E/O Challenge WoW : Hold and the instruction was that there had to be kindness.
Word Count : 100 (plus some more).

There's a child, there's tears, and Dean just can't walk by.

"Hold on Sam."
"What? What's wrong?"
"Not sure…kid over there on the corner…looks kinda upset. Wait here."
Sam cringed as he watched Dean dodge cars and stroll over to the girl.
Sam guessed her to be around 12 and with her over-sized hoodie, baggy
Chinos and baseball cap, she was no fashion icon.

"Hey….you ok?"
The girl, her face tear stained and streaked in black dirt, glared at
Dean suspiciously. Dean raised both hands, palms out.
"S'ok. My name's Dean. I'm not a weirdo. It's just. Look…if you need help?"
"Take me home."

Dean glanced back to where Sam stood waiting, hands in pockets.
"Ok…er…are you lost?"
"I want to go home."
"I'm getting that. What's your name?"

Dean moved a step closer,
"Ok. See him over there? He's my brother.
We can drive you home, but you'll need to direct us."
"No…Not him. You."
Dean frowned,

The girl reached forward, taking Dean's hand in her own.
The world shattered into mosaic.
"My name's still Meg. Take me home Dean."

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