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Lionblaze paced back and forth through camp franticly.

"Don't worry Lionblaze. Jayfeather said she's going to be fine" Hollyleaf mewed. It had been over two seasons since she came back to the clans, and one season since the clans had won the great dark forest war.

"Jayfeather isn't always right Hollyleaf," Lionblaze hissed at her. He felt bad that he had snapped at his sister, and that he doubted Jayfeather's judgment, but he felt the worry for his mate crawling threw his pelt like a swarm of ants.

He glanced over at Dovewing, belly now swollen with Bumblestripe's kits. She was taking care of Icecloud's kits Falconkit, a pale brown tom with white chest, ears, tipped tail, and dark brown paws and blue eyes, and Eaglekit, a light brown she cat with white chin, neck, chest, and underbelly with green eyes, while Icecloud was helping Jayfeather with Cinderheart.

Blossomfall stepped up, followed by her mate Toadstep. "I have great news, I'm expecting Toadstep's kits" she mewed. Toadstep purred,

"Looks like Cinderheart and Icecloud's kits will have even more playmates"

"We'll have to expand the nursery," Bramblestar said proudly. After Firestar had given up his last life in the great battle, Bramblestar had become leader and had made Lionblaze his deputy.

Lionblaze nodded his head in agreement, but it was more of an awkward jerk, due to the fact his muscles were bunched in anxiety.

"Lionblaze" Jayfeather's mew came from inside the nursery. "Come welcome your four new kits into the clan"

Lionblaze felt relief wash over him like a waterfall. "Thanks Jayfeather" he mewed as he padded past his brother into the nursery.

Cinderheart laid there, four little balls of fluff curled up next to her belly.

"They're beautiful" Lionblaze sighed.

"Let's name them" Cinderheart mewed. Lionblaze nodded, curling up next to his mate.

Lionblaze rested his tail on the largest kit, a dark ginger tom with a white chest. "Redkit" Cinderheart nodded, before pointing to a black shekit with silver tabby stripes. "Moonkit" Lionblaze purred.

"Perfect" then he glanced down at a ginger shekit with gray patches. "Emberkit" Cinderheart smiled, and then pointed to a dark gray almost black shekit. "Crowkit"