Prue looked around the place and it was for all extensive purposes beautiful. Well decorated and severely under priced if what Clark told her is true. This is perfect for them. This can be their home. She looked into the nursery and saw nothing she can complain about along with the other three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is beautiful and it's perfect… way too perfect. She comes downstairs and sees Clark in glasses talking to the real estate worker.

"I need to speak to my fiancé alone."

The worker nodded as she went outside and Prue looked to Clark who just stood there. "It's beautiful, what's wrong with it."

"Nothing" Clark responded.

Prue looked at him. "Really, what's wrong with it?"

"Nothing" Clark repeated but saw he was losing this one and cracked. "At least, not anymore."

Prue nodded she should have known, when something is too good to be true in her life it's usually because it is. "OK, what was wrong with it?"

"Ghost" Clark replied. "I accompanied Paige here for one of her solo runs and the ghost attacked us while we were pouring the potion on his bones. Got all over her hair."

Prue laughed realizing it now though she likes the change in her sister. "Dye job nothing, her hair is red now from the potion isn't it."

Clark laughed but nodded. "She said it was just as good as a salon and she's keeping it. When I saw the price for this place I figured it might be a good idea to take a chance now before people realize it's not haunted anymore. I can cover it with my money from the back forty. Maybe make a room for Kara so she can stay with the twins and us for now until she's ready to go out on her own or she wants to stay at the manor, make a pool outback for the summer."

Prue smiled this seemed like a wonderful idea to her as long as it's ghost free. "You really want to move here don't you."

"Yeah, I mean I know you love the manor and I think it's nice. But face it Prue it's over swamped and under charged there's too many people and not enough power." Clark defended himself.

Prue leaned against the wall add a couple touch ups knock out a wall and she can definitely find a place here. "Do we have to keep that wall?" Prue pointed to it. It doesn't exactly work with the rest of the room.

Clark shakes his head no. "No, especially when the skeleton was in it, the only reason it still existed is because Paige used that spell when we first met to fix something."

Prue smiled and kissed him. "How quick can you get those glyphs up that you have around the manor?"

"2-3 hours and I'll do it before we move in… that's if."

Prue walked out front and saw the realtor on the phone as she hung up seeing her client coming out. With the age difference she figures she's the breadwinner. "We'll take it, but not until after the wedding so we can sign it as Mr. and Mrs."

Clark shrugged not caring he's found a home and a family he couldn't be happier.

The realtor looked at the two. "Well how long till you two get married?"

"Tomorrow" Prue replied.

The realtor smiled in truth she was glad to get rid of this place as people kept getting killed she wonders why that never bothered Mr. Kent. "I'll draw up the paperwork and congratulations."

Prue smiled not believing this. Sure it was Clark's money from the back forty but it was their house his and her's. She can't wait to tell everyone.

Leo hovered in the attic screwing in a new light bulb. Cole's not much of a handyman and Clark has Kara watching the twins while he shows Prue something a couple blocks over he and Paige found so they can avoid the power outed house. Leo hovered down as a trail of purple orbs came down revealing Gideon. The elder just stared at Leo for a moment before the two laughed.

Leo looked at him. "Gideon, what are you doing on earth?"

Gideon smiled looking at Leo one of his closest friends. "Leo, my boy, how are you?"

"I'm good." Leo replied with a smile. "Everyone's on edge with another wedding considering how the last one went here but hopefully this will go easier and Prue's astral self won't make an appearance. So why are you on earth? You didn't fall from grace did you?"

Gideon shakes his head. "Nothing that severe, it's just I found who was helping the Source trap Clark in that place."

Leo looked at him knowing whoever it was, they were in big trouble they nearly clipped his wings for saving Piper from a fever she brought on herself by breaking the law. "Who was it?"

"A white lighter in Peru, one of his charges said a great darkness from an alien world was coming to conquer us all and the world would kneel before him." Gideon replied.

Leo sighed see this is why no one should act alone. "He was referring to Zod whom Prue vanquished. So what happened to him?"

"He was recycled." Gideon answered. "He'll likely be a whitelighter when he dies again. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good."

Leo nodded in agreement as Piper came up to the attic cell phone in hand. Leo can't help but notice how happy his wife is.

"I can't believe it… why didn't you tell me… And you're sure you heard it and everything. Well… I'm going ask for Helen's number... and then I'm going to kill you for not telling me!." Piper walked over and took a blank piece of paper. "OK, ***-***-****. Thanks Prue I owe you one and thank you for letting me find out on my own."

Leo looked in confusion wondering what that was about. "Honey, what's going on?"

Piper smiled and looked at the stranger. "First, who's this he's not evil is he because we only have two days until the wedding?"

Leo shakes his head. "Of course not, he's an elder."

Piper just looked at him cautiously knowing everything the elders did to them. "We'll agree to disagree on that one."

Leo looked at her awkwardly. "Piper, this is Gideon he was one of the few who supported us getting married from the beginning it was just majority rules."

"Oh, of course he did." Piper quipped figures she'd pick on an elder on her side. "Well it's nice to meet you Gideon… assuming we haven't met before."

Gideon nodded. "We have Piper, but it's good to see you again. I'm going to let the two of you talk Piper it's always a pleasure and Leo I'll see you up there."

Piper smiled and waved at the trail of orbs almost forgetting why she's here. "Wait don't go yet."

Gideon remained besides Leo as Leo looked at her concerned. Piper was being nice to an elder that never happens. "Piper, are you OK."

Piper smiled widely. "Yeah it's just… I'm pregnant."

"What?" Leo asked. "I thought you couldn't. I mean we tried."

Piper shrugged and kissed him. "I guess it just wasn't my time yet."

Gideon smiled happy for the two and seeing the Charmed ones progeny already spreading as prophecy foretold.

The next morning everyone was gathering down for breakfast and running around the house like maniacs. Piper cooked breakfast for Leo and the whole house but the whole house was on the move.

Cole held up a blue folder. "Has anyone seen my deposition papers? I though they were in this folder with the cream cheese stain."

Paige looked down and her eyes widen. "Try the one with the jelly stain."

Cole nodded. "Okay." He picks it up. "I got it, thanks"

Piper held up a platter for him. "Cole, pancakes."

"Sorry Piper, now that I'm human I'm watching the cholesterol." Cole pointed out.

Piper glared at him. "They're wheat germ."

Cole looked at it. "Can't, late enough as is."

Kara came down and smiled smelling the aroma. "Ooh pancakes."

"Well at least someone likes my cooking." Piper quipped watching Clark and Prue come down with the twins. "Clark, Prue, sit down, eat."

Prue shakes her head going for the door. "No time, we're meeting Lois and Chloe at the airport."

Piper rolled her eyes. "Phoebe"

"Working on my column. Though syrup with shh would be appreciated." Phoebe replied leaving the room.


Paige shakes her head no going to the coffee machine. "Can't, just coffee, my boss has been riding me ever since my hair changed, which means I'm either about to be promoted, or he hates redheads and I'm about to be fired. So I really gotta go to that mean place that holds my paycheck."

Piper sat down exhausted seeing the tables empty sans Leo and Kara. "I'm not cooking for you people anymore until after the wedding. Prue you're blond."

Prue stopped and looked herself in the mirror. "Oh" She snapped her fingers as her glamour made her hair brown again. "Thanks."

Kara looked at the nearly empty room and heard another heartbeat. "So congratulations. I'm guessing this was to tell everyone."

Piper nodded looking at all the food. "Is it too much too ask for them all at one place."

"Well it will be the good news when Clark and Prue tell everyone they're moving out and everyone will gather for the night before tell them then." Kara offered. "Thanks for the breakfast now I'm going to enjoy a day where guys don't go hey I know you put out before because you have a baby in your arms."

"That's disgusting." Piper replied.

Kara nodded in agreement. "That's why I threw him into the ocean, the littles laughed so hard that day."

Lois, Chloe, Bruce, Oliver, and Alfred all got off the plane. Chloe smiled seeing Clark and Prue with the twins. Clark looked to Bruce and Oliver and the two billionaires just had a simple smirk seeing Clark with his kids.

Bruce walked over and saw the babies laugh looking around mesmerized by the conveyor belts. "Good to see you again Mr. Kent."

Clark nodded and whispered very low. "Sciunt?" (They know)

"Non utique" Bruce repliedin a low lull that even Prue could barely hear. (Of course not)

Clark had a simple chuckle. The blur, Green Arrow, and the Batman go to a diner. There's a joke in there somewhere but he doesn't know it. "So should we head out? I think the airport is a bit too much for these guys anyway."

Phoebe was in the manor setting everything up. In a day her big sister will be getting married. She really can't wait especially considering having so many friends and relatives in the same place after last time. She wiped sweat from her head and looked to the thermostat it was 75 yesterday and shot up to 92 today what the heck is going on up there?

Clark sat there doing all he could to not light Bruce on fire. "So you're actually OK?"

Chloe nodded vowing to kill Oliver for this later for bringing up her little brush of danger in Gotham. "Clark I'm a journalist it's what we do for stories and something I'll never do again."

"I still like the part where you shattered Joker's and Batman's bal… grapefruits in the same night." Lois quickly corrected her language in front of the twins.

Oliver groaned as did Bruce reliving that day and vowing never to try to break up with Chloe for her own good again.

"I got in over my head with a story and Joker held a razor blade to my mouth. Also I couldn't exactly see Batman in the dark." Chloe replied.

Clark laughed with Prue. Clark's wondering if Prue knows the truth about Bruce now with how his heart shot up from time to time.

Lois saw the two soon to be newlyweds and smiled. Truth be told she kind of can't believe this is Smallville. He grew up; he's in San Francisco making his own mark in the world. "So, any big hiccups on the way down the isle."

"Surviving the day to day." Prue offered.

Lois laughed thinking it was just a joke. But there is one thing that confuses her. "So is it really going to be in in your house?"

Prue nodded happily. "Yeah it's easier, and for us it just works."

Chloe just had a quiet smile remembering why they agreed to have it there but so far so good.

Clark looks down and hears his phone go off and sees its Elise. What doe she want? He already handed in his last article until after the honeymoon. "Hello?"

Clark rolled his eyes. "Elise I already made my last deadline… Can't you forward it through Phoebe…? Oh emergency… but I'm out with family right now… I'm looking my fiancé right in her eyes… Fine I'll be right in… Them too I guess unless…" He looks to Prue who just nods. "Them too"

Clark hangs up the phone it's not that Elise was yelling, yelling is a good thing from her, it was just how calm she was. Clark is wondering if he really is in trouble. "Guys I gotta go to work for a while… she said Prue and the twins were welcome too."

Prue smiled gathering up everything for the twins. "Yeah we're going."

"Hope she doesn't fire me." Clark quipped.

Prue smiled as the four left and Chloe could only sigh in disbelief.

Lois looked to her cousin and saw the look of disappointment in her eyes it was all so clear that she knew what was going on. "Something on your mind cuz?"

"He beat me, I can't believe he beat me to it." Chloe replied knowing full well what's about to happen.

Clark walked with Prue the twins in their stroller as they went to Elise's office. Clark looked to his boss. "OK Elise, I'm here, what's the emergency?"

Elise smiled seeing how quick Clark got here. "Follow me please."

Clark looked over and saw one of the higher ups here furiously storming out of his office.

The man looked at Elise with a burning hatred and since his journalism career is for all extensive purposes over... why not. Clark is taken back seeing the guy ready a punch.

The man smiled until he felt something catch his hand and then squeezed down on it as he fell on his knees doing everything he can to not shout out in pain as he looked up at Clark whom merely warned. "Not in front of my kids."

The man glared at Elise as Clark finally let him go. "You can't fire me, I quit!" The man swiftly left the place.

Clark turned to Elise. "OK, what's wrong with Jack?"

Elise looked at him. "What's wrong is called Libel and he's been doing it for the past two months."

"Oh" Clark replied. Jack's career at likely any respectable newspaper is over. "So, don't you have security?"

"It's not why I called you in." Elise replied as she took Jack's name off the office door. "We have an opening upstairs. You're the most honest person I know and thanks to an absolutely glowing letter of recommendation from an advice columnist and the quality of your work I'd like to give it to you. It's not every day I'm proven wrong from my first opinion Kent, it's nice to seen an old dog can learn new tricks."

Clark smiled and turned to Prue and saw Elise playing with the twins. "You knew about this didn't you?"

Prue smiled and looked at him. "I plead the fifth."

"So I take it you want the office?" Elise asked.

Clark nodded nice view actual windows of course he wants it. "Yes, of course, thank you Ms. Rothman."

Elise smiled seeing him come out of the mild mannered shell for the first time since his eyesight started going bad. "Go enjoy your wedding and your honeymoon, your office will be here when you get back."

Prue walked out of the office and Clark came out pushing the twin who were both asleep in the stroller. "So how does it feel to be a full fledged reporter?"

"Incredible" Clark replied not believing his life has turned into this. "I have good friends, no evil in sight, two wonderful kids and this time tomorrow I'm going to marry the girl I love, my best friend."

Prue smiled and kissed him. "All of the sudden, I can't wait for tomorrow."

"Can't come fast enough." Clark agreed until he realized something. "I just gave Murphy the finger didn't I?"

Prue shrugged not in too bad of a mood to care. "Well we vanquished the 'Source'… twice, I mean what else can they throw at us?"

Deep in snowy mountains twenty demons work to free two creatures from the ice. The demons are in a panic mode seeing how much more powerful the forces of good has become. Shax, Barbas, Tall Man, Balthazar, The Seer, and The Source, all vanquished within a year by the charmed ones and a god who will only get stronger as time goes on. What used to be one person searching for decades has led to twenty in desperation forcing this change of events to occur by a year early.

Five of the demons chant as the ice starts to melt freeing titans for ancient Greece one male with black hair and a toga one female that looked like a goddess with auburn hair, beautiful blue eyes and a very skimpy toga.

"How long?" The male Titan asked.

"Three thousand years, give or take a century."

The female shrieked as a wave of fire killed 5 demons. "What?"

The Male titan looked at the others "Who are all of you?"

One demon stepped forward nervously. "I am the demon who spent decades trying to free you. Now you're gonna return the favor. It wasn't easy either. The world's forgotten about you. But I had a vision. If I could somehow revive you, I could use your power to bring myself to glory, rule the underworld as I was always meant to."

The male titan stretches his hands out and zaps the demons as they all shout an inhumane agony until they are vanquished.

"Imbeciles." The Male titan replied stretching his legs.

The female titan smiles as she walks over to her lover. "I love it when you smite so unexpectedly." They kiss passionately.

The male Titan stops realizing they still have a job to do. "We have to find Cronus and free him as well."

The female Titan frowned if she never saw that maniac again it would be too soon. "Do we have to? I know he'll be furious."

The Male Titan smirked the time for their revenge is at hand. "I am counting on it."

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