The Titans stood atop the mountain as Demetrius fell to his knees in pain feeling his beloved die. "No!"

Cronus looked down at his fellow Titan. "What troubles you Demetrius?"

Demetrius just glared down at the planet. "Someone on this planet has killed Mata."

Cronus looked in shock down there what's happened since they slept. "Impossible! How did the elders manage to conjure the Greek gods so fast?"

Demetrius shrugged. "It doesn't matter lord Chronus we must attack Earth now."

Cronus shakes his head. "No, we must take out our enemies above to strike at the ones below."

"What is the point of vanquishing the elders if we're taken down on earth?" Demetrius countered as he teleports down to earth and snatches a demon by the throat.

Cronus teleports down with a smile seeing the slime gasping for breath. "What could this… thing possibly tell us?"

Demetrius squeezed harder. "Tell me… thing, what is the strongest creature on this planet."

"Naman" The demon answered as it gasped for breath.

Cronus studied form it's grip. "And what is this creature."

The demon looked at Cronus and got even worse feelings coming from him. What kind of abominations are these, even the source would be terrified of them. "He's a god that married a charmed one, even got her to shoot out a couple demigods for him."

"Where does this god live creature?" Demetrius asked.

"San Francisco, the mortals call him the blur." The demon answered as Cronus hurled a ball of energy and vanquished him.

Clark ran back in a blur his sister and his whitelighter and he can't do a damn thing for ether of them. Jor El back at the fortress didn't know a thing about petrification. "Well, Jor El doesn't know anything have the sisters had any more luck then I did?"

Martha shakes her head. "The girls haven't been able to find anything in their book. Clark, don't you think Lois deserves an explanation."

Clark nodded. "Yeah, when the people we care about aren't statues anymore."

Prue came down in form fitting jeans and shirt the happiness of a wedding long gone given the situation. "We've read that book five times and there's still nothing in it to help Paige and Kara."

Bruce walked towards them just getting off the phone. "I have an idea but… it's a long shot."

Phoebe came down and heard the last part. "What's a long shot?"

"I have a friend in Vegas." Bruce answered. "She works powerful magic like you she might be able to help your family."

Clark walked up to Bruce smiling at least they have something now. "Great, let's go."

"I'm going alone." Bruce cut him off.

Chloe rolled her eyes in disgust. "Bruce, now, not really the time for you to play lone ranger."

Bruce shakes his head. "We can't risk Clark being distracted. If the other two titans show up we need him front and center."

Phoebe nodded in agreement not liking this anymore then Prue and Clark. "Yeah, for the record glad you and Prue killed this woman. Titans have a habit of eating babies."

They all hear a pair of cries from upstairs as Piper and Leo comes down with the twins. "They're fine."

"I think they heard you Pheebs." Piper quipped.

Clark scooped up his children in his arms and took them outside. "Well it seems your old man got into it this time huh."

Clark looks at Jonathon and Patty and sees their eyes are focused on the cars enjoying the view of traffic. "I won't let them hurt you. And I won't let them level the planet… At least I'll try not to."

Clark laid back there's a reason he didn't rip Mata's head off himself and it was he couldn't, he was going to break her neck but the Prue got involved. She was almost as tough as he was, and that was the weakest of the Titans according to Cole.

Clark smiled as someone touched the back of his shoulder as he instantly calmed down. He looked up and smiled. "How did you get here dad?"

Jonathon just smiled looking at his son. "Well don't look at me you're the one who brought me here or at least thought a lot about me."

Clark looked down at the twins and saw no reaction so they're not telling if Jonathon's real or not. "It's just I saw the weakest one take down a full powered kryptonian by staring at Kara. How are we supposed to fight the other two?"

Jonathon sat down next to him and smiled at his grandchildren before focusing on Clark. "You remember when you fought Eric, Jeremiah, and those three meteor infected when you lost your powers. Clark you weren't always the strongest and nothing's changed now. It's not the kryptonian body it's the person using it that makes you who you are."

Clark listened to his words and let them echo through his head a bit.

Martha came out and saw Clark looking to the sky. She's seen that look enough for 15 years to know it anywhere. "Don't doubt yourself, Clark. This has been coming for a long time. Before you arrived, we wanted a child so badly. The day you found us in that field, you were the miracle we prayed for. Now the world needs that same miracle." The three look up as the sky cracks lightning and it smashes into San Francisco.

Clark looked to the sky as a building explodes in a wake of fire before the very eyes of all five Kents. "Tell Prue to watch the twins."

Lois was pacing the floor She figures Clark is meteor infected and Prue got it from him since they have two pieces of evidence that say they didn't practice safe sex at least once. She turns to see the door open and a set of blue legs in almost skintight blue. She looks up and sees the muscles as she smiled. "Hello se… Smallville!"

Clark rolled his eyes. "Yeah Lois, it's me."

Lois quickly looked away to the smirk of Oliver. She did not think Clark was sexy, it was Smallville, gross.

Clark quickly collected his breath as he stepped outside and bent his knees and took off for the sky.

The two Titans walked idly by the streets vanquishing anyone who was foolish enough to cross their paths.

Cronus saw a cop car pull up as fire shot from the Titan's hand blowing it to pieces. He turns to the left and sees a child crying and hurls lightning at him only for him to disappear. The two titans watch as Clark lands and put the kid down. "Go home"

The boy nodded and ran.

Clark looked at the two. "What do you two think you're doing?"

Cronus held back Demetrius seeing this is Naman from the way he flew down. "We are avenging one of our own."

"Those people didn't do anything to anyone!" Clark shouted.

Cronus nodded in agreement they're the same useless primitives they've always been and died just as easy. "Yes, but hurting them seemed to be the fastest way to draw you out."

Demetrius glared at Clark. "This was all your fault in the first place, god. If you did not destroy Mata we would not have been forced to retaliate."

Clark rolled his eyes every single person he meets say they're just following orders or it's X's fault not mine. Is the creed of evil the buck ends somewhere over there. "Mata attacked my whitelighter and my sister. I had no choice but to fight back."

"Then neither do we." Demetrius replied as he rushed Clark but the kryptonian side stepped and threw him into the sky only to be blindsided by Cronus and knocked into a building as debris fell on the streets hitting the innocent. One thing quickly became clear to Clark he has to get this fight out of the city.

Prue watched the news reports of the citywide destruction and all though most people see flashing lights, she sees each and every movement. clark's outnumbered and at this rate they're going to kill him. "OK, I have to help him."

Phoebe looked at him. "I thought he told you to watch the kids in case the Titans got hungry?"

Prue moved in a blur upstairs. "Well if they can get through Clark they can get through me."

Leo shouted up. "So what about the twins?"

"If they come orb fast, orb hard, never look back." Prue replied, it's not like she doesn't care it's just that this is their best shot at stopping them.

Prue came downstairs with a quick use of scissors and back up from Clark's spare suits she made on her own. "Well… what do you guys think?"

They guys all stood with open mouths as Victor just looked away feeling he should yell at her but he lost that right a long time ago. Phoebe was the first one to regain her voice. "Well, if there's a teenage boy who sees you and hasn't gone through puberty yet, he's about to."

Prue rolled her eyes and walked up to the twins. "OK you two be good for your family. Mommy and Daddy love you very much." She kisses each baby as Prue walked outside and took one calm breath and bent her legs and took to the sky ready to join the fight.

Bruce landed the batwing in Vegas, Yeah this is real conspicuous. He flew it to San Fran figuring Clark might need help with all his enemies. An air born fight was a good possibility. Bruce walked up to a big trailer and knocked this will be about as much fun as a root canal, nothing like asking the ex for a favor.

The trailer door opened revealing a young girl in fishnets and Tuxedo esque top and jacket with a magician hat on her head covering black hair. "The show doesn't start for another three… what the hell are you doing here?"

Bruce looked at her. The black hair and blue eyes they tried but she couldn't cope with how dedicated he was to his mission. "I need your help Zatanna."

Zatanna rolled her eyes and slammed the door in his face. "Bite me". Zatanna went inside and to her surprise the door was blown off as Bruce calmly entered earning himself the Magician's glare.

"Hey! Did I blow up your cave when I left?" Zatanna asked.

"I don't have the time; two people need your help in San Francisco." Bruce replied.

Zatanna looked at him and saw Bruce actually nervous this must be big. "What happened?"

"They were turned to stone by the Titans." Bruce answered.

Zatanna quietly gulped hearing that she heard stories and if it was anyone but Bruce she would have called bull. "The Titans, what moron let them out?"

"Demons desperate to try and stop the charmed ones." Bruce replied.

Zatanna looked at him her father told her stories but she thought they were only stories. If they're real they're going to be in big trouble "Alright, alright you win. Tropelet"

At her command they both vanished.

Clark smashed through two buildings as he crashed into the street below OK this isn't going so well. Any time he gets an advantage they put a person in harm's way.

Clark quickly kicks Demetrius in the stomach in the stomach but is struck with a quick sensation of lightning in retaliation by Cronus as he falls crashing to the concrete trying desperately just to get back to his feet but his whole body feels like paste as he coughed blood.

Demetrius smiled realizing how easy this would be. "You actually care when you should make these creatures worship the ground you walk on. You've made this far too easy."

Cronus smiled. "Be kind Demetrius he fared better then the elders will."

Both Titans hurled lightning at Clark but found he was gone when the lightning impacted.

Demetrius looked around. "How did he do that?"

Cronus shook his head uncertain. "Keep your eyes open Demetrius I fear we have not yet seen the true depth of his powers."

Clark got his eyes to open and saw who he thinks is Prue. At least he thinks it's her, the blond hair says her, the white leotard says otherwise.

Clark takes a moment and sees her costume and bad thoughts enter his head, OK very good thoughts, but not thoughts he should be having right now. "I love the costume."

"It was supposed to be for tonight." Prue quipped.

Clark smiled seeing the white leotard red cape blue gloves. "You look beautiful." He gently took Prue by the hands and spun her around as Clark protected her and hit Demetrius in the jaw with a spinning punch. Prue quickly returned the favor putting Clark beind her and punching Cronus with a spin punch of her own as the two titans stumbled back and crashed into the city.

Clark looked to Prue. "You take the black haired one I'll take the big one. We gotta get this away from the city."

Prue nodded as she flew down and collided into Demetrius and Clark tackled Cronus.

Phoebe watched the news as she sees buildings come down, this is a nightmare. She leaned in close to Cole. "They're going to destroy the city at this rate."

Cole nodded in solemn agreement watching the destruction for lack of a better word. "Still can't believe all this and the elders still won't make new Greek gods."

They watched as the door opened revealing Bruce and Zatanna. Zatanna walked to the stone statues and well this is new for her. "OK, have you guys tried calling on Medusa's powers yet?"

Phoebe shook her head because of what Cole told them. "We thought Greek myths weren't real."

"It's fifty, fifty no one's really sure." Zatanna informed them.

Clark ducked under a fireball and knocked Cronus into the air with a right hook that nearly levels a building in the aftershock. Clark flies up and in relief punches the Titan as hard as he can sending him for a forest away from people.

Demetrius knocks Prue to the floor with a kick to her back and sees Cronus soaring off and is about to take off after Clark.

Prue got to her feet to cut him off. "You don't want him. You want to fight me."

Demetrius turned around and looked at her. "Now what would I want with a god's concubine?"

Prue let out a devilish gods, kryptonians, humans, demons, anger is easy to manipulate. "You want to kill me to put him through what you're going through. When I punched your girlfriend's head off, when I turned her into ash, when I turned her into nothing."

Demetrius did everything he could to control his anger but lashed out and tackled Prue to the ground with his hands around her throat as her whole body started pressure cooking from the inside. "Then allow me to return the kindness."

Prue squinted her eyes and Demetrius went into the sky. The oldest Halliwell wasted no time and blasted him with heat vision sending the titan away as he smashed through three buildings. Demetrius calmed down on the rooftop and focused and found Prue in the streets as hurled a bolt of lightning at her that knocks her off her feet. He didn't want to kill her yet, just to make her suffer. Prue hopped back to her feet and was pinned to the wall as she gasped for breath.

Demetrius smiled and hit her again knocking her down as Prue tries to get up but can't. Demetrius smiled looking at the downed witch. "Disappointing given your gifts as a god, I was hoping for more of a fight. But after your little fire trick you seem mortal."

Prue looked at him and had half crooked smile on her face. "Who said I'm a god?"

Demetrius threw a wave of fire at her as Prue disappeared in a trail of pink light startling the titan who had little time to react as the real Prue jumped on his back at superspeed and swiftly wrapped one arm around the front of his neck and the other one at the back of his skull as Demetrius worked frantically to break free. "I-I-Impossible, you are merely a mortal."

Prue just keeps squeezing and twisting as low little cracks are heard. "There is nothing mere about me and you people messed with the wrong family." Prue kept squeezing, twisting and turning as Cole taught her until she heard the unmistakable crunch of Demetrius' neck breaking.

Prue smiled seeing the damage done as Demetrius' body turns to ash and she quickly flies after Cronus and Clark.

Clark lands in the forest right on top of Chronus making a crater on impact by stomping the Titan from fifty feet up. Clark's eyes light up in surprise when the Titan emerges unscathed not even a bruise or a gasp for breath.

Cronus smiled and moved in a blur as Clark's hand started moving in a blur. "I grow tired of you boy."

Clark moved in a blur but to his surprise the Titan immediately dodged the mass punch and hit Clark with a punch of lightning as Clark feels his whole body light up in pain. As he hits the floor screaming. Cronus kicked him in the ribs and sent him to the left as he spotted Prue flying directly in front of him and Clark flying back towards him. Cronus waited for the ideal moment and snatched Prue out of mid air and threw her into her husband knocking them both down in mini quakes as Clark grunts in pain and Prue coughs up blood while trying to reach her husband and takes his hand in hers.

"You got any ideas?" Prue asked.

Clark shakes his head. "I can't hurt him and there isn't a weapon here I can hit him with."

Cronus smiled as the Titan unleashed his power on the earth as the ground started open among Clark and Prue as the two rolled to the left to avoid being swallowed by the fissure. "I am power absolute you can not hope to defeat me."

Prue felt Clark's hand on her lower back as it went out the other side with Clark wrapping one of his arms around her.

"Do you trust me?" Clark asked.

"Always" Prue replied.

Prue watched as Clark turned to the Titan and did something she'd never expect him to do to anyone as he spat right on his face. Prue watched as the Titan stood mouth wide open somewhere between shock and rage as the loogie fell down his face.

Cronus' eyes turned to fire. "You Dare! I'll rip you apart with my bare hands!"

Cronus moved in a blur and Prue finds herself being lifted off her feet as Clark grabbed the hardest hitting weapon he could find, Prue and put a new twist on the term the old ball and chain as he swung her at Cronus and Prue kicked the Titan in the face wobbling him as the entire forest shook as Pure landed on her feet. Prue moved to Cronus in a blur and ran up the titan using him as a human ladder kicking him twice in the chest and once in the back of the head as she kicked him into Clark. Clark took advantage of the moment and hit him with a clothesline as the entire forrest rocked and Cronus flipped in mid air landing head first on the floor. Clark put him in a chokehold at his neck as Prue kicked Cronus' legs out from under him and joined Clark in trying to break his neck but Clark saw enough to know that he couldn't snap the Titan's neck but no chance is he walking away with all the damage he's done to San Francisco.

"Prue, fly around the world in a circle. As fast as you can and push as hard as you can." Clark ordered.

Prue looked at him with confused look. "You can't be thinking."

"I am"

Prue smiled and took off remembering doing this to a couple demons of course back then they were running or jumping. "I'll see you on the other side."

Clark took off in the other direction leaving Cronus' body to hang as he holds onto his head still trying to break his neck hoping for an easier solution. He quickly leaves San Francisco, California, and North America. A little over half way around the world he flies just above Prue as she crashes into Cronus' body tackling it with her full power as the resultant force gives Clark more then enough leverage to rip Cronus' head off in a fatal game of zig zag as a tidal wave forms from the impact. Clark and Prue act quickly and blast the wave with heat vision leaving nothing but a wave of steam in its wake.

Prue leaned onto Clark not feeling so drained since giving birth. "Well that was the least amount of fun you can have without having fun."

Clark nodded in agreement his whole body is sore he didn't even think that was possible. "Well if the marketplace wasn't a message that sure will be. What about the other one?" Clark asked.

"Dead, though it took a while" Prue replied. "He seemed to be the one with all the power."

Clark let that ring through. "Well, I don't think demons are going to be dumb enough to come after us any time soon."

Prue nodded. "Yeah, but we still have sisters to free from stone and a wedding reception to enjoy."

"Let's go home." Clark finished as both blurs flew back to San Francisco knowing that's where they are needed.

Author's Notes

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I got done watching Season 6 of Charmed and it killed my interest in the sequel. I might write an epilogue but I'm not going into it.