Operation Essentially Doom Young Ninja Is A Go

Chapter 7

"Are you ever going to teach us how to become immortal? Or are you just going to continue going into shops and terrorising everyone around us?"

Hidan rolled his eyes at his blonde student's hissy fit. "Shut up bitch," he groaned. "You may be hot, but you're also damn annoying."

Ino let out a hiss of anger and then stomped her foot. "Where are we even going?"

"I told you," Hidan retorted, not looking at the leaf ninja. "I want some grub."

"I bet you don't even have any money!" Ino exploded angrily.

"Well duh," Hidan rolled his eyes. "Of course I don't," the silver-haired man turned to Shino, his hand out. "Give me your money bug boy."

Shino sighed heavily and then reached for his wallet (which, embarrassingly enough, happened to be down his top as that was the only place it would stay put, these outfits didn't have pockets after all...just a lot of lace).

"No Shino don't!" Ino roared and then suddenly she barrelled into Hidan, pushing the man to the floor.

The Akatsuki member went flying, face planting right into the linoleum flooring of the mall and Ino, without missing a beat, grabbed Shino's hand and took off running.

"This isn't going to end up well," Shino muttered as they sprinted away from (the now roaring) Hidan.

Ino gritted her teeth. "It never was," she replied.

"So that's five chocolate ice creams, four stacks of waffles, two milkshakes, a fudge sundae, a banana split and...ten knickerbocker glories..."

Tenten and Hinata nodded happily. The waitress gave them an incredulous look. "And you're sure that you two don't want anything? This is all for...him?" she turned to look at Kakuzu, who had his head in his hands.

"Kakuzu Sensei deserves the best!" Tenten exclaimed.

The waitress raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment as she floated away to report their orders.

"Where would you like to go after this Kakuzu Sensei?" Hinata asked, hiding herself partially behind a menu.

Anywhere away from you guys Kakuzu thought darkly in his head, he didn't say that though, he had no wish to deal with crying teenagers again. Instead, the oldest Akatsuki member simply shrugged.

"How about..." Tenten shared a glance with Hinata and then looked over at Kakuzu. "The hot springs?"

Kakuzu tensed immediately. "The hot springs?" he repeated.

Hinata and Tenten nodded eagerly.

"I don't know about that..." he trailed off when both Tenten's and Hinata's bottom lips started quivering. "Ugh, ok, fine, good, whatever makes the day go quicker," he amended, before tucking viciously into one of the ice creams that had just been placed down before him.

"I swear I've seen that tree before."

"All the trees look the same; you couldn't possibly differentiate between them."

"I think we're going in circles."

"I don't care."

Sasori, Kankuro and Shikamaru were not making good progress.

"It is just fine being rich don't you think?"

"I agree completely old chap, care for another glass of champagne?"

The gentlemen's club in a small village called Meiun was a peaceful place, well established, well-to-do men sat around chatting, smoking and drinking, living the high life.


The peace was immediately destroyed when a blond boy, a redheaded boy and a ginger headed man with an inordinate amount of piercings smashed through the window and landed on one of the tables.

"Psst, psst."

Choji opened his eyes slowly only to see Neji signalling furiously at him.

"What?" the chubby boy whispered back.

"She's asleep," Neji hissed before nodding at Konan who was curled into a ball nearby, breathing steadily as she slumbered. "We should get out of here."

"Are we allowed?" Choji asked quietly.

Neji gave him a hard look. "I don't care if we're allowed or not, I'm getting out of here," he whispered back before army crawling away.

Choji risked a glance at Konan before steadily following after his older ally.

"Where on earth could she be hm?"

"Do you think she has been kidnapped? Oh no!"

"I don't think she's been kidnapped yeah."

Temari held her breath and clung harder to the rock she was currently pressed against. Deidara and Rock-Lee had landed right near where she had landed forcing the sand ninja to run for cover. Just around the corner, the Akatsuki member and his new student were standing in a clearing, glancing around.

"This is stupid hm," Deidara groaned.

"But we must find her!" Rock-Lee replied.

Temari narrowed her eyes in annoyance, why did Rock-Lee have to be so damn persistent?

The meal was eaten in relative silence, Sasuke ate slowly glowering at his older brother throughout; Sakura ate quickly, glancing in-between each Uchiha brother nervously, as if she was scared they could just erupt into fighting without warning; Itachi ate as if he had no cares in the world, a sort of half smile on his lips.

"So..." he murmured after finishing one portion of his meal. "What's everyone's favourite movie?"

Sasuke broke one of his chopsticks in reply.

"You're really good at singing sir."

"Yeah, you're fantastic!"

"You should go professional you know."

Kisame glowered at the table as a flock of people gathered around him, all praising his 'marvellous singing voice'. Kiba chuckled on the other side of the table before he steadily got to his feet.

"Right, I'm just going to pee," he announced. "Then I think we should have another round of songs!"

Kisame shot him a fake smile and then narrowed his eyes at the brunette teenager as he departed. Akamaru stayed by the table, looking at Kisame with his stupid dog eyes. Kisame glared at the dog for a while before looking back to the table, a bone caught his eye, part of the chicken they had been served, an idea suddenly popped into the shark man's head.

"Hey Akamaru,"

Akamaru looked over at the mist ninja to see him waving an enticing piece of bone around in the air.

"Want this?" Kisame cooed. "Want this Akamaru?"

Akamaru let out a bark of excitement.

"Ok then!" Kisame exclaimed. "Follow me Akamaru, come on!" then the Akatsuki member began leading the dog out of the restaurant.