Sulasis looked at her mother already knowing what she would say. "Sulasis the enemy is too many and too large. We cannot fight or we will die. Our hive will flee and make a new home." Sulasis didn't like the plan but it was the one with the best odds of survival. "Maybe there is a second option" The Queen suggested through her telepathic link to her daughter. "The human Tom may be able to get the other human soldiers to help if he explains the situation." Considering it Sulasis believed that if the humans helped she, the hive and the humans hive would stand a better chance of survival. She thought this way because as soon as her hive was out of the way the enemy would most certainly attack and destroy the human hive. Opening her mind to the hive she found Toms mind in his chamber. calling to it she sent a message. "Tom please come to the Queens chamber." In just a few milliseconds Tom responded"What for" with confusion. Sulasis smirked at this"You'll see."

Richard AKA Richy Rich entered the guard tower. Usually he didn't have to do guard duty but he had some very bad luck at poker last night. Usually he almost never lost and had been banned from the bases weekly poker tournament for winning so much. Rich sat down in a chair next to the coffee pot. It was only mid morning about 10:00. Rich picked up his favorite mug with the words 1# poker player printed on the side. Picking up the pot of hot coffee he poured himself a cup and looked out the window. What he saw stunned him. Coming this way was dozens of bugs led by a Queen which strangely held a old pipe with a white cloth tied around it. Even stranger there was a man on the Queens shoulder. Rich was so stunned he didn't even know his coffee was overfilling until he felt the boiling hot liquid soak through his pants and his undewear burning his crotch. He ignored the pain and ran to the radio. Calling his commander"Sir get the General and tell him to come to Guard tower 4. Hes gonna want to see this.

General Michaelson or General Mikey as his friends called him looked at the queen xenomorph at the front gate. Normally the smartguns would already be tearing them to pieces but Mikey had ordered the guns off. As he looked at the queen he saw the marine thta had gone missing about a week and a half ago sitting on the towering xenomorphs shoulder holding some old broken piping that had a white cloth attached to it. He thought about then turned on the mic to talk to the man outside."Tom we thought you KIA and what even more surprising your on the queens shoulder and your not dead." Tom was picked up by the queen and put on the ground. He then walked over to the video screen near the gate. Mikey listened as Tom explained the situation about the xenos army and how the queens secretion had given him the ability to talk to them. Putting the mic down Mikey considered their situation. Making a decision"Let them in" then he walked out of the guard tower and down the stairs to the gate.

Tom walked right in the gate and was approched by a man with dark brown hair, tanned skin and greenish eyes and he had a gold eagle on his shirt. It was the General. General Mike walked up to Tom. "well Private we all thought you were dead. or worse." Tom took this news quietly then laughed out a healthy laugh" Well sir I've been making friends with the hive for the last week and a half and I've gotta say. Were in just as deep shit as they are." Mike gave a confused look then sighed"Well I guess your gonna have to tell me what this shit is."

After two hours in the conference room with all the squad leaders and officers General Mike knew what was going on"So there is another Xeno hive coming here to wipe out our favorite neighbor hive and then were next, right?" Mike sighed as Tom nodded then responded" Sulasis and the queen had told me that they had wiped out our other colony on the planet. Apparently thats how they had gotten so many warriors and drones." Confusion and anger sped around the room until mike put his fist down. Liutenant Broxley goraned then muttered out in a low voice"Dammit, That was Diamond hill colony. Shortly after we had found there were Xeno hives on the planet we lost contact with them. We sent over 50 of are best soldiers but only three returned a week later and one of them had died of third degree burns and major wounds to his internal organs. The other two wouldn't speak of anything that had happened." During the time Broxley had been speaking a female attendant had brought some files to General mike. Clearing his throat loud enough for everyone in the room to hear he waited until all attention was on him" That colony had over 1,000 occupants. 607 of them were men, 579 were women, and 201 were children."

Tom just stared in horror at Mike. over 1,000 people had been brutally killed or hived and about a fifth of them were children. Mike closed the file then left the room. Tom followed an caught up to the general as he entered the mess hall."Sir theres no way in hell The hive or us can take on that many xenos if most of those people had been hived. Mike turned back to him to respond"Yes we can son and I think you already know the answer to how were gonna do it. Thats queen is a hell of a lot smarter then most people and she knows when to retreat and when to go on the offensive." It took Tom a few seconds to realized what the General meant" Sir what will the guys think of fighting alongside" Mike held up his hand" Private if anybody in this base or the city right next door is gonna get off this planet not in a body bag were gonna have to Ally with your hive. From now on were callin that hive Pearl hill until were whole thing is over." Mike turned to leave but turned back"One last thing. I had set up a phone so the whole meeting was sent to command. The highest ranking people have just responded. They believe that the Friendly Xenos can become allies for a long time due to their intelligence." With that the General left the building.

Over the next few days The officers and the two queens had been negotiating a truce with Tom acting as the translator. After a conference Tom and one of the techs for the sentry guns that rested on the walls talked ways of how to get the guns not to shoot. They were both thinking when a jeep with white IR paint drove ny. This gave Tom a idea."Hey Joe do you think if we painted Infra-red paint on the friendly bugs the guns won't shoot them." The tech named Joe considered this then agreed. Getting permission from the queen they painted IR stripes on an old drone and had it stand in front of a sentry gun. "Lets hope this works" then Joe pressed the power button and the sentry gun turned its head side to side. Every time its sensor laser passed over the drone it paused for a second then continued. After ten minutes they turned off the gun and sent the drone home. Joe and Tom went to the mess hall for some cold beers.