Clark and Prue both flew back home and in in through the attic window quickly redressing as civilians. Prue smiled as she gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek as they ran down the stairs. Prue came down first and came to a sudden stop seeing the twin stone statues that were her sister and her sister in law.

Clark stopped when he saw the statues he thought for sure that would work. "It didn't work… it didn't."

Prue shook her head. "Defeating the Titans just stopped them from doing it to anyone else, it didn't save them."

Phoebe shook her head no. This was supposed to be a happy day. Prue and Clark were getting married now everything is a shambled mess. "We tried the book, we tired everything but nothing."

Piper led Zatanna into the living room and she saw Kara and Paige trapped in stone. Zatanna looked around them for a moment as if she was trying to figure out how to do this without filleting them or finding a chink in their armor. Medusa was for all extensive purposes a flop since whoever did this was stronger then her and that was her big gun... she's down to blind luck here.

Chloe watched as Bruce came in. "So can this woman actually help them?"

Bruce looked at Chloe before switching his focus back to the charmed ones. "If there is anyone that can save your friends it's her."

Zatanna listened over her workings. "Oh yeah, now that we're not together anymore you speak the whole world of me."

Chloe looked at Bruce with a smile she's going to have fun with that. "So you and her huh?"

Bruce didn't take his eyes off the statues. "I was a sixteen and her father was teaching me escape methods."

Phoebe focused on Paige and Kara. "Can you get them out or not?"

Zatanna shrugged she honestly never thought she'd live long enough to see a modern day petrification spell much less break one. "Maybe, do you have leprechaun gold, something heavy and fairy dust?"

Piper looked at her uneasy. "Leprechauns are real? That puts a whole new twist on creepy. What else is out there?"

Zatanna smiled and looked at them. "Most things are real, it's just that very little are accurate. So who has a crowbar and fairy dust?"

Prue looked at her. "I'll go across the street I'm sure Kate won't mind if we borrow her little friend for a couple minutes."

Phoebe looked at Zatanna. "So what would we need Leprechaun gold for?"

"Good Luck" Zatanna replied pulling out pieces she kept for her own luck.

Prue came back in with a fairy sitting on her shoulder. "OK, how come I can see her fine now without having the mind of a child?"

Piper shrugged. "We get more powerful when we get older remember."

Prue nodded and looked at her shoulder. "So what does she need to do?"

Zatanna looked at them as Clark handed her a crowbar that she simply hands back to him. "You use it. Hit them when the fairy puts her dust on them."

Clark looks at the crowbar and shakes his head vehemently to say hell no. They could be in pieces from just a tap. He hands the tool to Leo. "You do it."

Leo looked at him. "I'm a pacifist."

Cole rolled his eyes and took the crowbar from the two. "Just tell me when to hit it."

Phoebe watched as the fairy went to work as Kara's statue glowed.

Zatanna took out a piece of gold as energy passed from it to Kara's statue. "Hit the statue now!"

Cole came down with a swing as the stone shattered. Kara fell but Clark was quick to catch her.

Kara looked at him. "Kal El… KAL EL THE BABIES, TITANS EAT…"

"They're dead." Clark assured her calming his big little sister down and hugged her. He pointed showing their aunt that they are perfectly healthy. "The titans are gone but they left quite a mess of the city."

The fairy flew over to Paige's statue and spread its dust as her statue started to glow and Zatanna repeated her end.

"Cole" Phoebe reminded him.

Cole swung as Paige's statue broke and the girl fell to the floor but Prue caught her.

Lois looked at the sight in just flat out confusion. "I never thought anything would be able to top the weddings I went to as a kid and the tanks with raised cannons to the sky were used as arches. I have never been proven so wrong."

Paige felt groggy until her stomach was suddenly crushed as it felt her ribs were crushing her. "You're suffocating me."

Prue smiled and broke the hug. "Sorry, it's just you're alive."

Paige nodded. "Very much alive, what happened?"

Phoebe looked at the two. "Well, you girls were statues."

Kara frowned realizing it now at least her brother saved her life. "So, how did you guys kill the Titans?"

"Basically, we ripped them apart." Prue replied considering they ripped two of their heads off and she snapped the last one's neck.

Kara nodded wishing she could have helped. "Sorry I wasn't there I think three on three would have been better odds."

"You're alive that's all I care about." Clark countered.

Kara smiled and hugged her baby big brother. "So, what do we tell Lois?"

Lois looked at her. "I'm standing right here."

Kara looked at Lois a bit and smiled. "So, who has memory dust?"

Clark shakes his head. "I think she can take it. She's pretty much family." He turned to the charmed ones. "If you guys don't mind?"

Prue shakes her head no. "She tends to avoid San Francisco and you trust her so why not. But after the street magician leaves."

Lois sat down and took this all in stride. She looks at the girls and just points. "Mystical witches" The girls nod as Lois looked at them she was apparently a witch once but she doesn't remember it. Lois pointed to Clark. "And you're really an alien." Clark nodded as Lois looked at Clark now concerned. "And all those powers."

Clark nodded and Lois instantly covered her chest. Kara sighed and sat down on the table looking at her eyes in a smile.

"Lois, you cover up all you want. It still won't stop all the pink."

Lois blushed and Oliver turned to Kara. "Pink?"

"Pink bra and pink panties, you act like you're going commando." Kara quipped as Lois turned a bright shade of red.

Clark held his hand to his head. "Kara!"

"What?" Kara asked as far as she's concerned she didn't do anything wrong. "You gotta get a sense of humor little brother."

Lois looked at Clark shocked. "What the hell? You told me she was just a nanny."

Clark shrugged. "It was kind of hard to explain the day you met her I just met her. I didn't know how to explain the fact that I had an older sister I literally just met."

Lois looked at Kara for a moment then back to Clark, then to Kara again and back to Clark. "No offense but you two, don't look a thing alike."

"We have the same mother but different fathers." Kara explained. "Clark took after his father, quite literally if I can ever find a photo album and I took after our mother thankfully."

Lois nodded. "Half siblings huh, so what about your father?"

Kara shrugged. "You're supposed to honor your father they never said anything about liking him."

Lois looked at her realizing she pushed a button. "Sorry, I just…"

Kara put her hand up. "No it's just... our family puts the fun in dysfunctional my father and Clark's father were brothers. He was already married and still going after whom I thought was my aunt. But one bright side I got a little brother and an adorable niece and nephew out of the package. All things considered could have been a lot worse."

Lois looked at the sleeping infants. "And them?"

Prue looked at her children. "They'll be aliens with wicca powers. And if you have a problem with that keep in mind we just spent the afternoon killing three people stronger then gods so choose your words wisely."

Lois smiled and put her hands up. "I was just going to say do not let Clark choose any of their clothes. Clark being an alien suddenly explains all the plaid. Seriously it was the only time I ever had to wear a plaid sweater so I can get into the shower."

Prue glared at her husband with glowing red eyes. "Something you want to tell me Clark!"

"We dropped a military chopper and Lois is impatient." Clark replied which was the truth.

Bruce listened to the radio. "Guys, we still have work to do."

"Reporting live from San Francisco the scene can only be described as a disaster as half the city is covered in smoke and flame as people desperately try to get out of crumbling buildings before they fall. The two monsters that brought this destruction on us were seemingly stopped by the blur. We don't know who or what the blur is but this reporter would like to say thank you for your help and anyone who works with you."

Prue looked at Clark despondently she wants to blow it off but so many innocents. "Well, what's another couple hours? "

Clark nodded as he spun around into old civilian clothes. "You want to go help I take it?"

Prue nodded in a smile as she ran up and came down in a beat up shirt and jeans. "I don't think enough time has passed between getting glasses and the blur's big debut."

Clark smiled in agreement. "Yeah but we can't leave people out there. It's why I'm wearing this old thing." Also the suit was torn apart fighting the Titans but he liked the general idea his mom had this one will just be missing some things like the red underwear.

Prue smiled looking at his red jacket and blue shirt combo. "Are you done wearing that old thing after today?"

Clark nodded with a smile doesn't mean it can't go out on one last hurrah. "I had to outgrow it at some point."

In the wreckage of San Francisco a single person is trying to assure a four year old little girl everything is alright through a crack in the wall. Her parents either abandoned her or died when the upper floors crumbled. He tries to get in the crack again but it is simply too small for him to get through and the little kid is too scared to come out. He sees the building toppling some more and looked at it nervously. "Kid come on you can make it but you gotta move."

The girl remains there twitching as the man puts his hand in trying to grab her.

"Come on kid!" The man pleaded

The man was cut off by a red haired woman who climbed into the spot as the building started crumbling. "No, no, no, get out of there!" The man watched helplessly as plaster dust and white light crumbled. The man went to the debris but the whole floor was covered making it impossible to even lift anything despite how hard he tried. He looked and saw the woman carrying the little girl in her arms on the other side. How did she get out so fast?


"Aunt Lisa!"

The little girl jumped from the redhead's arms into her aunts.

"Where are her parents?" Lisa asked. The guy just looked emptily at the building as she got the complete picture. "Thank you"

Lisa left carrying Marie and quietly mourning the sister she lost.

The man looked at the red head. "Are you insane? That building could have killed you."

"And yet here I am perfectly healthy." The redhead pointed out thanks to her magic. "So what's your story?"

"The things that attacked the city, I think they might have been what I was looking for. I wish I knew who the blur was I would shake his hand." The man replied.

Paige looked at him they all love Clark but she's the one that has to look out for him as his whitelighter. She asked Leo about it and they said with Clark being completely different from a witch or future whitelighter he should have a new kind of whitelighter. She looked him over and he was cute also a cop from the looks of it. "You're a cop?"

The man looked at his badge smiled. "Not quite, I'm with homeland security. I'm Kyle, Kyle Brody."

"Paige Matthews" Paige replied until she heard a sound in her head and Clark is holding up a building while Cole and Phoebe get the people out. Twenty four hour job watching out for him. "I gotta go, it was nice meeting you."

Kyle watched her leave curiously, who was that girl?

Kara moved the last of the debris in a blur before conveniently running around the corner coming out at normal speed to help the two people inside up. She gets why Kal wants to remain hidden for now. Clark and Prue can defend themselves. Jonathan can even raise a shield to protect himself but Patty was defenseless. She'd be the one to suffer from his enemies if the truth came out now. That won't stop him from doing what he does it just means he'll stay hidden a little longer. Just as she is dying her hair brunette or maybe a wig.

Kara looked up and saw someone screaming in the windows as a red and gold blur grabbed her and came running back down as the girl left safe and she saw Bart in a hoddie. "Interesting choice of clothes"

Bart shrugged. "It's kind of a company suit."

Kara looked at him. "So this is what you blew me off for?"

Bart looked at her. "Something like that although to be fair you weren't exactly all coming either. Lady who can strip a building of people in ten seconds."

Kara looked away they're on a role here. "You want to try again? Maybe this time meet the real us and you don't run off right after we kiss."

Bart smiled. "I'd like that senorita."

Kara looked away. "After everyone is free of the debris of course."

"Of course" Bart agreed as he watched Kara disappear in a blur. "I think I'm in love." Bart quickly ran off after her.

Clark helped a person out as they loaded up a stretcher he smiled looking at his wife clearing out the people. He turned around and helped a person to his feet. Seeing the dark head of hair. "Sir, are you alright?"

"The man nodded. "I was helping someone out and then I got hit in the back of the head with something." The man said getting to his feet. "All this chaos and there are actually rioters out here trying to take advantage."

Clark shrugged. "There's always going to be evil in the world. But there will always be people fighting against it. The never ending battle."

"You sound so optimistic." The man quipped.

Clark watched Prue help a family into an ambulance. "Hey I'm not saying we're doomed I'm just saying that as long as there is power there will be people trying to exploit it. That doesn't mean we can't work for a better future."

The man smiled and looked at Prue. "You better make her very happy."

Clark smiled. "I think I'd be a fool not to… Andy."

Andy smiled and looked at him. "You know who I am?"

Clark nodded. "Prue showed me some high school pictures your name came up once or twice."

Andy looked at him he just wanted to see the guy Prue married today. And just as he thought he's a good person. "Well you break her heart; I'll have my toughest charge beat you up because she's much tougher and stronger then I am."

Clark looked at Andy in a smile. "I'm pretty sure I can take one of your charges, strongest man in the world."

Andy took a moment and looked at him he probably barely knows how to throw a punch. His girlfriend would win. "My money would still be on Diana. Give Prue my regards."

Clark watched as Andy disappeared in a trail of orbs.

Prue walked over and saw it Clark looking at the air. "What? Is someone trapped in that building?"

Clark shakes his head as for the first time all afternoon he can't hear someone screaming that's in danger that isn't beyond an ambulance. "We got out everyone we could."

Prue looked at him. "You know I heard most people actually go to receptions after their wedding not save people trapped in buildings.

Clark smiled as Prue rested against him, five hours and fighting the Titans and only the tiniest brow of sweat. Clark smiled and kissed her on her forehead. "As you said in our vows. You know how complicated our lives are."

Prue smiled and kissed him as Clark wrapped his arms around her. "So, world saved, I do believe we have a wedding party to gather up for the reception."

Clark smiled.

Prue looked at him. "Is that a yes or a no?"

Clark's head rebooted getting back to the situation. "Sorry, I was just thinking."

"About what?" Prue asked.

Clark shrugged. "Well about a year ago my biggest concern was if Lana would learn my secret. Now my main concern is something happening to you and the kids and the whole world. I can't believe how much my life has changed and I know that wouldn't have happened if I never met you." Clark kissed her again. "Thank you for giving me the best year of my life."

Prue smiled. "I think it was mutual. Before you showed up I was…."

"Reckless… headstrong…."

Prue just smacked him in the chest as Clark flinched from the pain. She is getting stronger. "I was going to say full of pride. But the point is the grim reaper himself told me to take it easy and I didn't. Would have gotten myself killed if I wasn't pregnant so I might have given you the best year of your life, but you gave me my life and a new little sister and two wonderful kids. So thank you for the best year of my life too."

Clark smiled and held her closer and kissed her again as their tongues mingle and since everyone that can be saved has been. "Is anyone watching us?"

"No" Prue moaned into his mouth as they disappeared in a blur.

Martha smiled playing around with the twins while Victor watched as Patty came down.

Patty looked at him. "It's OK to be happy you know?"

"I know." Victor assured her. "You ever wonder if we could have made..."

Patty watched the new woman in Victor's life before she answered. "Everyday, I wondered if it would have been, a lot better if you had found out the family secret long before Prue moved Piper's pacifier back to her. But everything happens for a reason I know that now."

The three adults watch as the doors open and everyone comes in. Leo comes in with Piper sharing a kiss as all the others come in save for Oliver and Bruce who are getting dressed into civilian clothes again.

Lois looked to Clark who came down the steps with Prue and saw he was just fine with the exception of being covered in dust and debris. "It's all over the news the people everyone saved. They're all talking about how the blur even helped with the cleanup."

Clark simply nodded in appreciation Lois is just fine and if anything just a little off guard but it's not everyday you find out your friend is an alien. "Thank you for keeping my family's secrets."

"I love those kids too much too send them to area 51." Lois quipped.

Penny came down and saw the happy family as they all shared hugs with each other they were here for the wedding but Patty and Penny stayed in case anyone tried something with the twins. "Sorry girls but we have to go now."

Piper frowned and hugged her it's always so sad to see them leave again. "I really wish you guys could stay."

"It's OK Piper we're never dead for long." Penny quipped before turning to Clark. "You take care of my granddaughter and my great grand children."

Clark held his family tight. "Until my dying breath." Clark assured them as they disappeared in a trail of lights.

"It's been two weeks since the utter destruction of downtown San Francisco. The repairs have been done with almost frightening speed as thousands of pounds seemed to disappear overnight. Most believe that it is the work of the blur. On the financial side of news the buildings should be back up in no time thanks to considerable donations from Luthorcorp, Queen Industries, and Wayne Enterprises. For many it is a return to normality…"

Paige helped the battered woman into the ambulance. Another girl paying the price for a scumbag boyfriend as Darryl puts him in the back of his car.

Paige looked to the driver. "Thanks for getting here so fast Mr..." She looked at the name tag. "Mr. Bloome"

"It's my job." The paramedic assured her.

Paige looked at him with a smile and saw the ambulance off. Now she has to get ready for a date she set up with Kyle.

"For many it's about new beginnings."

Piper laid back with a smile as Leo held her hand. The two overcome by the miracle they're looking at on the screen in a medical center.

Helen looked at the couple whose eyes are glued to the screen. "Your first?"

Piper nodded looking at the ultrasound of her baby even if it is a little gray blob that's how Patty and Jonathan started out. "Is the baby healthy?"

"Its healthy and strong for it's age, do I have to be extra careful with your blood like Prue's?" Helen asked.

Piper nodded especially after her doctor's death from saw blades. Also if anything happens to Helen they all seem to be thinking home birth. "Yes my blood is just as dangerous as Prue's is."

Piper turned back to the screen and smiled hearing the heartbeat as she kissed Leo. "That's our baby"

Leo smiled. "Yes, it is."

"For some dark times lie ahead."

Phoebe is taken back by a vision of black and white as a blond warlock holds a male witch in a telekinetic grip by his throat while forming an energy ball in his hand. She sees Clark on his knees A woman dressed in the US flag standing next to him in a graveyard surrounded by Tombstones reading Clark Kent, Prudence Kent-Halliwell, Kara Kent, Patricia Mara Halliwell, and Jonathon Kent Halliwell, She sees Prue move something with all her strength in her eyes and hands which results in only a page of the book of shadows wobbling. She watches Kara fall to the floor dead followed by Prue then Clark.

Phoebe shot up awake. "No, no, no"

Cole looked at her and grabbed her trying to calm her down as she continued to scream until finally calming down. "What is it?"

"I think, I just had a premonition." Phoebe answered.

Cole looked at her. "Or you had a nightmare."

Phoebe shrugged that could be it. "But the horrible things I saw."

Cole saw enough to know she was frightened. "Well what did you see before then?"

"I… I opened a surfboard shop with Paige in Mexico." Phoebe admitted weakly.

Cole smiled looking at her. "See it's just a nightmare because you fell asleep watching Kill it Before it Dies again."

Phoebe smiled and snuggled closer. She hopes he's right.

"And for some a chance for some long overdue rest."

Clark came out carrying Jonathan to the car. "I can't believe we're taking the kids with us."

Prue looked at him. "It's not going to be a problem is it?"

Clark shakes his head. "No, it's just, honeymoon."

Prue looked at Clark for a moment they can stay awake for weeks without sleep. "I know, but after yesterday, I don't want to risk missing anything."

Clark nodded in understanding. Yesterday Prue went for a walk while Clark got the twins bottles ready. He turned around to see only Patty playing on the floor. He looked around and saw Jonathon heading for the front door not exactly crawling but using his arms at superspeed dragging himself to the door until his father picked him up and he almost instantly dosed off. "I know. But we should really get going right now."

Prue nodded in agreement. She wants to go she just doesn't want to leave the kids behind since they're starting to be mobile. "You don't have to tell me twice can't wait to get to the beach."

"Did you lock the door?" Clark asked.

"Yeah" Prue replied ready for a nice long well earned rest.

Patty rested on her mother's shoulder and she lifted her head and saw the door wide open. She waved her arm around a bit and smiled as the door to the manor came to an all too familiar close.

Author's Notes

Thank you to everyone who favorited, followed, reviewed and stayed with this story.

I actually did intend to keep Diana away form this world but the problem was as I was getting together a main idea for the sequel I realized Bruce would be one of the first to go and needed another DC big hitter.

I do have an idea for a sequel it's just a long way for now. It's going to be a very AU season 6 with girls in the present and guys in the future each group with their own problems.

Ddh, The power of four will be resolved in the sequel

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