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Nicholas Duval was the quarterback of Westerville's High School team. He was the most popular guy, had all the girls he wanted, the good looks, the good grades and a pretty normal life.

Jeffrey Sterling was a loner. His tall figure went unnoticed by everyone in the hallways. Black trimmed glasses framed his soft brown eyes, and he was always in the courtyard under a tree reading a thick, dusty old book.

Nick was walking down a hallway with a girl in each one of his arms. They were giggling at some lame joke Nick had told them. Nick sighed, they were super annoying, he just wanted them to go away so he could have some alone time before his English class.

His eyes caught someone that was walking towards them, coming from the end of the hallway.

His bright blonde hair was falling into his eyes and he had his head bowed, looking at the ground over the books in his arms.

Nick has been looking at this boy for a week now. His bright blond was super sexy and Nick couldn't look away from the boy's lean figure.

The boy didn't notice the trio walking towards him and he ran into the shoulder of one of the girls. The books he had in his arms fell with a thud into the floor and he gasped at the contact.

"Look where you're fucking going, faggot!" The red haired girl on Nick's left side spat at the boy that mumbled an apology and fell on his knees to grab the books.

Nick looked sadly at the boy. Even though he did that to most of the people in that school, he never really meant it. He turned into a bully just to fit in, but he was even more of an outcast than the blond boy in the ground.

After a couple more steps down the hall the stopped on his tracks, making the girls look confused at him "Sorry babes, I forgot my English book…You go ahead!" He winked at the girls that giggled again and continued to head to their English class.

Nick sighed and turned to the boy. Yes, he had forgotten his books, but he actually wanted to help the boy.

He kneeled next to the boy and grabbed a black and golden book "Sorry, for them…" Nick glanced at the boy, extending the book to him "Hunger Games? I have them somewhere in my room. I have to start reading them!"

Jeff blushed at the other sympathy, taking the book "Thanks…it's okay, I'm used to it" he said softly looking at the brunet.

He could deny, but he had a crush on the star quarterback for a while now. They had classes together since they were freshmen, but the brunet never really noticed Jeff. Who would notice him?

"I'm just re-reading them before the movie comes out!" he shrugged and got up, fixing the books in his arms.

Nick nodded "Hey, you have English with me don't you? You're Jeff, right?" He asked. He had seen the boy in the school for years, but he never knew his name

Jeff was astonished that the brunet knew his name, but he quickly nodded.

An awkward silence feel between them and Jeff coughed after a while "So, thanks, I gotta…yeah…bathroom. See ya!" He turned his back on the brunet and walked towards the bathroom in the end of the hallway.

Nick sighed and shook his head, walking to his locker that was right there, taking his books and glancing at the door of the boys' bathroom.

He got this weird urge and all of a sudden he found himself closing his locker and walking towards the bathroom, his books in a tight grip.

He entered the bathroom and found Jeff washing his hands. The blond raised his head and found Nick's eyes in the mirror and gave him a shy smile.

Nick walked towards the blond and placed his books over Jeff's, that were resting in the edge of a sink, before turning to him and grabbing a hold of the back of his neck.

Jeff raised a brow at Nick's behavior and gasped when Nick pulled him down by his neck.

The kiss was soft in the beginning. Nick wasn't sure of what he was doing, but and soon the blond got over the shock and kissed back, Nick deepened the kiss, placing his hands on the blond's waist and pulling him closer to him. Jeff lifted his hands and was pulling Nick to him by gripping his hair with his long fingers.

Nick was sucking on Jeff's bottom lip when the blond moaned softly, parting his lips slightly and giving a opening to Nick's tongue enter his mouth and explore every corner.

Nick was thankful that it was afternoon and there weren't many classes in that floor, because someone catching them making out, besides awkward, it would destroy Nick's reputation.

Nick lifted Jeff's black shirt and ran a hand up and down the other's chest. He was surprised to find the blond's stomach toned and soft. He broke the kiss to breathe and started to kiss Jeff's neck and collarbone, leaving red marks here and there.

Jeff whined at the lost of contact with Nick's softy lips, but threw his head back and bit his lips to choke a moan as the brunet was nibbling the soft spot in his collar bone. He lowered his hands to Nick's ass, squeezing it softly, making him grind up against his hips.

Nick's hand ran down the other's stomach until he reached the hem of the other's boxers. Jeff closed his eyes at the anticipation.

Nick's hands went under his boxer and even though his hand was cold, Jeff moaned as Nick wrapped it around Jeff's member.

Nick was the first one to enter his English classroom, at least 10 late. He said he had forgotten his books in his locker and that's why he was late.

The teacher eyed Nick, noticing how his shirt was half tugged out and how his hair was slightly messy, but he just waved a hand and the brunet sat down in the end of the classroom.

Jeff knocked on the door a few seconds later, entering the classroom a complete mess. His hair was sticking in his forehead, his glassed were too low on his nose and his jacket was almost falling from his shoulders and hickeys were barely visible where his shirt ended and his collarbone started. Nick was also pretty sure the zipper of his jeans was open He said he had fallen asleep and woke up just a few minutes ago and had no time to fix himself.

The teacher obviously didn't believe him, since Nick came pretty much in the same messy state a few seconds ago.

Nick winked as Jeff glanced in his direction, a blush creeping through his neck.

Maybe he shouldn't have left before finishing what he started, probably leaving the boy to finish the job by himself, but hey, Nick had a perfect attendance, he couldn't ruin that.

"Later" Nick mouthed just before the blond sat down and nodded slightly in response.

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