Ok, so why I'm posting this on all my stories is because I am no longer using this site! I apologize but I got hassled for a long time and it got so annoying that I moved to a different site completely, which is much better anyway.

All my stories are now posted on wattpad.

www . wattpad user / 1DRocksOurWorld is my profile (Don't forget to remove the spaces!) You will find all my newest stories on there, I will also transfer ones I posted on this site onto wattpad! This could include more frequent updates and more stories!

So please if you have a wattpad, fan me and whatnot. If you do not, I suggest you make one :) I'll fan everybody back!

Thank you so much for all the support with these stories, it's a pleasure writing them for you all!

Lucy x

UPDATE: So, a lot has changed since I was last on here. Honestly, I couldn't care less if my account gets removed or whatever because of not abiding to the guidelines. I only came back to let you guys know that my stories have been moved to three other websites. Go onto my profile page and read my bio to find out more. Other than that I hope you all have a nice life, and keep enjoying to write/read.