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Santana sat at her dining room table with a knowing smirk on her face as she played with her Iphone switching between texting, tweeting, and facebooking girls. Four different ones. They were always waiting in the wings for her (Hello she was fucking hot, badass, popular and an animal in bed) and that's just how she liked it. In fact in about half an hour two nameless cheerleaders were about to come over and have a raunchy no- strings attached threesome- hence the smirk. She was so engulfed in sexting Jenna (or maybe it was Jessica? Whatever, names didn't matter- orgasms did) that she didn't notice her mom calling her name.

"Santanita. Santana. SAN- TANA!" she called. The younger latina was used to shutting her mom out, so her shouting was just white noise. Her mom as infuriated as always marched over to her daughter and grabbed her phone.

Santana's head shot up with a glare in her face.

"What the hell mami?" she protested.

"DON'T use that language with me young lady!"

"Whatever can I have my phone back now? I'm having a very important conversation."

"Oh really?" her mom started to sift through her phone.


"'What color panties are you wearing?' 'You're so fucking hot' oh my god- is that-

" Suddenly her mom through her phone down," Santana!"

"What?" Santana picked up her phone, which was open to a picture of a hot blonde, sprawled out on a bed in a lacy thong and bra. Santana smirked again," At least she has her underwear on."

Her mom let out a surprised gasp.


"Okay, seriously, what's your deal mom?"

"My deal? My DEAL? Santana Anjelita Lopez! You're lucky I- UGH!" she said throwing her hands up," You're... I accept you as a lesbian. I accept that you love GIRLS. But THIS!" she said pointing to he phone," You're turning into a slut."

"I think I already am one mami..." Santana said, no regret in her voice.

Mrs. Lopez stared at her daughter wide eyed before storming off upstairs. Thinking that she finally got rid of her annoying mother Santana went back to her devices.

Five minutes later her mom's angry footsteps came barreling down the stairs. She threw her daughters' silk red luggage at her feet.

"Pack. Now." Finally the devious smile Santana had was wiped of her face.


"Pack your clothes. You are spending the summer with your uncle David."

"WHAT? Teeth model David? Spanish teacher David? Summer Lake house in the middle of no-where uncle David?"

"Yes, THAT uncle David. No phone, no laptop, no TV. I will allow you your Ipod UNLESS one of David's weekly reports aren't completely spotless." Santana was floored, baffled, in disbelief.

"Mami, you can't DO this! I had plans this summer!"

"What? Plans to get drunk and fuck any girl who looks at you? Those aren't PLANS mija, that is a dangerous lifestyle. One that I don't want for you. You're getting out of hand and nature will be good for you."

"Mami I can't live there with no one! Can't you just send me to an all-girls boarding school or something?" Mrs. Lopez scoffed.

"Pack. You're flight is tomorrow morning."

This was insane. Her mother was insane!

The day before, she reluctantly packed but only because she thought her mother was bluffing. After she touched down in Virginia and saw her uncle David waving at her she thought MAYBE her mom wasn't bluffing. Shit.

"Santanita!" her uncle said, taking his niece into his arms. Santana pretended not to like it. Key word: pretended. The truth was her uncle was pretty damn awesome (not as awesome as herself OF COURSE) and it's not that she didn't like to spend time with him but c'mon. All summer in the wilderness with no electronics and no sex? This would be complete hell.

"I'm so glad you're here! You've gotten so big!"

"You too," she smiled poking at his biceps. About 4 months ago her uncle had quit his job as a teeth model to live a simple life on the lakeshore. She thought that was a little absurd because he was totally the type to live in luxury.

"So what did you do exactly to piss my little sister off so much?" he asked as they walked to his truck, a beat up pick-up.

"Nothing! I was just...entertaining the 'ladies' more then she approved of..." Santana said innocently.

"Damn girl! You're getting more action then me aren't you?"

"Oh you know it!"

"Just make sure they're all clean alright? You don't want to be saddled with the Clap for the rest of your life."

"Ewww Tio!" Santana whined, but really that was just another reason she loved him. He was cool but safe when he needed to be. He'd totally make an awesome dad, especially since...

"So. What do you want to eat for your first day here?"

"I really don't care. I'm going to be here for three fucking months anyway..." she grumbled.

"Don't be like that Santanita! You just have to give it a chance first."

The drive was long and spent catching up on each other's lives since they last saw each other.

"Oh! You'll be able to see the lake any second now!" David said. As if on cue the crystal blue waters of Billings Lake came into view. With people wakeboarding and tubing and fishing and the afternoon sun beating down on the lake Santana had to admit that it looked quite beautiful. Like postcard beautiful, NOT live there for three months beautiful.

The lake kept disappearing in and out of view behind the trees and Santana drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Santana's POV

"Holy shit," I whispered. Uncle David's Lake House was beautiful. Like abso- fucking- lutely GORGEOUS. It was like a vintage lake house with a modern twist to it, and it was HUGE. Like, mansion huge. The house was all expensive looking wood and stone. A cobblestone path with small walkway lights and a beautiful garden flanking each side led up to the grand doorway that was twice my height. Apart from the natural look, it was totally my style. Big.

Okay, maybe summer here wouldn't be so bad.

"So what do you think?" uncle said.

"Holy SHIT!" I repeated.

"I know right? Wait till you see the inside," he said before walking towards the house. I stared at the place for a second more before I rushed to follow him.

And I thought the outside was impressive.

This was no shitty, abandoned lake house. This was Hampton beach style. The entryway opened up to a great room with a huge kitchen- huge dining room and well, huge everything. Sure there was a big ass TV hanging from the wall but the floor to 20ft ceiling, stone fireplace was the real focal point. I was sure I could fit me plus 5 of my friends in that thing.

"Alright, so your room is upstairs and at the end of the hall and feel free to look around!" For once I was speechless and just did as I was told.

I looked at in all the doors. There were 4 bedrooms and at least 4 bathrooms. My room was pretty fly too. King sized bed, en suite bathroom (which was had a girls dream walk in closet) fireplace- WITH a seating area) and a window with a window seat under it that had a picturesque view of the lake on it. I heard a knock on the door and turned to see Uncle Dave setting my bags down.

"You can un-pack later, I made us some lunch." I followed him downstairs where the smell of grilled cheese sandwiches was wafting through the air. Yum. I chuckled to myself, my best [only] friend, Sebastian would not approve. He was 'all class' when it came to food and thought I was weird for loving junk food. Man I already missed that weirdo.

As they were getting cooked the doorbell rang.

"Can you get that Santanita?"

"Sure," I said. When I opened the door I was absolutely floored.

There was a girl that looked my age standing in the entryway and it didn't matter if she was in sweats and a dirt-stained tank top, or that her face had little smudges all over her face, or that she had a bag of fish in her hands. She was breathtakingly beautiful. From her long legs, to her obviously toned figure, to the color of her hair and her angel cared face and GOD those eyes. Bluer then the sky and captivating my heart and-

"Hello?" she said in a slightly confused voice.

"Err-um- yeah? HI!" I practically screamed, snapping out of my trance. I inwardly slapped myself as heat rushed to my cheeks.

"Oh good, I was a little worried there because you weren't responding for awhile."

"Um. Yes- yes I am here," I stuttered. She had me STUTTERING. Santana Lopez does not stutter. Or blush. She gave me a look, probably because she though I had a speech impediment or something.

"So, is Mr. Martinez here?" she asked.

"Mhm," I said nodding, not trusting myself to speak. God this stupid lake air must be messing with me. I had NO game.

"Tio!" I yelled rather rudely and loudly. I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth. Ugh! What was wrong with me! Suddenly mystery girl laughed.

"You're cute," she chuckled. Then I died. "You're Mr. Martinez's niece?"


"Cool!" she said beaming; I couldn't help but give a small smile to her.

"What is it- Oh, hi Brittany!" Uncle Dave said coming to the door. Brittany. It seemed so...fitting.

"Hi Mr. Martinez! I brought you the catch of the week!" she said, handing him the fish.

"Aww thanks Britt, you know how much I look forward to this every week!"

"Really?" the blonde asked enthusiastically," Thanks..."

"Oh Santana, this is Brittany, she lives in the house about half a mile from us. Brittan this is my niece, Santana."

"San- tana..." she said, as if trying the name out," I like it, it's really pretty." I really smiled then, her bubbliness was just so infectious,"Oh! And Mr. Martinez, you're invited to a cove dinner at our place, 6:00. And you can come to Santana."

"Great, we'll see you then, by Brittany!"

"Bye, it was nice meeting you Santana." With one last smile, Brittany left as I stared at her ass.

"Don't even think about it Santana."

"What?" I said innocently.

"You know absolutely what! She is one of my neighbors and friends daughter and you will NOT seduce her and then dump her like last season's clothes.


"I'm just saying... she's a sweet girl, don't break her heart."

"I wouldn't-" my uncle raised his eyebrow skeptically. Okay so maybe I would... But this girl... there was just something about her. And I needed to know exactly what it was.

Brittany's POV

"Hey Brittany, did Mr. Martinez like the fish you caught him?" my mom asked, "Oh and did you remember to invite him tonight?"

"Mhmm, oh and his niece is coming too, I hope it's alright," I said biting my bottom lip nervously. Truthfully, I just wanted to see the hot latina again.

"Of course that's fine, I just didn't know he had a niece," dad said. I really wanted to gush about this new girl and her hotness but I was pretty sure that was a conversation for my best friend Quinn, not my parents.

"So I'm going over to Quinn's now," I said, going for the door.

"Okay, but get back before 6 or shower there, I don't want you to smell like fish!" mom called after me.

"K!" I shouted back. I went out the back door. Our backyard was huge, instead of going straight to the edge of the lake there was about 50 feet between, plenty of room for a huge deck with a bunch of tables and a barbeque for parties like the one were throwing tonight. Just past the deck was a fire pit and past that was our small dock with my boat and my parents boat tied to it.

Hoping into my pride and joy, an awesome ski boat that I got for my birthday, the Arabesque, I drove to the other side of the cove where Quinn lived. All the lake houses in Ellis Cove were top of the line and the Fabray house was the top of the top: 6 rooms, 5 bathrooms, a basement, a full dock and the biggest acreage. It was the most expensive place for miles. But I didn't envy it, I loved my house- besides, Quinn's was like my second home I was there so much.

When I pulled up to her dock Quinn was already there waiting for me. She helped with the portion of my catch I set aside for her family (I gave all the neighbors some on different days when I had the time). She helped me, seeing as how there was so much. There were 5 Fabray's: Quinn, her sisters Charlie and Devon and Mr. and . Oh and their golden retriever Cooper.

"Hey babe," she said endearingly. We had been best friends since we were small and went to the little kindergarten in the Town of Billings Lake together and we have been inseparable ever since. I think I was more of a sister to her then her own sisters.

"Hi Quinn! Okay so I have something to tell you..."I said shyly, like always did when I had a crush. Wait, crush? Was that too soon? There was no way I could already have a crush on this girl, I didn't know anything about this girl other than her name! And that she was hot.

Quinn gasped," Who is it who is it who is it?" she squealed," Is it Artie? Oooo or maybe it's Sugar, they've both seemed a little TOO friendly if you know what I mean," she winked.

Quinn was the only person who knew I was bi- well, officially at least. I'm sure the girls whose throats I have had my tongue down guessed it too. Keeping it a secret was mostly for my parents (and Quinn's actually) sake. They would flip if they found out.

"What? No!"

"Well then who is it Britt?" she said nudging me.

"Well now I don't wanna tell you..." I said, pouting. Quinn looked at me with wide eyes.

"Brittany, don't do that! You're making me feel bad," she said. And I couldn't help but smile deviously; she was such a sucker for my pout.

"You should've seen your face!" I said.

"Ugh shut up!" she said pushing me," But seriously, who is this mystery person?"

"Okay it's not a big deal. I just thought she was hot."

"Oh she, huh? Well tell me more about this girl."

"She's Mr. Martinez's niece and I don't really know what she's doing to me, she is smoking Q, like seriously and her voice just had the raspy sexy tone..."

"Wooow, she's THAT hot huh? Is she coming tonight so I can meet her?"

"Yeah, I invited her...oh shit! I invited her. I need an outfit, I need to plan- you better not embarrass me!" I said panicking. What if she didn't like me? I HAD to know this girl. She was just so...ugh.

"Woah, calm down, what's gotten into you?"

"I don't know Q, we barely said two words to each other but now...oh my gosh my heart is beating so fast. What if I make a complete fool of myself?"

"Just relax B, I'm sure you'll be just fine. Just be yourself and I am sure she'll like you- you're amazing."

"Thanks Q," I said smiling. Tonight was going to be interesting.

Santana's POV

"Tio, what should I wear to this thing?" I asked, trying to sound calm when really I was freaking out. I didn't want to be over dressed and I definitely didn't want to be underdressed.

"It's really casual, just shorts and a T-Shirt." Okay, shorts and a T-shirt, I could do that," Oh and you may want to wear a bathing suit underneath. Just in case..."

I smirked to myself. I could definitely work a bikini.

In the end I decided on black daisy dukes that showed off my ass and legs, a tight red tank top that showed off plenty of cleavage and my black bikini underneath. Looking myself over in the mirror, I whistled. I was hot. Brittany, you better watch out.

After applying light make up and slightly curling my hair I made my way downstairs.



"You're seriously going to- you know what. Fine. Wear what you want, but don't do anything stupid," i smiled in victory while my uncle shook his head," Now come on, get in the boat."

The boat, Preciosa painted on its side, was actually pretty nice. It had nice leather seats and it sat about eight comfortably.

"Ever been in one of these before?"

"Umm, no."

"Well you will learn all about them soon enough," he said smirking. Oh I did not like the sound of that," Just get in the boat Santanita." As he untied the boat from the dock I stood awkwardly towards the back of the boat. When he was done he sat in the captains seat," You can sit down, you know."

"Right," I said, sitting in the seat next to him. He turned the key in the ignition and the boat roared.

"Okay Can you do me a favor and just push of the dock?"

"Umm.. what?"

"Put your hands on the dock and push away from it." I did as he said, the boat only went a couple feet but apparently it was enough and he started to drive away. I had to admit it was sort of cool riding in this thing watching the house disappear. The drive wasn't very long, probably five minutes tops and when Brittany's house came into view I was only thinking one thing: damn. Her house was easily bigger then Uncle's and from what I could see, the backyard was huge and lit up from the various tiki torches and christmas lights hung about and I could already hear music- was that Britney Spears?

The dock was packed, over its capacity, boats that couldn't find a place on the dock were either tied to trees closest to the shore or other boats. There was a fair amount of people, and by fair, I mean a lot. There was a couple people on the dock and a bunch sprinkled around the backyard.

"Okay Santana, you can swim from here right?" I turned my head so fast I'm surprised I didn't break it.

"Wait, what?"

Suddenly he started laughing.

"Oh my god, the look on your face!" I rolled my eyes. He was lucky I didn't know how to drive this thing or else he would have been in the water by now.

He was still laughing when we finally pulled up. He tied his boat to another one and we stepped through a bunch of other boats. Which okay, was pretty difficult. Everything was so wobbly and I almost fell into the lake on more then one occasion and Tio had to basically hold my hand, I stumbled onto the dock and into someones arms. Looking up I saw long blonde hair.

Of course it had to be Brittany.

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