Theme: Showdown (Prompt of choice)

Characters: Riku, Maleficent, Dragon, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Beast, Tinkerbell

Time: During KH, during Hollow Bastion

Word Count: 405

Riku pulled his Keyblade out of Maleficent's heart, completely unlocking her heart before leaving the small room. Maleficent doubled over, clutching her chest as Darkness started to swirl around her, soon hiding her and growing, bigger and bigger until it cleared, revealing a huge, black dragon with glowing green eyes.

Sora summoned his Keyblade while Donald and Goofy pulled out their weapons, Beast getting into a battle stance as he judged the distance between himself and the dragon's head.

The dragon wasted no time, sending a blast of fire at the four allies which was almost neutralized by a powerful Aeroga, compliments of Donald, who instantly followed up with a barrage of Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga on the head while Sora, Goofy and Beast moved in close.

Donald's magic ran out, and Goofy threw an Either before starting to climb the dragon's leg. Meanwhile, Sora had started to use Strike Raid to hit the head repeatedly and powerfully, finishing up with an even more powerful Judgment attack which made the dragon's head rear back, then fall on the ground, stunned, as Beast started to attack, Sora and Goofy joining in after a few seconds.

But the dragon suddenly quickly rose it's head and slashed with it's claws, hitting both Sora and Beast and severely injuring them. Sora jumped away from the fight, the others distracting the dragon as the brunette summoned Tinkerbell, who flicked him on the nose before healing him and Beast, then flying off to treat Goofy.

They repeated their previous tactic, Sora and Donald barraging the dragon with magic and Strike Raid respectively, until the head fell stunned. Then one of them would throw and Either to Donald and the three would start to pound away at the head. All the while, Tinkerbell healed any damage they suffered.

It wasn't long before the dragon fell to the ground for the last time, vanishing in a storm of darkness as the four celebrated. All that was left behind was Maleficent's cloak.

"Think that was the final showdown?" Sora asked.

"So she was a puppet after all..." Riku commented, appearing out of nowhere and looking down at the abandoned cloak, then up at the raven watching them. "Her heart was consumed by Darkness, and she didn't even know it..." He mused, before leaving.

"I guess not!" goofy replied, scratching his head. "Gosh, that's anniang."

"Annoying!" Donald corrected automatically.

Well, that's the end. I don't believe how quickly I wrote this.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you WishingDreamer5 for such a brilliant challenge, and I really hope you'll put up more of them.

Well, that's me, over and out!