Dead Man Walking

Summary: The last transporter from Earth brings people from Cass's past. It was paid for and is controlled by the Russian Mafia whose Captain was one of the people who went to prison when Cass gave evidence against them on Earth before he left.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the Outcast series and do not make any money from this story about them or any other Fandom that I write for. I do this purely for fun and hopefully for the enjoyment of others should they read my ramblings and enjoy them. This is my first fanfic for Outcasts.

The full council for the colonists on the planet of Carpathia had gathered to discuss the present situation that they were faced with. It had come to everyone's attention that a final transporter that no one expected had arrived from Earth. Not everyone present in the council rooms within the main complex in Forthaven were aware of the implications that it brought to the colonists and established government on the planet. A few people like President Tate, the Chief of Security Stella Isen, Jack the commander of the XP's and Cass Cromwell one of the PAS Officers were all too well aware of what the new influx of colonists could mean to the social wellbeing of the community but they were about to discover just how much of a problem it was going to be.

"Do we know anything of the people on board the transporter that just arrived. I thought there was going to be no more transporters from Earth after the last one."

This question was addressed to President Tate from one of the councllors who had been swayed by Julius Berger to try and vote Tate off the council. Tate looked at the man for a few seconds trying to get contol of his thoughts before he answered.

"We received a communication from the Captain of the ship about an hour ago, his name is Alexi Protroviech."

"He sounds Russian."

"He is." Tate paused for a moment before continuing. "The ship was paid for and is being manned by what remains of the Russian Mafia that controlled London before we left Earth."

"The Russian Mafia but I thought most of them, at least the top dogs, ended up in prison about twenty years ago. I remember hearing something about it on the news feed when it was all happening."

"They did."

"So how can it be the them now?"

"Well obviously they got out of prison."

Tate had been in the control center with Stella when the Captain had communicated with Forthaven demanding the immediate surrender of the present Government and turning all control of the planet of Carpathia over to their new masters. Tate had refused and had been told if he did not then it would be on his head the death and destruction that would be wrought from his refusal. He'd heard a sound behind him when the screen had gone black and turned around and saw that Cass had entered the room. Just one look at Cass's face told him that his friend had recognised the Captain and that he knew exactly who and what was on that ship.

"Look all we can do for now is keep a look out for when they land and try and negotiate with them when the time comes. Try and work with them so that their transaction into our community can go as smoothly as possible."

"And if it won't?"

"Then we may have to fight to keep what we have all worked so hard to create here on Carpathia."

Following the meeting with the council, Tate, stella, Jack and Cass retreated to Tate's office to try and come up with some plan. Tate turned to Cass and asked him what the mafia would probaly do first.

"Hang on a minute why are you asking Cass? He won't know what has to be done, I remember the mafia they were cold bloody killers."

Jack did not know about Cass or his past, he had once been a member of the Russian Mafia and that it had been his evidence that had brought down the organisation in London. Cass took a deep breath before answering the commander of the expeditionaries.

"I worked the Russian Mafia in London before joining this expedition."