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Summary: Bella, A Witch with ridiculous power, Faye, her best friend, Vamp-Human hybrid with uncontrolable rage-fueled black outs. They move to Forks, and come across the Cullens. What could possibly go wrong?

Bella P.O.V

Fayette Misao wrapped her hands around my throat, her eyes flashing red and her teeth bared.

"Faye." I whispered soothingly. She growled. Fuck. "Faye, calm down, everythings fine, I'm your friend." Her grip tightened, and I coughed.

Sorry, I just plunged in there. I'm Isabella Swan, I prefer Bella, Witch from birth. My best friend, Fayette Misao, She prefered Faye, was a Dhampir, human-vampire hybrid. Silent 'D'. She was also strangling me to death.

I lashed a kick into her stomach, building my power into it. She flew back off me, hitting the wall opposite.

"Calm the fuck down!" I yelled. She was up on her feet in a flash, snarling. I groaned, my shoulders slumping. "I didn't want to have to do this." I told her, before I made a sweeping motion with my arms. "Animo amittere pavore, Tranquillitas et ad requiem, Pacem in animo, dormientibus melius." The spell was stupid, and totally made up, but my concentration worked through the rubbish and non-existent rhyme and sent her spiralling into unconsciousness.

Taking a deep breath, I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder.

After putting her to bed, I collasped onto the couch.

I should explain further.

Faye had... Anger issues. They cause black-outs, in which she has an uncontrolable rage and a desire to kill things. They are triggered randomly, sometimes by stress or if someone says something to piss her off. As half vampire, it was her ability. To shut off emotion, only feel rage. It was horrible, and she had no power over it. Thats why we work so well. I'm the only one we know thats strong enough to contain her.

We had moved to Forks, Washington earlier that day. The aparent stress of moving had triggered her off. I had a few bruises, but nothing drastic.

Without enough energy to climb the stairs, I collapsed sideways on the couch, closing my eyes and welcoming sleep.

Faye towered over me with a grin.

She had no clue about last night.

"I'm not in the mood. Let me sleep." I groaned. I shifted on the couch, only to fall off. Staring up at my best friend, I glared.

"Come on, we have school!" She said cheerfully, her attitude contrasting greatly with her black-painted lips, racoonorised eyes and hip-length dyed blue-black hair. She grabbed my arm, hauling me to my feet with ease. When she caught sight of my neck, she stopped and gasped. "Oh shit, Bells - I-I'm so sorry, I didn't-"

"It's fine." I reassured. I was used to it. "I'm gonna get dressed." I dismissed, shuffling up the stairs. As soon as my feet touched the top step, I heared metal clang and draws being opened and the fridge being slammed shut. "Don't burn the kitchen!" I yelled, before shutting my bedroom door. Going to my bathroom, I washed my face and cleaned my teeth before putting on mascara and foundation. i pulled on a skin-tight long sleeved black shirt, Shrugged into a green and brown lumberjack button-up and roled up the sleeves. I pulled on faded jeans and slipped my feet into brown boots.

I sprinted down stairs - narrowly avoiding a wall as I jumped the last step - and darted for the kitchen clumsily.

On the table sat a plate of burnt bacon and egg. I sent a wary glance to Faye, who was sat on the counter, swining her heavy combat-booted feet. Her camo-print skinny jeans complimented her long legs, a black choker making her neck seem longer and a black tunic wrapped tightly around her torso. I would be lying if I said I didn't envy her body.

She was chewing gum, one of the few human substances she could stand. After all, she was part vampire.

"I think I'll skip breakfast." I suggested. She shrugged, and dumped the ruined food in the bin at vampiric speed. Grabbing our school bags, she through my plane brown one to me. I rolled my eyes as she slung her coffin-shaped backpack on.

After a short walk to school - We hadn't brought a car yet - we entered the school gates. Blood rose to my cheeks as everyone stared. Practically smelling my distress, Faye stole a look at me. Her black lips parted slightly, her eyes on my neck.

"Control, Faye." I said around a cough. She blinked, looking away. Her control was pretty good, but she often got distracted, as she was new to her lastest diet - Animal blood instead of humans.

Her head suddenly snapped to the right, looking away from me, and she drew in a slow breath, her blue eyes darkening slightly.

Made curious by her still, careful state, I followed her gaze.

Across the lot, five students stared at us. Each good-looking, with golden eyes pale ski-

Holy shit!

It all dawned on me at once.

There was Vampires at Forks High.

Faye's eyes are blue because she's only half-vamp.

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