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Cass had returned to his quarters after Jack had stormed out of Tate's office, he was worried as hell what Jack was going to do with the information that he had now on him. He knew that this day would come but he had always hoped, forlornly perhaps that it wouldn't. He sighed as he let himself into his quarters and then sat down on his sofa staring around the room at what he had managed to make of his life since coming to Carpathia, he very few reminders of his old life but there were one or two peices amongst his pocessions and of he had the memories, memories that he could not get rid of, no matter how hard he tried and he had so hard over the years.


He jumped as he heard someone knocking loudly on his door and he realised that he had been lost in his own thoughts for almost an hour.


Hard knocking again on his door, he debated on ignoring whoever it was but in the present climate he thought it might be best to check who was there. As he reached his door, he flew backwards as the door was kicked violently open and hit him. As he laid stunned on the floor, he heard movement around him as a group of people rushed into the room followed by the person who had kicked his door. Feeling hands on him, he went to move and tried to cry out but something was tied over his mouth and he found himself being flipped over on to his stomach as his arms were yanked behind him and his hands were tied together, as his terror mounted he wondered what was going to happen to him.


Jack decided he badly needed a drink, grabbing his jacket he made his way to the closest bar

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