Chapter 1: Breeding ground sulasis it is time to emerge. The chestburster heard her. queen calling from inside of her host. The 17 year old girl began to scream out of sheer pain and terror as the chestburster emerged killing her host. The queen called to the bursters mind. hello young one your name is sulasis. Sulasis saw two drones bow to her. She was a queen.
The drones gently plucked the young queen from the girls still warm corpse. The current queen ordered them to bring Sulasis to her. As they put her down next to the queen Sulasis clikbed onto her mothers shoulder and fell.

As soon as Sulasis had emerged from her host the queen could tell that she was different in a few ways from her mother. She sensed that this difference would serve the hive well. It would take time for sulasis to grow to her full size so until then she would be patient.

3 Years later Samerrion Private Tom was having a crappy day. First he had gotten mad at the vending machines in the mess hall. Later that day his squad had pulled a prank on him. Then while driving a jeep to the motor pool for his friend he had run over his COs foot.. Both of these had earned him a weeks worth of patrolling in the hills. Worse off he did it all in front of General Michaelson. That was yesterday and now he was patrolling the hills near the local xeno hive on foot. He was patrolling with his squadmate Philip who liked to play pranks and was appropriately nicknamed trickster. While they were walking Philip called for him to stop. Phil walked over to it kneeled to examine the hole. Something clattered at the top of the hill and as Tom turned to see what it was. That was when Phil started screaming. Tom turned and saw phil being pulled into the dark pit. Tom heard the telltale hiss and turned right as the xeno barreled into him, sending them both into the pit.

Sulasis was watching the two humans be attacked by the xenomorphs from a rival hive. Since she was not the ruling queen she was a praetorian until her mother left this world. She had felt something when she had seen the human males. She would ignore it for now. She had to focus on killing the two intruding xenos and taking the humans back to her hive, She and her two drones with her slowly stalked towards th entrance.

Tom was slowly stirring from unconsciousneis, The last thing he remembered was wrestling with the xeno while falling down the pit then he had hit his head on something. He was taking in his surroundings and noticed Phil was right beside him attached to the wall in some sort of webbing. "Phil"he said trying to awake the darkskinned man. Phil came to all of a sudden. Where are we he called out. We both began to struggle against our bindings when he saw something moving in the light. A xeno was walking into the room on all fours with something on its back. Tom tried to look closer when he realized what they were. Eggs! The two xenos that had ambushed them were bringing in eggs to use them as hosts for new xenomorphs. He had heard about what happens when the eggs open and the things inside latch onto your face.
He had seen a video of a young xenomorph emerging from their host. Phil had come to this realization and he had begun to panic. The first egg opened and the spider like creature inside emerged . Just as this happened the other xeno came in covered with cuts. It turned to its companion and they began to appear to panic. This gave Tom and Phil the chance they needed to get free.
They grabbed their weapons that were on the floor by them. Phil shot the spider like thing and he ran out the back entrance.
Tom began to follow, he noticed one of the xenos that had captures them following. just as it was about to clash him with its claws a new bigger xeno with a flat head stepped in and stabbed the other xenos with its tail. Tom wsa about to fire when something flew through the air and hit him in the head. As the blackness surrounded him he saw the flat headed xeno look at him.

Sulasis didn't know why she did it when she killed the other one of her kind to save the human. She saw something fly through the air toward the human male and hit him in the side of his head. As he dropped to the floor she saw him look at her. Sulasis picked up the object that it him. A rock the sixe of the humans fist. she wondered where it came from.

Phil was feeling guilty. He had thrown the rock at tom in an atempt to kill him because their was no way Tom could have escaped. He had been trying to keep his friend from suffering the gruel fate that happened to many people captured by the xenos. He just hoped he made the right choice.