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Bella P.O.V

"We'll go then." Faye rushed, standing up and sending me a sharp glance. I shrugged, jumping to my feet.


"No, wait - Why don't you stay with us?" The girl asked, eyeing us cheerfully.

Faye kicked me under the table.

So, just to piss her off...

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all." She chimed. "I'm Alice Cullen. My siblings are just getting lunch." She explained. I watched the rest of them from the corner of my eye.

Faye sent me an intense glare as she collapsed into her seat. Hiding my grin, I sat back down.

"What're your names?"

"Bella." I said with a smile.

"Fayette." Oh, full names? She was pissed. I know, I shouldn't have wound her up further, but...

"Everyone calls her Faye."

My friend shifted in her seat, pulling out her phone before she started to text. I rolled my eyes. That had nothing to do with vampires, she was just anitsocial, period.

The rest of Alice's family came over, masking their shock at our presence whilst I shyly glanced at a georgous bronze-headed bloodsucker.

I had realised my mistake in forcing Faye into this shortly after Emmett - A large goofball of a man - started to speak with her.

She was getting annoyed. Like, really annoyed. Jasper - Alice's boyfriend - looked uncomfortable, and kept sending her glances. I was surprised she was lasting that long, something must've been keeping her calmer.

Her hands were gripping the edge of the table, leaving dents. I would've gotten up to help, if I wasn't talking to Edward.

"So you like to read the classics?" He asked, nodding at my Wuthering Hieghts book, hanging tattered and ripped in my bag.

"Oh, yeah. Wuthering Hieghts is my favourite, but I enjoy alot of Shakespeare's work, too." I answered, smiling at him. With he grinned back, I blushed, looking down.

"I prefer classical music, to the literature, per-"

A loud shriek interuppted Edward, as Faye's chair scraped back across the ground, and she stood up, practically stomping out of room. Her feet left slight imprints on the floor.

I quickly realised, it was because Alice had decided to talk to her.

"Oh shit- I'm sorry guys, she's not... Not the friendliest of, uh, people." I stuttered. I stood up, grabbing my bag. "It was nice meeting you," I called before speed-walking out of the cafeteria.

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