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Chapter 30

Phineas and Isabella had to wait four months for the trial. During which everything seemed to…. go back to normal… almost. Linda and Lawrence made their amends and got remarried. Ginger and Baljeet also got back together. In fact, Baljeet even proposed to her. The two scheduled to get married on the start of summer. Candace and Jeremy were able to get Ben and Nagata to begin an investigation of their landlord. Candace gradually got better to the point where the both of them could work. Their daughter was able to return home from the hospital after months in NCU. The girls who made up Troop #4621, who were spread across the country flew back home in order to attend the trial. They weren't going to miss their best friend's killer get away so easily. The case had received worldwide attention. So much so that the US Attorney General took it upon himself and would be the lead prosecutor on the team, along with Executive Assistant US Attorney, Tom Gambirotti and Assistant US Attorney, Emily Ramos. Each were busy preparing for the months leading to the trial in Washington D.C.

What about Phineas and Isabella? And Vanessa you might ask?

Simply put, Phineas and Isabella assisted Ben and Sabrina in the investigation of Candace's landlord. Receiving extra training, they were set to graduate the FBI Academy in a few more months.

Vanessa never dated for a while since Ferb's death. When she did decide to start dating again, she and her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, got back together.

Buford was set free from his criminal life. No parole. No probation. Nothing. Buford was a free man, and that's the way Buford liked it.

Finally, the day of the trial had been set and everyone came to watch. Phineas and Isabella woke up a little late and rushed to the Federal courthouse. When they got out of the cab, they climbed the marble white steps of the Federal Courthouse. As they were climbing up the stairs, the members of the media surrounded them, begging for a quick interview. They both declined and quickly ran into the courtroom. They burst through the door, into the grand courtroom. It was just as you would have seen it in a crime drama. The grand podium and witness stand were the main focus with the great seal of the United States behind where the judge sat, with the words "Justice For All". They found that they made it in the nick of time just as the jury was entering their box. The two of them squeezed into a seat that was right next to Candace and Jeremy, with Baljeet, Ginger, and the former Fire Side girls behind them. Buford sat in the seat across from them while Stacey and Coltrane Sat behind them. The prosecution sat around a table past the barrier that kept them from the trial floor. The defense sat across from them. Ruby, in her orange jumpsuit and her team of defense lawyers were discussing something. Phineas and Isabella all said their greetings and began to catch up on events of the past when they were interrupted by the rapping of the gavel. Phineas and Isabella sat up as they looked at the familiar face on the throne. It was Judge Victoria Chao in her black robe.

"Order in the court please!" she shouted, banging her gavel three more times.

Once everyone was silent, Judge Chao proceeded.

"We will now begin with the opening arguments from both sides." Judge Chao stated, looking straight at the prosecution. The US Attorney General rose from his seat and began his arguments. After he was finished and the defense had made it's opening statements. Before the family and friends of Ferb had realized, a long and seemingly never-ending trial began. As the four hours went by slowly, Phineas and Isabella listened intently to each side. By the time the fist part of the trial ended, Phineas and Isabella were both sound asleep, only to be awaken by the gavel's pounding. They shot up, startled. Cho and Nagata tried to contain their laughter, warning them that there was more to come. And so it did. The first part of the trial ended, and they went back to their houses to rest, ready for more in the morning. As each day wore on and on, it slowly turned into weeks, which slowly turned to months. It seemed as if the routine was never ending. Get up, get ready, go to court, go eat dinner, go to sleep, and repeat. It was tough, but they did it for Ferb.

Two more months past after that and the Trial finally came to a conclusion. After the prosecution and the defense had given their closing arguments, Judge Chao sent the jury to deliberate. After twenty minutes or so, the sun had set and the jury returned with one of the quickest verdicts yet. As the jury entered the room, everyone held their breath in anticipation of a verdict. The first juror handed a piece of paper to the court officer, who in turn handed it to Judge Chao. Judge Chao took the piece of paper and read it and handed it back to the court officer. The court officer handed it back to the juror.

"Will the Defendant Please stand?" Judge Chao asked

Ruby and her lead defense attorney both stood up, eagerly waiting for a "not guilty verdict" from the jury

"Jury Foreperson, I have been advised you have reached a verdict." Judge Chao announced.

"We have your honor." The juror responded.

"On the count of murder in the first degree (this was Ferb's murder), how do you find?" Judge Chao asked.

"On the count of murder in the first degree, we the jury find the defendant guilty"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Phineas started to cry tears of joy as he heard the "guilty" verdict from the jury. Isabella embraced him as everyone started hugging each other. Baljeet and Buford even hugged a little bit as well. That is, before Buford gave him another wedgie. Ginger laughed as she watched her fiancé dangle by his underpants.

Judge Chao banged her gavel three times.

"Order in the court!" she yelled.

Everyone was startled, but remained quiet. They knew better than to anger a judge. She continued reading down the list of charges, which amounted to about twenty or more. When the judge had finished reading the charges (which took about four or five minutes tops), she looked to the audience in the courtroom.

"Defendant is remanded to Federal custody for sentencing and then to The State of California's custody." Judge Chao ordered, banging her gavel to conclude the trial.

Ruby smiled creepily at Phineas as the Court officers led her away, giving Phineas the shivers. No matter what though, he still had the support of his family as he exited the courthouse and into the Media feeding Frenzy. The members of the press asked them meaningless questions like: "How do you feel about your trial?" "What's going to happen next." One of the reporters asked Vanessa,

"Will Ferb be buried here? When?"

Vanessa thought about it.

"Ferb…" she began, her mind remembering that awful night, "told me…as he was dying…that he wanted to be buried in London." Tears flowed through her eyes. Her father put his arm around her shoulder and led her through the crowd of reporters. Phineas and the rest of his friends and family were left to deal with the crowds of reporters. They waved them off as they made their separate ways.

When Phineas and Isabella got back to their hotel room, they saw that it was approximately 7:00 pm. Phineas decided to take a shower and spend some quality time with his girlfriend, a rare occasion they had ever since the trial, by taking her out to dinner at one of the fancy restaurants in town. They sat and talked through the whole night. However, Phineas had something on his mind. Something that he wanted to ask Isabella for a while now, but never really got to asking. As they talked Phineas motioned for her to stop talking for a bit.

"Is something wrong?" Isabella asked, confused.

"Well…in a way…yes…" Phineas answered, clearing his throat.

"Is it Ferb?" Isabella asked.




"Then what?" she asked, becoming a little frustrated with the lack of answers.

Phineas cleared his throat once more and got out of his chair and dropped to one knee.

Isabella gasped.

"Isabella…" he began, "I've been thinking about this for a while now. And I was thinking of all the good times we had when we were kids. As we grew up our bond between us grew stronger. But, thinking about the past few months, our bond has grown even stronger than before. I know everything about you and you know everything about me. We know each other's faults and we know how to deal with each one of them…." He sighed before continuing. "Look… I'm not explaining this right. All I know is that I love you and you love me." He reached in his pocket for a small black box. Everyone in the room gasped, even Isabella.

"Isabella Garcia Shapiro….will you marry me?" he asked.

Everyone held his or her breath. Isabella covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying. Tears flowed down her eyes as she nodded her answer.

"Yes." She answered, letting her tears of joy flow.

Everyone responded with an "awe" and a round of applause. Friends and family streamed from their hiding places, surprising the happy couple.

"How'd you guys know?" Isabella giggled.

"Psychology" Cho answered.

"Or…he told us." Nagata interjected, smiling.

They laughed as Phineas embraced his new fiancé once more. So much bad happened because of this, but so much good came out of it. But…there was still the matter of the burial to attend to.

After several months of planning and setbacks, Ferb's body was transferred on the next flight to London. Friends, family, fans, and world leaders gathered for the memorial and burial services. Nothing had ever made Phineas Flynn cry harder than the day he had to attend his stepbrother, Ferb-Fletcher's funeral. It was another one of those rainy days in London and you could almost feel the sadness in the air that day. Phineas didn't know what to do as he stood under the tree, trying to get the thoughts in his head organized. He was jolted out of his stupor by his girlfriend, Isabella. Isabella made a weak smile at him.

"Come on" She said quietly, "It's time for the ceremony."

She took his hand in hers and they walked under one umbrella heading to a patch of ground surrounded by hundreds of people taking cover under umbrellas.

Everyone who knew Ferb Fletcher was there. In attendance were all of Ferb's friends, his wife, Vanessa, his in-laws, his father, Lawrence, his stepmother, Linda, and his stepsister and her husband. Even his biological mother, Annie had come. To everyone's surprise, the President of the United States, the Prime Minister, and The Queen were all in attendance. The couple stood beside their friends, Special Agents Cho and Nagata, also taking cover behind the umbrella. The crowd became silent as the hearse with the coffin of Ferb's body rolled up. Twenty-Two Royal British Guards picked up the coffin and lifted it on to a station underneath a tent where onlookers and family members could have one chance to say one last goodbye.

After everyone had a chance to say goodbye. They hooked the coffin on to the crane and they began to lower it down into the ground. Cho and Nagata and the team of Royal British Guards saluted the coffin as it descended six-feet under while the British National anthem played in the background, a sign of a final farewell. News cameras and other media outlets quietly took pictures and filmed the symbolic occasion. Phineas broke down again in Isabella's arms. He couldn't control the memories that had flooded his brain of the good times he and Ferb had. Isabella also started crying and she held him as they stood in the pouring rain. No one who attended the funeral of Ferb Fletcher that day would ever dream that their lives would so dramatically change in that instant that warm sunny night in Danville two years ago…

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