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Jeff rested his cheek against Nick's chest, quietly listening to his heartbeat as he let his fingers travel down his torso. He loved to do this. Before it had been a wild dream to be like this with Nick and now... Everything felt so surreal. The fact that everyone now knew about them was both terrifying but freeing.

The blond let out a soft purr as he felt Nick's fingers run through his soft hair, his fingertips brushing against his scalp. Jeff smiled softly and turned around, resting so he could watch Nick's face. "What's the matter, Nick?" Jeff asked softly as he saw the frown on his lover's face as he stared at the ceiling.

"You know," a sigh escaped Nick's lips as he refused to look down at the blond's hazel eyes "Everything."

The bed shuffled as Jeff kneeled on the bed and moved to lay next to Nick instead of on top of him. He rested his cheek on his hand as he looked down at Nick. He had been so brave to face the school like that, just so he didn't lose Jeff, but the blond was afraid Nick would be regretting it. He couldn't actually blame him, he can only imagine how hard it must be for Nick to have his reputation ruined. "...You have me." The blond gave a trying smile, reaching to kiss his temple before nuzzling his nose against his cheek.

That made Nick's lip twitch up and the brunet finally turn to Jeff. He reached out with his hand and cupped the blond's cheek before pulling him for a quick, soft peck on the lips. His lips parted as he leaned back and breathed heavily into the other's "Promise? No matter how bad it gets?" he asked and for once, Jeff saw vulnerability in Nick's eyes.

"What you did was so romantic, in a way." He brushed their lips gently as he talked " If I came back to you, believe me, I don't want to leave anymore." He promised quietly, before kissing Nick deeply, just to stress what he had just said.

For Nick, that was all it took. He had Jeff. Jeff cared for him, even after Nick crushing his heart the way he did. He trusted him after anything, and it was about time Nick started trusting Jeff too. The blond was there for him and Nick just had to let go a bit. He knew things were going to get bad, he just didn't know how bad, but he had Jeff with him.

"I'm here for you, Nick. I'll help you..." Jeff murmured against his lips as he leaned back for air, his hand searching blindly for Nick's "I can't promise I will get in front of you for every slushie you'll get thrown at your face, but I'll be there to help you clean up."

"Shhh, that's not helping.." Nick shut Jeff up with another kiss, pulling him closer by his neck. The thought of facing the school was already ghosting over the mood and he didn't want to think about it before actually having to face it. Right now he wanted Jeff. The boy he had missed so much.

Nick skilfully climbs on top of Jeff, pinning the other down on his bed as he kissed him slowly and deeply, enjoying every moment he had right now, in the privacy of Jeff's room, away from homophobic eyes.

It was so easy, just to slip back into that, but this time everything meant much more. It was no more hook-ups on a dirty bathroom, no more secret kisses. They were...something now. They didn't really talked about that yet, but they're something together now. They are a 'us' and a 'they' now, for the good and the bad, and none of them really minds because they have eachother.

It was late at night. Jeff got his parents to allow Nick sleep over that night and after a small explanation, for him to be allowed to sleep with him. The door was opened and they were dressed. Before.

They were now cuddling in their underwear beneath the sheets, just the two of them. There's no one else right now to come and ruin their moment.

"Nick?" Jeff whispered into the dark room, gently squeezing Nick's arm and shifting closer to the warmth.

"Uhm?" Nick said, almost asleep and turning to Jeff with tired eyes. "Was is it, blondie?" he asked softly.

Jeff bit his lip, his face heating up even in the dark. He opened his mouth to speak, but it was like the words wouldn't come out of his lips. He closed it again and sighed softly, curling closer to Nick.

"Hey..." Nick wrapped his arm around Jeff's shoulders, pulling him closer as he felt the leaner boy come cuddle. It was starting to be easier to understand Jeff and his shy antics each time they happened. "What's the matter. Did I do something wrong?" he asked slightly concerned, just wanting everything to be okay.

Jeff smiled softly and shook his head "You're amazing and making up for everything you did... I'm happy." He confessed, hiding his face in the crook of Nick's neck and kissed the warm, soft skin softly.

"Just tell me if something is wrong. As you know, I can easily screw something up... I don't want to screw us up." Nick repeated, just to be sure Jeff knew he was in this as strong as the blond was.

The promise was enough to calm Jeff down. The use of 'us' was enough to make Jeff smile and feel great about everything. Nick was them as a 'us' and that was what mattered right now.

Hazel eyes searched for brown ones shyly the next morning as both boys got out of Nick's car. Jeff was afraid to just go around and reach for Nick's hand, afraid to destroy the little respect Nick might still have, but at the same time, the looks of everyone, as if Jeff had been the cause of what was happening to Nick, were starting to upset him and he just needed some care.

Nick's stand was tall, but his small structure was more noticeable now. The letterman jacket looked oversized over his shoulders and the confident grin lacked sincerity. Nick was afraid. He just wanted to get this over with, hopefully being ignored. He glanced at Jeff, who was walking a bit behind him, staring at his hands and sighed softly. He stopped as waited for the oblivious blond to get closer before reaching for his hand and lacing their fingers.

Their eyes met as their skin brushed and the tiniest of Jeff's smiles was enough for Nick to feel better. "Together." He whispered and turned forward again, entering the school hallways, pulling Jeff along, not letting him shy away now. Maybe, who knew, Jeff could even turn out popular if things went alright..

They didn't.

"Let him go!" Jeff yelled, trying to get pass by the wall of jock that voided his path to Nick. He was nearly hysterical, trying to reach Nick, that was being dragged violently to a locker room. But he couldn't do much. He light knock was enough to throw the blond hard enough to the floor to make his body throb in pain. "Please..." he pleaded again, looking miserable from the floor.

"Don't worry, fairy.." One of Nick's teammates grinned deviously, making Jeff bite his lip and glance to the floor "You're next."