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"I worked for the Russian Mafia in London."

Jack could not believe what Cass had just said, he stared in disbelieve at the PAS Officer at what he had just heard, unable to believe the words that Cass had just muttered.

"You worked for...for those...those animals..."

Jack remembered back to what he had heard about the Russian Mafia and some of the methods they employed in their business dealings with people, the savagery of it, at the time had been unbelievable to most people especially those who had not witnessed it first hand but Jack had had the misfortune of witnessing just what they were capable of. A friend of his had got on the wrong side of the local Russian Mafia family where he had lived and what they had done to him had undescribable, the only merciful thing they had done was kill him afterwards but they had made him suffer for days before putting him out of his misery and now a man who he had for the last ten years worked alongside of in building a community they were now detemined to protect was telling him that he had worked for those who now threatened it. He wondered if Cass had been as bad or if not worse than the animals that he had had to deal with, he just could not take it in, he looked at Cass thinking that it was a sick joke but as he looked him in the eyes he saw with a sickening thud that Cass was telling the truth.

Cass found Jack's shocked reaction and the level of revulsion in his eyes uncomfortable and unbearable to look at and he glanced away, looking at the ground unable to look at Jack or either Stella Isen or Tate. Isen already knew what he had done, well some of it. She had been told by Tate when it had come out, during a recent investigation, that Cass was not who he claimed he was. She did not know the full extent of what he had done for the Mafia but she knew that he had been one of their enforcers and from the reputation that the enforcers in London had had back then she knew that Cass had been an extremely angry and violent person but over the last ten years he had managed to subdue the violent tendancies that he had had, the anger was still there and at times it could and had been seen but the violence that had largely been tempered over the years.

Jack was still fuming over at the other side of the room as he tried to come to terms with what he had just heard.

"Just what did you do for the Mafia...What was your job?"

He looked at Cass with disgust, noting that the man was unable to look him in the eye.

"What was your job? DAMMIT YOU TELL ME YOU BASTARD."

"I was an enforcer."

Jack continued to stare at Cass as it sunk in that Cass was one of the very people who may or may not have tortured and murdered his friend.

"So how did you end up here on Carpathia."

Cass glanced at the floor again, not wanting to tell him and sighing briefly before he looked back up at Jack.

"I turned against them and gave Queens evidence that sent most of the top dogs to Prison and a good number of others."

"So they will want you dead."


Jack thought for a moment, staring at a spot somewhere behind Cass's head. Seeming to come to a decision Jack nodded his head and looked at Tate.

"I need to think about what I have just been told. Can you give me an hour."

Tate who until that moment had said nothing perfering instead to watch Jack's reaction to finding out about Cass's past, nodded.

"Of course but I can't tell you how important it is that you do not reveal what you have just learned to anyone. Not just yet, not till we know what is going to happen."

"Of course."

Jack nodded to both Stella and Tate as he left but deliberatetly ignored Cass, walking out of the room and returning to where the expeditionaries were housed. He didn't know how he was going to deal with what he had just been told and how he felt about a man who he had thought he knew. 'Obviously I didn't,' he thought to himself. He knew that Cass hated blood and often fainted at the sight of it and that he also did not like violence but he had never thought that this was the reason for it, he just thought that, well he didn't know what he had thought anymore. He was confused and upset by he had heard, too much had happened in the past few days. First Cass's partner Fleur, had been identified as an AC, he would never have thought that she was one of them and now it had been revealed that Cass was a former member of the Russian Mafia that had controlled London back on Earth and were now coming to take over Carpathia.

Well not if he had anything to do with it!