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Chapter Ten: part 1

"Where is she? Where is my Kagome?"

"Gramps she's not coming.. She decided to live with Inuyasha remember?" Said Sota in a very

concerned tone. "I am a dying old man, my wish is to see her again…for the last time." Kagome's mother kissed her fathers cheeks and wiped away her tears.

"I'm sorry father, I really am."

"Grandpa!" Kagome yelled as she realised it was just a dream."Are you alright Kagome?" said Inuyasha as he was awaken by her yell."Yeah.. Everything's fine." Kagome kissed her mate and put on her clothing.

"You should've stayed naked, you look way better" chuckled Inuyasha

"ha ha ha, very funny now you're starting to sound like Miroku""Nah, I'd never be as lecherous as that monk." He got up and put on his kimono. He felt amazing.

"Do you feel any different my mate?" he said as he kissed her bite mark."I feel closer to you than I ever have in my entire life, and it's weird because I can sense what you're feeling…"

Inuyasha smiled.

"Good, your powers are getting stronger then""what do you mean?"

"come over here and I'll explain." said the smiling half-demon.

They sat close by the lake and dipped their toes in the cool water beneath them.

"You see Kagome, when you become a demons mate, it's for life. When I'm for example feeling angry or sad, you will feel it to. So if we're ever apart from each other, we will feel each others emotions… and you know how I can basically live for ages, well you can too since my demon blood is coursing through you"

"Wow, Inuyasha that's truly incredible.. Will I turn into some dog demon like you?"

"Nah, you'll still be my little Kagome" He kissed her cheeks and then felt a sudden sadness in his body.

"what's wrong Kagome?" "what you mean?"

"I can feel you remember, don't lie to me!" said Inuyasha stubbornly.

I didn't know he'd actually feel that.. How do I tell him

"it's gramps, I had a dream about him. He was in the hospital, he was practically dying and mom and Sota were there for him and he was calling out my name…" trying to hold in her tears, she blurted "I WASN'T THERE INUYASHA"

"Kagome I'm so sorry…"

"It might not be too late" Kagome got up and starting walking towards Kaede's village.

Inuyasha grabbed her hand and stopped her from going any further.

"Kagome what the hell are you doing? You know you can't go back to the well""Inuyasha I have to, I have to see my gramps for the last time, you need to trust me""It's not about trusting you, it's about seeing you again, I can't stand the thought of us separating for another three years again, it's horrifying" yelled Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha you need to let me go""I-I won't let you g-g-go"Kagome started to cry as she continued to walk towards the well. "Come with me Inuyasha""what if the well separates us again?""it's a risk, but I'm sure it won't close, you need to have faith in me Inuyasha"

"alright" Inuyasha put Kagome on her back and ran towards the well.

"This is it Kagome" They were both facing down at the well, but they both remained frozen.

"you ready Inuyasha?"

"no stop wait!" yelled out Inuyasha"I'm right here Inuyasha, I didn't go anywhere""what if I don't see you again?"


"what if I never get to kiss you again"

"Inuyasha stop!" Kagome grabbed his face and kissed him passionately.

"we are mates, mates stick together for life, if you trust and believe in me, then we can do this"

He held her hand tightly. He had to believe in her or else the well will shut closed for good.

"Let's go!" With that, they leaped into the dark well beneath them.

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