Trader be here and he brings beer

And by beer, I mean stories. So yeah, a human Omega. The God of Destruction, a mere mortal. Ironic isn't it?


He had awoken, floating in a strange place. It looked like Space but there were portals instead of stars and above them were names.

He read the name of the nearest portal, which was to the southeastern direction.

Megaman Zero Universe

He was silent...then he flipped his top off.

"WHY! WHY DOES HE GET A UNIVERSE NAMED AFTER HIM? WHY NOT OMEGA INSTEAD OF ZERO? WHY?" he ranted. It took what seemed like hours before he stopped. That is why he's pissed.

"Okay, calm down just breathe in and out, in and…." He stopped as reality gave him a roundhouse kick to the face. He was breathing. Reploids don't need to breathe. He looked at his arms and found that he had skin.

And with that he promptly fainted out of shock.

Timeskip my dear readers!

He woke up again. He looked around trying to remember where he was. Then he remembered the portals, floating in space, realizing that he was breathing and has skin. He struggled to keep himself from freaking out.

Don't judge him, he just turned human so its expected.

"Wait, who are you?" he asked, looking around for the source of the voice.

I'm the author, Trader, the one who made you human. You should be thankful that I took you out of your pitiful demise and turned you into this.

"Thankful? Why would I be thankful? I'm a human for God's sake!"

And you have a problem with that?

"Yes, I do."

Would you rather I turn you into a cow? A chicken? A Reploid that got defeated by Zero?

"…" Whoops touched a nerve there. "What do you want?" he asked

Simple, I want you to continue doing what you do best. Cause destruction.


You heard me. You arethe God of Destruction, right?

"I was…" he thought about how weak he was in this form.

Oh please, I left you abilities untouched, I just changed your form to a more humane one.

With that a mirror appeared in front of him.

See for yourself!

He looked and lo behold. Tall, muscular, short white hair, and crimson colored eyes. He wore a Crimson shirt, blue jeans and white rubber shoes.

See? Your abilities are untouched but your dignity….

"What was that Trader?" He asked as he whirled around to try and face me.

Heh you can't see me but I can see you, oh and by the way, see those portals?

"Yeah, what about them?"

Those lead to other worlds, I want you to destroy them.

He suddenly gave a grin that made him look like a destructive force that enjoys destruction. Which he is, by the way.

The tool and method of destruction will be provided by me. Walk to the nearest portal to begin.

He gave an evil smirk and walked to the nearest portal…..

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