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As soon as the first person stepped off of the ship, Percy knew he was going to die.

Okay, back up. They had just come out of a senate meeting, in which Percy, very stupidly, had sworn on his life that he was telling the truth and the Greeks would be friendly and not attack, blah blah blah. And now Octavian only needed one tiny conflict to be able to, very happily, kill him. And for Octavian, Percy suspected that would happen in only a matter of time. Conflict or no.

And then, a giant flying Greek warship was descending down on the Romans, and not very smoothly either.

Perfect first impression, guys, Percy thought sarcastically, then felt guilty. This was his family, after all. But the Romans were like a second cousin of his grandma's sister's brother-in-law. Twice removed. They were still family. And he couldn't turn against either of them.

The warship came to the ground with a gentle bump. A couple of Romans who were too close fell over. Octavian grinned. Percy could practically read his mind. Oh, wonderful, wonderful. All of the Greeks are bumbling idiots. This is going to be way too easy.

"Shut up," Percy muttered.

Hazel turned at the sound of his voice. She and Frank were standing in front of Percy, all of them at the back of the crowd.


Percy shook his head. "Nothing. Octavian's being stupid."

Hazel glanced over at him, then turned back to Percy, brow furrowed. "Um... Percy?"

"In my head."

Hazel nodded and rolled her eyes, then turned back to the ship. Percy sighed inwardly. Here went nothing.

A guy with dark, curly hair and bronze skin climbed up on the mast.

"Hi-ho, Romans! It is I, your lovable Admiral of the Argo II, Leo Valdez! I have brought your new allies in the Giant War to you! No need to thank me, all part of the job!"

A pretty girl- daughter of Aphrodite, Percy thought- with brown, choppy hair swung up next to Leo. "Ignore him, everybody. Leo can sometimes be..."

"Awesome?" Leo shouted. "Let me hear the love!"


"Okay, Ima gonna go get... uh... I mean... I'll just-"

"Go get him," Piper said meaningfully. Percy didn't know who she was talking about. But he had a feeling it was important.

"Okay, Beauty Queen," Leo said, jumping off of the mast.

"Good. And don't call me Beauty Queen!" Piper yelled after him.

The Romans stood there eyeing her. Piper began to twitch under their scrutiny.

Just when Percy thought she was about to blurt something out, Leo reappeared beside her, this time with another blonde haired guy.

The assembled Roman demigods roared. Percy didn't know why.

"Uh... who is that?" He asked. Frank shrugged, but Hazel, her eyes shining, said, "That's Jason Grace, our praetor-" She broke off. "Uh, former praetor, I guess."

Back on the ship, Leo was fiddling with some control thing. He muttered to himself, and pressed a button. A hatch slid open, stairs folded out. Leo smiled, satisfied.

A bunch of Greek demigods were gathered behind the door. A couple tried to step off, but Leo stopped them.

"Whoa! Wait, I forgot something! Let's see..." He pressed another button, and a red carpet unfurled onto the stairs. Leo grinned. "You can go now." He followed them off the ship.

The Greek hesitantly stepped off the ship and down into the waiting crowd of Romans. Octavian, unfortunately, had gotten to the front of the crowd, drew his sword, and pointed it at the Greeks.

"One more step, foreigners, and my soldiers will be ever too happy to kill you."

The Greek demigods all looked at one another uneasily. They had expected this, but weren't sure how to react.

"Drop your weapons," Octavian ordered.

The group unsheathed swords, bows and arrows, knives, spears, shotguns, a bunch of potions, some Greek fire, and... a cow? What the heck.

In Leo's case, he kept digging things out of a toolbelt at his waist. Hammers, saws, brushes, wooden planks, tofu burgers, taco meat, a huge plastic orange whistle, and even breath mints. Percy shook his head. He wasn't sure about how he felt about this guy, but he knew that he was probably a joker.

Leo finally finished unloading his tool belt.

"There! Wait... aw, come on!" He fished around in there some more and pulled out paper, blueprints, fingernail polish? Leo blushed. "That's Piper's."

Up on the ship with Jason, Piper rolled her eyes.

Leo blew his hair up and settled with throwing his toolbelt down onto the tall pile of his junk. All of the Greeks then stepped back.

Octavian nodded, seemingly with satisfaction, but Percy could tell he was annoyed because he didn't get to kill them.

"Good, good, now... um..." Octavian was trying to think of some other stupid command that he could give. Percy sighed and started trying to elbow his way to the front of the crowd.

But the Romans were too tightly packed. If Percy wanted to get up there, he'd have to go about half a mile around. He turned and started searching for a gap.

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