Summer Madness

Chapter 5: She becomes the Melody

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The club was like any other club. Dark, colored lights flashing, loud music, and filled with people who were probably wastes of space and drunk on alcohol. I headed for the bar. Kagome's male friend did too.

Kagome and the girl she introduced earlier as Sango, went in another direction.

"What?" I finally asked the guy named Miroku with a glare as I watched the two girls grab some drinks on the other side of the bar before scrambling off to the dance floor.

He'd been looking at me strangely since Kagome introduced us back at the apartment and now that he was sitting down next to me, I wasn't going to allow it any longer. I had only been being tolerant of him for Kagome's sake although now that I realized that, I couldn't exactly understand why I would. I didn't usually do anything for anyone else's benefit… even if she had asked me to.

He laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry, it's just… it isn't often that Kagome intentionally introduces me or Sango to anyone. It usually happens by accident, if we somehow end up at the same place that she's at with her fleeting friends," He explained offhandedly. "And even then she tries to keep us separate from them," he said before calling the bartender over to us. He ordered a beer and I, a Bulliet Neat, the glass of basically just bourbon being one of my favorites.

The bartender stepped away to get them.

"Fleeting friends?" I questioned, my facial expression blank except for my incredulously quirked brow. What nonsense was he even talking about?

Miroku shrugged.

"That's just what Sango and I call them since there's really no point in learning their names. They're the temporary people—" he stopped when the bartender pushed us our drinks. We both paid for our respective ones and I requested that I be given another one when I finished.

He continued after taking a swig of his drink.

"Like I was saying, they're just the people she associates with to go along with her constantly fleeting residences and jobs. I guess you could call them her fleeting lives even," he said, as a melancholy expression washed over his features as he spoke of it. "She doesn't tend to stay close to any of the temporary people when she moves. Sometimes she doesn't even tell them." He took another swig of his beer and I could tell that he was concerned by his Kagome's supposed behavior. Rather than getting sucked into that I angled to shift his attention.

"You are contradicting yourself, are you and Sango not her true friends?"

He didn't even have to think when he answered, tipping the neck of his beer towards me "Ah… yes, but even we do not always know how to remain in contact with her," he said before adding. "And we've been around since before… it happened." He looked like he was unsure if he should've said what he had.

"Her family's deaths." I guessed.

Miroku looked startled. "She spoke of it to you?"

"On her old rooftop, earlier this evening." I answered dismissively, taking a sip of my drink. I was trying not to remember how I hadn't been so dismissive up on the roof, trying not to remember how I'd partially let her in myself, alluding to my past in response to learning some of hers.

"You must really mean something to her then."

I scoffed, "I cannot see why, I did not ask for her to tell me anything. I did not even wish to be her friend… I'm not sure I even consider myself one," I informed the over-idealizing man, before taking another decent-sized swallow of my drink and continuing. "In the beginning I think she was just purely finding pleasure in annoying the hell out of me."

Miroku laughed heartily.

"I guess she would be good at that, Kagome has always been a good judge of character. And with her… quirks, she'd probably be good at knowing what to do to get under someone's skin," he said casually.

I said nothing back to that and he looked as if he was trying to figure out something, drinking his beer slowly and staring off towards the dance floor. I continued to drink my bourbon and ignore him.

"Well I think that's it then," he finally said turning back to me and nodding, after coming to some conclusion that I did not ask to hear of. "It's because you don't want to be her friend that she's letting you in. Although, I doubt she knows she's actually letting you get close… she's been faking friendships for so long."

"You continue to make no sense," I said. This man was slightly aggravating, though I did honestly get along better with him than most. "Why would anyone do that?"

"I'm surprised you haven't figured that out yet."

I narrowed my eyes but gave him no response and he continued on, voice quiet and tense as if he was revealing a secret. I could barely hear him over the music.

"She avoids getting truly attached to anyone," he stated, "I think she's afraid she'll lose someone else like she lost her family."

I interrupted him, "If that were the truth she would just avoid people altogether," I challenged.

"No, she could never do that. She's always been a people person… she can't stand being alone," he answered assuredly, "So she does the only thing she can do. She makes fake friends, never really letting them in. Then when she starts feeling too comfortable, like everything's going right, she moves and starts the whole cycle over again."

He scowled a little, glancing down at the bottle gripped in his hands and I inwardly thought about the day that she informed me she didn't like eating by herself. She was willing to sit there and be ignored. I supposed she probably would not avoid people altogether.

Miroku continued. "She's even settled for only dating guys that treat her like shit to not get too close. Maybe she doesn't notice it but Sango hates it… I do too, " he stopped for a moment and I remembered the male who she'd argued with outside the store the day before as well as the way he'd grabbed her arm. My fingers unconsciously clenched tighter around the glass in my hand.

Miroku looked at me curiously, before pressing on further. "She probably doesn't consider you a threat, since you don't even want to get attached to her. You're like someone she doesn't have to worry about getting too comfortable around. It's probably a breath a fresh air, I'm sure."

He was finally finished and after I didn't say much about it, he switched the subject to something else. Talking, I found him to not be too unbearable, perhaps even good company. We kept ordering drinks but I was privately still considering what he'd said about Kagome though I didn't comment on it.

Maybe, it did make some peculiar sort of sense. I'd wondered why she never flinched under the weight of glares on more than one occasion. Glares that since I'd met her had become less frequent. If what he said were true, I supposed that my standoffish behavior would be almost welcoming to her. Ironically, it seemed that the more that I'd tried to push her away the more comfortable she'd felt like she could be with me.

After a good deal of time, Kagome and Sango came back over towards us. Miroku and I spun around on our bar stools to face them as they approached. After talking for a few minutes Sango asked Miroku if he wanted to dance with her. And when he agreed, grinning like he'd just won the lottery, they got up and left for the dance floor. That left me and Kagome alone.

"I hope you've been having fun," she stated looking down at me, "I just thought you needed to get out more. You know, to give the paint chips a break from your excessive glaring." She smiled, the action lighting up her face. She'd had to tilt forward and speak loudly over the blaring music and with the close proximity, I could tell she'd evidently had more than just the one drink I saw her get earlier. Her eyes were glazed over but she still managed to look about the same as she had when we first arrived. I was slightly impressed, I hated when people looked disheveled after drinking.

I smirked at her joke.

"The night has been… tolerable," I informed her honestly after considering it. "And though I'm sure the paint is relieved, I'm only concerned with you remembering our deal."

Her smile grew bigger at that and when she moved I thought that she might be moving to sit down and continue conversing to me but instead she merely leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

"Dance with me," she said before slowly pulling back, gazing down at me with shining eyes as I continued to sit on the bar stool.

"I don't dance," I responded shortly though it was not precisely true. I did dance rarely, when I had an underlying agenda, an underhanded motive to. I did not have one with the girl standing in front of me. This was Kagome, not one of the females I considered a conquest, though my reasons for why not were starting to make less sense to me. I hadn't thought of her social status, of her as being beneath me for quite some time.

Her smile grew brazen before replying.

"Everyone dances," she informed me wistfully, before taking the drink out of my hand, it amazed me how easily I allowed it to slip from my fingers, and downing it. She set the empty glass down on the bar counter behind me before backing away towards the dance floor and simultaneously swaying her hips.

"You know you want to," she mouthed, a large grin on her face, as she continued to move further away from me. She broke eye contact and started dancing by herself once she reached the dance floor. The lights in the club continued to flicker over her form as I watched her.

Her eyes were closed as her body swayed and moved, her hands running across her own skin. I watched her palms roam over the tight black skirt stretched over her hips before gliding up the sides of her lace covered waist and chest.

Her body moved rhythmically and perfectly with the music as if she were a part of the melody, as if the song was made for her and she was only sharing it with the world, with whoever had the fortune to hear it. It was… sensual and erotic, another side of her that I had not yet seen. She seemed so different from the girl I worked with at the store or the one I'd met on the rooftop.

She moved as if she was in a trance, I watched as if I were in as well.

She had so many sides to her. She was a puzzle never meant to be solved and I was a person that did not like leaving things unfinished. Only the small wistful smile on her lips was left to remind you that she was not a true vixen, a temptress.

And then her eyes were opening and she was stopping, the smile slipping off her face. When she stopped dancing the song might as well have stopped playing too.

A male was trying to dance with her. His lips moved strangely as if alcohol had taken away the fluid use of his mouth and I could not make out what he said. But I could see his gaze fixed on her creamy flesh and her shake her head no politely though I'd seen the spit-fire she could have been. I watched as he continued to try and grab her anyway.

But I was grabbing her waist instead. I had not noticed that I'd even left my seat, much less that I'd moved towards her.

"Let's dance then," I said evenly looking down at her. The music seemed so much louder on the dance floor and it was drowning out most of my thoughts on what I was doing.

She smiled slightly at me, the lids of her eyes lowering, and I offered the other guy nothing more than a fleeting glance from the corner of my eye as we moved away, back into a dark corner of the room on the dance floor.

Her arms moved slow but strangely still managed to waste no time in raising and encircling my neck.

As we started dancing, the song in the background did not matter.

"I thought you didn't dance," she stated lowly, looking up at me. Thick sooty eyelashes blocked away some of the blue of her eyes and the part that could be seen flickered in the colored strobe lights. There was a mirthful tint to her tone that contradicted with her lust filled gaze and her body's motions as it moved over mine, grazed against me languidly.

I knew this dance.

"I thought you said you'd pass." I whispered in her ear conspirationally. The music pounding in my ears and the heavy press of her hips was making me reckless. I was never reckless and it wasn't until this moment that I realized I must have felt something else about her dismissing me that day at lunch.

Her arms fell from around my neck and she turned away from me slowly, started sliding her body over mine, first down and then back up again.

"Arrogance looks good on you Sessho but this is just a dance," she said a sensual smirk tugging on her lips. I couldn't tell if she was aware or not that she was lying. "Besides the guys I date make you look like a saint," she added as her eyes fluttered shut, her head rested back on my shoulder, her hips still swayed against me to the beat.

Perhaps the bourbon was helping to cloud my judgment, but I took what she said as a challenge, lowering my hands from her waist to glide over her hips.

"That just proves how much you do not know me," I answered, my voice was unnaturally rough and I leaned down, letting my warm breath run over her neck. Her head lolled more to the side, her hair slipping over her shoulder, opening up the expanse of her throat more to my eyes.

I smirked.

But as quickly as she'd done that, she was turning around again and looking up at me. She was a vision. She looked dazed and open, vulnerable, but in a good way if that was possible, and she was leaning in far too close to me, her lips stopping only an inch away from mine. I could feel her hands reaching up and running through the hair at the nape of my neck but I didn't stop her.

"I don't think anyone really knows you Sessho," she whispered.

I wasn't expecting that but she was right. No one did know me and no one was ever suppose to though I let her in a little on that rooftop earlier in the day.

She didn't get attached to anyone and I didn't get attached to anyone either. I knew that was the truth of it but while she thrived on change, switching up the people she wouldn't allow herself to get attached to, I strived on keeping everything constant, usually refusing company, avoiding people altogether. Even when I dated, I wasn't dating, just sleeping around.

But now that I knew that no one really knew her either, to me it felt like she was making the comment to herself, like it was a plea for someone to try. Or maybe the words had even come out of my own mouth when I wasn't paying attention.

She was laughing lightly now but it strangely sounded more like she was crying in my ears and I didn't have an underhanded motive when I closed the space between our lips. I didn't know what my motive was because I'd already made up my mind that this, us, would never go anywhere, would never be anything beyond the summer. It wasn't even supposed to be anything during the summer. But still, I knew it wasn't underhanded. I wasn't being cold or cruel like usual.

In fact, her lips and tongue moving against mine were warm.

The fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck fisted and the hands I had on her hips clenched.

The music stopped.

It took us a few moments to do the same, but eventually we stopped too.


The night came to an end after our dance and we met back up with Miroku and Sango. Nothing really seemed different, we didn't behave any differently as Sango drove us back towards the apartment complex. Sango had only had the one drink I'd seen her get earlier on during the night.

Kagome was slightly more inebriated than I thought because she fell stepping out of the car. Bidding Miroku and Sango goodnight, I picked her up and carried her up the steps of our building. She rummaged through her purse and found her keys when I reached her door. She leaned over and opened it and I carried her inside.

Her apartment was the way I thought it would be. Her furniture did not match and the pictures on her walls shared no themes. It was messy but not dirty, almost cluttered really, and her two cats were watching me closely as I moved to lay her down on the green couch.

She asked me if I could take her to her bedroom.

Her apartment was made up like my own so I knew where it was and walked there.

Her bedroom was just as unfocused and random as the rest of the house.

Laying her down on the bed, I noticed she had way too many pillows, eight or nine, and some of them didn't even match her comforter. When I tried to move away, the hands wrapped around my neck did not let go.

"You let me fall," she whispered looking up at me, "…Outside, you let me fall. I guess I lost the bet huh?"

I let her words float around in my head a moment before answering.

"It was not on purpose," I admitted looking back down at her. "And I carried you. I'm pretty sure that equates to me coming to your rescue again. I think you won Kagome."

She smiled slightly but she didn't say anything back. Her bedroom, though filled with things, for some reason felt emptier than my bare one upstairs.

When she tugged lightly, I let her pull me towards her lips.

The kiss in the club had been soft and insistent but this one… though still supple, was full of need, almost desperate. Her tongue danced with mine in perfect rhythm just as we had danced earlier, the warmth from her lips, from our kiss, diffusing into the air around us.

Without the music blaring in my ears like earlier, I could not stop focusing on the sounds of our heavy breathing or the small moans that she released and I swallowed greedily.

A groan escaped my throat and the hands I had placed on the bed on either side of her head were clenching at her comforter. I could not even think. This felt… different than anything I'd ever felt before.

I'd never felt so… not in control.

I moved back, breaking the contact. Both of our eyes fluttered open.

"Stay," she whispered, pleaded breathlessly, but the octave of her voice said more than just that word. Her eyelids were lowered, her blue gaze hazed and her lips slightly parted and bruised. I knew what she wanted… because I wanted it too. The arms around my neck clung a little tighter.

I was tempted to. One part of my body, that was making itself increasingly known to me, was very tempted to. But then I licked my lips and they tasted like bourbon and whatever sweet drinks she'd been having. She was slightly intoxicated and I remembered that I was not being underhanded.

I didn't want to be for once.

I removed her arms from around my neck gentler than I knew I was capable of being.

"Not tonight," I said backing away from the bed and standing upright. I headed for the door. "Get some sleep," I added as I turned her light off before I closed her bedroom door. I didn't even wait to see if she was going to say something back. I left her place.

After I made it upstairs to my own apartment, laying down on my mattress, it hit me that I may not have just been leaving for her benefit. I did not know what I would have felt in the morning had I stayed either.

Right before I fell asleep, my mind whispered that I was afraid, that I was still trying to stay unattached but that I was already losing the battle. It said that I was running. It said that I was weak.

I chalked the words up to being a dream.

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