that have to do with anything?" Piper asked.

Prue smiled she's happy for her sister and she can find out on her own. "So how's adoption going for you and Leo?"

Piper frowned. "Not that good, me and Leo tried all the orphanages but they keep coming back to all the unexplained scar tissue from demon attacks and the clock that keeps getting repaired. I think they think Leo hits me."

Prue held a hand over her mouth stopping a laugh. "Sorry I just can't ever see that."

Piper nodded getting the visual it is kind of funny considering he's an angel of all things. "Well, we'll figure out a way to have a child. Maybe I can hit myself with Pride and Leo with lust."

Prue playfully nudged her and started walking with Piper right behind her.

"So are you and Clark still moving out soon?" Piper asked.

Prue nodded knowing they'll have to. They've had roaming blackouts with all the people living here now. "Yeah we can't all live in the manor forever besides you'll have Phoebe and Paige here with you." And one more Prue quietly notes to herself.

Cole was on the phone with a very important person he's waited weeks for this. "Yes I can start Monday… that's great… nine AM first thing got it."

Leo looked up at him from his spot on the floor. "Good news?"

Cole nodded with a smile seeing he can finally support Phoebe he was sick of being a trophy husband. "I applied at a law firm and I just got in… I knew that place didn't check references."

Leo nodded actually happy for him because lacked he something in life ever since being turned into a human it was nice to see him making a life for himself.

Phoebe came down with Paige and saw Cole and how happy he was. "Alright… what gives?"

Cole smiled he knew he couldn't keep this from her. "Grant and Anderson just called… I got the job." Phoebe almost squealed in excitement and hugged him she had her column but she knew Cole was struggling to find his identity hopefully this will help.

Piper came down and stood next to Leo. "Guys come on down we're waiting."

Prue came down holding Patty as Clark came down holding Jonathon. Patty was dressed in a little white dress for the occasion and Jonathon was dressed in a blue shirt and black pants. They had matching white shoes as Prue stood at the circle well here goes nothing. "Hear my words, hear my cry, spirit on the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide."

Clark watches as a middle aged woman comes out of white lights she barely looks older then Prue.

Patty Halliwell looks around and sees three of her daughters she's happy to see them but this violates personal gain in a big way. "Paige, Piper, Phoebe why did you guys summon me?"

Piper smiled and simply pointed behind her. "We didn't she did."

Patty turned around and saw her oldest holding her granddaughter and her boyfriend holding her grandson. Patty held her hand to her mouth in awe not believing this. Her baby has her own babies. "Oh my god, Prue they're beautiful."

Prue smiled and walked over with Clark. "Her name is Patty… I named her after you. And the boy is Jonathon we named him after Clark's father."

Patty smiled looking down at her grandchildren. They were so precious she didn't understand how the elders thought Clark was dangerous not after everything he has done. "Prue they're beautiful." She looked over to Clark. "And I take it you're the one that had the elders at my throat when they found out Prue was pregnant."

Clark nodded holding his head down. "Yeah sorry about that. I'm Clark…"

"Kent I know." Patty assured him.

Clark looked at her interested in her white dress. "How did you know that?"

Patty smiled just because she's dead doesn't mean… well she doesn't have a life but she still exists. "I talked to people, your father, Ryan, Alicia, and Kyla."

"Alicia and Kyla made it up there?" Clark asked hopefully.

Patty nodded. "I can't really talk about it I'm not allowed to. So can I hold my grandchildren?"

Prue and Clark each put a child in one of Patty's arms and were relieved Jonathon was such a people person other wards his force field might have gone up.

Patty smiled at her grandchildren. Jonathon is adorable and little Patty reminds her so much of Prue whom she turns to. "Don't think for a minute that I'm not thrilled to see you but why did you summon me?"

"We wanted you to perform the wiccaning." Prue replied she can't think of anyone better.

Patty smiled she's honored but… "I'm afraid I can't sweetheart you need a high priestess and I died before I could finish learning but your grams can do it."

Prue muttered under breath. "Great this should be fun." Prue turned and saw her mother looking at her upset. She wasn't as low sounding as she thought she was.

"How could you say that?" Patty asked offended.

Prue sighed and took Jonathon off her and gently rocked him back and forth with her. "Because Grams is a sexist… what am I the only one that noticed it?"

"Grams is not a sexist." Piper replied.

Prue rolled her eyes. "Oh please that woman hated every boy I ever brought home including Andy and they made him an angel. She chased off dad after you died. Add to that what happened when Phoebe wore her ring I have a very strong case for wanting to keep her away from Jonathon."

Patty frowned handing little Patty to Clark. She can't believe Prue said that as she took her grandson off Prue. "Or she'll see him and love him because he's her great grandson. Hear my words, hear my cry, spirit on the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide."

Penny appears in the circle and has a chat with the air. Piper smirks and cleared her throat. Penny looked around and saw the charmed ones. She smiled seeing Prue with a flat stomach again. "How did you lose the baby weight so fast?"

"Good genes, and its good to see you too Grams." Prue replied.

Penny smiled bashfully. "I'm sorry I'm just so excited. So where is the little one?"

"Little ones" Prue corrected. "I had twins and they're right behind you."

Penny turned around and saw Clark gently rocking a little baby Prue whom he handed over to her he's saw enough pictures to know her face. Penny smiled gently rocking Patty in her arms as Prue made the introduction. "Grams this is baby Patty."

Penny smiled remembering when all of them were this young except for Paige. "Oh, hello there my little darling."

Clark smiled taking Patty back she seemed nice enough.

Prue pointed over to her mother whom was rocking another baby. "And this little one is baby Jonathon."

Penny looked at her daughter as she scooped up the second baby. Admittedly she still can't figure out how Patty came up with Prudence but. "Isn't Jonathon a little weird for a girl's name Prue? What about Joanne?"

Phoebe looked at her like he had had fallen off. "Grams it's a boy look at the outfit."

Grams looked it over and saw the realization how… what… "What?"

"You didn't know?" Paige asked.

Penny shook her head she obviously didn't know, what happened. "Well, no, I-I mean I just assumed it was a... What went wrong?"

Clark's eyes flashed red for a moment. "Wrong?"

Cole looked around and muttered to Phoebe. "Today on Springer gender wars in a dysfunctional mystical alien family."

Penny shakes her head quick to correct herself. "Oh-oh, well, I don't mean wrong, wrong. It's just that we've always had girls."

"And now we have a boy." Piper replied.

Penny hands the baby back to Patty and goes for little Patty again. The baby starts crying and having a fit in her arms.

Prue looked at her and it was weird the twins loved to be held but little Patty is acting like a demon has her. She walks to Clark and whispers. "What's wrong with Patty?" She waits for a response and gets nothing. She looks up and sees Clark frozen. She turns to Leo and Cole and sees them frozen as well. "Piper, mom, did either of you two freeze the room?"

Piper looked around and saw everything frozen. "No, not me?"

Patty shakes her head holding Jonathon. "I don't even know if I have powers in this body."

Paige watched as the front door opened revealing Kara who quickly froze in place and pointed at Penny. "Oh my god it really is her."

"What am I doing?" Penny asked.

Paige shakes her head. "Not you… its Patty she's going nuts trying to freeze Grams."

Penny looked at her. "She has no reason to freeze me."

Paige had an idea considering she essentially called Jonathon a mistake. "Then give her to Prue."

Penny does as told and Patty calmed right down being back in her mother's arms as everyone unfroze and Kara shut the door.

Clark saw enough to know that he was frozen. "What's going on?"

"Patty really has the power to stop time which probably means Jonathon has premonitions." Prue answered as she turned to her mother. "You made two rings that stop our powers you think you can help me make something for Clark and Kara so this doesn't happen again. We thought we had a ring but it only worked on one evil person."

Patty nodded with a smile hoping for time alone with her. "I'd love to."

Clark watched them go up and heard a knock on the door. Kara turned to the door and opened it oblivious to what the sight meant.

Phoebe and Clark had much different opinions as their mouths hung open in shock.

"Mom!" Clark said surprised.

"Dad!" Phoebe offered just as surprised.

Clark looked at the two holding hands. "What's going on?"

Martha smiled and walked up to him and hugged him. "Hi sweetie."

"Yeah… hi, what was that?" Clark asked seeing his mom with Prue's dad.

Martha looked at him and was trying to figure out the words. "Well… it's complicated."

Clark bit his tongue well… he certainly wasn't expecting this. "I have to go help Prue with the twins." Clark went upstairs leaving Martha alone with the charmed ones.

Cole looked at Clark go what the hell was that about?

They looked at the door as Chloe came in wrapping everything up.

Prue sat on the chair looking at Penny as she went through everything. "Grams we went through every potential threat to the matriarchs. Creepers, zombies, we even made sure the alchemist was still dead."

"What about the necromancer?" Penny asked.

The adult Patty looked at her mother confused. "You vanquished him at my wiccaning."

Penny shook her head and went for the book. "I banished him to the spirit world and that man… that demon is resilient he's probably found a way back by now."

Prue looked at Clark come into the room and snuggle next to the crib making faces at the twins as they smile at their father's behavior and stick their tongues out.

Penny smiled seeing Patty distracted and went to hold her when a forcefield of light surrounded the crib cutting her off but keeping Clark in it.

Clark smiled and whispered in Jonathon's ears. "Are you keeping the mean old lady away from your sister?"

"I can hear you Clark." Prue pointed out. There's enough tension between her and Grams she doesn't need him fanning the flames. "So why are you up here I thought your mom and Chloe were coming?"

Clark nodded weakly grabbing a bottle of formula for each baby. "She is I'm just… hiding from my mom."

Prue looked at him. "You stopped a twenty car pile up and oh yeah the source of all evil. Why would you hide from your mother?"

"Because I think she's about to start something with your father." Clark replied.

Penny rolled her eyes Victor always seems to cause trouble. "She should just get a dog they'll last longer."

Clark rolled his eyes and looked at Penny as the elder witch looked at him with an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I just, never had much luck with men."

Clark looked at her confused. "You were married four times."

"Exactly" Penny replied.

Prue picked up Jonathon seeing Clark had Patty. "We need to go talk in private so if you'll excuse us."

Patty watched them go with the twins leaving her alone with her mother. "You mind being a little more open minded."

Penny shrugged. "What I do?"

Patty looked at her in awe. "You haven't been anything but bitter since we summoned you and considering what's on Prue's finger I'd like to get to know my daughter's fiancé and my grandchildren while I'm here."

Penny rolled her eyes. "Right now we have to focus on protecting the matriarchs which means taking out the necromancer."

Patty nodded. "Fine I'll get Paige to help us."

Prue looked at Clark and looked downstairs and saw his mom and her dad getting along really well. "I'm guessing this has to do with your mom dating."

Clark shrugged defenseless. "Wasn't exactly my best behavior was it."

"No" Prue agreed without taking a moment. "You were an ass but what's wrong with your mom dating again."

"I just thought it would take longer." Clark answered

Prue put her hand on his shoulder gently knowing that it's eating Clark seeing his mom with someone else. "Clark you don't want anyone living their life on pause. Your mother will always love your father but she has to move on or other wards she's going to be alone and miserable on that farm for the rest of her life. And trust me you don't want that."

Clark looked at her and gently rocked the baby to sleep. "Speaking from experience"

Prue nodded. "I had myself so alone and uptight that astral Prue ran off with a scummy biker every night and ditched my body at Piper's wedding."

Clark looked at her for a moment and teased. "That's not going to happen at our wedding is it?"

Prue smiled and shook her head, of course not and kissed him. "No when we're alone I let out my inner astral Prue out and you let out your inner Kal out... So we have to move out."

Clark looked at her admittedly black outs are starting to be a problem. "Why? We have this great house full of a lot of babysitters."

Prue looked around. "Yeah this great house that is filled to the brim and is about to get one more."

Clark shakes his head in denial he'd like more kids but not now. "No, we've been careful ever since the twins were born."

Prue smiled and laughed. "No, not us Piper and Leo."

"I thought they couldn't?" Clark asked.

Prue sighed and looked at him. "Leo put you back together when you were half a man are you seriously doubting him on how to heal a womb."

Clark shrugged looking back now it does seem kind of stupid. "So when do we congratulate the happy couple?"

"As soon as they find out for themselves." Prue replied. "For now we have to go house shopping maybe find something nice."

Clark looked at the baby in his arms and sees Piper and Paige following Grams up to the attic and quickly keeps quiet until they're gone. "So I think I owe my mother an apology."

Prue smiled and walked with Clark down the steps.

Author's notes

Thanks for the reviews.

Penny hated guys and I really didn't like her as a character so if there was unintentional bashing here I apologize.