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For some reason, dreams always found Percy, whether he wanted them to or not.

In this one, he was basically... nowhere. He didn't see anything, couldn't remember how he had gotten there. For a moment, a scary sense of deja vu rose up inside of him. He tried not to panic as he squeezed his eyes shut in concentration. The fear faded. He remembered. Getting hit by that giant club and thrown into a wall was not on his to do list.

Percy sat up. "Hello?" His own voice echoed back at him. Where were his friends? For that matter, where the Hades was he?

"You are in my realm," a voice whispered from the darkness, as if reading his thoughts. Instantly, Riptide was in his hand, the usual familiar glow muted by the black of his surroundings.

"Your realm?" Percy asked, turning in a slow circle. "Who are you?"

A woman stepped out, flowing as if she were made of shadows, like Percy's surroundings. She seemed to be cloaked in darkness, the black rippling around her like a cape. Her long dark hair billowed about like a cloud, merging with her clothes and the background, making her seem invisible, yet she was there at the same time. She flickered back and forth, like a ripple on the water. "Who do you think I am, Percy Jackson?"

"Someone who should butt out of my head."

The woman tilted her head at him, making her flowing black self twist and turn. "I had heard you weren't very polite, boy. Perhaps you should show some respect."

"Yeah, and that'll happen as soon as you tell me who you are."

"I am Night."

"Oh, yes, because that's very helpful," Percy said.

The goddess (at least, that's what Percy assumed she was, as they had a habit of breaking into his sleep and messing up his life) laughed softly. "It should be, although your tone suggests otherwise. I am the goddess of the ghosts, of magic, and a servant of Gaea."

"Then why isn't she here? Send you to do her dirty work?"

"Oh, I hardly think my task is to be qualified as 'dirty work.' But yes, she has sent me to capture you."

"I would've thought she had used the giant for that," Percy muttered.

"No, the lumbering idiot Cacus was a mere distraction. I am worse, much worse," the goddess told him.

"You said magic, right?" Percy strained to remember long conversations with Annabeth that usually led to them sword fighting, which was the only part Percy had found particularly interesting. "You're Hecate."

The goddess looked amused. "Correct. Perhaps you aren't as worthless as I first thought."

"Great, glad I meet your approval," Percy said sarcastically.

"Yes, you'll do. Now, Percy Jackson, a word of advice," Hecate said. "The minor gods turned in the last war, if you'll recall. You thought you set everything right, didn't you, what with your cabins and all at that silly camp of yours."

"Yeah, so?"

"The tide is turning against you. If you do not want a repeat of the last... chaos, I'd recommend dealing with the conflicts between your Greeks and Romans. Things may be bought, but they come with a price. And you are the only one, I think, who can pay it." The darkness suddenly swirled up into Percy's face, the goddess's unfathomable eyes boring into his. "But are you willing to?"

Percy's blood ran cold. "W-what do you mean?"

Hecate backed away. "Just remember what I have told you. And now, I think, it's time for you to sleep again. And dream. Dream of horrors and nightmares and ghosts and shades. Dream, Percy Jackson, of the life that awaits you. I must deal with your friends."

"Don't you dare-" Whatever threat Percy was going to make was cut off as he felt himself falling again, down into sleep, the goddess standing above him, looking on without feeling.

When he opened his eyes again, he was home.

The streets of New York City glistened in the night air before him. He was standing at the top of the stairs of a subway station. He could feel Riptide in his pocket, but suddenly he didn't care.

He drank in the sights like he was seeing it for the first time. Buildings so tall, they seemed like they would never end, never stop touching the sky. The low rumble of thousands of motors that never ceased, like a great beast slumbering down below the ground. Throngs of people, pushing and shoving and never noticing one demigod, standing alone on the street, gaping as people rushed by him. He had never felt so small in the city that he loved, and hoped he never would again.

Percy started down the streets, not really knowing where he was going, not really caring. He passed by Central Park and smiled, remembering the time that he and Nico opened the door of Orpheus. The Williamsburg Bridge, where Annabeth had taken a knife for him. The Merriot Hotel, where he had met Rachel before going down into the Labyrinth. The building where he and Blackjack had been detoured by Dionysus on their way to follow Thalia, Grover, Zoe, and Bianca on their quest. His old school and the alleyway where he had met Tyson. The Empire State Building loomed in the distance. All of the sights from his past life, a life so far away from now that seemed like it belonged to someone else.

And then he realized his feet had carried him home. To the place where he knew his mother and Paul were sleeping, waiting for their son to return to them. He would surprise them.

His speed picked up. His feet pounded the pavement as he raced towards one of the three places he had missed so much. Back to people he loved.

He would've gotten there too, if it weren't for the teenager falling from the sky.

The next thing he knew, Percy was flat on his stomach, all of the air knocked out of him. He felt something heavy lying on top of him, not moving. He managed to shove the thing off and roll over.

A teenage boy was lying on the sidewalk, about his age, unconscious. Percy took in the blonde hair, the familiar purple t-shirt. He didn't just recognize it, he knew it.

He glared up at the sky. What were the gods playing at now?

The boy's eyelids slid open, revealing blue. He groaned. Percy stared in shock at someone who shouldn't be there, someone who was totally wrong, someone who had his own home, far on the other side of the country.



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