Simple? Not Quite.

Chapter Five: School Days

Harry awoke early the next morning. Naturally, Ron wasn't awake but it was also so early that even Neville, the earliest riser out of all the boys, was still snoring away and didn't look like he'd be up at any time soon. Harry glanced at the clock and blinked. He'd never been up at five thirty am at Hogwarts before. Classes didn't even start until nine and he usually waited until eight before dragging himself out of bed and being ready for breakfast by the time eight fifteen rolled around.

Rolling over, Harry tried to get back to sleep, but by six it was to no avail and he decided getting up would be his best option. He was able to take his time in the bathroom, not worrying that one of his friends would need it in a matter of seconds…After getting dressed he grabbed his bag and made his way downstairs to the Great Hall. He was hungry, having not eaten much the night before except for that treacle tart. He'd just been so hung up about Shawna and worrying. He felt lighter now that they'd sent out the letter asking for Mrs. Weasley to check up on her. Pretty soon he'd either be bursting his way out of the school, or his mind would be at ease for a few days before he'd want another update on the girl's current status with the Dursleys.

Upon reaching the Great Hall he found there to be only one single other occupant eating breakfast. He blinked and she looked up as his footsteps echoed in the hallway. Ok, so Gryffindor's Ravenclaw got up super early and went to bed rather late. Probably not a good combination, but then again, he couldn't spot any bags under her eyes or anything so she must be used to it. Harry sat himself down the table from her, but not too far from her. He didn't want to seem like a jerk or anything. No, that would be bad.

"Good morning Harry." Harry turned and looked up. Dumbledore had just come into the hall and was approaching the table with a slight smile upon his face. Harry returned it.

"Good morning Professor."

"Harry, it seems that my memory is not at all what it used to be. I am afraid I have forgotten to tell you something I should have done much earlier."

"Yes Professor?"

"Now, as you obviously know, you and your friend, Mister Ronald Weasley, sent Molly Weasley a letter last night containing a simple request to see how your, excuse me, 'kitten' was faring. I am happy to tell you, though a bit late, that she was reunited with her father a few days ago and her memory has been returned to her. I am afraid to say though, that rather unfortunately, the time she spent with you seems to have been as lost as her name was when you found her." Harry blinked and looked down at the table before looking up at his Headmaster again.

"Can I see her?"

"Harry, you know you can't possibly."

"But Professor…"

"No Harry. Now, eat your breakfast, I daresay Miss Granger will be down at any moment and you don't want to look ill when she gets here, and I need not say why as I'm sure you already know." Harry sighed and looked down at his plate. Hermione would definitely nag at him to go to the Hospital Wing if he looked sick… or constantly ask if he was alright. That was never fun.

It was around half an hour before the Great Hall started filling up with more people. Harry had watched Gryffindor's Ravenclaw leave right before there came to be more than five people at the Gryffindor table including herself. Harry watched the door she'd left through, waiting for Ron or Hermione to appear. It was not long before they came in, chatting to one another as though they hadn't had a teeny argument over writing Ron's mum a letter the night before. When they saw Harry that each took a seat on either side of him.

"Mail come yet mate?" Ron inquired thoughtfully; looking up at the cloud patched blue sky that currently adorned the Great Hall's enchanted ceiling. Harry, knowing what he was on about, shook his head.

"No. Dumbledore came in earlier though, said she'd gone back to her dad."

"Oh Harry…" Hermione frowned, her eyebrows knitting in worry at she looked from him to Ron. "It... It's better though, isn't it? Her going home is the best outcome when you compare it to staying alone with the Dursleys…" Harry forced a smile.

"Yeah, it's brilliant. Couldn't have hoped for anything else really… Dumbledore says it'd be impossible to even visit her as she'd have no clue who I am, but…"

"I'm so sorry Harry! That's awful!" Hermione looked worried again, her teeth going out to bite her lower lip as they always did when she was anxious. "Did he tell you anything else? Her real name? Where she lives?" Harry blinked. He hadn't even bothered to ask after everything else.

"No, he didn't."

"He probably figures if you did, you'd try to track her down…" Harry and Hermione turned to look at Ron who's mouth was currently half full of bacon.

"That's it… I'll figure out where she is and go see her without Dumbledore's help."

"Be reasonable Harry, there must be a logical explanation as to why he didn't t-…"

"That is the logical explanation Hermione!"

"You've got to do what Dumbledore thinks is best, and if he thinks you shouldn't be allowed to visit Shawna…"

"I don't care what Dumbledore thinks is best!" Harry jabbed his fork sharply into a piece of toast. He repeated this motion until he had mutilated the poor hot bread spread with butter (Oh my god that makes me hungry).

"Harry calm down."

"If you're not going to help me, I'll just find someone else." Hermione sighed at that, glancing down at her plate, her hand hardening around her spoon.

"Alright then. I'll try and find something, but I'm not promising anything, especially if she's a Muggle." Harry grinned at her.

"That's all I ask."

Later in the day after they'd had a grueling double History of Magic class, Harry, Ron, and Hermione could be found digging through stacks of books in the library. Harry was pouring over one two foot thick, brown covered book. It had a column of wizarding pictures on the far left of the page, followed by each person's name, age, occupation, country, and address. The whole thing was in alphabetical order and was part of a series of books that took up nearly one whole row of book shelves. Hermione said the books held every wizard or witch that had ever been born. Every picture was magically updated anytime someone changed appearance even the slightest bit.

"Are you sure she'll be in here?"

"If she's a witch she will. You'd recognize her, right?"

"Of course!"

"Well then keep looking."

"What if she's not in this one? I mean, she might have been born after 1980." Harry was starting to get put out. He'd probably looked at least a thousand faces already, and he was only into the D's.

"Then she'd be in the 1981 through1985 edition… if we could just…" Hermione stared up at that particular volume of the book. They had not had too much trouble getting the other one. It had been the last one on the bottom shelf of the second to last book case, but the other one they needed was the first one on the very top of the next book case over. "Ron, you're tall, you come fetch it."

Ron grumbled something incoherent, but rose from his 'helping' Harry look at pictures and names. He went to stand by Hermione and look up at the top shelf. "Bloody hell that's high." He jumped, but his hand missed the book by inches. "I can't get it." Hermione sighed and crossed her arms, looking up at the book and biting the corner of her lower lip. She then dropped her arms and looked at Ron, then back up at the book.

"Ok then…" She frowned at Ron. "Crouch, please." Ron stared at her in confusion, shaking his head and crouching down. Hermione stopped the confused look upon his face by swinging one leg over his shoulders, quickly followed by the other, making sure to pat her skirt down so it didn't end up on top of his head. He grabbed her legs to help keep her on and stood up. "Please don't droooop! Me!"

Harry looked to watch as Hermione yelped and grabbed onto Ron's head, squeezing her eyes shut. He laughed as his two best friends tottered a bit before Ron gained balance and stepped towards the bookshelf.

"Now why the bloody hell would I do that? You and I both know that if you suffer brain damage, I'm screwed for passing this year. Now let go and get the book." Hermione shook her head and then took a deep breath, opening her eyes. Harry thought she looked rather determined to not look down as she let go of Ron's head and took hold of the large book with both hands. Ron tottered again, sending Harry from his seat to grab hold of him. The extra heavy book had thrown the whole 'not gonna let you fall' thing, out the window.

Hermione quickly handed the book down to Harry and Ron regained being able to stay upright with a girl on his shoulders, at fact that seemed to please him greatly as he decided to walk along the row of book cases and then continue on out of sight, though they weren't quite out of earshot yet.

"Ronald Weasley! You put me down right this minute!"


"Rooooooooo-oooooooon! Don't do that!" Harry laughed. Hermione's voice had gone from angry to a high pitched squeal right before he had lost hearing distance on the pair. He returned to his books until the bell rang, but he had not once caught sight of hair blacker than his, nor eyes as deep blue as the night sky.

Much to Hermione's displeasure, the trio of friend left the library with only four feet on the ground and one taller than normal. Ron was having way to much fun with this opportunity and Hermione was started to get over the fact that she might fall. He hadn't dropped her the entire time they'd been like this, though, the brown haired one was still averting her eyes from the floor as they headed for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The class was already lined up outside the door, waiting for the new Professor to unlock it. When he did there was a great whispering, and chattering mixed with smiles, though there were some wary looks of those that had not quite forgotten the last time he'd been here and what they had learned.

"Professor Lupin!"

"You've come back!"

"Yes, yes, now take your seats please, we've got a lot of catching up to do after last year's most unhelpful way of teaching. Ron, you might want to set Hermione down now, before Professor McGonagall sees, she's right next door and she'd have an absolute fit."

"Right." Ron grinned and bent his knees, finally letting Hermione slip down onto the floor. The three friends took seats at a table towards the front of the room. It was not as if they hadn't seen their favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher between the time of his being here, but they were as happy as most of the class to have him back. He was much better than anyone else they'd ever had, that was for sure.

"Alright. In the two years that I haven't been able to return to you, what have you learned?" Hands shot up into the air. "Seamus?"

"We learned about the Unforgivable Curses."

"Really? I thought you weren't supposed to hear of those until this year? Well then, we'll cross that off the list. Anything else? Yes Dean." Dean looked around, and Harry was fairly certain why. The class was made up of every Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff sixth year. There was not a single Slytherin in the bunch, but there was a great deal of members from a certain secret group that had formed and met in the Room of Requirement.

"Some of us have learned new spells. Like, the Disarming Spell, Reducto, stunning, those sorts… and there's also quite a few of use who have been able to produce a Patronus…" Lupin smiled.

"Ah, of course. I've heard of your 'Dumbledore's Army.' I suspect that is who you are speaking of?"


"Yes." Harry nodded, proud that Dean had acknowledged what they had learned last year, what he had taught them.

"How many of you are there?" Hands went up into the air, some hesitant, most shooting upwards with enthusiasm. "Wow, that's about two thirds of the class isn't it? Now then, we're going to work on honing these skills, and teaching the others them as well. We are most certainly be going to learn many new things as well. We left off with Red Caps did we not?" There was a murmur of agreement and the class settled into a sort of content stupor mixed with the sound of scratching quills as Lupin began writing notes on the particular creature on the board. They were very glad to have a teacher who knew what he was doing again and made it fun.

"And that class, is all you need to know about Red Caps. Tricky little buggers, but not hard to handle. Now…" He reached behind his desk and took out a black stone bowl. "Each of you is going to research and write a paper about a creature we have not yet studied. I would like at least half a roll of parchment on it, which should be an acceptable length to ask for considering you all should be able to find plenty of information in the library or your text books, though I will be more than happy to help any of you that need it. I've got books about anything you could imagine and more. Now then, take a slip and tell me your creature."

The class murmured in excitement, each taking a slip of paper from the bowl as it got passed around and announcing (and sometimes mispronouncing) the names of what animal they were to be researching.

"Now, I don't want you lot to write it in the normal research report format. I want you to be creative with this one. Give me a story with the information within it or you can draw picture and diagrams. Write a song. If you wish to partner up and do a skit about two creatures with another person, then by Merlin, do it! Just make it your own!" He got to the back of the classroom where the strange, smart, yet horrid girl sat. She took the last slip of paper and with an actual smile, looked up at Professor Lupin.

"May I do a news story with an interview of a certain professor?" Lupin smiled down at her as her soft, hardly ever heard voice had heads turning in curiosity.

"Of course Eva, I've got a student coming in for detention tonight at eight, but why don't you join us? He's just going to be doing lines."

"Alright then. Thank you." Lupin nodded and made his way back up the aisle between the desks. He replaced the bowl behind his desk just as the bell rang. "Off to your next class then and don't forget to work on your project!"

"Why d'you think she asked for an interview?" Ron stated curiously as soon as they had left the classroom and were on their way towards Charms.

"Oh Ron, think! Obviously she's doing her project on werewolves."

"But haven't we already gone over those?"

"With Snape yes, but he never did more than give us the assignment. I expect Lupin threw it in for fun. Evania's lucky, really, we've got one right here that can help give her inside information rather than just stuff from a book. I would love to be able to do that, but I'm afraid I don't know any Kneazles, nor would we be able to communicate if I did."

"S'better than a Lethifold. I mean, what the bloody hell is a Lethifold?"

"Ron, that's a really good one! It's going to give you nightmares."

"Great. What'd you get again Harry?"

"Um.. A Snidget?" Harry looked at Hermione. Surely she would know what a Snidget was. He thought he could remember reading about them someplace before, but he wasn't sure.

"You couldn't have gotten a better one for you Harry."


"You read Quidditch Through the Ages, right?"

"Yes, but…"

"Then you should remember that a Snidget was the original Golden Snitch?" Harry blinked and then smiled as it dawned on him.

"Oh yeah, they almost died out because they kept getting killed."


"I still wish I could've gotten werewolves.." Ron looked down at his slip of paper moodily. "Could've interviewed Lupin…"

"Oh Ron, don't fuss. It's good that Evania got it."


"Last time Lupin was here, she actually was in the dorm at the same time, bothered to shower, and was much nicer than she normally is."

"Somebody had a crush."

"Actually, I think she was just glad to have someone to talk to for a change who enjoys the same things she does. She spent as much time in Lupin's classroom as she spends in the library."

"Well, if she ever bothered talking to you…" Hermione shook her head.

"Trust me, I've tried, but you two keep me so busy… Besides, she never seems to want to talk to me when I offer, and it's rather difficult to catch her."

"Well, anyway…" Harry decided to change the subject before the two of them started really bickering about something stupid. He was glad that they arrived at Charms that very moment, for he was out of things to discuss. If the other two fought, it'd be a very long day and make looking for Shawna in the books later more difficult.


Harry yawned, covering his mouth and rubbing at his left eye as he did so. The snores that currently filled the sixth year Gryffindor boys' dorm were the common sounds that could be heard in this particular room every night at one in the morning. Open upon our hero's lap was one of the books he was currently pursuing, in the hope of spotting the familiar face of one, Shawna. It was really starting to get on his nerves that he had no idea where to find her though. He'd been awake for hours looking through these numerous volumes and still, he hadn't come across a single person who even remotely looked like her. He'd seen black hair, and blue eyes yes, but never the right facial features, and no eyes so dark or mesmerizing. He wasn't about to give up though. He, Ron, and Hermione had gone to the library straight after their classes and when they had been shooed out, Harry had checked out both the 1976-1980 and 1982-1985 versions of the books.

Sighing, Harry leaned forward; eyes skimming the page alighted by his wand so as not to wake the others. He was weary, but not completely out of hope. If Shawna was a witch, he was bound to find her sooner or later, and if she was a Muggle... well then.. he'd probably end up banging on Dumbledore's study door and refuse to leave until he was allowed to go see her. Either way, he was determined to find her. Sure, he'd only known her a week, but that had been an amazing week. She'd been the only friend he had in that house besides Hedwig and face it, a human is typically better than an owl as they can actually speak back.

Sometimes around two in the morning, Harry lanced over at the clock on the wall and fell back with a sigh, his pillows sinking beneath him. His body begged him for sleep, but his mind refused as he forced himself to sit back up. Figuring he'd have a better chance of staying awake to search if he wasn't in bed, he slipped his feet down to the floor and picked up the two large books. They were very heavy in his arms, but he made his way out of the dorm, bare foot, tired, and very much against going to sleep until he found what he was looking for or was convinced that she wasn't in there.

Getting down to the common room, Harry chose to sit on the floor rather than in a chair. In a chair he'd be more likely than not, to fall asleep. He dropped the books down with two loud thumps before flopped down beside them and taking up the one he'd just been on. He flipped it open where his bookmark had been placed and continued skimming the faces. The common room was dark though, making it difficult to see. Harry lit is wand with a mutter and began trailing it down the photos of each face jumping when a quite, but cold voice reached his ears.

"Potter, why aren't you in bed?" Harry looked up and held up his wand as well towards where the sound had come from. The light ended on a pair of pink socked feet and the bottom of a pair of soft looking pajama pants, black and printed with cherries. Raising his wand higher, Harry made out a matching button up top, two hands on a pair of hips, then a chest, and a neck, and finally a face. It was Gryffindor's Ravenclaw, eyes sharp, hair pulled back in what looked like a very tight and painful bun… at least to sleep with. What had Hermione called her earlier? Eva-something.. Evaline? No… Evani? That wasn't it either… Evania… yes… Evania.

"I was just... wait a moment, why aren't you in bed?" Harry inquired, face flashing slightly with tired anger. It wasn't any of her business what he was doing out of bed. He had just as much right to come down to the common room in the dead of night as she had.

"Investigating the racket you're making. Now that I know it's only you and not Peeves…" The girl turned and started her way back up the staircase.

Suddenly, it Harry like a ton of bricks. If there was one single person in this school besides Hermione who could help him find Shawna, it was this girl. It was common knowledge that she'd read the library through, book by book, even the Restricted Section that one needed a special note from a teacher to get into. Hermione was sleeping but this other girl was awake… And he could really use some help going through the second book he currently had…

"Wait…" The girl, Evania, turned to look at him from the fourth stair up, her gaze unwavering and bold.


"I… I'm looking for a girl…" Evania raised her eyebrow at him, and Harry was sure he detected the right corner of her mouth twitch slightly. She took two steps down the stairs, arms crossed over her chest.

"Well, isn't every straight boy over the age of thirteen?"

Harry sighed. Of all the people to have a sense of humor and of all the times to mock him, it had to be her at this late hour when he couldn't think of a witty enough response. "No, not like that. Listen, this girl turned up out of nowhere this past summer where I live and she needed help and stuff so my aunt took her in. She couldn't remember anything about herself except for facts from books and stuff like that… She couldn't even spill her name and age. But now she's back with her dad or whoever Dumbledore said picked her up and I really have to find her… because she's my friend…" He added the last bit quickly so as to make sure she didn't think it was more then friendship he was talking about, which it wasn't. He and Shawna were only friends, very good friends, but just friends all the same.

"I see. And you're telling me this why?"

"I need help. I haven't even taken a crack at this second book and I'm only halfway through the first. They've got…"

"Every witch and wizard ever born between certain five year periods. I know."

"Yeah, and I'm looking for her in these, cause she can't be too much younger or older than us… so these are our best bet. And I guess I was just…" Harry paused, hesitant to ask.

"Wondering if I'd help you?"

"Well... er… yeah." Harry watched as her expression changed to something a little less cruel. It was a pondering look which lasted about a full minute before she stepped the rest of the way down off the stairs and came over. She plopped herself down about two feet away in front of him and reached for the second book.

"Right then. I'll help, but only if you do something for me in return."

"What do you want?" Harry held his breath, hoping it wasn't something like… a date or a lock of his hair (which he had been asked for before by random girls.)

"Teach me how to produce a full fledge Patronus." Harry gave a sigh of relief. Now this was a request that would be easy. After all, he'd already managed to get the DA members to do that particular thing, and teaching one person would be a cinch compared to trying to teach twenty five individuals at once.

"I'd think you could do that already?"

"No." Evania shook her head. "All I get is silvery wisps of stuff. It's the one spell I ever have trouble with." What was it and the smart girls having trouble with their Patronuses? First Hermione, now Evania? Was it some kind of super smart brain block or what?"

"Alright then. You help me, I'll teach you."

"Great." Evania smiled then, real a true for a split second and Harry blinked. Unlike the rest of her, it was actually very pretty. It rather caught him by surprise, but he said nothing as he returned to his book.

Harry yawned as sunlight hit is face, eyes opening slightly. His head hurt… lifting it upwards a page from the book he'd been going through came up a bit before it unstuck from his cheek and fell back down into it's proper position. Blurry eyes, Harry stretched and rubbed at his eyes, making the room a bit clearer, not recognizing it for a moment until it hit him that he must have fallen asleep after all. Looking down at the book, her grabbed his bookmark and shoved it inside before slamming the book shut.

Looking around, Harry found that Evania had drifted off as well, curled up with a book under her head, her bun coming undone. Harry prodded her with his toe before he got up off the floor, taking up the book he had and setting it down on the coffee table. The girl stirred and rolled over to block out the sunlight before she sat up, rubbing at her neck. Harry bent down and picked up the book she'd been using as a pillow and placed it down on its fellow. He watched as Evania rose from the floor and headed off up the girls' stairs without a word. He yawned again and turned, going for the boys' stairs and coming face to face with a hastily put together looking Ron.

Ron blinked at him, robes askew, hair a mess, shoes untied. For a moment the two boys just stared at each other.

"What are you doing?" Harry finally got out, trying not the laugh. Looking at the clock he saw it's hands told them that it was only five in the morning. Ron usually slept until at least eight…

"I woke up and you were gone so I thought you'd just not bothered to wake me and… it's not time to get up yet is it?"

"No, sorry mate."

"Bloody hell! I got out of bed for nothing?! I could've kept dreaming about that date with.." Ron cut himself off, ears tinging red. "Well then... I guess I'll just… go back to bed then."

"Same here." Harry nodded in agreement and the pair hurried up the stairs to their dorm where they got into their respective beds and fell asleep. Harry would have liked to peruse those books some more, but he was just so tired he figured he'd be able to do it better with a good three more hours of sleep.

"Oh wake up! Wake up!" Harry moaned at the sound of Hermione's voice. "We're going to be late!" Harry felt his blankets tugged away from him and sat up as result. Slowly he made his way over to the end of his bed and kicked open his trunk to search for his robes. "Ron! Get up! Get dressed! Potions starts in fifteen minutes! Snape'll give us all detention or take points if we're late!"

"Don't get your knickers inna t-t-twist 'mione." Ron said thickly through a yawn, sliding slowly out of blinked at the name, but didn't seem to think anything of it for the moment as she chucked a set of his robes at him.

"Just hurry!" She stalked out of the room and slammed the door closed, but no more footsteps could be heard, so she was obviously waiting for them. They dressed slowly, got their teeth brushed and their hair combed (or at least Ron did) and headed out the door still a bit groggy.

"Hurry! We've only got ten minutes to get down there now."

"What 'bout breakfast?" Ron inquired.

"Here, you two missed it." Hermione shoved two napkins with three pieces of toast each at them and took off down the stairs in a rush. They followed behind her munching their toast.

"'fanks 'mione." Ron grinned, chewing happily.

Even running flat out (with random bites of toast here and there) with three shortcuts that took off about five floors of the seven-story castle, they were still running late by the time they got down to the Entrance hall. It then took them an extra five minutes to persuade Peeves that he would much rather chuck water balloons filled with doxy venom and their remaining bits of toast at Mrs. Norris, and by that time they were already three minutes late. When they finally came bursting through the door to the dungeon classroom, Snape was not at all pleased. "Well well, what a surprise. Twenty points each from Gryffindor for being ten minutes late."

"But Professor, we're only.."

"Tack your tongue to the roof of your mouth Granger." Ron opened his mouth, but Harry and Hermione both tugged at his sleeves. He shut it quickly but remained glaring. Snape leered at them and pointed to three separate tables spread out throughout the room. "You go sit with Miss Bulstrode. Weasley, with Crabbe. Potter…" Harry watched his black eyes scan the room and suddenly noticed it too. There was only one remaining seat left and it was right next to… "…go join Malfoy and Parkinson at their table. I'm sure they will make you feel more than welcome." Harry blinked. What was Snape playing at? Why go and purposely make a table crowded? The empty seat beside Evania was just waiting for someone to sit on it, so why couldn't he?

Not wanting to lose any more points though, Harry adopted a glare like Ron had and made his way grumpily over to where Malfoy and Pansy sat, stirring their cauldrons. Both turned up their noses at him. They waited until Snape had turned his back and headed for his desk at the front of the room before whispering as Harry got out his things and set them up on the table.

"Why were you late Potter? Off having a little fun with the Weasel and the Mudblood were you?"

"Shut up Malfoy."

"Of course, I've always known you were wrong in the head Potter. After all, screwing the same sex isn't natural, but I suppose you swing both ways don't you? Then again, the Mudblood doesn't look at all like a girl, so I suppose you're probably just g-"

"I said shut up!" Harry whispered at him angrily, face reddening with anger. "Shut your mouth or I swear I'm going to shut it for you!"

"With what? Your lips? That's downright disgusting Potter."

"Malfoy, if you don't…"

"Tell me though, does Granger use a dildo when she fucks you, or does she use her cock?" Harry stood up at this, knocking over both his and Malfoy's cauldrons in the process.

"Potter!" Snape rose from behind his desk and started towards them. "Sit down Potter! Thirty points from Gryffindor and a zero for the day for ruining Mister Malfoy's potion. Now what is going on here?" Snape asked as he arrived beside the table.

"Potter was sexually harassing me Professor." Malfoy spoke right up, his voice innocent, though his words were not at all truthful. "He was describing all the crude things he'd like to do to my bottom, sir, and he got angry when I told him I wouldn't do them with him because I'm not gay, sir."

"Well well well…" Snape grinned in a cold and cruel way, making Harry hate him and Malfoy all the more. "Potter, that'll be another fifty points from Gryffindor for improper actions in class, as well as detention this Saturday, eight pm, this dungeon. I will be talking to your Head of House to see if she, as I do, that maybe a month's worth of detention, or a suspension from the Quidditch Team might be more appropriate."

There was an angry uproar of noise at this suggestion. All the Gryffindors had burst out at the mention of Harry being suspended from their team. He was their seeker, and the Captain after all, their best player. There were also shouts of 'So what if he's gay!?" and others of 'Harry's not gay! Malfoy's just being a dick!" In order to regain silence, Snape raised his wand in the air and set off a noise not unlike that of a firework going off. "QUIET!" The voices faded and eyes watched anxiously as Snape strode down the aisle to the door. He pulled it open and pointed. "I want all of you Gryffindors out of my classroom right this minute. You are behaving unastonishly juvenile and I will NOT tolerate it in MY classroom. You are not to return to Potions until you have learned to be good students and not question authority."

Stunned, but not completely shocked, the Gryffindor sixth years left their seats and packed away their things, not bothering to clean up their work stations. Harry was the first one out of the room, closely followed by Dean and then Parvati. The others followed quickly and the door closed behind them. Not a word was said until they had gotten up the stairs and into the Entrance hall. Then, there was another outburst of voices.

"What an arse!"

"Dumbledore won't allow this!"

"Eh, I hated Potions anyway, was only taking it to please me mum."

"Harry, they can't suspend you from the team, they just can't!"

Harry held up his arms, trying to silence them all. It took him much less longer to achieve this than it had Snape and when he had, he spoke. "Ok listen, we don't need to worry because Hermione's right, Dumbledore would never stand for all of us being completely kicked out of Potions. McGonagall isn't likely to kick me off the team or…" Harry blinked and cut himself off for a moment as Neville raises a tentative hand. "No, I'm not gay. Malfoy was just being an arse."

"So what now? We've got a whole hour and a half until lunch." Seamus asked, looking around at all the others as though he felt they should all stick together at least until lunch.

"How 'bout we play a game of Quidditch? Five to four, Neville's ref since he doesn't like flying but isn't a bad hoverer?" Dean suggested out of nowhere. There was a murmuring of agreement to this and the groups started up the stairs to their common room.

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