A/N :This is my first fic which features cross over of Transformer and My little Pony. Since the last episode of season 2 aired , this fic taken a simpler direction where the Transformers are in fact changeling, which i hope , in this direction, that MLP fans are able to enjoy even though they are not avid transformer fans ( you will have to read this to find out ).
Highlights include Rainbow Dash meeting up with starscream ! My ratings will turn mature after a few chapter when more pony lurve comes in.
I would like to thank my cowriters and idea contributors for this fic : The writing mew ( whom i met from ) and
Dondiscordleone ( whom i met in youtube). I couldnt have done this without the both of your support!
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Let me tell you a true story , from a land not so different and not so far away from planet earth…
A land inhabited by sentient , talking horses , known a Equestria.
Most of the residents , by looks , are not so different from the horses found in planet earth .Only they are much smaller, stocky built , and decorated in a much more variety of coat colors more compared to the dull black , brown , white, or grey found over there .
There are also tattoo like mark on their … erm… butt. Simply known as cutie mark.
The tattoo reflect their inner talent that they discover for themselves when they hit puberty.
They called themselves earth or ground ponies , and they are certainly not to be confused with horses from planet earth! They might lack in brawns , but they are worlds apart when it comes to brains.
They built city and railroads . They sow and reap their own harvest , they even set up schools for the children , and hospitals for the sick and weak!
There are also the Unicorns , whose magic brought Equestria her night and day
The Sea ponies ( who roughly resembles the seahorse on planet earth), guardians of the water and lake that gives life to everything in that magical land.
Last are the Pegasi , guardians of the sky , and the weather chiefs of Equestria. ( If you ask me , they are 20 % cooler and good looking than the rest of the tribes ! )
For long , these four tribes had been in constant war.
The ongoing war was so bad , but two ponies - Celestia and Luna, born of parents from different tribes, realized the pointless fighting had to stop.
The two sisters seek out the elements of harmony to calm down the raging tribes . These elements are only used in dire times. The precious stones had changed the tribes . The ponies settled their conflicts and recognized the importance of unity and harmony. They called the land they shared together , Equestria.
The two sisters, henceforth , became ruler and princesses of the land . Because they unite the tribe and they are very wise , they also became the chosen deity of the ponies.
Under the peaceful rule of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna , and with the elements of harmony safely tucked away in the castle , the main capital of Equestria , Canterlot, blossomed into a stunning metropolis.
One unicorn who once lived there , shined in his gift of bioengineer and magic . His name was Issac Sumdec.
He pioneered the engineering of " changeling "- a batch of bio-mechanical ponies , designed to protect Equestria and lighten the workload of every pony .
Issac developed 2 separate prototypes for the changelings. The first serve as warriors and protectors, the other function as builders and labourers. Those that were built as protectors and warriors were mainly engineered with the light bones of a pegasi , large wings for fast flights, and strong magic to repel enemy forces. They are swift and powerful on air and built to be masters of the skies.
The builder changelings required larger bulks and muscle for the rough ( but rather peaceful chores) they were designed for , like repairing and building the city of Canterlot, besides harvesting and providing food for everypony . Issac mainly engineered them without the ability to fly. Regardless, the labourer changelings were fast on ground , besides being equipped by equally strong magic to help with their daily chores. They also surprisingly have hardier built than their warrior brethrens, thanks to the tougher and stronger metal that Issac used to construct them.
Under Princess Celestia's constant encouragement , Issac's dream was to turn Equestria into a city where life was made so much simple with his invention . Little did he knew that his creation was about to wreak the greatest havoc across his own beloved land.
The "changelings" were accidentally programmed with far more intelligence than Issac had planned .
The warriors believed that they were far superior to the resident ponies .They believe they were not destined as lowly security guards and " slaves" to the resident ponies.
The builders were glad to serve , and believed that the resident ponies were more their friends , rather than masters.
With such different believes , clashes in the once peaceful land is inevitable.
The warrior changelings that weren't satisfied been treated as " second class" form an allegiance known as the Decepticon. Their goal was to take over the land by force. Lead by their evil queen and pledging their souls to her , they transformed into an ugly hive of ruthless soldiers. These changlings also accidently discovered a new source of fuel . They discovered feasting on the love and energy they deceived from the resident ponies made them more powerful. So powerful they were even able to become a carbon copy of any pony they came in contact with. No longer dependent on their lowly, laborer brethrens to supply them food , the Decepticons decided to strike out on their own. With the ability to infiltrate Canterlot disguised as castle guards and governors , the Decepticon became an almost unbeatable force.
Finally , they broke into the Celestial castle , and stole the elements of harmony, which is the source that unite every pony.
The good news was , Princess Celestia's handpicked army, the Wonderbolts , battled heroically to stop their dastardly act, and they managed in doing so. They even managed to capture their evil queen. A judgement been passed by the Celestial court that she was too dangerous to be left alive. She was beheaded , and her ashes was safely stored in a stone statue by Princess Celestia's powerful magic.
The bad news was , the crystals were shattered during their epic battle and scattered across Equestria, and the changeling weren't about to give up even with the demise of their queen. A young stallion-drone , named Megatronus , took over the leadership of the Decepticon.
Issac , saddened by the Decepticons , took his own life after he witness he had created such living monsters.
With the elements of harmony missing, Equestria was back to the dark ages where the different tribes of ponies waged wars with each other, and this time , far worse. This war includes the changelings who were designed to be their helper and friend .
But all hope is not lost. The builder changeling befriended the resident ponies and formed their own group known as the Autobots. There are also those unaffected by the missing crystals , those that strongly believe in the concept of Equestria. Working together with Princess Celestia , Princess Luna and the Wonderbolts , this minority vowed to stop the destruction of the Decepticon and gather every scattering pieces of the elements of harmony to restore Equestria back to her glory days.
My name is Rainbow Dash . You guessed it , I'm one sorry pony caught in the middle of the war. I am just an ordinary pegasus really, like what those human way back in ancient Greece love to draw on murals and pots ( except for my dashing rainbow mane and blue coat , and not to mention my AWESOMENESS) . I guess you might already know a little about me …Im athletic , a tomboy , and I am the best flier in the sky ! I also have a long term dream . It is none other joining the Wonderbolts! The best flier and the elite of the elite of Princess Celestia's royal army. I can say , joining my childhood heroes became more of a need than a want as the stupid war sets in.
Well , here is my story , along with my five special friends whose bond is too strong to be broken by the missing element… before you proceed , I must warn you…that this story certainly not for the faint of heart...