So the war is over is finally updated.

Restarted and remastered the story with a few changes, the main ones being:

All new cats, no longer takes place during the time of Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, etc, its generations later so all cat's are my ocs. But Redkit, Moonkit, Crowkit, and Emberkit, are still the main characters,

Moonkit is now a tom and is a silver tabby but retains the same personality and will be a med cat.

Main characters are born to shadowclan

Series no longer called The War is Over, is now called Warriors: Generation of Shadow

Ummm can't think of anything else.

Anyway the new story is on my new fanfiction . net account (look up Theraventheory) or go to this account's profile the link to my new account should be there which has the first chapter of the the war is over rewrite written out and posted.




p.s. sorry this took 2 years