The streets of Gotham City are alive tonight. People walking on the street conversing, minding their own business. There's a few petty crimes here and there, but nothing the GCPD can't handle. Beggars and hobos lying side by side on the pavement, waiting for a miracle. Parties in buildings and homes; such greed, gluttony, and lust. This is what pumps Gotham's veins, its blood. This is what keeps Gotham alive. This is Gotham itself. But there is one person who can bring this all down. Yet, this person is a mystery. The said man can bring the whole city down with one finger. But this person needs to hide, because fear tells him so. Just like any other criminal, fear eats him up. It forces him to do things he mustn't do. Things that would endanger society, but ironically, society is what causes fear. Society only wants things that would benefit them, therefore leaving out the rest. This man though wants something different. Something similar to the reason why this city is so protected. It is nothing, but revenge. But to do this, he must take down the most filthy, and at the same time, the richest city of all, Gotham.

But even as devious as this sounds, hope is always around. It lurks in the shadows, waiting to be realized and grasped, as long as the holder truly wants it. And in Gotham City, hope is always symbolized as something rather unusual… something strange and dark… Hope in Gotham City, as it always was and will be, is the Batman.

1 year ago…

"Nightwing to Batman, do you read?" Nightwing talks over in his communicator. "I hear you. What do you want?" Batman arrogantly replies, "There has been a reported kidnapping near your location, mind if you check it out?" Nightwing answers, but he hears no response. Though this may seem a little unsettling, Nightwing still patrols around his area, for he knows that the Batman has already moved out.

Running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Batman hears the sound of the people of the GCPD getting louder and louder as he moves closer to the said location. When he finally got there, he sees a building surrounded by police cars and officers. He silently jumped from the roof of one building and to the roof of the building containing the kidnappers. He accesses his communicator and calls Alfred. "Alfred, can you get me info on who was kidnapped?" Batman requested as he could hear Alfred typing on the Batcomputer, "5 people kidnapped a group of young and old people, sir. And it appears that the abducted have no connection to each other. It says here that they were all picked up randomly at different places." Alfred answered, "Wait, they have no connection to each other? That's strange…" Batman replied, "Don't you think, sir, that aside from the ransom, is that they're trying to get your-" "Attention. They're trying to get my attention. I can hear them from here. They're shouting and calling out for my name. Hh. Time to pay them a visit." Batman says as he smashes a hole into the roof. The kidnappers stand there astounded and scared of what they've just seen. "Rough night?" Batman funnily greets.

The GCPD start to draw their firearms as they hear the sound of the smash, and they flinched. "Thank God he arrived" Commissioner Jim Gordon says "HOLD YOUR FIRE, MEN". "He always arrives on time, doesn't he?" Harvey Bullock arrives with a cup of coffee in hand. "We should be thankful, you know? Most of our cases we wouldn't have finished without his help. He's like a savior or something." he says, as the commissioner stands quietly out in the cold staring into the building. "Who knows what's going on inside? But I'm pretty sure he'd beat the crap outta those with no sweat." "I'm sure of that too… Yes, I'm sure…" the commissioner replies.

"G-G-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" one of the kidnappers scream at the sight of the Bat. He starts randomly shooting everywhere as his fellow men calm him down, but to no avail. Due to this, he accidentally shoots himself on the foot. "AAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" another scream arose from him. Blood began spurting out of the foot. This doesn't startle Batman one bit, so he jumps and kicks two of them, instantly incapacitating them, leaving only two members left. One of them grabbed one of the abducted and placed a gun to her head. "You better not come any close or I'll shoot! I'll shoot I tell'ya! I'LL SHOOT!" he crazily says. The Batman quickly throws a Batarang at his hand and disarms his gun. "OOOWWWWW!" he goes. That leaves only one kidnapper left. "D-d-don't y-you t-t-t-touch m-m-meee!" the last one says. Batman goes up to him, grabs his shirt and lifts him up, placed his back against a wall and says "What do you want, and who do you work for?", "W-w-w-we c-c-c-can't t-tell!" the last one replies, horrible breath coming from his mouth, "Then what do you have to gain from this?" Batman replies, "We came to tell you this: 'Gotham City is going down. And the Batman is going down with it'. I'm afraid that we can't tell you who we work for." A 6th man appears, but only stays in the shadows, not revealing his appearance. Batman threw his held kidnapper at the hidden man but he disappeared, leaving the last kidnapper fainting. The Batman, begins to remember the foul odor of the kidnapper's breath as it makes him dizzy and nauseous, nevertheless he stays calm and collected. He searched the kidnappers for evidence but only found a cellular phone, which of course was better than nothing. He opens the door and frees the held captives, and at the same time he vanished.

"Are you alright?" the commissioner asks the captives. They all said yes and went to their respective families who were waiting outside the building. "What do you think did he find" Harvey Bullock asks, "I don't know. But whatever it is, he can make use of it and find the person behind this." The commissioner replies.

Standing on a rooftop, Batman looks at the phone and hides it again. "Whoever you are, you picked the wrong city to mess with." He jumps and vanished into the night.