Scribble, scribble, scrib-erase.

"I hate days before final exams" I mumbled as my pencil scratched the paper, writing down notes.

"You know, you could just bend reality so you'll pass" Omega said.

"Funny thing about my powers…" I said as I furiously scribbled on the paper while gluing pieces of wood together, "I'm allowed to bend everything in other realities, but in my own, I can't bend everything."

"So, you have to actually study?" he asked, trying to hold in his laughter, it was a horrible failure. I am sorely tempted to…wait! That's it!

Without out a word, I flicked my hand and sent Omega flying through a wall, which appeared out of nowhere, and into a portal.

"Finally, some silence,"I said as I returned to my work, "Wait…Oh Shit! I forgot we were supposed to something today!" I snapped my fingers and opened a portal, reached inside with my hand and pulled Omega, dripping wet.

"I fucking hate you" He snarled. I just laughed and hung him on a coat rack with his shirt.

"Now this chapter will be made purely by me, seeing that I can't send you to the Megaman Zero Universe, were going to Megaman Classic!"

"Why can't I go beat Zero up?"

"He's dead, not much use of ending it there, no, we will just start of a series of events that would start an apocalypse."

"So, basically I have to start an apocalypse."

I nodded.

"Okay….method of destruction?"

I pulled out an old calculator and handed it to him.

"Please tell me your kidding…"

"I'm not, this calculator is the T-Cal, it lets you divide by your nemesis, I'll just see if you can figure it out"

And with that he was once again flung to a wall and into a portal.

I snapped my fingers and a chair and Flat-Screen TV appeared. I sat down and platforms were pushed out of the armrests and snacks appeared. Grabbing a bowl of popcorn, I sat down and focused on the screen.

"Let's get this show on the road!"

Omega appeared in Wily Castle, right next to Wily who was in front of a bunch of computers.

"Who are you?" Wily asked.

That question was answered when by being beaten to death and then saying "I am Omega". After that particularly gruesome activity he approached a microphone that was conveniently placed (I put it there).

"Good morning Wily Castle!" he shouted into the microphone, "Deactivation will commence in five minutes, those that don't want to be deactivated kindly leave the castle immediately."

And within the allotted time, the castle was deserted.

"Meh, wouldn't matter if they leave anyways. The world's gonna end anyways."

With that he typed in the overly-exaggerated-in-size keyboard. The typing went on for a while until he suddenly gave a dark smile which indicated he found what he was looking for.

He pressed a button and a rumbling noise was heard. Still smiling he pressed another button. The sound of engines filled the air and soon faded into nothingness as the thing went further.

"Missile launching…" An explosion was heard "…Success."

He then spent the rest of the morning sending threats to Dr. Light, he predicted that he would send Megaman. He was right.

Shots and explosion were heard outside the room, moments later the door (I assume they are) opens and Megaman enters.

Without a word Megaman jumped behind Omega and shot him at the leg. Omega flipped over him, avoiding the attack by a few seconds.

"Who are you? Where is Wily? Are you another creation of his, because if you are, surrender or I will be forced to harm you" Megaman asked charging his Buster.

"No you won't Megaman, Three Laws of Robotics, you can't harm humans" Omega said, pulling out the T-Cal.

Omega pressed nine, divide, zero and equal symbol on the T-Cal. A black portal appeared behind him.

"What's that? An invention of a demented old man?"

Meanwhile in where I was watching, my eye twitched. I snapped my fingers and the portal behind Omega flashed white.

Back to Omega

Omega pressed one, three, three and seven on the T-Cal. An energy blade appeared on it in the shape of a sword.

Omega sprinted towards Megaman and tried to stab his stomach. Megaman dodged by sidestepping and trying to run. He was intercepted by Omega who casually tripped him. He then proceeded to pick him up and toss him into the portal.

On the other side of the portal

Megaman was flung through a wall and was caught by me.

"Demented and old huh?" I said with a bit of anger, "When I'm done with you, you will know better than insulting me."

Back to Omega

Omega kept pressing divide and zero repeatedly until the world was full of portals, said portals turned to black holes. He then left while saying "Ware wa meshia nari! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Imaginary line!)

Sorry for the late update, I was so busy that I didn't have time to type. Thank you for your concern Manakete King, but I'm not dead! Anyways, were out of Megaman worlds to go to so… I'm thinking of ending here starting a sequel. Here's a preview.

Let me tell you something, it is NOT fun to be hung upside down on the top of the Empire State Building. Really. It's not.

We're getting ahead of ourselves are we? So before I continue I should probably introduce myself. I am the one and only Trader Darkstar!

…Don't know me? That's fine, if you did then I would be in trouble. Big time. Why? I'll tell you later.

Anyway, I am Trader Darkstar, Personification Of Reality. Yes, my title deserves the capitals. I am practically immortal, I can't die as long as reality exists. As a Personification Of Reality(I'll just say POR instead)I have the ability to control reality. Really handy if you like to spam items everywhere.

My form is of a 12 year old with black hair and brown eyes. I wear a black shirt, long white coat, black pants, and chain belt. I keep black goggles on my head, a red handkerchief tied around my neck. I also wear iron leg armor and boots.

Now back to the plot. How I got there is pretty amusing story involving squirrels, suicide bombers, steroids, lots of sugar and advanced algebra textbooks. I shall not go into detail because I don't (and don't want to) remember it.

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