A/N: Welcome one and all to the second chapter of Minako Aino's adventures. In this story, you will experience laughs, drama, romance, horror, and tragedy. For this story's setting is back in the country where Mina grew up: Japan.

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The Golden Strands

Chapter 1


The instant that my finger pulls at the trigger, I know that I've committed the ultimate sin.

In the eyes of God, all sin is the same. All sins are equal before him. Every sin has the same ultimate consequence of death unless forgiven by God himself. To gain forgiveness, there must be repentance and a promise to sin no more. That's a fact I've come to know in recent times.

But in the eyes of human beings, there are degrees of sin. Lying isn't as bad as stealing. Stealing isn't nearly as horrifying as murder is. Every person on Earth has a different set of values and morals. That's one of the things that makes the world we live in so diverse and complex. It's also a reason why I feel that we'll never be able to obtain true world peace. There will always be someone with morals that don't agree with society, whether those morals are good ones or bad ones depends, but the fact of the matter is that people will fight and struggle. Reality isn't something you can escape no matter how many delusions we tell ourselves.

At any rate, in the eyes of most people and the boy that stares blankly at me now, I've committed an evil that can never be erased from my hands. I've committed a sin that will never be erased from my mind no matter how many times I repent and beg forgiveness. The memory of this moment will forever torment me.

My hands are shaking now as the bullet surges forward in slow motion, hitting its mark with a sickening bang. My heart is pounding relentlessly against my chest as my eyes widen in anguish.

Blood stains the concrete as my victim falls backward toward the ground. Their eyes are wide with shock and pain. Immediately I can smell the scent of the blood I've spilt. Its putrid and metallic stench burns my nose. The sight and sound of the blood sputtering causes my mind to whirl. The resounding thud that follows when my victim lands on the concrete below forces bile up my throat. Everything about this situation…everything about this sin I'd committed was sickening.

I should cry, but my eyes are dry. I should run or scream or call 911, but I realize all too soon that nothing I did would do any good. The second my finger pulled the trigger, I'd crossed a line of no return.

Its ironic, poetic even that I, Sailor Venus, soldier of love and beauty, would do something so horribly despicable and ugly. The reason behind my actions became lost to me as I stared at the body laying on the paved ground in front of me.

This wasn't the first time I had killed someone, but it was the first time that I had intended to kill.

Even so, it makes no difference in the eyes of God, nor does it make any difference to me. I had committed the ultimate evil.

Nothing would change that.

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