Why had Estella married that great oaf Drummle? I thought angrily storming up to my room. I wish he was dead. Drummle was dead anyways. I know! I should help him die! I taking my gun out from under my bed and hefting it in my hands. I hadn't shot anything in a while, and the gun was dusty and old besides. It had been given to me for a birthday present from Joe. In the dead of night.

"Shh!" he hissed frantically, as I squealed with delight. "You'll wake your sister! She didn't want me to give you anything in the first place. 'He's spoiled enough as it is!'" he mimicked in a horrible approximation of Mrs. Joe's voice. "She's asleep right now so don't wake her up!" he warned.

I had never shot anything with it; let alone anyone. However, recent events led me to the conclusion that I needed to try it out. Joe had said that 'it shoots hu- err, birds real good'. I had often wondered what he was about to say when he suddenly stopped himself. It couldn't be humus maybe human? Well, if Joe had killed people, didn't that make it okay for me to kill them too? I mean, Joe was perfect in every aspect. Well, maybe he was a little lacking in gentlemanly ways, and he was poor also, but still…

That night I made the decision that would change my life, and the lives of so many others, forever. I decided to go to Drummle and tell him exactly what my feelings were about his marrying Estella. I was going to do that anyways, but now, I would have a certain friend with me.

The next day, I packed my belongings and took just enough money to be able to get a coach back to Miss Havisham's place. Herbert would wonder where I was. It didn't matter, though, because it wasn't his business, now, was it? Without bothering to leave a note, I quickly left the building. I wasn't going to come back, either. If I was to kill Drummle, I had better do it anonymously. I might be better if I kill Estella too. I thought. It would serve her right for deciding to marry that oafish Drummle. Maybe Miss Havisham too. She taught Estella to hate men just because she got jilted on her wedding day! Well I'm going to show her that men aren't really that bad. They're really worse.

"Estella. Miss Havisham. Maybe Herbert too, he was always just an annoyance. Calling me Handle or whatever. The convict was the one who mislead me into thinking that Miss Havisham was going to let me marry Estella, So him too. Oh, and Drummle of course."

The driver of the coach wisely decided not to comment but to just keep driving the horse with his whip cracking. Every. Two. Seconds. My eyelid twitched in annoyance. How dare he just keep cracking that whip! I was thinking here! Crack! If he didn't stop that the horse was going to have no skin left. Crack! Okay. Now he was really making me angry. Crack! And when I'm angry… Crack! An I-look-normal-but-really-I'm-a-crazed-psycopath-that's-about-to-kill-his-love-and-her-husband smile appeared on my lips. Crack! I calmly took the gun out of my bag and sat there, waiting… Crack! This time, it was not the whip. It was my gun. Quickly, before anyone could see, I stuffed it into my briefcase and out of sight, jumping out of the carriage in one fluid motion. Several people had been looking when I had shot the carriage man down, and now they were afraid.

"Hey, you!" one of them shouted, "stop right there!"

Needless to say, I kept on running, only turning around briefly to shoot the man who was yelling.

"Fred!" a woman screamed, "Fred!"

I didn't stop to say my goodbyes, but kept on running, running, running… Next thing I knew, I was sprawled face down in the dirt. Bad. However, I was also right outside the house Estella and Drummle had bought. Good. This was the moment I had been looking forward to. Finally, I would get to kill the man who had ruined my chance at a perfect life, and the woman who had assisted him. This time, I decided, I should be more subtle about it. Meaning that I shouldn't use my gun. That would alert people that there was a murderous psychopath running around the place. Psychopath? I thought, am I a psychopath? No, that's impossible. All I want is a little revenge for them messing up my life. That can't be too bad, can it? No, I decided, but still, if anyone catches me, I should say that I had heard a strange noise and had come over to investigate, finding them dead in the dining room, being strangled by their napkins. He he! No one would ever catch me, no- I broke off that train of thought. I didn't need any jinxes.

So I took out a cloth that I had had in my pocket, examining it carefully. There were a few blood stains on it, but it had been given to me, again, by Joe. So that was okay. I should probably go in the back door. It should be unlocked. It was. I opened it carefully, making sure that the old hinges didn't creak too much. No one was there. So I walked in and up the stairs. There they were, sleeping like children. Wait, I thought I have a better idea. I always carried matched with me. In case someone asked me for a light or something. Taking out a match, I struck it on the side of their bed. Blue light flared up, quickly turning green and then yellow. Careful not to wake them, I lowered my hand and the flame caught on the sheets of the bed. They would wake up to the smell of burning flesh.

My job done, I sprinted out of the door. No need for secrecy now. As soon as I was outside the house, I ran a few feet, to cover, and listened to the sweet sound of their screams. They were awake. They screeched as they burned. I laughed. For now I was burning also. Burning, burning, burning.

My only regret was that I'd only been able to kill two people.