Able Magwitch (a.k.a. Uncle Provis, Convict, etc.)

I had chuckled as I watched the house burn down, I laughed at how loudly Pip had screamed. I cackled as I watched Biddy cut down her own husband, and then herself. I laughed. I knew I was going to Hell, if there was such a place, anyways, for I had arranged their deaths. Pip's pathetic little fire had not caught on the first try, or the second. It had taken me to make that little flame grow into a towering wave of fire. Same with the Aged Parent. I had lit him on fire and the hightailed out of there. I knew I was insane. I didn't need an asylum to tell me that much. He he he he he! I thought as I went skipping down to the river, like I was 7 again. Deliberately tripping over a root, I fell headfirst into the stream, first bashing my head on the bottom, then breathing in the water around me. What a peaceful way to die. I wondered why everyone else who had wanted to kill themselves hadn't just done it in the river. What a peaceful way to dieā€¦